Friday, September 4, 2015

Putin Goes to Beijing with Hat in Hand Begging for Money from Chinese President Xi
What a sad sight!
For some time now, I have warned my Russian friends that their economy is not doing well. Now what I had told them is a serious understatement. Putin went to Beijing  asking for hundreds of billions of dollars for oil/gas that was presumably sent to China from the eastern parts of Russia. President Xi, no negotiating slouch, waited and allowed Putin to puff up his bravado before Xi politely explained that the Chinese were not really interested in funding Putin’s oil or his imaginary gas pipeline that he and his corrupt oligarchs had wanted to build between Russia and China.

I am not writing to humiliate Putin or the Russians. Yet Russia is in serious financial trouble because of mismanagement, political corruption and the decreased price of oil. For those of you who think this Obama administration, including its civilian/military IC, had not been effective in their economic sanctions- time to re-think your assessment. I have been involved in several economic embargoes but this one and the one that was placed on Iran worked well, despite the hysterical outcries from American politicians who have never been involved in nation-state sanctions or embargoes.
I caution the Russian intelligentsia to re-examine their approach to a failing economy that will not rebound even if the price of oil rises back to certain untenable levels—around $90 per barrel. Its doubtful that this will happen any time soon. The world markets are flooded with surplus oil and Chinese impending economic recession will not facilitate a healthful rebound in Russia’s economy.
Now we have a scenario where the beggar, Russia, is asking the once rich ersatz partner, China, for money that China cannot distribute to any outside nation. China is busy trying to correct it’s own failing economy by eliminating 300,000 military personnel to streamline military costs. To make matters worse, China is buying its oil on the spot market from Russia’s former colonies – Central Asia—where the oil prices are significantly lower than what Russia can offer.

I ask the Russian people to re-evaluate their failing economy and decide what they, collectively, want to do about it. Just wishing that Putin and his corrupt oligarchs, former KGB operatives without business experience, will conjure up a quick fix is foolish. May I remind many of us about Russia’s tendency to act like Goncharov’s Oblomovdaydreaming in bed. Russia has some of the most talented young economists in the world. I think it’s time for them to come to the forefront and start to manage this abysmal economy.
Russia: suffering is appropriate when you were besieged in Stalingrad. Yet in peace times, suffering is not a virtue but a sin committed by those who fail to do anything constructive for the Mother Country.
Vsoyo Haroshovo!
All the best!



  1. Is it any coincidence this meltdown is timed with the inception of BRICS?

  2. and reform of the international financial system?

  3. Genius usage of famous Oblomov for this article, my father is also always amazed by Oblomov. That just shows level of discusion. My father says often Oblomov this Oblomov that, usually when he is explaining me something parental and about material existence.
    Of course, I, when Oblomov is mentioned, do always reply: "But I refuse to become part of this capitalistic exploitative system, my faith is not allowing me not act as Oblomov, simply I do my modest subversive contribution for this system to break down, everything else is loosing position!"...

    Now directly: CHINA IS NOT INSANE to be left alone against USA one on one. But, now with this talks, seems like that they cannot afford (do not have money) to be act sane, because, now with this crash. If Russia falls, China falls, if China falls, Russia is not going to fall just like that, especially in medium term.

    Best position to become sole ruler of world militarily have
    today: 1. Russia 2. USA 3. China
    In 4 years: 1. USA 2. China 3. Russia
    In around 15 years: 1. Russia 2. USA 3. China
    In 30 years: 1. USA 2. China 3. Russia
    In 45 years: 1. USA 2. China 3. Russia
    In 60 years: 1. China 2. USA 3. Russia
    In 100 years: 1. Russia 2. China/USA

    1. WW3 should happen in around 85 years, next months, or around 2028. Putin will enter Kiev in next 300 days.
      I recommend to Russia and China to stay united, and for Russia to organise parallel entity called USSR which would then be shared with China as joined tool of Russia and China for revolution export. And which would be used by Russia only as tool of internal modernisation of Russia as joined platform for importing Chinese consumer goods technology as direction showed to whole world.

    2. What are you smoking my young Croatian friend? You are writing really dumb fairy tales.

    3. article one: right now no one can stop Putin taking over with tanks whole Europe, only US tactical nukes in Germany could delay it.
      in 4 years, i believe NATO will find some solution for that---
      But in 15 years Russia will have again continental edge with new Sukhoi airplane and Armata Tanks...
      then USA will have to finally consolidate whole empire, but they china will use that crack and build better fleet...
      I do not want to tell you: I told you so...
      You sound somehow like you do not want to rule the world, alex, are you not Russian?

    4. Are you Russian? Look this article, how smart Dugin is talking about same, about new comitern... I will be first to join in it.. I would rather join Western one, but there is no such...

