Saturday, November 1, 2014

MainStream Media Incestuous Relations


ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National Security Adviser.

CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.
ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney
ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obamas Deputy Press Secretary

ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama
s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood
CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.
And now you know why it is no surprise the media is in Obama's pocket.

Ya think there might be a little bias in the news ???
It also explains the cover up of Benghazi.........just before the election!
Remember its your responsibility to make you know what is going on before you vote.
If you want the find out what the hell is going on, try Fox new.


  1. No surprise here. I knew about some of these connections.

    Published on Nov 1, 2014
    Here's the google Street view:
    Tweet this everywhere - post it on all social media. Help me get this out folks! Much Love - Jeff C.

  2. Ha Ha Ha much the same in "merry old England" by the way! Unfortunately its an idiot media for an idiot public!!!! Or i it so much a idiot media?????

    1. that is because in USA and UK you do not have citizens class like Italy, France and Germany, you just have middle class... french revolution and revolution in 1848 did not happen in UK and USA... while Balkan, Spain, Poland, Russia, Latin America does not have anything of that (only aristocracy) while Scandinavia is not even West, they are special northern civilisation

    2. do not get me wrong i hate more this citizens class, they think they are smart and that they have some influence, ha ha ha

  3. This is nothing new, of course. Take the recently departed Ben Bradlee - one usually held up as an icon of "adversarial" journalism. In his case, however, certain relationships trump even the familial ones. Although Bradlee's sister-in-law was killed in what we now know was an assassination hit, and Bradlee had briefly in his possession evidence (her diary) that would point to the motive by certain factions within the CIA (and not the hapless black man that was accused), Bradlee, rather than reporting on the news-worthy contents of the diary or turning it over to the police, instead chose to hand it over to one who could easily be implicated in the assassination conspiracy - James Jesus Angleton. Hence the "Company" ties supersede family ties. The former go back to Bradlee's childhood friendship with future DCI Richard Helms, and then to early in his "journalism" career when he was an Operation Mockingbird asset in Paris in the early 50's, working closely with Angleton and Cord Meyer.

    Read all about it here....

  4. I disagree that the mainstream commercial media is "rigged."

    To understand the way the media functions you have to put yourself in their position and imagine what you would actually do and how you would behave.

    The role of the media isn't journalistic in the ideal sense. The role of the media is cultural - it is part of the fabric of the society. Every person who works in media perceives themselves as responsible for stability and maintenance of the society. There are strong commercial imperatives that pressure media figures into conformity, but more importantly media figures perceive themselves as responsible for the maintenance of a stable society and cling towards conformity for those reasons.

    Media is not in a position to challenge fondly held assumptions if that media perceives itself as part of the community.

    The issue here isn't corruption or mendacity or the like.

    The issue here is the common role that all institutions play in a cohesive society when they perceive themselves as part of such.

    For members of the media challenging the assumptions which bind society together, although they are without factual foundation and are only myth -- is unthinkable.

    Media perpetuates myths, legends and lore over facts and evidence because of it's role in society, and this can never be changed.

    Dr. P put on your intl psychological warfare hat, your training in sociology and anthropology-based training as I have and you might agree.

    1. Media is not an outside, objective critic of society. Media is part of society.

      Media is in no position to question or examine the fundamental fallacies upon which the society operates.

      It is not a question or integrity. It is merely a function of beliefs and faith.

    2. In the 1960s there was credible dissident media such as RAMPARTS. Look at the types of people who ran those outfits and you'll see that they were rebels in all kinds of ways, and viewed themselves as in dissent from most other forms of shared beliefs......

    3. When I'm in Italy I'm aware of how media there is different from that in the US.

      In Italy journalists attack issues based on the ideology of their publishers. The communist papers uphold the socialist line against the establishment. The right wing papers attack the left. There is no common set of myths and legends and lore which guide Italian media like media in the US.

      But that's because the divisions in Italian society are so deep, the society itself so fractured along class lines, that there is no common set of national myths -- only class myths and class conscioussness over national consciousness.

      When my Italian friends visit America they comment that US media is all about, "keeping everyone calm....they want everyone to be calm and undisturbed."

