Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Xi Coming to America with Rice Bowl 1/2 Full!
Chinese President Xi Jinping has lost an immense amount of Foreign Reserve Currency which started at a high of $4 Trillion now down to $36 Billion.  Just like Russia, China’s economy is falling apart. When a Princeling like Xi Jinping—a son of Maoist Revolutionary leaders—has to resort to both Confucius and Mao’s Childish Book of Wisdom then, President Xi Jinping is in serious trouble.
As the economy of China starts to fall apart because it is both structurally and functionally built on lies, deceptions and massive corruptions then the Yuan can not be a vehicle for financial transaction. Yet it does becomes an expression of the world’s contempt for a fast growing economy built on make-believe numbers and a fictitious narrative with the least amount of credibility that the ruling Communist party could have mustered.

China, under the leadership of Xi, is returning back to the past of torturous memories for the Chinese people when Mao, a man of little perspicacity of finances but an expansive sense of himself, created a Chinese Revolution that decimated millions of his own people. Like the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, Mao devoured his own people in a fit of rage, cleverly labeled “purging the old way in order to bring the new ways.” China is poised to expand its overseas investments into massive infrastructure projects in order to attempt to replace the ersatz currency, the Yuan, with the dollar. Clearly that will not happen.
When a country as large as China cannot manage its economy without the ‘envelope factor’ i.e. graft, then all bets are off. There is nothing inherently sacrosanct about the Yuan that would allow traders and merchants to accept this worthless piece of paper as more than what it is ---monopoly money. I sound harsh but I happen to like China and what was happening when it was growing at a more realistic pace.

However, Xi came in and decided that the Chinese would convert from an export country to an internal consumption one. Yet he didn’t bother to supply a corresponding narrative that would explain such a Chinese reversion.  He demonstrated an immense paucity of intellectual heft; not to mention any understanding of economic principles that have dominated the post WWII trade and finance since the Bretton Wood Conferences. Instead he has played the weakest political card, arresting potential threats to his vacuous reign. 

He is repeating the mistakes that destroyed Lin Bao, the Chinese General who was killed in an airplane ‘accident’ because he refused to follow Mao’s order to control the Cultural Revolution. That very revolution that eventually created massive slaughters of innocent Chinese intellectuals and businessmen. At present, China is merely a shadow of what it should have become. It’s economy is close to complete collapse if not bankruptcy.

It’s military is extending its reach to the Spratly Islands just as I had predicted in my novel Pax Pacifica twenty some years ago. However, if Xi read the end of the book, it clearly describes how China will find it’s self caught in a spider’s web of military ineptitude bereft of skilled warriors and clear strategic vision.  I still believe that China’s expansive moves will be the final wake up call for the Chinese people who will discover that the diversion of necessary funds for domestic growth has been squandered on useless overseas expansions.

Like its past three leaders, who have never been tutored in the ways of responsible leadership and strategic financial realities, President Xi Jinping is what one can honestly call, ‘a political hack.’ He is from the princeling class where he was embedded into the hierarchy of promotion without any real evidence that he knows much of anything other than his own survival within an antiquated, stilted system called, Communism.
In time, Xi will discover, as did Mao, that someone out there in the Chinese hinterland will challenge his authority and prove that he is really no more than a paper tiger. Meanwhile, Americans must watch out for the onslaught of Chinese intelligence operatives who come to this great country in the guise of being professors, students and teachers of Confucius and Chinese.

There is a Chinese Expression for President Xi Jinping;
‘zhi lu wei ma’ [pronounced: jrr loo way ma]
“Swear that black is white; Or, The Emperor Has No Clothes.”
President Xi Jinping: Get serious… or leave..  And allow the more talented youth of the country to take over!! 


  1. China cannot do much on "international" markets because markets are decided by US naval force. China knew that from beginning but they said, ok let s build country, while we they are giving us chance, now that chance given by international capitalism is over, so they have to rush back in to communism to protect what they got while americans (international) markets were working for them also.
    If you are country which does not decide markets then only option for any society is communism. In communist China and Belarus people are several times richer then in capitalist South America, Africa, Southern Asia and Eastern and Central Europe and EU. There are no slums in China.
    USA had to bought China because China was communist, now China must go back to communism to be bought back...

    New global communist opposition toward us capitalists would make american people much more wealthy because capitalists will again have to invest in to own people to not get revolution of proletariat.

    In Russia slowly Russian people of influence with "western connections" are being monitored and are loosing jobs because they also mostly even if they do not work for CIA are doing job of CIA.

