Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bibi Netanyahu, the Presumptive Leader of World Jewry Refuses to Accept Devastated Syrian Civilians. 
Ironic, that the egotistical leader of a country that was created entirely by refugees (Jews, Muslims, Druze, Christians and even VietNamese Buddhists) will not open the doors to a single soul in one of the worst refugee crisis in history. No Israeli leader has shown less compassion, empathy or historical knowledge than the son of a Cornell Professor whose family was granted refugee status by America as Jews fleeing the Holocaust. No Israeli understood less about the beneficent nature of many Muslim Countries who gave many of us, Ashkenazy Jews, sanctuary during the WWII Holocaust. 
Part of my family comes from Algeria, where they had lived in the African Muslim culture for hundreds of years before they were thrown out during the French/Algerian War. At that time, there were thousands of Jews who lived in Morocco under the direct protection of the Royal Family. Even when the Sephardic Jews were chased out of Morocco because the nascent state of Israel created conflict points to force the Jews to leave to Israel; King Hassan always wanted to make certain that ‘his Jewish children’ would be well taken care of in this new state. Distant cousins in Turkey came from the Ladino refugees who were protected by Turkey for over 500 years. I can go on about how different Muslim countries, even ones that are perceived as hostile to Israel, have welcomed Jews throughout centuries of wandering about this earth seeking a homeland. Only a few years ago, I remember that in Isfahan, Iran, I encountered thousands of young and old Jews praying on a Friday morning under the bridge that was called in Farsi, “The Bridge of Jews.”
In contrast, it’s interesting to note that during WWII, Ben Gurion and the Jewish Council refused to save the lives of thousands of Jews incarcerated in the Nazi death camps. Instead, they insisted that Heydrich [father was an Austrian Jew] and Eichmann send cows and not Jews to Israel. Israel’s history is not great when it comes to saving the lives of the Polish Jews who literally created that state from its inception in Warsaw, Lodz, Bialystok. However, in the tradition of true Judaism [ a la Rabbi Hillel], Begin and the others of the Likud brought into Israel-- Ethiopians, Eritreans, Russians and  Vietnamese refugees.

Now we ask Israel to bring in those Syrian civilians tortured by war that was not of their making. I ask the youth of Israel to demonstrate against your presumed leader, Bibi, and demand that once again, Israel show mercy to those whom we consider our neighbors and friends.
I have been in Syria during the best and worst of times and I have never witnessed any Anti-Semitism against their own Syrian Jews. Yet I have seen Bibi attack with venom and graceless disrespect the very country that made and nurtured him and his arrogant family – The Great American Society of Christians [primarily]. Americans did not ask what you could do for them. They simply wanted to extend a hand to those in need.
Never Forget: America saved thousands of us Diaspora Jews when all others turned their back on us, even the nascent land of Israel.

The youth of Israel, who fight for it’s very existence, must show the compassion that your leader can never possess because he is too consumed with his arrogance, ignorance wrapped in layers of self-delusional paranoia. I am certain that his brother, the true hero of Entebbe, Yonatan Netanyahu who died to liberate hostages in Uganda, would have welcomed everyone in need to his homeland. That’s why he is a Jewish Hero and Bibi can never be! It’s up to you, the youth of Israel, to reclaim the future by truly understanding our past in the real diaspora.
“Treat others as you may want to be treated.. that is all you must learn in the Talmud”  Rabbi Hillel. 


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    1. Israeli Jews are living with a demographic time bomb in which non-Jewish citizens of Israel will soon outnumber Jewish ones, meaning the end of Israel as a Jewish state.

      The debate in Israel which Dr.P neglects to mention is, "Can Israel remain a Jewish state and also remain a democracy?" This is the major issue which Israeli's discuss today.

      For the Likud the answer is that in the future non-Jews in Israel must have their voting rights and other protections taken away.

      Last year Netanyahu introduced into the Kenesst the first of what will be a series of laws taking away rights from non-Jewish citizens.

      To think that the Likud would welcome any number of non-Jews into Israel at this point BECAUSE OF MORALITY shows the ultimate ignorance of what the founders of Israel and the ruling party today is about.......racial supremacy.

