Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Clear and Present Danger to the USA!
While her “Personal Server” Keeps on Revealing Top Secret Information, Hillary Clinton Continues to Deny, Prevaricate and Obstruct Justice!
No one person in recent history has caused more public consternation than Hillary Rodham Clinton. I thought I finally I had nothing more to say about her blatant pathological sociopathy. Yet she, like most self-centered narcissists, has proven me wrong again.

Now, she denies that she had sent Top Secret Emails despite the fact that both the CIA and National Geospatial Agency representatives have repeatedly stated that she has violated the ‘national security’ of our country. For those who do not know about this newish intelligence agency, the National Geospatial Agency or the NGA, they are more than just an intelligence collection bureau that stores random bits of unclassified material. The NGA is lead by very senior intelligence officers who do not make it a practice of sending non-classified data to senior officials in the USG.
Truthfully, to describe Hillary,  I may have to resort to one psychiatric diagnosis that I rarely use.  A Harvard colleague of mine used this term when describing corrupt, murderous dictators like ‘Sadam Hussein’. That diagnosis is Malignant Narcissism. Those of us who analyzed foreign leaders, who presented a clear and present danger to our national security, used this label of malignant narcissism. From my thirty years in the USG, I have witnessed only one such example of obstreperous behavior and that was under the Nixon Administration over the issue of the tapes and possible impeachment. Even Nixon, whom I considered to be incredibly brilliant but flawed, eventually saw the futility of his ways and resigned.

Resignation does not to appear to be in Hillary’s zeitgeist. What she is doing is systematically encumbering our intelligence, FBI, federal prosecutors and other costly federal employees with an incredibly selfish need to garner the most amount of time to prove a point that has already been de facto contradicted. She is guilty of sending and receiving classified emails on her personal server. She has created a state of Clear and Present Danger for this country. If she does not cease her stalling behavior, she will end up with a possible obstruction of justice charge.
Remember: Hillary and Bill were born and nurtured by a stream of lies that have no beginning and no end.When we elected Bill, his sociopathy screamed out in one or another behavior that almost lead to his political demise. Later, America was to develop some amnesia regarding his wily ways. Hillary has a long public history that is replete with lies, distortions, and insincere apologies. America can no longer ignore her well documented iniquitous history.

If the DNC has no concern about the welfare of the US and thinks that Hillary is still a viable candidate then they are in a collective state of self-delusion on the road to self-destruction. As of now, the DNC has two or more legitimate candidates who have amassed, through diligence and integrity, the adulations of their voting constituents. I am talking about Joe Biden and Bernard Sanders. It’s amazing that in close to fifty years of service, I have yet to hear about Joe Biden having violated any major federal laws concerning our national security, considering the fact that he, more than Hillary, was clearly involved in a far greater panoply of national security secrets. 
The solution is quite simple.
Either Hillary bows out of the race or the DNC decides that she has done enough damage to this country and forces her out of the race. I don’t think that they are that brave or forceful. The last but perhaps the most effective and swift recourse is for Attorney General Loretta Lynch to indict Hillary for violation of the national security act.
One way or another, Hillary must go…
As I have repeatedly stated, she now constitutes:
  A Clear and Present Danger to our Country.   


  1. Yep this is getting interesting. Does now anything really matters at all.
    One group is saying red and other group is saying blue. Red group is saying that they are using highest possible reason about which we all should agree that that is no no, Red are using argument of commonality upon which system is operating...
    And blue are saying that red are just pretending to care about common, and why now...
    That is why for blue it looks little desperate and they are enjoying it. Even Biden is enjoying I think. Biden and Obama do not want Repubs to meddle in.
    Calling upon common is not enough in merchant republic.

    1. American deal is just not there, only idiot can call upon reason and law, power play is power play. Warren Buffett is right. Members of elite should kill each other, because we people wants winner and tyrant to worship who will enforce some public deal which can be felt from bottom to up.

  2. Dutch East India company and Dutch Kingdom (as subsidiary of Dutch East India company) as whole were worst colonisers of all, worse then English... (Germans were good, they even today kept investment capitalism)
    They were able to extract resources from Indonesia, and keep people there uneducated and poor much better then English in India, more than anyone else in history of mankind. Expenses 0, profits max., by planned lowering of economical standards of whole people, making them poorer after looting. They were able to do that just making those greed evil pagan people there to accept their money.
    I almost started to throw up when i red this article.

    1. This is how job is done under tyranny.

      from wikipedia: In Greece support for the tyrants came from the growing middle class and from the peasants who had no land or were in debt to the wealthy landowners.

      But under western propaganda, interest of people is evil and bad, even everyone educated in history in a way to read direct Greek documents will see that Tyrannical systems were best for art, 99% of people, secured trade routes, economical prosperity, personal security, no bandits on roads... While democracy was the most unproductive part of Greek history...

  3. You are so right about the malignant Hillary. Have you ever viewed any of Dr Sam Vaknin's video talks. He has a youtube channel and specializes in Narcissism being one himself. I remember that he warned folks about Obama before he was even elected and got a fair amount of blowback for it. Very good blogs lately. Keep up the good work.

    1. Vadim is a "dr. Ruth". A media "specialist" because of his own issues, & enriching himself because of his huckstering.

      He is not an MD. HE IS A PhD in philosophy in an unrelated field.

      I would not put him in the same league as Dr. Pieczenik, MD, THE LATTER BEING MORE LIKE DR. BEN CARSON.

      Who said an MD cannot be POTUS? Most of past presidents were far below their pay grade.

  4. TY! for reading and feedback. Lately, I am not short of topics.

  5. If the CIA wants to dump Hillary, either by accident, indictment , or "suicide" they would.

    Obviously she serves a diversionary function.


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