Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Putin’s Chess Game: Outflanking USA in the Middle East, Arctic, and Asia.
The recent arrival of Russian forces into Syria is beginning to show what Putin has in mind when dealing with his perceived arch-rivals, USA and EU. He has displayed his chess game, where all his bishops and knights, along with his queen, are all pre-positioned for a check mate.
What would a check-mate look like?

In the world of superpowers, America had shown that it could maneuver with ease in all the necessary choke points of strategic value. At one time, these geopolitical imperatives included a major projection of force in the Middle East, Asia and the Arctic Circle. In fact, the northern tier nations bordering the arctic assumed that they were in safely contained within a NATO partnership that would obviate any Russian or other foreign intrusions into the zone of comfort.
Yet for the past year, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland have found that they had to engage in some type of phantom war with Russia fighter jets and sea-borne provocations. Nothing underlies this feeling more than the fact that Russia has already declared the Arctic [rich with petroleum resources] to be part and parcel of their sphere of influence. Similarly, as POTUS drew his red lines for potential engagement in the Syrian civil war but did not follow through, Putin realized that he had the ability to maneuver into a major position of controlling the chess game in the Middle East.
Putin allowed Dr. Bashar Assad to continue his war of terror against his presumed enemies including ISIS and other Sunni rebel groups. In reality, Putin could care less about Assad or Syria. Assad is using chlorine gas and barrel bombs [makeshift weapons] to decimate his enemies. This has made his country into a heap of rubble.

Putin has partnered with Iran in order to guarantee a major shift of political power away from the USA, NATO and the EU. He has overflown Bulgaria and Greece in order to place his ground, aerial and sea based troops into their proper position along the Mediterranean Sea. At the same time, despite his cap-in-hand begging for more time and money from China, he has started to forge an alliance with China as that country tries to assume a financial and geopolitical hegemony around Asia and Central Asia.
Recently, Putin quietly implemented full mobilization of Central Asia’s Azerbaijan military. This indicates to me that Putin is also in play in a region where the USA has airbases for rapid deployment for protection of oil interests of international companies. 

There is nowhere in the world where Putin has not inserted his chess pieces. Even the refugees streaming into Europe has the earmarks of Putin’s hand. His support of the Syrian massacres forces the mass movement of refugees disrupting the European continent. Putin has successfully moved his military chess pieces into strategic choke points that have placed American civilian/military/intelligence strategists into a complete pre-checkmate position.
While our White House is concerned with defending a treaty that should have passed a long time ago, and the American public is consumed by the show business of a faux presidential election, Putin, despite dwindling resources, has moved rapidly to pre-position his chess pieces before our administration can even figure out what he has done and will be doing. This what Rudyard Kipling, the brilliant British author called, “The Big Game of Nations”.
America has lost any real capacity to assess the world situation in a coherent, systematic fashion. Now we just have a knee-jerk reaction to every major crisis with no long term strategy. The age of strategic reasoning, which had characterized our post WWII successes, has disappeared.
The end of the Soviet Union [which I helped to foster ] was not the beginning of our deficit in strategic thinking and tactically maneuvering. It was the disappearance of any institution of learning that left Washington D.C. drowning in ersatz think tanks. Studying anything for money and offering no real substantive analytic perspective to America’s national security interests became the new normal.
As I tried to tutor our senior military personnel who multiplied like farm cats, I discovered that I was wasting my time and ideas. America spends billions of dollars on all types of military/intelligence institutions and centers for counter-terrorism. I was completely shocked that the money our government spends on outsourcing everything from thinking to fighting. Our once great nation is now stilted and reactive in our geopolitical interests and positions.
To be quite honest with you all, we have never really been a nation of strategists. Strategy and survival was more of the bread and butter of the Europeans, Chinese, South East Asians and Russians. Americans took the high road of morality to explain our interventions into everything that never was of critical importance including: Vietnam, Korea, Iraq [twice], Afghanistan and then the piece de resistance –Libya [brought to you by Susan Rice/Samantha Power & Hillary Clinton].

For the present, I do not see a shift in the paucity of our strategic thinking. Instead of worrying about how many centrifuges Iran will or will not have, we should be concentrating on a full board assessment of what I have talked about in these blogs and radio shows:
“What is America going to do with the new power balance in the Middle East as Iran and Turkey and now Russia become the dominant forces?”
Our civilian /military leadership are wanting in critical thinking. Our country no longer want to play chess with a master of the game, who has been seriously wounded and is quite angry. Putin will not wait to be comforted by our paltry overtures nor threatened by our military. 
I fear time is not on our side. Pax Americana has descended upon us in a very deliberate, stealthy way- where indolence of thought and timidity of action has become our shibboleth for the present and future.
As Rudyard Kipling once said in “The Light That Failed”:
“We’re all islands shouting lies to each other across seas of misunderstanding.” 