    2. Dr.P thank you for the short history lesson pointing out the Jews lived in relative harmony in most muslim societies until zionism came along and ruined everything for them, making them for the first time unwelcome in muslim countries and viewed for the first time as anti-muslim and a fith column among their muslim hosts.

      But the biggest of these stories you neglected to mention.......the Jews of Iraq who had lived there since they were taken into captivity in Babylon over two thousand years ago.

      In Iraq many Jews stayed and formed the major class not only of merchants but of professionals upon which Baghdad, Mosul and Basra depended for two milennia.

      Then in the 1930s the agitations of zionists in Palestine caused the first tensions, which were exacerbated by Nazi agents in Iraq and Iran which succeeded in turning the governments of those two countries into Nazi allies because of these countries' hatred of the British influence among them in which the British manipulated their politics and plundered their oil.

      In both Iraq and Iran the British countered with covert action and military might to bring down both pro-Nazi governments and install pro-English ones.

      However after the Israeli war for independence the Iraqi government began a campaign of persecution against Iraqi Jews, and they all were forced to give up all their properties and flee to Israel, something the zionests eagerly welcomed.

      But the pro-Nazi influences in the Iraqi military and politics remained, and actually grew as British exploitation continued.

      Saddam Hussein was reared by his uncle who was one of many Iraqis who waa influenced by Nazi ideology exported to Iraq. "There are three things which Allah should never have created," he told the young Saddam. "He should never have created flies,Persians or Jews.'

      The Ba'ath party of Iraq was in fact a direct offshoot of the pro-Nazi ideologies which dominated in Iraq from the 1930s onward, and the Ba'ath party was the only political movement which embodied all aspects of German National Socialism.....therefore the high degree of economic development and anti-poverty and anti-aristocratic activity under the Ba'ath just as in Germany. And likewise all such progress, unique among any Arab states, was interrupted by war beginning with the invasion of Iran in 1980......

      Prior to 1981 Iraq was a model of social and economic development unmatched by any muslim or Arab country.

      However anti-semitism and anti-zionism also lay at the core of Ba'ath ideology, and not just as rhetoric as seen in Iran today...BUT AS GENUINE DOCTRINAL ANTIPATHY TOWARD ALL JEWS AND ZIONISTS IN PARTICULAR.

      This is the reason why the Iraq Ba'ath party was considered by Mossad as the Primary threat to Israel since the 1950s......and this was complicated by the CIA's support for it as a facist counter to Iraqi socialists and communists.

      As in many other places CIA chose to back a neo-Nazi faction, the Ba'ath to defeat communist rivals, and this was extremely disturbing to Mossad and all other informed Israelis.

      This is the reason why the American neocons pushed for the US to finally invade Iraq.

      This is the real reason for the Iraq war in 2003.

      This is why when Bremer landed in Baghdad he came with two mandates, both drafted by Paul Wolfowitz......destroy the Ba'ath party and destroy the Iraqi military.

      Those two mandates made any peaceful occupation IMPOSSIBLE, but it wasn't Israel's problem.

    3. During the Iran-Iraq war the Israelis covertly armed Iran and did everything they could to assist the Iranians in their goal of invading Iraq and toppling the Ba''ath party.

      US and CIA activity was to oppose this, until David Kimche, a Mossad Officer, came to the White House and convinced Reagan advisors that Iran wasnted an opening with the US and would promise to be a good regional partner opposing the USSR as long as the US would let them defeat Iraq.....

      This was the origin of the "arms for hostages crisis"....

      It was not about Reagan's concern for US hostages in Lebanon....

      It was about a plan by Mossad to end US support for Iraq and allow the Iranians to win the war by occupying Iraq and overturning the Ba'ath government.

      Israel and Iran were at that time allies !!

      But it failed because the "hardliners" in Iran were still antagonistic against the US so no amount of cakes and bibles by Oliver North could sway them.....

      It was a crazy Mossad scheme to get the US to swtich sides in exchange for assurances that Iran would play a strong anti-Soviet role....

      It didn't work.

    4. Dr.P if you were in government and worked in counter-terror of the Lebanon situ at that time you should remember the Kimche machinations in the White House to get the US to switch sides in the middle of that was amazing to watch the show.

