Sunday, September 27, 2015

Trump was good on 60 minutes (as was Putin), full clip coming.


  1. Donald Trump is a third tier "failsafe" as to the 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION; and the 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION is the "FAILSAFE" as to "PLANS" they (N.W.O. "ELITE") want to implement to establish "MARTIAL LAW" during illegitimate (C.I.A. ASSET with a C.I.A. GIVEN NAME) Obama remaining balance of his (Obama) SECOND TERM! Who is going to get the WHITE HOUSE??? If Hillary Rodham Clinton is NOT REMOVED from any and all STATE BALLOTS, Hillary Rodham Clinton will be put into the WHITE HOUSE by "FRAUD;" and this is the same thing that during the 2012 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, when Mitt Romney actually won the 2012 GENERAL ELECTION! However, illegitimate Obama acquired the WHITE HOUSE by "FRAUD"! Illegitimate (C.I.A. ASSET with a C.I.A. GIVEN NAME) Obama is a complete creation of THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES); therefore, illegitimate Obama is a total phony and a fraud!

    Why did POPE FRANCIS I visit the UNITED STATES??? The POPE came to the UNITED STATES to organize any and all Catholics into a "militant army;" and one of the "agendas" is to use the Roman Catholic Church to vote for Jeb Bush! As a result, it will be Hillary v. Jeb Bush for the 2016 GENERAL ELECTION; and at the current time, Hillary Rodham Clinton is the choice of the NEW WORLD ORDER "ELITE" (CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE) that reports to the JESUIT ORDER (A.K.A.: The Society of Jesus) that controls the Roman Catholic Church)! If the NEW WORLD ORDER "ELITE" want to change their minds, there is Jeb Bush!

    If NOT Hillary, there is Jeb Bush; and if NOT Jeb Bush, there is Donald Trump! The SOLUTION: Remove Hillary Rodham Clinton and Jeb Bush from any and all STATE BALLOTS, while completely exposing Donald Trump! In the interim, promote UNTED STATES Senator Dr. Rand Paul M.D. (R. Kentucky) and former two (2) term Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson (LIBERTARIAN CANDIDATE)!

  2. Dr P should I remind you that before the run up to Putin's attack on Chechyna that he conducted several false flag attacks on apartment buildings in Russia and blamed it on "islamic terrorists?????"

    And he even got caught and everyone seems to know about it but yourself....

    Putin is a fucking blood soaked monster like all Russian leaders.

    Shame on you for taking his side in anything.

    1. Russian are people like us... ...technically... They exist because they relay for solving problems on human resources... One scientist in gulag said that there should be uranium while they were digging and building socialism in siberia, next day he was boss of camp...
      in capitalism that is impossible because owner of prison is boss

    2. The reason why Putin can hit America over the head with his rhetoric is because America destroyed the region by being a lapdog for the Jews in Israel and America and invading Afghanistan and Iraq....

      Putin is allied with Iran and together they're kicking the shit out of American insterests everywhere in the Middle East...

      And all because America was used like a bitch hoe by the Jews....

      The time has come to re-evaluate whether America can tolerate Jews here ..... AT ALL.

      The Jew have bled us dry, and destroyed our prestige, status, national power and influence everywhere....

      They caused the US to invade Iraq with negro and Mexican soldiers who raped young girls and murdered families...

      Not to mention the redneck assholes from Texas like Chris Kyle who shot hundreds of ordinary Iraqis and then claimed they were fighters....

      The US at this point must form a detente with Iran, and influence the Iranians into a more accomodating policy....

      The US can offer Iran trade and development of their gas fields and many other advantages the Iranian public would love to see....

      The Iranian people love Americans and hate Russians so let's get this ball game going...

      But as for the Jews in America and elsewhere the time has come to make them accountable....

      I call on a boycott of all Jews everywhere...meaning no more visits to Jewish doctors or department stores or jewelers.... No more hiring Jewish lawyers of anything else...