    When "international" markets ruled by one US government, but recognised by majority of world (global capitalism) then only chance to not live like Mexico is bureaucratic reaction by proclaiming those markets illegal on territory controlled by your military.
    China is wise, they will lower number of land army and there will be time when US would have to return Taiwan to China.
    Trying to build parallel capitalist system in form of BRICS cannot work also. Russia and China hates each other but they know they must cooperate to not become Mexico and India.

  2. Interesting post Chia, I wish I knew more about economics but until then I will have to rely on what I read and experience here and there.

    1. Most people do not get credit system, paper money is credit. On to witch payer and receiver are trusting. USA controls all trade routes by force, meaning all commodities can only be priced in dollars because then trade will stop (if not in dollars).
      EU agrees with that.
      Every time you accept dollar as payment for you to be paid in, or to pay others, you are recognising USA, meaning USA can print dollars for whole world and people will recognise it. It cannot go without USA.

      It is become obvious for China and others that those facts on terrain are impossible to be changed without using military power.
      So when those markets owned by USA begins to take to much from you and your economy (stock exchanges and commodity markets owned by USA and in US$) and when it become obvious that paper (obligations) you were given are not there (worthless stocks of bankers products) then you bureaucratically must outlaw them on your territory, then that is perceived as communism (negation of market forces) militarily and economically, or socialism (just politically)

  3. I wonder how many landmarks China owns in the U.S. besides Rockefeller Plaza and the Federal Reserve building in Dallas?
    What National Parks have they been promised ? Japan was able to harvest the Tongass National Forest in Alaska back in the 80's and 90's. So with all the money owed to them, the U.S. must have already given up quite a bit as collateral.

    1. US wants to seduce Chinese communists in to global-capitalism. Those are those glass pearls given by Dutch to American-Indians when Dutch landed on Manhattan island.

  4. The shift to a consumer society in China was necessary so that China's trading partners could see cars and televisions and hamburgers and offset a little their trade imbalances. It was, and is, necessary.

    The problem has been keeping so many people continuously employed in construction and related industries, therefore the expansive credit from their central bank to every business imaginable to keep them at work. The problem is that many of these industries may not have the revenues to pay back these loans....sound familiar?

    The US has depended on Chinese purchases of US government debt in order to both re-cycle dollars into the US, AND to keep the American economy afloat with massive Federal spending without which the US economy would sink.

    America and China are both living off credit....

    The US is living off massive Federal spending by borrowing trillions it will hardly be able to pay the interest on much less pay down any balance....

    And China is kept afloat by private credit from it's banks to all it's businesses so they can keep expanding even though there are few buyers for all their products these companies keep churning out.....

    We are the same.

    1. "The shift to a consumer society in China was necessary so that China's trading partners could SELL cars and televisions and hamburgers..."

    2. American car companies sell a lot of cars in China.

    3. They are not idiots to do that, consumer society would need opening of communication channels to private initiative and CIA... Mexico is example of consumer society. People would be much poorer, because capitalists would steal much more money from workers.

  5. btw is that Xi's wife there with him in that pic???

    She's kinda hot, and I think I'd do her WAY BEFORE I'd touch the hoe wife of our American President.

    And that says a lot.

  6. Some believe that Michelle is genuinely our first transvestite "First Lady". Frankly hardly anything would surprise me anymore.

    MIT thank you for the economics lesson, ironically most of my life was spent "working like a slave so that I could live like a king", I'm sure I could have done better if I paid more attention to the principles of economics you just explained.

    Growing up, I observed the multitudes of varying economic opinions from the so called experts-gurus and was looking to study something whose foundation had a strong footing, so I gravitated to the sciences and math. Economics at a young age seemed like quicksand to me. So I mostly steered clear of it, to my regret now.

    Ironic because it affects so much of our lives, it's like the story a well known author-Claremont College Grad, gave at a commencement ceremony about 2 fish talking to one another and the one asks the other "what do you think of this water??", and the other fish answers: "what's water?"

    I'm sure both you and Dr Pieczenik both have studied the effects of a country's; economy, and geography, and politics and how they play off one another on a grand scale (between nations) in an attempt to predict the future, which I find fascinating late in my life. Better late than never I guess.

    1. Where people go wrong with macroeconomics is where there's bias because of political/ideological beliefs. If you can separate out the bias-derived theories and just look at the cold, simple facts then economics is very simple.

      There is also bias and error in the "natural sciences."

