Sunday, September 27, 2015

Putin Reaches Out to Obama for Meeting at the UN
Let’s Accept, Shake his Hand and Act with Sincerity!
For over a year, I have borne witness to the devastating effects that Obama’s White House sanctions has had on the Russian economy. I have written countless blogs informing Putin and the Russians [who do read these blogs] that their future looks dim if nothing is done about their imploding economy.  I have no greater wisdom than countless members of our Intelligence Community who have enacted these sanctions and initiated a devastating economic warfare against the ruble and Russia’s bond rating. If concession to pressure appears as victory, so let it be.
Yet I must warn those who are now gloating, that the Russians are a formidable people who can and will sustain whatever necessary pains and tribulations in order to maintain their national pride. I understand that all too well. When I was involved in the successful regime change in the Soviet Union during the Reagan/Bush Sr Administrations, I had strongly cautioned my esteemed colleagues in both the IC and WH that what we had done was to take down a political façade that had tempered the Russian soul for over half-a-century. We did not diminished or in any way defeat the strong Russian character. Before I left the Bush Sr Administration, I cautioned against smugness and complacency or any form of unintended humiliation.
In the past few years Putin, rightfully or wrongfully, attempted to recreate a faux stance where he tried to tempt the ability of our POTUS in conjunction with our IC/Military Forces, to provoke us into a position of subservience. Strategically, Putin spread his military forces over an arc of crisis that backfired against his initial desires to assert himself as a predominate actor in world affairs. Putin found himself caught in his own spider web of insufficient funds and a bankrupt economy. Whether we, Americans, consider this tactical outcome a ‘success’ is at best questionable, if not almost irrelevant to the future of our relations with Russia.
Like most leaders who have witnessed the benign wrath of an America who will not tolerate unwarranted incursions or unnecessary provocations, it is time for POTUS to accept the outreached hand and shake it. Let us not seek glory nor vengeance in the action that Putin has initiated with his gesture of peace. Let us make certain that we can continue as two formidable partners in a wide spectrum of activities including the reasonable resolution of the civil war in Syria as well as a host of other salient issues.

Let me remind my Republican colleagues that as of this week, POTUS has welcomed President Xi Jinping, Pope Francis, and curried the interest of Putin to meet POTUS at the UN. That is quite admirable in the field of US National Security interests. There are no accidents nor coincidences in world affairs.
The confluence of these three major world actors to appear at one time in the USA is a testimony to the POTUS and his Foreign Policy team. As such, it should be treated with respect for all parties concerned; as well as a pragmatic approach to all problems that may confront us and our guests.
Let me end this blog with a quote from one of my favorite Russian Novelists, Nikolai Gogol, “Dead Souls”:
“A word aptly uttered or written cannot be cut away by an axe.”
Ainsi soit-il! So be it! 



  1. Everyone saw what other can do. Now it is time for deal and investments in to real sector. Everything can be changed tomorrow. Corbyn and Sanders should lead negations in Ukraine between Eastern and Western Ukraine. That model could go to Russia. We need workers cooperative factories in Russia based on american technology, founded by american corporations for american led markets. Soviet cars from late 1920s to 1970s were based on American models. Just how it was before.

    1. I am a German who hates Russians. Russians are barbaric, ruthless, cruel, tyrannical rapists and sadists and assholes. Putin is an example of a small, boastful, prideful corrupt and criminal asshole.....

      I don't care what happens to Russians except that we have to share this planet with them.

      It's just like the West to try to encircle them with NATO and EU clients, right up their borders, instead of seeking to keep a stable set of neutral states between Russia and the West....

      The West is totally to blame for the Russians' aggression in Ukraine. The Russians would never have done this if the West hadn't have provoked them.

      Remember Dr.P that Putin unleashed a murderous war in Chechnya, attacked Georgia and is now supporting Assad ---- the torturer and murderer of children and grandmas....

      Putin is a satanic, blood-soaked Russian asshole.

      Frankly Dr.P I wonder about your judgement when you speak so highly of Russians. These people are monsters, with or without communism.

      Name one positive thing the Russians have ever done.......just one.

    2. Very funny. Try some Boris Godunov...

    3. Television Popov, Mendeleev, Gagarin, a lot more. Hitler and Napoleon as well as countless eastern aggressors were beaten by Russians preserving western world for centuries. You are noting Chechens as victims of russian invasion- they are all Tsarnaevs. If you are so proud you are German- do something to prevent Germany to become Muslim country in 10 years but not pour the tons of shit to the only country that defends conservative values in Europe while others are slowly dying under Islamic invasion. Remember the post on Paris several days ago- your Germany will be the same.

  2. Interesting, It could be that Russia is feeling the ISIL threat in their Muslim republics starting to grow. The US should have been long ago working with Russia to reduce this threat rather than working to create another failed state in the Mideast.

    Turkey is feeling the boomerang effects of supporting ISIL and the Kurds growing strength, They must have given the OK for Russia and China to move forward.

    NATO appears content to hit Assad targets in Syria more than ISIL targets. The US seems taken aback and very much surprised with Russia literally sneaking their fighter jets in right under US and Israeli noses. Yet the US is willing to talk to Iran about it and not Russia?

    What we have here is unprecedented, China, Russian. Iran and possibly Turkey working to maintain some semblance of order in Syria going to war against US and NATO's backdoor policy of destroying Assad at any cost including letting ISIL run wild?

    The Saudis might be having second thoughts about their policy in Iraq and Syria and recently met with Putin. They are building a long border wall to keep ISIL out. The kingdom is under some threat in the north as well as the south. The Yemeni rebels are knocking out their border posts with some frequency.

