Friday, September 11, 2015

Finally DNC Agrees to have Plan B for Hillary 
#Dukakis2016—DNC Fears what happened in the Bush Sr/ Dukakis Presidential Election.
This twitter reference to Dukakis allows me to write about my personal/professional involvement in the 1988 presidential. Not to sound too Donaldesque but I did some of my best psychological work in that race for the Presidency.
As I remember, I was called in to see James Baker III. I didn’t know why I was summoned but I had an immense amount of respect for him and his assistant Robert Zoellick.
They asked me to formulate a strategy to help George H. W. Bush Sr. ascend his ten or fifteen point loss to Mass. Governor Dukakis. Without much ado, I first asked Baker to make certain that Atwood, who had just come into the room, be asked to leave. I did not like him nor was I interested in his ‘gunshot approach’ to life and politics in general. In any case, seated next to me was another figure whom I did not know but eventually learned to respect. His name was Roger Ailes of now Fox News Fame. At the time, he was TV/media expert.

In a few hours, we started to create a strategy using Dukakis’s personal dynamics [not relevant for this discussion] to affect a change in his behavior. It worked, Dukakis literally ended up in a tank, making himself look absolutely ridiculous. We kept Dukakis busy in Mass. , and we swung Bush Sr out of the state and moved him onto other states where he was able to politic as best as he could.
It is important for me to add that the ‘old man’, like Jeb, is not a ‘natural politician’. Unlike George Bush Jr [whose campaign I was also a part of unfortunately] was more of natural.  He was comfortable joking and teasing people around him. George Bush Jr had the ease of dealing with strangers [ although I had never met him] that his father and brother, Jeb, just do not possess.

It must be said of President Nixon as brilliant as he might have been, he was not a natural people-to-people type of politician. Perhaps the best candidate I have ever met was Bill Clinton. He was simply excellent at glad-handing strangers and working the vote. Bill owned the room as soon as he entered.  I have already whined about his uncanny ability to appeal to the ladies. 
Bill had that gift but his wife does not. Hillary is learning that no amount of training or prepping can make you ‘approachable’ and ‘engaging’ if you are not. It’s one of those personality traits with which one is endowed. From what I can see on the TV, it seems that Bernie Sanders has that type of controlled charisma that makes him both credible and approachable. If you were to tell me that an avowed Jewish Socialist from the failing state of Vermont was to become popular, I too, would have been incredulous.
I made the mistake that thinking that the affable President Gerald Ford would trump the more dower President Jimmy Carter. I was clearly wrong. Personality and charisma do not necessarily win the elections. Yet those traits do help a candidate go quite far.

As for the Present Plan B for the DNC, I can say the following about two of the potential candidates whom I have met on a cursory basis:
Former VP Al Gore was born and bred to be POTUS. He came from a distinguished family of sincere, honest politicians. He could win the race, if he picked the right team. He may have to face the dirty trix Bush team again but this time he is wiser. He’ll have to work out the failed marriage thing but hey, its the 21st century.

VP Joe Biden has a clear shot at the Presidency. There is something quite genuine and sincere about him that makes him appear approachable and credible. He has had the endurance and suffering that wizens a politician in a way that makes him act in a very responsible, effective way. He is a politician who enjoys his work and wants everyone else to share part of that enthusiasm.
In effect, I am glad that the DNC has begun to think of Plan B. Irrespective of the $120M that Hillary and Bill raised and the so-called ‘formidable team’ that they have organized in every state, the truth is far more cruel. My advice to the DNC is put your new candidate into play ASAP!
It’s not too late.
And then, let the games begin!!

Let me end with the prescient words of President John F. Kennedy:
“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” 


  1. Gore's fictional blockbuster, An Inconvenient Truth set back the carbon tax agenda. He had one job to convince the public that our SUV's were killing polar bears and he failed miserably.

    Once and while you'll have to include indisputable scientific evidence with your claims when lecturing on the subject of science. Even the tree hugging whackob noseringers know he's a bafoon and wont forgive him for blowing it with that bogus film.

    Eliminate Gore (the inventor of the internet LOL) from the conversation Doc P, he's a wold class moron and everybody knows it. He would make a great punching bag in the debates though.

    1. Gore is a synthetic person. He hasn't lived a real day in his life, and doesn't know the difference between reality and fantasy. Much like Reagan.