  1. Magnificent! Masterful article. People should know that not many people (maybe few) can give such accurate diagnosis of such, I believe temporal situation, because this is impossible to last, or it is?

    USA with that red line of Obama, really showed that good super power pax-americana game is here, and everyone (those rich bloodsucking rulers) in world showed respect and said eh that is how it goes, this is that pax-americana, this is how it goes, and capitalism is that what rules, with american eagle on it...
    Then nothing, red line crossed, and nothing, what was that? Was USA confused, they asked in wonder?...

    But surprise, surprise, coup in Ukraine ! Master move of Obama!
    Just what now?

    1. And people are still looking that red line in Syria and think bah, and does not see Ukraine... He he he... Poor USA lost credibility and got Ukraine... In modern wars, who loose propaganda war lost war. After Pearl Harbour, all those capitalists when they saw those huge lines of farmers sons requesting to join army, they said... We got propaganda war, he he he, while rubbing hands...

    2. Do not get me wrong that was good, war, USA was only power who was resting sailors properly, sending them hollywood stars while ships were repairing (mostly secretly because of propaganda)... American military always respected soldiers. It was nice time...

      This are americans sailors in my city, after WW1, mostly trying to protect Wilsons doctrine.

      Web portal is of course is owned by Warburg family corporation (as many media in CE Europe) and operating under CEO Timothy Geithner. But yes they are telling truth here...

  2. A good piece and certainly reinforced my opinion Putin seems a step ahead and seems to talk the most sense and is easily understood when he puts his position across I fully take on board your earlier article about Russia going to China with a begging bowl and if this is the case it seems we are all in the same line with the very same bowl because China seems to be in financial difficulties which equates to us all in difficulties for the simple reason we've outsourced to China! I'm sure I'm making my regards Assad seems to me his request in dealing with ISIS fell on deaf ears and the images I'm watching of Syrian Libyan refugees are quite delightful in their comedic value in so far as these refugees arrive on the Greek Islands nicely coiffured and resplendent in the latest sneakers that Nike can offer so I for one don't buy that particular propaganda!! Yes Russia has placed it's chess pieces carefully as only a Russian can do but we in the West have also assembled on the eastern front but that seems more like a game of "buckeroo" or even "ker plunk"!!! Gerald Celente could well be correct that if there is indeed a financial crash his comment "when all else fails they take you to war" is the check mate described

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  4. This my friends is why I tune in, a great analysis of what is really happening and it is really good for a bit of repackaging and for blasting your local and national Talk Radio. I can't help it I really like Putin, he just makes everyone else look like overgrown schoolboys in their dad's suits. del stead I agree with you the whole 'Immigrant' thing is being beautifully stage managed PR wise, even Saint Bob is getting involved! It is complete with iconic pics and sound bites. The MSM are bringing about a great sea change in attitudes to immigration (refugees)and bombing is nicely done, good Psyop!

  5. Without depth of Russia, nor communism cannot stand, nor panslavism cannot stand... Those two just means nothing that, such are just facts on terrain. Germany is taking over everything which is profitable in Greece, airports with highest traffic, water sources... Syriza split and now will make right wing coalition.

    Now CIA agents under instruction of their bosses (which are always US ambassador in any of those countries) are being interviewed by NGO, and private media outlets, especially internet ones (most people never heard for them), how Croatia will need to tight belt soon also, but they are presented as "experts" while not even mentioning titles.
    Ron Paul and Alex Jones are coming here also very very soon.

    They are saying how we had nice for too long even we live twice worse then average chinese, almost bad like person working in private sector in Germany ... Ok ok, not that bad, but very soon.
    Brutal attack on public sector workers, which are only one still having some dignity left (money).

    We here are still protected by wealth left us by communism of Tito but eroded some 4 times.
    Marie Le Pen nicely said that Germany needs more slaves...

    So what you get when you put on German, an american head...

  6. Ok guys. Syria' s refugees are not putin' s faults. It is ISIS and so called opposition made the mess there. As well as France and Britain in Libya and USA In Afghanistan Iraq and Serbia. If Asad will be overthrown, ISIS will have the Syria completely. US is concerned that if Putin will eliminate ISIS nobody will give a shit about USA in Middle East anymore.

  7. Russia can't afford a war on 2 fronts. They are vulnerable in Syria and Ukraine. It would be simple to attack them in Syria and easy to influence the Ukraine conflict. Start pushing in Ukraine, Putin would be forced to withdrawal all assets back to Russian. I don't know know if he is a chess master or if knows that Obama is a lame duck.