Thursday, September 17, 2015

Russia Threatens Both Sweden and Finland if they Formally Join NATO!
However, Russia’s main concern is Finland. Once again, Putin is flexing his biceps by threatening Sweden if they join NATO. This past Friday saw an event that has become all too common, with Putin acting desperately to intimidate those western European countries which may present a potential geopolitical threat to Russia. As I have posted previously, Putin and his military are provoking the Swedish military into potential conflicts by Russian overflights into Swedish territories and Russian submarines patrolling the littoral areas of Swedish sovereignty.
Putin is re-enacting the Soviet Union’s paranoia, where any near-far lands that may present potential threats have to be diplomatically co-opted before they become real strategic threats. Sweden and  Finland are literally a stone’s throw away from the true heart of Russia—St. Petersburg. Finland is so close that some of you may remember that prior to the full outbreak of WWII, Russia and Finland fought a brutal war against each other where thousands of troops on both sides froze or died in their ensuing battles in their respective snow tundras. Putin has utilized these old memories of conflict to reinvigorate his new virtual Russian Federation expansion. By outright reprimanding the Swedish Ambassador this past Friday, warning him to abstain from joining NATO, Putin was really warning Finland and the USA. Sweden presents far less of a military threat than does Finland which has the advantage of military expertise and geopolitical proximity as a true threat to Russian sovereignty.
From the USA and EU perspective, both Sweden and Finland would act as effective counter-forces to a potential incursion by Russian troops into the northern sector of the EU. Please bear in mind that Putin’s extravagant gestures of bellicosity do not effectively correlate with the current Russian economy. Putin desperately directs his frenetic attention away from the more serious concern: the complete bankruptcy of the Russia economy. Neither he nor his ineffectual political cronies can control this economic sinking.
A new narrative has been created by the Kremlin where they claim that the stalwart Russians are not in anyway encumbered by the failing consumer economy. Some of our leading policy thinkers agree with this complete myth. There is no doubt that when over 81 regions of Russia are bankrupt then the people have already suffered more than they should have. Putin has ensured that those who might want to complain about souring conditions in the consumer sector are silenced for quite some time.
Putin’s image of a progressive Russia has more bearing to that of Stalin-Yeltsin borscht. He wants to look and act like Stalin without the efficiency or lethality. In reality, Putin has the ineffectual traits of a wannabe Stalin with the complete incompetency of the drunken Yeltsin. Not a great combination. The more he threatens the less intimidating he becomes.
If Putin thinks that the invasion of Georgia or Ukraine was impressive, may I remind him that anyone who dealt with the powerful Soviet Union will not take his predictable gestures seriously. Putin must be reminded that Russia is a very large federation of 125 different ethnic groups located over 11 time zones. If we were able to takedown a far greater threat than Russia –that is the Soviet Union—rest assured, Putin, that you are nothing more than a fly on the bear’s ass.
If you keep on threatening those countries around you like Moldova, Nagorny--- time is not on your side; neither is China, the EU nor the USA. Putin: please remember the Swedish Russia Wars of 1595, 1788, and 1808. What did Russia really gain or lose in those wars? A few kilometers here and there.
Russians are now tired of wars and foreign intrusions which take the attention away from more important subjects. What will be the future of a rich Motherland which is sinking rapidly into poverty and oblivion as the rest of the western world keeps on growing and advancing. Putin you have managed to stultify the growth of the great Russian citizens more than any Czar in the history of Russia’s repression.
Congratulations, you bully. Watch out for your security apparatus which has been planning behind your back for the next successor.
Why not?
You did that with Yeltsin, now it’s your turn to be deposed. That’s fair.
Forget Sweden and Finland !  

Instead, pay attention to Mother Russia, which needs your help ….ASAP!!!


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    1. I agree, and Dr. P. is right again. Russia is only problem but Russia is also only solution.
      But what is US offering to Russia funny, it is better is have nuclear WW3 then for Russia to introduce Ron Paul / Scott Walker reforms and become like some free market capitalistic Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil...
      Or tolerate Greek model to be introduced on to them.
      Or model of some Argentina.
      Do you people know how those slums built for people by capitalists looks like in capitalistic south america, africa and south asia.
      US if offering that status of Russia, I think those rich capitalists in Russia are not that crazy. Hey Mexico is bordering USA and have 100% everything what west wants (democracy, free market...) but they live ten time worse then Kazakhstan, or still 100% communist Belarus.

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    3. On communism i think state capitalism and central planning which is not communism... Some elements of communism existed only in Slovenia and Croatia but it was too bureaucratic, state did not allow bureaucracy to be given to people. Venezuela is now doing some experiments by thinking to give local governments to workers self-management units also!

  2. It's of course folly for NATO or the EU to absorb additional countries near to Russia. It yields no advantage and gins up understandable suspicion and alarm from the Russian's point of view. The West is brining this upon itself.

    Russians are possessed of an extreme inferiority complex, and this explains their aggression and empire building whether its during the Soviet era or otherwise.

    Germany fought two world wars with them because of this problem, but the other great powers in these wars sided with Russia, and then had to undertake their own containment....

    The simple solution here is to stop uselessly and needlessly encircling Russia with more and more members of an alliance in which Russia will never belong.

  3. I disagree with the depiction here of Russian public opinion. Upper middle class Russians who are harmed financially by the consequences of Putin's antics are silently opposed, but the lower middle classes and poor are energized by these actions.

    There will be no attenuation of Putin's policies from the public.

  4. If America had a real President instead of an empty suit he would be engaging Putin in personal dialogue to negotiate solutions to all these problem.