      It's that kind of theater which made government work interesting from time to time.

    5. Off topic but wanted to mention that while flying back from Europe this week I did see the series "Olive Kitteridge" while cramed into my economy seat.....

      It was an extremely good series and I wish we had more like it produced in America. Most Americans would find it slow or something, but it really was the kind of real life drama which makes reality of life far more intense than fiction.

      Amazing performances by actors Jenkins, Murray and Francis McDormand.

      Real life is a series of unfortunate events as depicted in this show. When I returned from Europe I learned that the husband of my office manager accidently killed himself while cleaning his gun. He was cleaning it so he could sell it to buy her a new ring. They had the perfect marriage, and they were both only twenty four years old..... That's life.

    6. Please everyone I beg you do not carry guns with bullets in the chamber.

      Never keep a loaded round in the chamber.

      Never rely on the safety, and never carry your weapon "cocked and locked" the way the police always do.

      Police shoot themselves in the feet and legs everyday because they want to follow this macho bullshit about having a round in the chamber ready to fire so they don't have to cycle their slide before shooting.

      There are almost no situations where things happen so fast that you don't have time to pull back the slide.

      The only times I've ever carried with a round in the chamber were a handful of times when I was walking into a potential gunfight.

      Otherwise I always keep the chamber clear and if I need to fire a round I have plenty of time to pull back the slide...takes less than a second.

      Please don't follow the idiot cops and other macho assholes who advocate for the necessity of carrying with a round in the chamber.

      Everyone who kills themselves accidently has it happen because of this very bad advise by idiots who don't know how to handle a gun.....including all police.

    7. Yes Iraq socialism was very very advanced when they split them self from UK in 1970es, but Saddam was fooled by Soviet state capitalists as Soviet state capitalists sold him super weak versions of T-72s, old T-62... Another capitalistic betrayal...
      But Tito was helping them with underground shelters,
      like this underground airport in Croatia built for 6B $ of 1970s $ (the most expensive military site in Europe)

      And this (something 10x stronger then GRAD system) with combination with VX2 chemical weapons or DU cassette bombs for armour would be festival for US invading force.

      But because we from 1991. have (CIA boss of all CIA operations in Croatia, as it is in all countries), meaning ambassador in Croatia as our supreme leader, all building plans of those shelters were given to US army.
      If ambassador says this you have 1-2 months to do it. I think even Obama gets more time. US ambassador gave order here to all Balkan tribes that everyone here now must lick azz to everyone. That is what we call peace and prosperity. Even we live like idiots who now almost have to work to survive, to get free flat and regular job, only if you sign up to military because they went to old system by providing flat when they saw that no one wants to work at all.
      Now private owners of transport companies are crying why young do not want to work as truck drivers, they are saying ah salary is 3000$ net month, yes, but if you work like in USA and while having ugly head of boss illegally (soon legally) giving you more and more hours to do. That is why they are importing more slaves. Same will be now when they start using Mexicans as regular drivers in USA.

    8. Ah look this picture, freedom, free space, no trash, no crime, no commercials, security, stability, predicability, (yes socialist societies also needs wars to sustain their own lies in economy but you feel like man and you do not exploit other individuals)...

      Ah look here COMECON tramp from Prague Czecoslovakia, driven from Havana to Zagreb and Pyongyang, in whole socialist world, while stupid americans do not want their trams driven in whole world.

    9. Look those two pictures of Obama with Putin...
      I was laughing for 5 mins.

      Sanders asked about Corbyn, Corbyn mentioning Sanders. Who would not fight in war for such duo, give us free flats (monthly fee 200-400 depending on income), and chance to opt out from free market to work in workers coopts... And we will praise rich and bankers for another 50 years.

    10. Great advice Mit. However, I like the Sig with its de-cocking mechanism when you do carry locked and loaded, it places a barrier in front of the firing pin to render the chambered round harmless unless the trigger is pulled.

      This is why the hispanic immigrant who got his hands on a govt officials Sig and shot that young lady on the pier, will fail with his defense if he repeats his previous claim that he "didn't pull the trigger"

    11. Unfortunately what happens is that the trigger gets pulled when you don't want it to. When in single action mode the trigger will go off at a very slight pull.....

