Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Realignment of Business and Power in the Middle East: Turkey, Israel, Hamas, Gaza.
All in Line for Potential Free Trade Zone!
For some time now, we have been hearing about the mutual animosities between Israel and Turkey and Israel and Hamas. Yet recent developments between Turkey and Israel indicate that there may be some type of rapprochement about to arise between two former friends.

Turkey has always been the major Sunni ally of Israel since the days of Ben Gurion. The reason is quite simple: Ben Gurion and Ataturk were close friends. They lived and worked together in Istanbul for some time. Ben Gurion’s strategic philosophy for the nascent state was to develop a non-Arab geopolitical ring around the Arab countries so that Israel would have potential allies; within this arena of presumed friendship was Iran and the Kurds [Barazani –Jewish]. Remember that Israel’s formidable air force had to practice within the expansive areas of eastern Turkey because their Phantom Jets[French made] could traverse their tiny country in seconds.
Now Israel and Turkey have met in the Gaza strip to consider the possibility of recreating a Free Trade Zone in that devastated area which would employ fifteen to twenty thousand Palestinians. This has the quiet support of American Intelligence. As fanciful as this idea might seem to many of you, the truth is that during the time of PLO occupation in the Gaza, Israel and Arafat did have a thriving free trade zone.
Yes, the AH-HA moment. 
What do I mean?
For too long Israel has been fighting too many enemies, real and perceived- to no real constructive end. Yet when Israel partners it’s formidable Hi-Tech capability with its historical ability to create diverse manufacturing companies, then peace and prosperity prosper in the region. No country can benefit more from the horrendous destruction created in Gaza, Syria, Iraq than the highly capable Turkish construction companies who have been in the business of building for centuries during the Ottoman Empire.

So we are beginning to see subtle changes as a result of a successful treaty between Iran and America. Turkey and Saudi Arabia will pick up the mantle of coordinating moderate Sunni activity through the Middle East; while Iran in conjunction with Putin’s Russia will negotiate a sustainable peace settlement in Syria. Obama’s military/intelligence strategy which allowed our allies to work out their differences is starting to blossom. There will be ups and downs but Americans must be patient and allow the constructive aspects of this treaty to take fruition. Tectonic shifts in geopolitical strategies require patience and quiet nurturing from all interested parties.
Peace always starts with a treaty; no matter how porous it may seem on the surface, especially to those who have never been involved in such negotiations. I speak from experience. Ironically, the most successful treaty or initiative that was created during the Baker/Bush Sr tenure was one that neither man ever mentions: The 1991 Cambodian Peace Treaty.  This treaty was initiated by the Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia, Dr Richard Solomon Phd [MIT].
Now twenty years later, the once ruthless Khmer Rouge are engaging in democracy and business –too busy to kill each other. 

Hun Sen, the leader who was put at the helm of this amazing experiment had morphed from a former Khmer Rouge Commander into a successful Prime Minister. BTW, this is an example where the United Nations served quite successfully as peace makers.
It’s a pity that our civilian leaders do not laud their own accomplishments toward peace… that’s their problem.Those of us who were involved in both Camp David Peace Accord [Jimmy Carter] and the Cambodian Peace Conference [Bush Sr.] are quite proud of how American initiated peace overtures that seemed, from the very beginning, destined to fail. Yet they succeeded contrary to the broadcasts of the Washington pundits. 
Give peace a chance and allow our military/intelligence community do what it does best: work quietly and effectively, sub rosa.


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    1. One correction Dr.P the French made Israeli jets were Mirage, and the Phantom was the American provided twin engine fuel guzzlers used after the French withdrew their cooperation.

      Israeli agents penetrated Dassult in France and stole the engineering documents and Israel for a time made an airframe copied after the Mirage. I can't remember the name of it but it depended on foreign sales which were not obtained....oh yes....the LAVI.

      The Lavi was small and too small for Israeli's needs, since they'd replaced their gas eating Phamtoms with single engined F-16s such as the ones used in the Osirac raid in 1982 I think...

    2. The Israelis are notorious for using their technology companies in communications and security for their espionage. Their telecom companies in the US collect data which makes the allegations against the NSA look puny. Their security companies are a fith column in the US, such as the one which had the contract for the World Trade Center when that happened in 2001....

      As for Israeli's security the best thing is for Hamas and whoever to keep the pressure on until the Jewish racist supremacists are forced to make a one state country in Palestine called Israel or whatever but with equal citizenship for all the Palestinian Arabs who left, as well as the return of their stolen lands, etc... One pleuralistic state including all the refugees with citizenship in a secular country which is not a Jewish state or an Islamic one...that's the only answer.

    3. Now I'm going to drop a bombshell about something which I've known for a long time but have never mentioned before....

      This involves the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty in 1968.

      This attack was a genuine false flag. It was undertaken by the Israelis in conjunction with President Johnson and the NSC staff when Walt Rostow was the NSC Advisor.

      The purpose was to simulate an Egyptian attack and it was intended that US forces would retaliate against Egypt.

      The plan was formulated because Israel had just assembled their first atomic weapon...they had just one....and the USSR had given a nuclear pledge to Egypt to retaliate against Israel if they used their one bomb. Soviet intl on the Israeli nuclear program was very good....Soviet agents were everywhere in Israel. President Johnson and Rostow had approved of the Israeli nuclear program.

      The US plan to attack Egypt using the Liberty as a pretext came unravelled for other reasons. It was another botched effort.

    4. The Israeli nuclear facility was a French supplied reactor and fuel came from several places...the UK, the US, but the French agreement to supply fuel from Niger was blocked when DeGaulle came back into office....

      Before DeGaulle the Israeli in French coordinating everything was Shimon Perez.

    5. Yes those were french Mirage III, but not given by France, but built by Israel when they stole licence from Swiss as Swiss bought licence from French ... hi hi hi hi
      I am genius.

    6. Swiss made version to carry swiss nukes... But sadly swiss made decision to not arm them self with nukes on referendum. Who knows what all Israel got from France/Swiss...

    7. Switzerland and Israel are only two countries I respect. Ok and North Korea, who needs to introduce my reforms to gain my needed respect. Those are countries, while all others are rabbits jumping areas.
      US needs socialism of Israeli type, just look those new settlers houses built by state for Israeli settlers, they look fantastic, i would love to see such on whole Mediterranean sea. Also Israeli and Swiss worker is the most protect worker on world, even Israel have twice smaller GDP per head then much less developed capitalistic USA. Building in Israel reminds me of buildings built under Tito. While people are free to build on nationalised land free, like they will without private property rights just like under Tito.,35.3383663,3a,75y,89.98h,85.5t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sRoufTkHQSxrmHzqlWe-Cow!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1?hl=en

      That is why they can survive and i doubt about USA.

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    Would you say that this is a fair assessment of the Iranian Hostage situation debacle???

    1. And also the negotiating behavior of the Iranian people?

  6. Replies
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    1. But me and CIA Operator are same person. You are obviously crazy.

  8. Raymond what kind of work did you do before you became homeless?