      They have made war on us so the time is to isolate them completely....and non-Jewish actors in hollywood should fire their Jewish agents and never work again for Jewish producers....

      What's needed is a Neuremberg law of practice by the people.

    3. As for the truth telling peacenick Jews like Norman Finkelstein and Noam Chomsky....

      They should renounce their Jewish identities and become something non-Jewish like the Jews of Spain were allowed to do to avoid the wrath which came down on them for their elitest and supremacist crimes.....

      Any Jew who wants to be saved let them renounce Judaism.

    4. Judaism is a scourge on mankind, a barbaric and hideous ideology of predation and crime which must be exponged from the planet.....entirely.

    5. Chia,

      Russians are not "people like us..."

      They are people like YOU.

    6. I said technically... I was joking, they are Eastern Orthodox, i hate them.

    7. I like them only because they are rising costs of exploitation and lowering super profits for global capitalists. I like them also because evil people which support global exploitation lives harder and harder, so they have to question class structure back home :)

    8. Do you have any proofs of all the bullshit you are bringing here? Have you met any single Chechen in your life? I do not like putin a lot but you will be surprised more than 60 percent of population really likes him because he made possible stable and decent life for them. Your homosexual islamic Marxist Obama can only dream about this rating. Yes propaganda makes its impact but he does what population wants to see. You are just envious and afraid of putin because he is still afloat despite the weak cards, weak economy oil collapse and sanctions. I see the situation as a perfect storm for him but he is quite smart mother fucker and looks like when your disgraseful black potus will disappear pressure on putin will be alleviated. US military fucked up everywhere in the world since world war 2, US intelligence is including the crimes annexation as an example of one of the best special operation to their text books. Make inferences gentlemen. USA is the best economy and the best country to live in terms of LAW that prevails on its territory. But you guys suck in military sphere everywhere where the boot of your marine landed. With the highest military budget in the universe and highest international influence it is just disgrace. Even Soviet Union collapsed because the eternal flaw of communism an low oil prices - not because US made it. Yes US accelerated it but no more.

    9. yes USSR was capitalistic that was ultimate flow, and it was weaker capitalistic economy, that is only reason...

    10. Alex,

      You're point is that the Russians are better at military affairs than America?

      I think the facts are that both have failed in their respective strategies.

      Both are ruled by people who are wreckless and indifferent.

  3. Histories only two false flag attacks for which there is unrefutable evidence was the Israeli/French/British attack on Suez in 1956 and the Russian government FSB apartment bombings.....

  4. I would never shake Putin's hand.

    But I would gladly cut it off.....

    1. You never shake hand of friend you hug your friend.
      Look those smiles, hugs, warmth.

    2. You as German should thank Putin for liberating Germany in 1945.

      Liberation of Germany was won by US money and Russian army.
      You as American wants Putin to have hands when you are giving him bouquet of violets, snowdrops, morning glories and lilies.
      US had no technology and no army to defeat Germans.

    3. Chia,

      You exist in a country which has nothing and is nothing.
      You can talk and talk and talk but the emblem for your race and your preferred society is the Yugo automobile, a laughable piece of garbage just like your so-called masturbatory screeds on this board are similar garbage.

      You are a sub-human unterminchin and incapable of anything except endless drivel and meaningless hot air...

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    6. But, but, Yugo Florida, made later in 1987, was OK, and let s not forget what Tatcher did to whole British car industry, for ever. In 1987 Germans had that barrel of Golf II to compete and British no competition in compact class.

      Only name was problematic, it had to be called Yugo Cuba, or Formosa.

    7. In communism even music was better, you had communist for culture on terrain and he would say, aha this on is good, we have national star, no matter evil and stupid people say... and that was it...
      Beside it is better to drive new Yugo Flordia then used Mercedes old 7 years. And pay expensive gasoline or super expensive insurance for private cartel.
      Here is one song called, "Hit it harder maniac"... :) from 1990.

