Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Thanks LFH and Alan Peri on FB.  Worth the 8 minutes to watch.


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  2. Wow, if those pictures are genuine that is a big story. I was thinking about it last night and there is another loophole. All those boxes of fuses and detonators had to be accepted in by security into a loading bay and signed for. Try going into an Office block in any year, in any place and when asked the contents of your load saying, 'Oh just Detonators!' Whoever controlled security at the WTC would have to be in on it just to allow them om the premises. Watching WTC 7 fall again, just confirms the ridiculous nature of the official story, furniture fires my arse! It also ties in nicely with the 'Dancing Israelis' who on a talk show after admitted they went to 'record the event'. Quite a few folk must be aware of it, as the third choice on Google when entering 'Dancing Israelis' is about 9/11.

  3. This made me wonder again about our own 9/11 that is 7/7 on our Underground. When you look the trains on Google images, the explosion has come from underneath the trains, with the metal pointing up, rather than rucksacks as suggested. Also a little clue, drills of course were running at all the stations involved, at the same time blah, blah. I think here and in the US they will be to embarrassed to run these covering drills in future.