      In 1986 I attended the convention of the American Society of Plasma Physicists, where they extolled their consensus that there would be commercially-produced electric power from nuclear fusion LOL!


      It never came close to happening....

      Because though they were smart guys they were all biased because believing in those theories was positive for their careers....

      Whatever skeptics there were had to be silent...

      Today the same is true for "Global Warming." I think the majority of scientists are very biased when dealing with that highly theoretical issue.

    2. I meant to say the plasma physicists in 1986 said there would be commercially-produced fusion power in 1996....they gave it ten years....never happened.

  7. Here is a cool commencement speech by the late David Foster Wallace, you might enjoy listening to it:

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  9. I have wondered about how human emotion's like fear and greed (psychology) affect economics, for a while, and felt human emotion was not factored into the limited exposure I have had to basic economics, and I have felt this to be a significant oversight, or am I totally missing the mark here?

  10. An example comes to mind of how stock value can be totally unrelated to the econometrics of the companies true value, just by "talking up the stock". I believe a teenager did this "puffing" by posting stock picks on blogs all across the Internet and made a small fortune by "making the market". People were afraid they would miss out on something good so they bought a lot of these "featured" stocks. The perceived value diverged from the actual value, I think because of perception based upon greed (emotion) and not math.

    1. Market prices for things are based on emotion. Human beings seek material things based on emotion. Their preferences for the food they eat, how much they eat, the type of transportation they use, the kind of house they live in, the drugs they use, the spouses they marry and the gifts they buy....all emotion. The values of stocks are based on what people guess the performance of the company might be based on the public's emotional response to what the company is doing.

      Because the public's reaction to news about a stock or the company's products is all emotion the market will seek to rationally predict what those emotional responses might be...

    2. See how CIA is right again, i can only add that you cannot do that unless you do not actually do not guarantee trade routs and communication channels without force. Force must be there. It must lethal because fear of death is emotion. And it must be in monopoly on one area.

  11. That's the stuff that makes me think the math breaks down at some point, which gave me trepidation in devoting too much time studying the subject, in other words the system can be "gamed" too easily for me to feel confident in relying on it.

    1. It's not that it's gamed, rather it's based on emotion just like when people like a particular car or are passionate about their sports team. Just because it's emotion doesn't mean it can't be predicted and managed.

      To me predicting people's emotional reactions is much simpler than working out an analytic approach to anything...

      That's why I was drawn to psychological warfare and public relations and advertising....because it's really simple and creative. There's little creative in working things out purely rationally.

  12. Yes There is the "theoretical", and then there is the Rodney Dangerfield "Back to School" version where he lectures the Business Professor about factoring in the actual costs of doing business like; "kickbacks, bribes etc etc etc which effect valuations in unpredictable ways, for me to get too complacent with the subject matter.


    Let's start with the conclusion that the single bullet theory is impossible...impossible. The bullet allege to have entered Kennedy's back/neck could never...never...have exited through his throat because of the vertabrae. The vertabrae bones were an impassible barrier never mentioned by single bullet advocates.

    It's also a certainty that the back of the President's head was blasted out.... Not only did every person who saw him at Parkland Hospital report that the only wound was to the back of the head, but the two FBI agents who kept notes during the autopsy...the only notes from that event and which are still available....say the only wound to the head was the blasted out area of the back of the head. Additionally, a piece of the rear of the skull was found on the grass at the scene of the shooting.

    It's therefore true that all claims and "evidence" such as the Zapruder film showing otherwise are untrue, and have been shown to have been false statements or forgeries..such as the Zapruder film which now has been proven to have been faked/altered. And it is now known who altered it and where and when it was altered.

    So these are the interested facts from a technical point of view....

    The President was first shot in the back by a low velocity bullet which only penetrated his lung, and did not pass through his body. The lung collapsed and during autopsy his chest was opened in the front only to examine the collapsed lung and the large hematoma which resulted...but otherwise there was no normal "Y" incision opening up his chest as is standard in autopsies....

    Why did the assassins use such a low velocity bullet?

    I think they were seeking desperately to avoid over-penetration. They wanted all the rounds to hit Kennedy alone, and not to pass through him and hit his wife or Connolly or his wife....

    They were under orders to not hit other people in the car so they used very unconventional low velocity rounds...I am guessing perhaps only 1,300 feet per second, and normal rifles cannot fire bullets accurately at such low velocities. They would have been restricted to a small number of rifles or even pistols which could have used such.... It is possible they were actually using pistols for this job. There is a story that a .45 bullet was found in the grass at the scene.

    The bullet which stuck the President in the throat also was low velocity and got stuck in his spine, causing his arms to rise up suddenly...but his spine was only struck and not severed....

    The round which stuck his head appear to be normal velocity. I think there was one marksman in positon in front of him and to his right who was permitted a normal rifle round because from where he was shooting there was no risk of hitting other people in the car.

    However Connolly was hit by a normal velocity round and he was hit from behind before Kennedy was hit in the head, so there was at least one person behind with a normal velocity rifle. This suggests there was incoherence in the planning of the thing, and that's actually not unusual. There was incoherence and error everywhere in the execution of this matter.

    So I conclude that there were two guns shooting from the front and two from behind....In each direction there was one team using a conventional rifle and one team using either a pistol or a very unconventional and low velocity rifle.

  14. Yes but I don't know a mathematical formula for emotions, and that's what makes me cautious.

    1. You've lived among humans all your life. You know perfectly well how they react to things. You just don't like to admit it to yourself because you want to believe they are more rational than they really are. Think about children, about the women you've known...

      People are comfort seeking, stress avoiding, habit forming creatures who are highly suggestable and prone to error....

    2. Humans are motivated by the reward system of their brains. The degree of well being they have depends on their rewards system and how it functions.

      The use of drugs to induce levels of dopamine or seratonin disrupts the normal function of the reward system and short circuts everything in the individual

      It effects some people marginally but others who are not as stable become totally obsessed because their reward system wasn't functioning that well to begin with....

  15. The first shot sounded like a firecracker, and it was a low velocity round from the rear which hit the President in the back.

    The second shot was also a low velocity round shot from the front which went through the windshield of the car and lodged in the President's throat.

    Both shots failed to hit the President in the head so the signalers on the ground, standing in front of the President's car, signaled that he was still alive and go to the next step......

    Now the two riflemen with normal velocity rifles took their shots....

    One team of these guys was behind and had a silencer on their rifle. They shot and missed Kennedy but his Connolly. No one, including Connolly, heard any gunshot before he was hit.

    Then two shots were fired with regular rifles almost at the same time, one from behind and one from the front...

    The shot from behind went way off and hit the curb opposite the street. Unexplainable other than the shooter deliberately missed. A fragment hit a bystander....James Teague.

    The unslienced weapon in the front, probably at the corner of the fence and the overpass....his round entered above Kennedy's right eye and exited behind his head, blasting out half of his brain which landed on the back of the car, behind the car, and created a halo of matter which fell inside the car.

  16. Here is something interesting about Michelle Obama, look at her body dimensions especially here hands and particularly how her index finger is shorter than her ring finger LIKE MOST EVERY MAN's FINGERS LENGTHS APPEAR TO BE. Check it out, let me know what you think maybe tomorrow if you have time MIT.
    Thanks again for the explanations.
    BTW, most women's fingers the index finger is longer than the ring finger I believe.
    Anyway, Good night from California.

    1. A lot of negro women are muscular, have large shoulders and hands and upper arms...that's just the way many negro women are.

  17. For some reason Dallas County Deputy Harry Weatherford was on top of the Daltex building with his personal hunting rifle. He claimed he was there for purposes of security. It's unlikely he was a shooter for many reasons. He's so fucking stupid it makes perfect sense he would have done such an idiotic thing.

    I think the low velocity team in the back shot from the Daltex Building and was on the second or third floor.

    I think the team on the 6th floor had the rifle which shot wide, and also may have had another silenced rifle which shot Connolly. However I'm inclinded to think Connolly was shot by a silenced rifle from the County Jail building because his back was facing south in the direction when he was hit.

    The head shot to Kennedy was shot from the juncture of the picket fence and the overpass...

    The low velocity round from the front was shot from a drainage pipe or a truck on the other side of the road...there were several trucks and cars parked there....

    Four or five teams of shooters.

    1. I don't believe the Chicago plot was a real effort at assassination. It wasn't planned well enough to succeed.

      It was a red herring to make it appear that there were plenty of people planning to kill Kennedy using rifles so when the Dallas plan happened it would not appear unusual because til that time no one had used a rifle before.....

    2. The Dallas event was the only real effort and happened in Dallas because Johnson could control law enforcement and the city there....the state for that matter.....

      It was planned as carefully as possible but you have to remember that the kind of people who plan such outrageous things are not normal or intelligent people so it's normal for there to be error and incoherence in the planning and execution....