    In the manner in which Hitler and his staff negotiated agreements with Stalin over various issues. The American President should negotiate what Russia will do in exchange for what the West will do...a series of quid pro quos and agreements to stabilize everything.

    1. I like your idea of negotiations but that whole Stalin - Hitler negotiation thing didn't seem to provide a very good outcome imnsho

    2. British did everything they could to destroy that deal... everything...
      Hitler wanted Romania and Bulgaria, Stalin wanted Romania neutral and some insurances (maybe one division) in Bulgaria... Both were testing each other but with British fake documents :))

      Had Germany been waiting until 1944 for fleet to be ready, just how Admiral Raeder recommended to Hitler, we would cherish Mike (CIA operator), for his German heritage as just another evidence of sinless and supremacy of German race. His every comment would accurate 100%, not just 90%.

      I adore systems where it matters what you talk.
      In communism i would be some local hood politician and would hold speech on opening of new green area in hood by proclaiming Comrade Tito to be also A BIGGEST ecologist on world also... Among everything else...
      I was born i wrong time... I had to hold speech for opening of this park, i had to fill peoples heads.,16.4506039,3a,75y,24.14h,80.91t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1swcULufjtMQocrILjHEbOBg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en

    3. One gentleman who is now conservative capitalist journalist, he, before in communism, was of course communist. Back then he once in cinema stood up from seat and started to yell on to others that every real communist should leave cinema, because real communist cannot watch such movie.
      I am so jealous on that gentleman. Back then all people in cinema at least officially had to pretend that he was not crazy lunatic (because that is how you make living). Today if I would do that, they would think I was crazy.
      Everything is against me.

  5. Dr Steve, This would have to be a first in a Presidential run wouldn't it??
    "Yoko Ono: “I Had an Affair with Hillary Clinton in the ’70s”

    1. mmm, lesbian dream is to put knife under neck of non lesbian, cut her slowly while licking her down... i do not know... hillary looks somehow too feminine for such level, you must be little butch to do it... i think hillary in prison should discover real beauties of real lesbianism

    2. Wolfowitz is right, I said 40 yesterday, he said 40-60 M going to Europe... He is smart guy... Someone would say he have nice synthetic mind, he always, always surprise me how he sound humane in every 3rd line.
      This are news from synthetic Houston, this is from other dimension...

      If you want scare Russia, scare them with him...

    3. Yes Chia if your opponent in a fight blows himself up first, before coming after you, like 9/11 WTC, then you better run, cuz they're nuts! ; /.

  6. Thanks Tony great video.

    Dr P and Bill; look at this video, it connects the rest of the dots for Marvin Bush who was Director of Security to WTC as well as Dulles Airport where Flight 77 took off from thru a Kuwaiti/Saudi Company called Securacom/Stratesac. Explains why the 9/11 Commission withheld so much incriminating information.

    Nobody seems to really give a shit about it anyway, oh well. The dumbed down masses don't mind their government leaders doing this kinda shit I guess is the lesson here. Now with the NDAA, the government has made it "legal" to do this kinda shit.

  7. Here is the aforementioned link enjoy!

    1. It appears to be a bit 'deathy' to witness big events like this. The Palfrey murder is just taking the piss. Although to be fair I think the Major General in the Train Crash was just an accident. They would have just ran him over or suffocated him, cheaper and easier. There must be a Mother load of data for the organisation of all this shit. That is why I always wondered about Wikileaks and Snowdon nothing ever showed up there only embarrassing stuff.

    2. Term conspiracy theorist, is term invented by one noble English conspirator to burry all evidences against any conspiracy done by governments. Alex Jones is conspiracy theorist which puts all evidences in to conspiracy theories cloak and in to government draw for conspiracy theories. Heck you can have that consumer life style and conspiracy consciousness. There was one guy which was from 2003 telling how big economic crisis is coming, , his name was Luda veruda, meaning crazy palm, we all talked how he was idiot... He was not, we all was, even i thought for one moment gee, this could be truth.

      news from 2006. before crash, he put this link among many... when police was at least pretending to do job and this was in news

      to look 9/11 without connecting it with economic crisis is not scientific

    3. Dutch east indian company (US free market guys) after crash 2007, unleashed free market forces, they are allowed to put seeds of demons and destruction where ever they like... Putin continental army seems like only factor of stability. They needs wars, only economy in capitalism is war (slavery, state capitalism(soviet communism, fascism, nacism... ) are all forms of capitalism, feudalism is only opposition to all that, in feudalism soldier in service had helmet, armour, sword, feathers, land, was very expensive and on price, in capitalism you get on stick to fire and some piece of cloth...

    4. they are allowed to be non state operatives investing money around and creating wars, without flag, just planting money and creating war to get more money... same how one ship would come to some island in pacific and as welcome start firing from cannons on to village for good morning...

    5. Halliburton is just that... Left is better in conspiracy because we name motive and class in to which that carrier of motive belongs... Economic class is only way to look at people... For right wing that look is naive because they believe that capitalists will care of them because they have same skin colour.

    6. Best is to look this forum for news from 2005 and down... We need to read old news, because than we can see what was lie and what was true from todays perspective unless you do not believe Marx. If you believe Marx then it more simple.

    7. I remember in Jr High algebra class the question always began; "if 2 trains leave that station at a certain time, and are traveling at a certain rate...blah blah blah. The fallacy is the math question never took into consideration the idiots that can put 2 trains on one track heading for each other Lol! But I digress.

  8. The irony is that Marvin Bush probably isn't qualified to work the 3rd shift at the Dairy Queen in all reality.

  9. Marvin Bush was also on the board of HCC Insurance Holdings which insured parts of the WTC. Rofl!

  10. It looks like it's Win Win Win for all these "Evil Doers"....see what I did there with the quote : /