    5. Buddy . Putin told many times please do not bother the bear in his taiga. When nato is near the borders and Ukraine is totally under US supervision and control putin as kgb officer and judo black belt wants some defensive measures. Imagine that Mexican president getting all the steps agreed with russian envoy in mexico city. Putin is tactic and conservative. He will not go to Baltic states- they never were Soviet Union. Putin don't wanna be pariah - he really want some respect from states and Europe. This guy has stamina and patience ( he is judo fighter). When black community organizer and homosexual propaganda spreader will step out Putin considers to change the stance on many issues and cooperate with US. Do not mess with the bear and you will see how reliable he is as a partner. Leftish propaganda will suck the Islamic "refuges" cock next half a year. Anti Russia rethoric will abate.

  4. Los Angeles Times article states these statistics:

    Having China to brandish as a more reliable partner than Western states has helped Putin temper public concern over the economic crisis gripping Russia. The twin blows of sanctions and falling oil revenue have saddled consumers with 16% inflation and a 43% drop in the ruble's buying power, the state statistics agency reported last month.

    Editor Davan Maharaj delivers the day's top headlines >>
    On Friday, Russian Labor Minister Maxim Topilin said real incomes were expected to decrease by as much as 5% this year, the Tass news agency reported. And Russian finance officials were quoted recently as saying import substitution -- the ramping up of Russian farms and factories to produce goods previously bought from the West -- was proving to be a longer-term process than expected and would require another two to three years to achieve.

    1. USA send armies in to outer empire even easier then Roman Empire was :) Empire must protect own investments (investments = imperial trade expedition like TTP and TTIP), you can do it with trade deals or with army if it is not going with trade:)
      Only problem is that USA is not social-democratic country, so it is important to resist, resist, resist until you bankrupt US.
      I would rather have nuclear war then have GMO, free market, capitalistic health care, blood sucking bosses...
      I do not get it, if USA would elect Sanders and UK Corbyn, what human being would have anything against USA and UK ruling world, this why they are worse then Hitler and Stalin combined.
      Country with right wing republican party should not be able to have peace anywhere. I am excluding Trump here.
      They are morons, what normal human being can have anything with such.

    2. Also dream of Japan is get Russia in to NATO to be finally able to get some fresh air, away from Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina and other walking deformities...

      Beside if USA wins, get those Russian oligarchs and start playing with them preferans on expense of Russian land social well being, and become something like todays Mexico (same amount of people), then USA would split it self in two camps and we would have globalist civil war.
      Same how civil war begun only when USA was sure it can wage civil war, after defeat of Mexico and after France and UK lost appetite for wars and interventions after Crimea wars in 1950es.

  5. Russia's economy is irrelevant to a nuclear holocaust! During the SOVIET UNION, everything went to the GOVERNMENT and the Russian military; and most of the Russian people were starving and very poor! In the interim, there was the COLD WAR; and at any time, there could have been a nuclear holocaust! In fact, President John F. Kennedy saved the UNITED STATES during the Cuban missile crisis! There were actual nukes in Cuba ready to be launched, if Cuba was invaded; and part of the generals and THE C.I.A. wanted to invade Cuba! But, President John F. Kennedy said absolutely NOT!

    The PROBLEM with the Russian economy is THE WEST will NOT allow any EXPORTS; and at the same time, China is being "forced" (from the inside out by THE JESUIT ORDER and SKULL AND BONES) by THE WEST to counter Russia! As a result, China is also being punished by THE WEST! For what??? Because, I alerted both the Russians and Chinese about the "directed energy weapons" controlled from "nuke proof" highly classified underground bases underneath UNITED STATES SOIL (SEE THESE YOU TUBE VIDEOS: "population reduction after economic collapse" produced by George Green (FORMER INSIDER, who sat-in at the NEW WORLD ORDER MEETINGS); "Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura S03E02 Death Ray Full Episode" [This is a copy of "Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura: Death Ray [Season 3, Episode 2] (FULL LENGTH)"!] posted by Menuda Boniker on August 18, 2015; and "Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura S03E04 Ozarks Underground Base" [This is an authentic copy of "Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura: Ozarks [Season 3, Episode 4] (FULL LENGTH)"!] posted by Jesse Ventura (AUTHENTIC) on August 21, 2015)! Now, both Russia and China do NOT want a NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST, while knowing THE WEST (controlled from THE CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE) and THE VATICAN (controlled by THE JESUIT ORDER (A.K.A.: The Society of Jesus))) has an "ACE IN THE HOLE" (DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS in space ("STAR WARS") controlled from underground facilities underneath UNITED STATES SOIL)!

  6. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    I forgot to mention in my prior comment. When I got to my things (couple of shopping carts with my belongings), the plastic bags containing my blankets were ripped open; and one blanket was missing! This was very early in the morning (after 1:00 a.m.) on September 3, 2015. At the time, I thought someone needed a blanket; therefore, I was not that concerned.

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    The NEXT DAY (September 3, 2015) I got up; and I put my things away. When I got to my place where I store my things, I noticed my missing blanket was on the dirt ground; and there was an unopened condom placed near the blanket! They (WEED AND SEED and THE C.I.A.) were communicating to me! They were basically stating that they were going to FRAME ME via SEX CRIMES; and this directly correlates to what happened on February 16, 2012, when COMMISSIONER HALL (Department C60 at ORANGE COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT located at 700 Civic Center Drive West Santa Ana, California) unofficially read into the COURT RECORD several FELONY CASES attached to [MINOR CORRECTION (SPELLING)] "Raymond Carlson" without my middle name of Howard!