    2. I like synthetic people, such have high opinion about people. They get fooled that people are nice and synthetic like they are not. For socialist such wrong opinion is very important. I always respected my Lego toys. And it true that SUV are not killing polar bears, they are killing you, but no one cares about humans so such wise politician have to talk about bears. I guess you do not know Roger Dat that plains below Chicago are getting arid because heath of Chicago is stoping and holding all water of Great Lakes from going to plains below Chicago any more. Soil for agriculture in USA is already not by nature of very high quality for agriculture, and in combination with this, not going well for food prices. Much of cultivation is need in US for land to be productive like in Europe (France or in Pannonian basin) already.
      But because life came from sea, rising sea level will only reset life on Earth, so no worry. Maybe even capitalism will survive in some form.

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  3. Living in Austin when George W. was Governor I saw him several times here and there, particularly at the Tarrytown Methodist Church Wednesday morning prayer breakfasts. My neighbor the Fox News addict attends there every Wednesday and invited me when W. was in town to also attend. I found him to be an affable guy who was just a normal Joe who liked to joke around and had no great intellect but no visible malice either.

    There are Youtube videos which show him the way I remember him. One is when he's in Iraq and someone in the audience throws two shoes at him. W. deftly ducks both flying shoes but doesn't panic at all. That's typical of him. The other is where he approaches a door to open it and it's locked, so he just shrugs and goes a different direction.

    1. I had a good laugh with your G Dub'ya images... Elmer Fudd with an IQ of 110 LOL

    2. 110 is way higher than W's actual number....

      W was a belligerent drunk before he sobered up, and like most drunks he was a better person when he was still drinking....

      W's boozing with Jack Daniels was a release for him, and when he no longer had that release his rage went into other destructive directions....

      The world will remember him as a stupid man who unleashed literal hell on millions....

      Unfortunately when he dies he will volunteer to be barking in hell for the all the guilt he will no longer be able to avoid when meeting his maker in reality.

      Sorry but true.

      Life is real.

    3. I do not think Bush junior will go to hell, he is too stupid to go to hell, God said that those with weak mind have place in kingdom of God secured.

  4. In 1988 Dukakis' running mate was south Texas Norwegian cuz of mine Lloyd Benson. I therefore was a big fan of that ticket, and didn't mind that the humorless Dukakis with his nutty wife was the No.1, as in 1960 when a Boston-Texas ticket led to victory.....

    Bush's VP choice of Qualle from Indiana was a joke, a farce, and once again showed the shallow, rich kid stripped tie country club side of Bush Sr. which I deplored.

    I really wish Dukakis had won that election. My neighbor in New Braunfels, also a former US Senator, was a good friend of Benson's and help draft many of Dukakis' speeches, including his acceptance speech at the Convention.

    As for Baker I loath him. He is a typical Houston hustler, a smooth and polished fixer of the worst kind. He used his office to collect clients for him law firm, and he boasts that he has "no problem with using public office for profit."

    Baker was a disgrace.

    1. Benson the guy who told Quayle "you are no Jack Kennedy"? Ouch! : )

    2. Dukakis in that tank was like the Dr Howard Dean moment, re: his screaming during his Iowa supporters speech. Seriously questioned their mental stability at that point...wondering what they'd do with the "red button".

    3. He will do what guy who enters room with some "new , fresh and crucial" information says "happened" on terrain. Then president will do what guy who sent that guy to president wanted.

  5. The best candidate on the Democratic side is Jim Webb, although not the Jimmy Webb who wrote "MacArthur Park," but the one who is from Virginia.

    Otherwise Jerry Brown should run as he's turned the fiscal situ in California around and is an excellent executive and manager who could tackle America's similar problems.

    Among the Republicans I still like Carson, and think he should choose Kasich as his VP.

    Kasich will carry Ohio for the Republicans, and the South will go for Carson.

    Carson with Kasich cannot fail to win.

    Carson is vices and no womanizing. He's a little bit of a nut but that's okay. A man of true princlple like Jimmy Carter.

    Carter won because he had integrity and everyone knew it. Ford was a dumbass with his "whip inflation now" program and that stupid Swine Flue garbage he pushed that was a total fraud....and the military actually hated Ford because he neglected every damn thing.....and that disaster in Cambodia....

    Ford was a fucking disaster and because he pardoned Nixon he didn't have a snowball's chance in hell.

    1. Ford was also severely accident prone and couldn't get off the tee box without capping some poor old woman in the head with his drives. He must have gotten shorted with Grandpa Henry's dna.