Monday, September 7, 2015

The Black Hole of the American Presidency: Americans know very little about our POTUS!
A recent poll among Trump supporters has revealed that most of them believe that Barack Obama was not born in America and is a Muslim. These two beliefs have been growing as more Americans begin to realize that we know almost nothing about Obama or any of the other candidates including Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton and the rest who are paraded across the media as ‘true representatives’ of the American people.
What nonsense!
Our vetting process is non existent.  This includes the Secret Service, who’s blind loyalty to the job to protect and serve the POTUS has compounded this masquerade.  Here are some questions that you and I would have to answer on any job application in the federal government for much less important positions than POTUS.
[1] Do you belong to any organizations/societies that are by nature exclusive or covert?
Obama, Hillary, Jeb all belong to the CIA and were recruited long before their respective candidacies.

[2] What is your professional relationship to those covert organizations and whom were you in contact with?
Obama’s mother, Anne Dunham was a trained PhD anthropologist who spoke several languages and was sent to Indonesia during our military coup against Suharto. His maternal grandmother and grandfather worked at the East-West Center, a cover in Hawaii for the CIA and other USG intel services. Both grandparents were bankers in the financial institute where the USG pays the CIA operatives.
Obama worked for Peter Geithner in the Asia Society, a cover for the CIA, and was intimately involved in international affairs before he was a state senator.
Valerie Jarrett, the power behind the throne, was born in Iran during the Shah’s time. Her father was a prominent black physician who did outstanding research in Iran. Clearly, he too had close relations with the CIA and other intelligence organizations.
Remember: during the late 50’-70’s, the CIA was recruiting very talented people to serve our country. This is the crucial part in understanding many of our presidents. They had served our country in covert ways that no one might have known. Were they Manchurian Candidates? If my suppositions are correct, Obama and others have served our country in covert positions way before it was popular to think of intelligence operatives as ‘sexy’ or ‘dashing’.

[3] Was Obama born in the USA and is he a Muslim?
Now, it’s time for you to decide for yourselves whether his cover, including the questionable birth certificate and contrived story of a Kenyan father was a distraction from the main point that his maternal family were patriotic Americans who served. Similarly, Bill and Hillary Clinton, were both recruited out of Yale, the primary location for the birth of the OSS and CIA. Was Bill Clinton at Oxford really studying? Or was he in Moscow and other locations monitoring covert activities that were mandated by his ‘handlers’? 

Did Hillary get on the Nixon impeachment committee as an ‘operative’ in the guise of a neophyte lawyer out of Yale? Could the Secretary of State, like Hillary or John Kerry, be both a civilian and a former or even present day operative for the CIA?
If you have watched the brilliant, revealing CBS TV show, “Madame Secretary” , you all will learn the real truth. Most, if not all, of our so-called civilian functionaries were and are both CIA and Sec State. The real questions are the ones that have never been asked about our candidates.
It’s up to our citizens to uncover whether Jeb Bush, the son of George H.W. Bush is like his father and brother- a CIA present or past operative. Whether they tell the truth is up to our system of transparency. We should not allow any government agency to vet our potential candidates as to their past activities and qualifications. It is our job as citizens of the USA.
Our intelligence community has waited decades for the citizens of America to poke and probe the black holes of the potential presidential candidates and their particular choices for different positions in the administrations. Our federal and state government have been created in such a way that no one institution could assume too much power.
It is our civic responsibility to frame the right questions and demand full explanations about anything or anybody with whom our representatives have worked or concerted with in the past, present and future. That is the right of every American as well as any employer.
We are the collective employers of our past, present and future presidents—not the CIA, MI, Secret Service or any other organization for which we pay with our hard earned tax dollars. You see all those people, past and present, are dispensable; only the body politic of America is not.
This black hole of ignorance about whom we elect is massive with the advent of the internet it could get bigger (more dis-information). Truth can be hidden by all types of distraction including the greatest mind game of all: the Presidential Elections. Stop worrying about whether a candidate has insulted someone rather probe seriously for the lacunas of truth that pervade every one of these potential sociopaths who call themselves candidates.
In reality, the country must act as a counter-intelligence operative digging to uncover the truth about the candidates who claim they are best to lead us. Obama’s candidacy taught us Americans one very important lesson: he was never properly vetted by the citizenry which took the easy way out.  We elected a mixed race man who pretty much had no history. 

  Hope for the Change…etc. They said he went to Columbia (did not) and Harvard (did) but he did graduate from the CIA recruiting school: Occidental College. Seek the truth and ignore the distractions that are presented to you as ‘history’ or ‘truth’. Truth is not self-evident nor is it easily accessible. Yet it’s worth the hard work to uncover its camouflage. Long live the Republic and its eventually enlightened citizens.