      This is because Americans don't possess deep class or other divisions. America is a largely cohesive society with strongly, widely-held common myths.

    4. The divisions in American society are not class or ideological. The divisions in American society are based on race and ethnicity. Americans view themselves as similar to other Americans of their own race or national origin or religion, but different from peoples of other nations by virtue of their common citizenship and therefore CIVIC culture which is shared.

      Unfortunately a shared civic culture is shallow compared to the powerful effect of racial or ethnic or religious culture, and that's why Americans will prey on each other and exploit each other in all kinds of ways which more cohesive ethnic nations will not such as Korea, Japan, Germany, etc...where internal crime and fraud are unthinkable compared to what goes on in America.

    5. For many decades the Sunnis and Shiites of Iraq didn't prey on each other or murder each other even though one political group composed of Sunnis held the Shiites in a subserviant role.

      As long as this situation was political and not confined to outright religious conflict things were tolerable and there was a common civic nationalism possible.

      But once Sunni groups started bombing Shiite religious sites then the conflict transmutted to one in which one side challenged the religious identity of the other rather than merely the civic participation of the other....

      That's what led to the genocide, ethnic cleansing, and such from which now there is little or no nationalism shared.

      The nation was fractured when the two groups began killing each other merely because they were of the other group, which is intolerable. What had always been tolerable was merely political suppression - which was no big deal.

    6. How are these shared myths working out for us? Let's take the big one of recent history: 9/11. This myth has left in its wake thousands of dead, maimed, and mentally scarred American soldiers who were willing to risk their lives because they believed the myth. On top of that we have the ever shrinking civil liberties that, ignominiously, most Americans accept - even to the point of allowing TSA creeps to molest their daughters in airports - because they believe the myth. Add to this the fleecing of the American economy, a crumbling infrastructure, austerity regimes against education, health care, etc. whilst the military is kept in fine form, because after all, we have to fight the evil terrorists...

      In maintaining this myth, the media may be 'keeping everybody calm' -but it is doing so in the way that a rapist slips his intended victim a mickey so that she 'remains calm' until he's done with her.

    7. A rapist is acting in bad faith and ill will.

      People in the media are merely interpreting events given their civic culture. Their cultural beliefs act as a filter accepting received "truths" provided to them by authorities which they desperately want to believe are acting in good faith....though they are not.

      In the 9-11 matter in particular President W. Bush was out of the loop on the plot. He was actually out of communications with the rest of the government for several hours as he was put on a plan which had it's communications cut off. While this was happening the actual conspirators which included Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and others operated the plan. When the plan was accomplished Bush was brought back into communication and fed the same myth the rest of the country was fed.

      This myth was so finely crafted that even the leadership of CIA believed it - Covert Ops Chief Cofer Black because he's a childish idiot who wanted to, and DCI George Tenent because he's a feckless criminal who saw no personal advantage in opposing it.

      Among CIA's legions of analysts they understood beyond any doubt that invading Afghanistan and Iraq would SPAWN a regional/global conflict with Islam which COULD BE EASILY AVOIDED if the US acted calmly and dealt with any perceived enemies such as bin-Laden with covert action....

      But that was not the agenda of the imperialists/zionists which controlled the government at that time.

      No myths do not serve to make for the well-being of a population anymore than it's served by believing in the Ten Commandments or Santa Claus....

      But most people want to feel that they belong to something good even if they don't...they like their beer and cigarettes, their crutches.

    8. When I was growing up in the 1960s holloween was a kids' party time, and everyone used to dress up in silly costumes and go trick-or-treating and every neighborhood was filled with all kids walking around with almost every house in the neighborhood participating in handing out candy...

      Today few kids do this anymore, and very few houses leave their lights on and offer candy for kids seeking it.

      Instead it's become an adult occassion in which everywhere you go adults are now wearing stupid costumes and acting like fools at their jobs and such.....

      They use it as a reason to get drunk or drugged or both and act like morons so they can escape their unpleasant lives of dreary meaningless unhappiness.....

      America is in a lot of trouble.