    This looks to be the beginning of an Ezekiel 38 fulfillment as well as the Famous Isaiah 17 Prophecy of Damascus becoming a ruinous heap uninhabited forever.

    I could be all that vast nat gas discovery off of Israel, Lebanon, Syria, and Cyprus drawing them in as well. China becoming a player here is a deal bigger than I have seen in my lifetime.

    You would think US Israeli objectives have been achieved. A bunch of Mideast nations being smashed but they appear not to be finished. It looks like Russian and China are saying enough is enough.

    This world gets more unstable every day. There is no place to run and hide when this thing unravels.

    1. If we had normal thinking people like Trump or Carson making our decisions things could be stablized very easily.

      But instead we have a gaggle of "national security professionals" who pin their careers on maneuvering and scheming and planning and creating mischief....

      We need to get rid of the so-called "national security professionals."

    2. John Kennedy said his advisors had "a collective death wish for the world...."

      He was right.

      Most national security professionals are little turds, un-manly little sick weridos.

  3. I did not know this before.
    Respected Dr. Steve Pieczenik was mentioned by David Icke in minute 10:35. on interview for Croatian national TV channel 1 in show which went in 21:15 on first channel, of course before we entered EU... Name of show was On the Edge of knowledge...
    Today we "does not" need such shows any more. We "elvolved".
    10:35 Part 2

    This is Part 1 of show, Brzezinski mentioned...

    He was very often on TV here.

  4. Dr.P let me explain the "hydrogen economy."

    It takes more energy to derive hydrogen from water than you obtain from burning the hydrogen.

    Therefore no one can save energy by using hydrogen to fuel cars or anything else.

    The possible use of hydrogen as a fuel is that it can be a storehouse of energy and transported for use in cars and other places when it is created at power stations like nuclear or solar or whatever.

    The idea is to use, say, a nuclear fusion power plant to create electricity and then use that electricity to create hydrogen from water and then use that hydrogen to power a car...

    That would be a way to use nuclear fusion to power cars in a future economy in which petroleum is unavailable.

    Hydrogen is a storehouse of energy created from power plants.

    Hydrogen is not a low-cost SOURCE of energy on it's own as the fraud "Dr. Fission" claims.

    He belongs in jail.

    1. Planet earth is a gigantic magnet which Nicoli Tesla proved could be tapped for everything from free beamed energy waves, to reactive crafts which can manipulate magnetics essentially defying gravity - think UFO's.

      The technology behind unlimited free energy has existed for at least 50 years or more. Unfortunately, there are no profits to be made from these technologies, therefore the hive which controls it shall never release it. THEY realized Tesla and men like him were a threat to the bottom line, moreover their inevitable loss of global commerce based in petrodollars. Tesla's entire research library was confiscated as with any subsequent research made by others.

      There are a myriad of testimonies surfacing from engineers now on their deathbeds who all speak of their own research being confiscated and being made offers they couldn't refuse. They went out into the desert and proved to themselves and their geek friends that they could manipulate propulsion using magnetics with specific craft materials and designs.

      There will never be another individual like Tesla, or independent scientist/engineers who complete this work. The system has devoured any and all meaningful research on magnetic earth energy. The hive has ensured that any kids who play with it and show off their findings at science fairs get ushered into a meaningless existence at a participating 'accredited' higher learning institution where a corporate drone job and security clearance agreement await.

      Is it any wonder that a society led by spineless sellouts becomes critically handicapped?

  5. In 1986 I attended the convention of the American Society of Plasma Physicists, and at that conclave they extolled their consensus that nuclear fusion would be commercially appllied by 1996....

    It never happened.

    They were biased.

    Science can be like that.

    1. You're a brilliant guy Mike and I really enjoy reading your stuff here. I think you'd make a great mentor.

      I'd like to add one more extremely depressing fact after your 'science can be like that'...

      Science has been completely purchased and capped at the will of the new owners. Once upon a time in our short existence, we celebrated men of science as hero's. Today we celebrate trademarked 'breakthroughs' which are leashed by a board of directors and investors.


    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Dr. P. et al, what are your thoughts on this analysis?...

    If, as the above cited WMR article argues, ISIS is the CIA/Mossad/NATO proxy army in the Middle East, Putin then has chosen this as the battle ground in which to engage the West, rather than being drawn into the Ukrainian theater as his adversaries had hoped. A brilliant strategic move on his part, in as much as he demonstrates that Obama’s fight was just for show. Obama now is faced with the choice: he may cooperate with Putin and pretend ISIS was never the West’s proxy, or he may decide to double down and continue the clandestine support of ISIS. In doing the latter, however, he faces the grave risk of exposure. In either case, if ultimately effective in defeating ISIS, Putin then wins the good will of the Arab world, having built a true coalition of the willing, while splashing egg on Obama’s face…

    1. You are so wrong.

      The actors in this matter are not purposeful as you are claiming.

      The US and Israel and NATO have no grand strategy.

      And Putin is merely a desperate opportunist picking out gain wherever he can because he's on the defensive..

      I've you'd worked in government as I have you would know that these bureaucracies have ideologies and turfs but there is no grand strategy at play....

    2. They may not have a grand strategy, but they do have an irrational obsession about killing Assad, by any means necessary. First they tried Arab Spring, that didn't work; then they tried a false flag chemical attack, and that didn't work (thanks to Putin); now they're playing the fake war against ISIS, while in fact supporting their effort to overthrow Assad, and again Putin is throwing a monkey wrench into that scheme.

      Whatever you think of the Russians, it has to be admitted that they are saving us from our own misbegotten "fearless leaders".