Thursday, November 13, 2014

another comment from the molecular biologist regarding vaccines.

I would say mildly negative more because of the quality of vaccines made.
I don't think students should be forced to take the MMR vaccine as presently jmade.
The Swiss companies are a disaster in terms of contemporary methods.
All these vaccines could be made clean with defined epitopes. 
The US doesn't have vaccine companies except for animals because of legal


  1. Interestingly when Tony Blair was Prime Minister he was asked if he had given his children MMR vaccines. He would not say, because he said it was a personal matter. So obviously he did not. It was quite controversial at the time. Many Dr's prescribe things they would not necessarily use themselves.

    1. Excellent point! Yes I remember that now it only reinforced my belief is that the top of the tree get " better" drugs than the rest! Conspiracy theory maybe but I do often wonder