      My friend who shot himself on Monday morning forgot that he still had a round in the chamber, and the trigger got pulled somehow while he was wiping off the outside of the gun.....

      The decocker on the Sigs is useful to use when you've had to cock it and you want to use your thumb to decock conveniently with one hand...otherwise it takes two hands to decock that kind of pistol.

      The first decocker was used on the Sauer 38H from 1938, which was used by all German military and police using a 7.62 or .32 ACP round....

      I still have my grandfather's 38H series two from his Wehrmacht service.

    12. Unfortunately what happens is that the trigger gets pulled when you don't want it to. When in single action mode the trigger will go off at a very slight pull.....

      My friend who shot himself on Monday morning forgot that he still had a round in the chamber, and the trigger got pulled somehow while he was wiping off the outside of the gun.....

      The decocker on the Sigs is useful to use when you've had to cock it and you want to use your thumb to decock conveniently with one hand...otherwise it takes two hands to decock that kind of pistol.

      The first decocker was used on the Sauer 38H from 1938, which was used by all German military and police using a 7.62 or .32 ACP round....

      I still have my grandfather's 38H series two from his Wehrmacht service.

  2. Comes as no surprise to be honest! Wasn't it the Ethiopian Jews or lost tribe that encountered difficulties to be accepted by Israel?? Irony being the Ethiopian people are much nearer to the holy lands than the Ashkenaz of the caucuses?? Good luck to him and his policies it won't go unnoticed and we all eventually reap what we sow and I'd personally avoid the place like the plague at this moment in time I think the man on the street perspective will be they ain't clearing Palestinian Muslims for Syrian ones it's fair to speculate

    1. It was Michael Chertoff's mother who arranged for the Ethiopian Jews to be flown to Israel.....

    2. Ha ha Wikipedia states she was El Al's first flight attendant.... Got to be up early to catch you out MIT!!!!!

  3. That kind of reasoning is accepted in the West, but foreign in Israel where sense of history and purpose is very much alive. Bolshevik central planners have learned their lesson of Weimar Republic undivided electorate and do not make the same mistake again.

  4. It is best to settle them where they hate them most, and those are those where nazi are strongest, countries like Denmark and Germany. I support this plan.

    1. Lots of areas of USA would be great also. Just to show them that there is only two race on world, rich and poor.

  5. This site is hard core.

    Even infowars took article from it (maybe because he is attacking socialism for rich so infowars thinks that readers will think that all socialisms are bad):

    1. My view of Trump is going up in by reading this article.
      Viva Duce, viva Ciano! Viva!

      People must have place and dignified position in society. Free market capitalism is trying to remove us individuals completely from society, from happiness and from other human beings so that we must buy even that from them.


    2. And here is right answer to neo-liberal capitalists or how they like to call them self "libertarians" ...answer of Trump to provocateur: "be careful!"

      Real right wing-nazis in USA are libertarians, real liberals in economy, supporting liberal capitalism but pretending to be morally conservative, no wonder why all nazis are supporting Ron Paul in USA, they want starvation policies to be natural and morally accepted...

      Same is with all this Catholic bishops attacking Pope and threatening with schism because Peope is anti-liberal in economy and liberal in morality... Liberals are biggest problems. We have them as Neo-liberals (libertarianists) and neo-conservatives = they all are same...
      Why they do not go to conservatives values before slavery and capitalism, on to feudalism (which is much better system) or to workers self-management of christian communes. No no, they will stop in 1700s only.

  6. Best 73 minutes of political correctness... Ever... Trump should consider learning from this guy. ROFL

    1. But as we see on clip, later on, even here there is little of active Satanization of society...

      Same as in this news:

      They say human specie discovered even scientifically only evidence that bones are of human are traces and evidences of ceremonial burial.
      Not even many skeletons on one place, because that could be bear bringing (non humans) in to cave to eat them...
      But politics is politics, it goes even above science.
      Satanization of whole society.

  7. Glad you're back CIA, thanks for the history and the safety lesson.


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