  1. I believe I may have discovered the moment when Gramps and Toot recruited or otherwise targeted Frank Marshall Davis...

    "All right, I'll get personal," she said. "Are you a swinger?"

    "Definitely," I answered.

    "You mean you go in for fun and games?"

    "Fun and Games" was parlance at the time for covert operations.

    As for Jeb! - Wayne Madsen's got that covered...

  2. USA today, is nothing else then Netherlands plus their Dutch East Asia company, sending armed expeditions, having biggest naval power (until they were defeated by less stingy and less capitalistic power - England, whose oligarchy had at least formally followed Jesus order to King of King to God of God unlike Dutch who had King over God, oligarchy and their economic interest over God rules)...

    In their time, Dutch rich plutocratical oligarchy would find some candidates among them self and would say, ok this is our candidate, the deal has been made. Today in USA only difference is that that choice would be formally stamped by people. Venice was also same merchant republic. Dutch East Asian company had private ownership, rich had own shares in it, it was global, they would change laws, they would say what Bible was saying for daily economical reasons... Et end before they tried to conquer Brazil as their last gasp, (just how US oligarchy planes South America to be their reserve continent after Nuclear war), but their paper stocks will not worth anything at end, because in capitalism they stole everything from everyone, and take gold at end, and move else.

    Secret services does not exist if they are not going to be funded...
    English and Israeli services can operate without money, because they are in service.


      In capitalism profit must be maximum, meaning stock must worth 0, while sold for price pumped with worthless paper, which worth only because they do not allow it to people, austerity measures.
      And because evil greedy people who are so greed that those papers really worth something to them so their greed will keep those paper up among that evil plebs, some time until those who issued that toilet paper will take all what they could and stop investing in common.

      Even victory or sustainable profit as such, is not important, only maximalization of profit is important, extra profit.

      That is why in Brazil people today speak Portuguese, New Amsterdam is now New York and in South Africa dutch now have place what they deserve. Dutch are oceanic Germans.

  3. Some decades ago I interviewed candidates for lot's of companies and frankly I cannot believe how easy these Political folk get it. With ordinary aspiring job candidates, everything is up for grabs your education, family, gap years off, associations, failures/successes...everything! Whereas years disappear with political candidates as do classmates who could be spoken to. Frankly it is weird. Also intelligence services should poke their noses out of such matters unless the candidate is a 'nut job' and dangerous to the World. (That might rule out most of them!) Here I think MI5 tried to depose PM Harold Wilson and helped put in Thatch, but apart from that not sure how much grooming goes on. Now a bit of local colour. Saw Pinochet's white masted 'torture' ship sail up the Thames the other day, Thatch always loved a good Dictator. Presently I am at war with a power corporation they sent me a bill for £8500 c($13000) or 3 years worth of electricity! I asked if our call was recorded (it was) then told them to stop being silly or I would embarrass their bosses in various media and national talk radio as to their salaries and perks. I then got the bill reduced to £3000 so I said leave me alone and stop sending stupid bills or I am coming after you PR wise. Now all quiet on the Western front and no more bills. Don't take any shit from these buffoons.

    1. Ultimate data! It shows that you are not going to hell, because you are not rich capitalist.

  4. Just one more thing, I am getting very confused about Vitamin D3 usage, I upped my dosage to 5000iu a day as we do not get a lot of Sun year round just mainly shades of grey. However I have come across a number of articles about calcium in the blood and toxicity to the Heart muscle, which is not ideal. Any thoughts on this folks.

  5. "What difference does it make?"

    If "the ESTABLISHMENT" aka CIA, puts their OWN people in, Trump will never overcome that...the true reason "Daddy WARBUCKS" is mocked on cable TV ...

    Based upon your speculation, the CIA doesn't get "the best" as Trump would say.

    In fact, why are they out to get Hillary now? If they want her out, she can have a convenient exit as Andrew Breitbart, Michael Hastings & Tom Clancy have.

    I believe JEB & Hillary HAVE MILLIONS IN LAUNDERED CIA "pac" money behind him.

    So, Karl Rove runs the CIA BAGMAN OPERATION & Dick Cheney runs tight end - the first to scapegoat Bin Ladin, aka CIA BAGMAN, Tim Osman

    If Trump knew any of this, he should expose it.

    Since you do, send him a letter. give him a crash course in "The CIA for DUMMIES".

    All PACS WITH MILLIONS ARE Funded with CIA "dead presidents".

  6. And you will learn very little except "dicta" & deception about the BENGHAZI COVERT OPERATION during the Clinton "open hearing" on Wednesday.

    Here are the purposeful omissions: