Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Syria Implodes in its Endless Civil War ….
Turkey Attacks Syria and the Kurds,
America Negotiates and Builds Effective Coalitions!
To all you cynics, it just may work. As the Republican race for the presidency mounts in tempo, heated discussions without much thought have been thrown out to the public regarding resolving the problem of ISIS and the Syrian Civil War. We hear the cries for more U.S. boots on the ground and greater fire power. Neither one is a viable solution for many reasons, the least of which is that we are dealing with a multi-faceted problem with over one hundred different competing fighting groups in both Iraq/Syria.

After some convincing and cajoling, Erdogan agreed to allow U.S. fighter jets into a base in Turkey to pursue the continuing kinetic degradation of ISIS. Yet this bouillabaisse of problems is so convoluted. On one hand, we are supported by a group of Kurds in Syria and Iraq while we overlook the Turkish enmity to the Kurdish PKK front. Without looking at the big picture, its easy to opt for a simplistic solution like more force; however, the real questions are: 
how much more?
which of the 100 member groups, even within ISIS  should be attacked?
So far this administration has chosen an effective weapon with the blessing of our military/intelligence community [IC]. Such a choice is extremely difficult to pursue and implement but it may prove out to be the most lethal weapons of all—NEGOTIATIONS and BUILDING COALITIONS! Sounds airy-fairy but believe me, it is far more difficult to accomplish and implement than a useless kinetic war.
Contrary to common wisdom, Russia has turned out to be one of our more crucial allies in the Middle East. Putin and his extremely talented Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, have made a concerted effort to engage the Iranians through the good services of IRG General Suliemani as well as Syria’s President Bashar Assad to negotiate an end to this useless civil war. Alongside these efforts, the USG went out of its way to co-opt the Turkish President Erdogan to help us destroy the enemy that we both inadvertently created-ISIS/ISIL. In that latter process, we have been able to work with two different Kurdish groups – the Pesh Merga in Iraq [Tirkrit] and YPG [primarily women fighters] in Northern Syria. At the same time, we have allowed the mercurial leader Erdogan to have his way in fighting his primary nemesis –the PKK [the head of the Kurdish Liberation Movement].

How the outcome of these conflicting alliances might turn out, I am not certain. I do know that this type of coalition building is complicated, tedious and very labor intensive [if not psychologically demanding]. For those Republicans and Hawkish Democrats who think that we should have more bombings and American boots on the ground, I say no American citizens has vouchsafed for this expensive undertaking nor has military leadership proposed a more intensive kinetic war.
We are in an age where war is fought in areas of the ethos that no one could have predicted decades ago, let alone prior to WWII. We are now engaged in conflicts where binary numbers are going to determine the outcome of some battle on social media. We have the limited resource of water in both Iraq/Syria as a most effective weapon. What happens when both the citizenry and the combat elements have no more water? That is what is happening in Syria.

For many of you who don’t remember why the civil war started in Syria, it had nothing to do with religion but rather the horrible truth that the Sunni farmers of Homs [Sunni stronghold] had no water. They could no longer farm their land. So they all descended onto Damascus, looking for work and water. Neither appropriate work nor water was conveniently available so social instability with the unsolicited aid from Saudi Arabia [seeking to place a foothold into Syria against its arch enemy Iran] flared up into what we now call  a “Humanitarian Disaster”. Over 4 Million Syrians have been displaced from their homes and over a quarter of million were killed by the conflict. As usual, the UN stepped into the scenario and performed accordingly, a fiasco.

Russia, US, Iran, Turkey and an assortment of different parties, including the Israelis, who have maintained a decent modicum of silence with regards to the Syrian conflict –have helped this burgeoning coalition to succeed. In the beginning, I was hoping that Bashar Assad could hold onto the reins of power. I was wrong. I did not misread his intentions or ruthlessness. I just underestimated the degree to which he would want to decimate his own Syrian citizens utilizing gas warfare and “barrel bombs” [they are more deadly than regular bombs because they splay out deadly metal debris].

I have come to the sad conclusion that the beautiful country of Syria where Aleppo, Damascus and Palmyra stood in my mind as enticing respites from the endless deadly arid deserts, is now gone. Whatever is left of Syria is a swath of useless land somewhere in the coast line of the Mediterranean waters. The conclusion of this unwarranted civil war is yet to be set in writing. My suspicion is that Bashar and family will have to leave Syria for either Russia or England where Bashar trained as an Ophthalmologist; and the interim ruling party will consist of a coalition of different parties acting as proxies of the major powers.
I am certain that Russia, Turkey, Iran, and the USA will have to provide some guarantee for this eventual peace. Perhaps it could be in the way Lawrence Eagleburger and I  set up the initial peace-keeping force in the Sinai Peninsula, creating an effective buffer zone between Egypt and Israel. Or, it could look like the interim peace agreement that I helped to set up in Cambodia under Secretary of State James Baker.
In either case, patient negotiation with all the parties involved in the conflict is the best weapon of peace that we have for now.
In the words of John Lennon:
“Let’s Give Peace A Chance!”
Everything else has failed up to this point.



  1. Basher Assad is an effette monster who inherited his father's military, and their long standing practice of torturing and bombarding any dissenters, thereby creating rebellions and wars which heretofore they've been able to win because only recently did such rebels find outside support.

    I don't know about coalitions, but I think the solution here is to double-down in a serious effort to covertly arm and support with mercenaries those groups in Syria we want to see prevail.
    We should have made this a major CA program years ago, and if the Free Syrians or other non-Islamic alternatives don't have the zeal then we need to do as the Russians do here and there and bring in a cohort of mercenaries to do the job.

    Once our side is winning on the ground we can then negotiate with the Russians, Iranians, Saudis and whoever the fuck in monkeying around over there.

    Once again we would have a lot more influence over the Iranians in this situation and others if we stopped hitting them over the head and normalized our relations with them.

    In Syria as in many other places the Iranians would be amenable to our suggestions if we offerred them some incentives --- normalization, trade, and other things we have to offer.

    Reapproachment with Iran is key, and we need to take a page from KIssinger in China and the USSR or Mitternitch or Bismark or somebody who knows what they're doing and form a cooperative relationship with the Iranians.

    1. Speaking about Russian mercenaries, interesting story:
      They came to help take this important mountain with local Serb capitalistic rebel Chetniks, for if I remember 400DM or 1000DM monthly back than in 1991/1992. Either way when it was time to pay salary, local Serbs gave them to drink booze and told them to go take peak by night, of course in to our mine fields. Who wants to go look he can find even today 1000 dead Russians there. All dead, mostly when running back. Targets are easiest when targets are running back. Yes they tried later with Mil Mi-24 Rambo attack Helicopter to clean road cutting mountain to make way for tanks, but again nothing. Igla and Stingers were dominant.

      Then Serbs mined Hydro electric plant down there, to kill 50 000 people living down river, and did it but dam sustained and then we had to go down and clean situation, it was under control of UN of course, but only who was trying to stop it was one British officer.

      As you can see here Federal communist army before, wanted to protect coast from less possible NATO invasion, and areas where you would put artillery, so they wanted to plant many forests and best trees which are spreading like crazy are Syrian Aleppo pine, because he have hard foliage which when fall down stop all vegetation. But of course they forgot that if you burn it, it burns like nothing else, like crazy HA HA HA....

      This is typical artillery forest

      And this was hill with 10 tactical nukes for NATO invasion from sea, same was for border with Italy in Slovenia plus radiated soil, on which JNA was testing drafted soldiers but those unites which were filled with class and peoples enemies and criminals.

    2. There is absolutely nothing in this belligerent and hostile war targeting Syria that addresses any concerns and interests of Americans who are growing horrified by the onslaught of mass lay-offs occurring during this 'economic recovery' being packaged by the state-sponsored press corps.
      Seeing biblical, archeologically rich landmarks that represent a heritage belonging to all of the world's culture's and people, being looted, defaced, reduced to rubble--is a crime against human civilization that cannot be undone. The notion that you or anyone else can justify barbaric actions creating untold human suffering defies any rational explanation. Rather, it is the ultimate crime of humanity--destroying historical monuments future visitors will never know.

  2. Syria is yet another example of the failure of our Presidency in dealing with these vexing problems.

    In Obama we have your typical negro man, someone with no empathy or passion or concern for others, and therefore no interest in doing anything to minimize the suffering in Syria or to in Iraq or anywhere else.

    And the US military is so fatiqued by fifteen years of useless fighting over there that they've lost all motivation to do anything there whatsoever no matter how ghastly things might be. They really all just want to stay home and out of that part of the world altogether.

    So all we have is Kerry and a few other well wishers doing very little and all we get is half hearted efforts and less than half measures.

    What a shame.

    Our Special Forces "community" would love this mission if we'd just turn them loose.

    1. No no, Willsons doctrine of peoples self determination is good doctrine--- There cannot be mercy even toward those people who are going to suffer little bit because they are going to receive gift of total liberation for them self, culture is culture, it must be respected. America needs new Wilson concerning banks operating under FED, and new foreign policy. Problem is that when you give money to capitalists in capitalism, he just sees yacht in front of his eyes. And we all know that extra profit is source of all evils.
      Uber and to be sustainable must support democratic workers self-management units and give them advantage over private initiative.

  3. EVERYONE MUST SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "Syria conflict: BBC exclusive interview with President Bashar al-Assad (FULL)" posted by BBC News (AUTHENTIC) on February 9, 2015!

    Why was there a CIVIL WAR in the first place? Where did actually start? Who actually started it? Was it really President Assad, or was it THE WEST (controlled by THE BRITISH EMPIRE)?

    The "so called" REBELS fighting in Syria were brought from Libya; and this was after that "illegal regime change" in Libya! Was this NOT "PLANNED'? SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "General Wesley Clark speaks to Democracy Now! (March 2, 2007)" [This is a copy of the interview of U.S. General Wesley Clark by Democracy Now during 2007!] posted by Dustin Edward on September 19, 2014!

    What has President Assad done to the UNITED STATES?

    By the way, Dr. Pieczenik President Assad did NOT use chemical weapons on his (Assad) own people! As everyone should know, this amounted to a "FALSE FLAG OPERATION" conducted by THE WESTERN INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY through various "INTELLIGENCE MERCENARIES" (said Syrian REBELS); and Alex Jones has covered this issue!

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