Friday, September 18, 2015

Carly and Michael Hayden


  1. This is the ad that could sink Carly Fiorina's campaign

    1. What idiot can put her to run anywhere... Oh it does not matter at all, look...,_2010

      Just look number of those evil people which voted for that bitch. I think that people are not even evil, they are nothing, people are like air, like some liquid which takes form of something you put them in. Let s face it, most of people are not smart and are not beautiful at all.

      Fiorina got 42,2% and Boxer got 52,2%, just what was budget.

      With females you just translate money from race to %, at guys it is different.
      Even among guys every victory in every senate race was won by one who had more money for race.
      Even closest one.,_2010,_2010,_2010

      It just cannot happen, unless you are Harry Reid and you do not want to spend too much because you know it will be rigged...
      If i were candidate who knows that he will win no matter what, i would also not all spend whole budget, there is no need... Wise guy...
      He spent much less on campaign.,_2010

  2. WP is becoming serious newspaper. I am amazed by latest articles . Like they are starting to worry about rats taking all, or caring about selling more newspapers.