      Oswald was not supposed to live and be brought into custody and talk...

      He was supposed to have been killed in the theater but something went wrong....

      When he lived and was placed into custody the plan started to unravel and everyone was in shock and panic and people though the entire plan might be exposed.....

      Then Ruby came along with his lucky shot in the only window possible and with that one shot the entire plan was salvaged.....

      Totally amazing.

    3. I keep telling people that covert action is extremely difficult and ninty percent of the time plans fail because the human element is such that the kinds of people you are dealing with are weirdos and unreliable people...

      It's not like in the movies where you have the highly professional people conducting things.

      People think they can control events but in every situation I've seen everything goes wrong and sideways and nothing turns out like you want it to or planned.

    4. The Dallas Police had planned to move Ruby in secret the night before but the Mayor, who's brother was the former, fired, Deputy of CIA under Dullas, commanded the Police Chief Jesse Curry that there was instead to be a transfer in the basement with the press present in the basement...

      That's how Oswald was killed. It was a colossal breach of security which was ordered by CIA.

    5. The Dallas police officer who was at the entrance to the garage where Ruby was claimed to have entered has always maintained that Ruby never entered the garage through that entrance.

    6. I understood there was also a team at the Trade Mart waiting if they all missed and possibly some 'dodgy' medical staff should he come in just wounded. There was no way he was leaving Dallas alive that day.

  18. Question is Why did they want Kennedy dead?

    1. Johnson wanted him dead because if Johnson didn't become President he was going to jail just like Agnew later did.....

      Johnson would have faced prison time and had all his millions taken away and would have been a laughing stock just like his father.....

      Allen Dullas wanted him dead because he was ending covert action all over the world and was a communist sympathizer. He pushed for neutralist solutions in Indonesia, Laos and Vietnam and everywhere else...took Yougoslavia and Tito as an example of a tolerable communist country not aligned to the USSR.

      Dullas and CIA regulars were totally opposed to neutralism and wanted Sukarno out, wanted war in Laos and Vietnam, wanted coup in Brazil, on and on......

      Kennedy tolerated communism and spoke of the greatness of the Russian people and on and on....

      They couldn't stand his policies and his beliefs that the Russian people were not evil to the core...

      CIA regulars hated Russians for their depradations in eastern Europe and their enslavement of Romania and Hungary and E.German and Bulgaria and Czeckoslovakia...and the Red Army rape of millions of girls and that Stalin and his buddies also raped girls for sport....they hated...hated Russian and all communsits and allowed no neutralism or Yougolsalvia models or any such shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. CIA was about killing anyone anywhere in the world who sympathized with communism or tolerated the genocidal philosophy of atheisitic Maoism or Stalinim in which people had no chance for happiness and it was a materialistic world view with no morality of any kind any there was no individual rights from even being raped....

      Communism was the ultimate barbarism with no religion and no morality and only nihlism......

      It was living hell and CIA was about killing anyone who tolerated it...


    3. The plot was led by Johnson and Allen Dullas.

    4. Note...

      You will not find this anywhere but Dullas sufferred from rheumatoid athritis which was extremely painful and he was taking large doses of opiates for the pain.

      Look at films of him in Dallas with the Warren Commission and you can see his swollen wrists, his swollen fingers,and he can barely walk...

      He had a cover story for years that he had gout but that was ridiculous.

      He was a huge opiate user just like Goering.

    5. Oh but you are forgetting that Satan is now in Europe!
      So this time, world wide 2008, will be on our terms and even bigger... ! HI HI HI

      Beside if you are great shooter you should know that only idiot would go shoot Kennedy from greater distance then 5 meters.


    The Nazis were zealous, murderous revolutionaries who were falsely labeled as criminals....they were not.

    Hitler and the Nazis were not sadists. They were sincere though misguided revolutionaries who were seeking fight against the wickedness of the world.

    Communists on the other hand were mere criminals masquerading as revolutionaries.

    They believed in nothing but themselves, and were opportunists motivated by exhileration, hate, malice for all mankind...

    Communists were pure evil, and anyone stupid enough to fall for their bullshit deserved what they got because you have to overlook a lot of pure evil for evil's sake to fall for such garbage.

    And every CIA operator I knew from that era who wasn't a Jew thought the war against Germany was a horrific error, not only pragmatically but morally also...

    What happned to the German people was the biggest crime of all.

