Friday, September 18, 2015 campaign ad


  1. Jeb Bush is calling upon civility. Presented as uniter, mediator and very presidential... His supporters everywhere he goes looks like they have best cloths and very stable life. Those are those people who are able to suck others without any remorse, thinking how God gave them that position because they deserved it.
    I want to be one of them, says every voter when he see those pictures. If i were Mexican I would vote for him. I would call my relatives and pay them legally minimum wage or do some legal outsourcing with help of Bush. And I would become like those people. Problem is that in USA such families like of Bush, needs elections and they cannot get some noble title but carriage looks ok.

    Bush said that americans needs to work harder, Indians have very low unemployment but uh look this... Goal is that americans work hard but that they still bite for every job offer there is because every job will suck.

    Bush needs to stop this...

  2. Carly has her "script" memorized and she is sticking to it. Like watching the movie "Ground Hog Day" ... Same thing over and over from Carly, makes me wonder if she can "think", like a Ben Carson?

    1. look this:

  3. More Carly issues with planned parenthood here:

  4. Good news, charter (private) schools are unconstitutional by decision 6:3 of State of Washington, court. Explanation goes that public must decide about things which are publicly funded... Very very interesting pretext...

    From minute 20.

  5. As CEO of HP, Fiorina Violated U.S. – Iran Sanctions: Selling Millions of Computers to Them


    Nice historical snippet from Trump interview