  8. You are really arguing the opposite is true, namely they don't want to incarcerate you they want to release you from any culpability of any past wrong doing/ crimes! Do you realize this fact Raymond?

  9. It's a cypher. Raymond is sharing code from a field op. It's real basic, just count every third letter of every capitalized word and voila!...

    He's planted the hive of killer bees lathered with the bubonic plague and they are ready to deploy into the fields. Awaiting go command....

  10. Hilarious Roger : ). I'm getting my bee suit on! lol

  11. Listen guys. You are as usual judging the things you have no single idea about. I am here on the spot in Moscow and believe country will survive more than 3-5 years from now. Currency reserves are ok, russia has no external debt 10pct of gdp. I went through 80s and 90s here and believe me the situation is much better now than it was then. Restaurants are full and defense sector is booming. I was in Moscow air show last weekend. Yes there is devaluation but population still don't wanna lose what it has now. Putin is corrupted kgb officer and I know that he lost all the opportunities in 2000 - 2010 but believe me he knows the population and manipulates it well. In 2 years mother f..cker Obama will leave for good. You really guys had the worst shame and disgrace president of all time and then new potus and putin will be dealing with ISIS and forget aging and slowin China. Sanctions will be lifted.

    1. Moscow, Moscow, Moscow, Russia is 40 km from Moscow circle... Let s talk about that... Putin is not corrupted, he is Emperor, and i am thinking about reporting you to Russian authorities... Obamas only problem is that he is weak, he licked azzwhole of wall street, that is his only problem. Now comrade Sanders will finish job. Putin is wise, he is installing communism in Eastern Ukraine. He is flower.

    2. Sanders - Corbyn duo - will show Putin way how to imprison all those rich in Russia and finally Germany will be abolished as territory with government and replaced with direct control of EU, that is why Germans could be given 2 votes per head in EU institutions. Corby and Sanders will then support East Ukraine to liberate Russia from rich.

    3. But, but, Comrade Obama pumped government money in to private banks, and he said you must take that money, even had those who said no. We see now how climate is changing. Look those noble titles now... People will start to love them...
      Mmmmm this is my dream come true...
      Look them... Capitalism is monster with 9 heads :)

    4. First I am traveling Russia a lot and Putin has his support mainly outside of Moscow because it is in province people experience main relative affluence gain.
      Second Putin is the richest person in the earth - he has stolen about one third of all oil proceeds of 1 trim usd and idiot communist sanders is not an example for him.
      Third . USA WILL NOT VOTE FOR SANDERSON. I can bet none on this. U.S. will never become fu.....n Sweden that will die while feeding Islamists on its own soil.

  12. You know as a Moscow resident I am more concerned about suicide killing of Western Europe that will be overwhelmed and supplanted by Islamic freeloaders that coming there Ann's idiotic Germans are greeting them. Month ago I was in Munich and even then it was Islamic trash everywhere. I really don't wanna come to Germany again. I thought about investing in some German property - after this week I will not even continue due diligence. In 5 years they will have the whole cities under sharia rules and Germans as humiliated minority. Lack of faith and stupidity will be punished.

    1. Yes Russia is bastion kept by God for his revenge. Right now Russia is still backward but it will move up. Reason why Russia is backward is only because in Russia Emperor/President/Central committee decide about religions matter. Just what happened now in USA with gay marriages.

  13. This deserves its own thread..move it forward. For your posterity.

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    Union bank of Switzerland, Hillary Obama Holder Michael Hastings, Booz Allen, terror financing, Snowden

  14. Over here they are just about to have a vote regarding 'humanitarian' bombing in Syria to stop ISIS, which by sheer coincidence they wanted to bomb Syria 2 years ago but were stopped by public opinion. I wonder if any of the brains trust politicians have mused what happens if they accidentally bomb some Russian advisers. It feels like the refugee/immigrant crisis is being stage managed well for the MSM. I am currently
    rereading Propaganda to remember how it is done. Chia I think there should be a 'swearbox' where you contribute a $ every time you say 'Capitalist, Capitalism, Marx or Communism', Then we can all be Capitalists on this Blog. Raymond with the greatest respect I do not think the CIA are stealing your dirty laundry to frame you, as they have lots of dirty laundry of their own and with their rather large resources they could come up with something a bit more creative, like Bill Colby and his evening Canoe 'trip'.

    1. We are going through interesting time now Bill. There are rumors today that there can be allegedly some pretty significant russian troops involvement in Syrian affairs. Greece gives the corridor for russian Air Force to reach Syria despite US pressure on Greeks. And it is just the part of the puzzle.

    2. I am sorry Bill, but public opinion on West does not exist, when public opinion "matters" to stop something, that just means that members of elite were not united how to share plunder and about costs... They have problem that aways one will benefit more then other if nuclear war starts, that is why they cannot get deal among them self...