    8. I went with nephew of that singer in to classroom, and he got free flat here in 1987 built by self management RTV centre on nationalised land. Today that building is filled with graffiti and there is one private entrepreneur who opened strip bar as you can see.
      You will pay for all that degradation and pollution of space and minds. I can go to Chinese embassy and fuck you up all.,16.4491603,3a,75y,143.41h,88.03t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sWmHYZOp2RNd-Y0ACmphFhw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en

    9. You're just full of shit.

      Shut up.

    10. Chia-pet is clearly a silver spooner who's not produced or worked for a damn thing in his ignorant existence. Tards of a feather flock together...

    11. Chia-pet is clearly a silver spooner who's not produced or worked for a damn thing in his ignorant existence. Tards of a feather flock together...

  5. I believe in PEACE.

    I belive in CO-EXISTENCE with the monsters of the world as much as possible.

    But the "national security professionals" and INTERNATIONAL JEWRY are war mongers.

    Hitler was right.

    Listen to his speeches about the war mongering of international Jewry and then look at everything that's happened after 9-11 and tell me he wasn't right.....

    I challenge anyone to explain to me how international Jewry didn't bring about this entire situation that's going....

    Hitler was a genius.

    Someday everyone will see it.

    1. Look at the aggression of Soviet communism and the fact that 85% of Soviet communists were Jews and tell me Hitler wasn't right....

      There was a reason why when the German army moved through communist territory they killed every communist and Jew brought before them by the local peoples....

      There was a reason.

    2. You should try by saying we must kill them because they always produce as people rich which are smart and good servants for capitalistic class. But it could not pass again.
      They, WASP, and we commies cannot agree with you... WASP likes them also, and they are good for us also.

      If you would say, ok we must kill them, as good example to evil and stupid people who falsely think that Jews rule, then high committee could have something to talk about.
      World is simply ruled, only by interest manifested by position you have on world map.

    3. Problem between US and Germany is geographical.

  6. The longer I live the more I respect the old hands from the 1950s in CIA who I met who supported Reinhardt Gehlen and Nazi groups and movements the world over, INCLUDING SADDAM HUSSEIN AND THE IRAQI BA'ATH PARTY....

    1. One old had who I knew had worked with Werner Von Braune, and told me Von Braun hated Americans.

      I can see he had a point.

    2. Germans, because they were very good in building concentration camps, today to get pardon for their sins, they must build cities for 10M dark skinned people (in Germany) and refugees. Finland also needs some health. Denmark especially, only faggots are getting born in Denmark today because of degeneration. Even better, those girls on north needs sub saharan wursts if they ever wants to survive again. Hitler knew something had to be done.

    3. The Germans never built anything like the camp the Croates built in which they slaughtered 300,000 Serbs and muslims by slicing their throats...

      And you know that so shut the fuck up.

    4. So what? Beside that was your German politics in Habsburg Monarch to bring them in...
      At least we are not Germans who says ah ah no no we did not have camps...
      We, as normal people, unlike Germans, have songs about our camps...

    5. Our camps had Catholic clergy and nuns talking care of kids... And when our partisans went in to Italian camps it was holiday... Only germans camps were genocidal ones.
      When Italians entered village of my grandma they would come on horse, kids would enter out and play with horses, and Italians were giving bread to kids and saying ah "bambini, bambini", and when Germans entered Italian zone in 1943 people would act like stingy Scotts were coming, Germans are only good for keeping order and receiving orders.
      This was road village of my noble Grandma, little overbuilt in communism for weekend houses but still picturesque.

      You capitalists still needs to pay me because i today cannot build because price went up!! Everything because of you.

    6. JASENOVAC, "the cruelest deathcamp of all time"

      This was the film now on Youtube which is the true story of the death camp in Croatia.

      It was a real death camp unlike the work camps the Germans had for which there is no evidence at all that anyone was exterminated.

    7. Serbian propaganda, tying to make us better then we are, they are saying we killed there 900,000 of them, but even Jews are saying that it was just 90,000... We were not so good, but yes it was cruel for adults terrorists, little less then Guantanamo with lack of resources... Food had to go to front.