    1. I am sorry but capitalists are much worse. We commies do not let people live in slums like you do. And in Croatia and Slovenia people are much worse then before in real Tito communism. Facts are facts.

    2. The facts are that in Russia, China, Cuba and everywhere else everyone lived in slums except for a few party members.

      Communism guarantees everyone works very little and everyone lives in poverty. But that's the smallest of its crimes.

    3. these "slums" were of concrete and had paved streets, water, electricity, heating, tiles in kitchen and hall and wooden parquete in rooms, you cannot say that for brazilian, mexican, indian and indonesian slums...

    4. on cuba there are not slums, no one is living in card box, card box or mud is slum, without infrastruture, capitalists do not care about economic rights of people... that is not their ideology

  20. The CIA was an elite of American intellectuals and you can't deny this.

    I don't agree with what they did with Kennedy and almost everywhere else. I disagree with their zealous murderous mimickry of the Nazis....l

    But I understand it.

  21. I disagree with most intellectuals because most intellectuals are not as wise as I am. They lack my wisdom.

  22. That's why I won't talk with educated people. They don't know anything.

    I talk only with factory workers, prostitutes, strippers, gangsters, and other people like me.

    1. You are real comrade, I would recommend just 2-hours reeducation for you, and next minute you would be in commesariat for understanding, higher rank then me!

    2. Don't take this too personally, but I have no problem myself in killing someone for their political beliefs. I'm not opposed to the mentality the Nazis and CIA had that when a communist revolutionary was found that the best action was to kill them instantly.

      In the German invasion of the east whenever they would encounter a commissar or party leader they would just kill them, and everyone in CIA in the 1950s had adopted that idea.

  23. Kennedy was shoot by that police officer on motorcycle in front, he looked in to mirror to aim. Gun was inside steering wheel of motorcycle. What idiot would order to shoot president unless he is sure he would be dead 100%. With magnifying mirror he came to needed 1 meters, you need 1 meters to hit head and be sure. Imagine if you fail, you get arrested and you get monarchy. Maybe someone would need to do some failed attack on Obama so we get that monarchy.

    1. I made my patent, now i have to write it down for patent office... It is done...

  24. China has some advantages, they don't have to do any R and D on their systems, all they have to do is steal it from the US. Their military costs are relatively cheap.

    They are pouring money into a strategy that will blind US forces in space and maim our Naval forces with supersonic missiles.

    They have a massive third column in the US. Its huge beyond measure. They are no less bankrupt or corrupt than the US.

    Their selling of T bills is not only used to support their currency but the proceeds are being used to buy hard assets across the globe. They are buying gold like there is no tomorrow. Getting out of paper may prove to be wise.

    Russia is making similar moves. In fact, a combined Russian and Chinese force can and will play havoc with the US across the globe from here forward.

    Economic collapse will be blamed on the West and the US in particular which will fire up the masses who are used to living with nothing.

    The US calling China corrupt and wasteful while we spend 2 trillion dollars on one jet (F35) which they stole the plans for is a bit like the pot calling the kettle black.

    I would have to guess that China and Russia will be pure enemies for a long time to come. We choose to isolate them because we cannot control them. After all, we are the best and the greatest, there is no other.

    Meanwhile they just stole all the personal records of the whole national security establishment. Cant say they are not planning something there.

    1. Gold mines are working will full steam ahead, like they never did, gold will go down big time, plus money is getting scarce, US capitalists wants to bail in, they have to get in to peoples pockets because all those paper they were giving each other must show that there is really something there... Capitalists will buy when it is cheap and sell when it is expensive, that is why they will make something cheap or expensive depending on their central planning...

      Also goal of capitalists is extra profit meaning to sell worthless paper for something which is cheap but will go up in price. For that you need military on trade routes.
      No mystery there.
      Everything else is magic and propaganda about free markets.

    2. Here nice interview of Michael Hudson.

  25. I thought you might like to know how my electricity bill turned out, you may remember it was £8500, so I told them to fuck off. I have just received a call saying they actually owe me £2300 did I want it as a lump sum or in convenient installments! I do like a happy ending. Also I must thank Michael for his analysis of the JFK hit as I have always been a little obsessed with it. Once my boys got me a JFK Cake, with Clint Hills head jumping on the back of the car replaced by mine! Apparently the lady in the Supermarket had said, if they had brought in the original footage she could have done a better job with the photo cake.

  26. Also lets hope Prez Xi has not read 'Thick Face, Black Heart', which as I recall is Asian philosophy to go for what you want, whatever it takes.