    9. American culture is sinking into dispair and unhappiness, nihilism and atavistic brutality for several reasons....

      The biggest reason is the previous prosperity, the fattness and excess of the 1950s and 1960s which for most people will result in decadence and nihlism rather than any freedom from toil.

      Most people are basically venal and require toil and constant struggle to keep them occupied.

      Only a few people can tolerate leisure and spare time on their hands. Only a few highly intelligent and creative people in any society will take a liberation from toil and turn it into an opportunity for greater creative activity.

      The prosperity of the middle decades led to a decadence which undermined necessary illusions and institutions such as marriage and family. It's resulted in fractured families and individuals and a mass underclass of people living in poverty but with no motivation to escape it because it's tolerable with high-carb cheep foods, candies, television, beer and crack, pot, no inhibitions on sex so they can fuck and screw all the time.....who needs money to be happy when you're fucking a different girl seven days a week? Who cares how many kids you have? Most millionaires don't have that much fun.....

      So whatever money they do happen across they spend on drugs or getting another tattoo....

      I know lots of such people because I make it my habit to never socialize with other educated people and go out of my way to interact and mingle with the masses.

      I know how they live.

    10. Low income people in America have no motivation to organize to return their incomes to what they used to have a generation ago because of social services, Obamacare, cheep food, food assisstance, and so forth...

      They can buy a television at a pawn shop for four hundred dollars and watch cable TV for a time until the bill gets too big and then they have to hack into the wire to continue watching.

      They can spend their lives watching the Kardashians, Honey BOO boo, Pawn Stars, or other people like themselves such as Duck Dynasty or maybe go off on a tangent and see some Christian programming like the Jew in Houston, Pastor Joel Osteen, who is masquerading as a Christian minister although he belongs to no denomination whatsoever and owns a mansion and a private jet.....

      The middle class has been hollowed out. Median incomes fell from 56,000 in 2007 to 52,000 in 2009 and they've NEVER CORRECTED....

      The colossal stagnation in national and individual wealth for 90 percent of Americans is because of one thing....

      The colossal trade deficit year after year which is transferring trillions of dollars of wealth to other countries....

      This is an unintentional altrusim which has lifted billions out of poverty in China and other places so it's good for the world, however the social and cultural consequences of widespread economic dispair in America are mind-blowing....

    11. The greatest motivation that young people have is for sex anyway and with porn everywhere and no social stigma anymore for teens to have sex young people in the ghetto are happy enough as long as they can fuck all day with different people...which prior generations could not do.

      In muslim societies the inability of young men to have sex explains 99 percent of Arab politics.

      Because women in Islam cannot have sex outside of marriage young men cannot have sex without being married, and without employment they can't get married.

      The result is that with lots of unemployed young men they are all horny as hell, angry and frustrated. They live in a patrimonial society where they are treated like little Pashas or little tyrants just because they are men rather than women....

      But they can't find jobs and therefore cannot get married like their Pasha fathers....

      They often take their frustrations out on women by blaming them for their frustrations, blaming western morals for tempting them with images of women having sex with others though they have no access to it....

      It transforms them into sex-hating, women-hating assholes who cling to their stupid mysoginistic religion of Islam....a bunch of women=hating bullshit.

      And that's why ISIS and things like it exist....

      It's economics and sex.

    12. You make some good points. Ok then if its a problem of " economics and sex " I will have to open a chain of Middle East Brothels, called Brothels R Us, whereby we will do away with the "pent up anger and frustration" of the ISIS fighters and the like, and all with just a small franchise fee. There will be tie in sales of course of; beds, toys, neon signs etc. We will kill two birds with one stone! MIT, how about it? We'd have a bunch of tired, smiling, fatwah jihadists, weakened by their night of love making, who ideally, wouldn't even show up on the front lines with their AK's to fight. And they can accept Visa, American Express, Master Card and Bit Coins.

    13. The truth is most of the jihadists who do missions in the west end up spending all their money in strip clubs and on call girls....LOL

      Find some al qaeda operators near home with some cash and offer them a girl to sleep with.

      Their relgious zeal will melt away before your eyes.

    14. On the other hand....

      There was this muslim Medical Doctor working in the camps in Jordan who risked his life posting jihadist bullshit in his spare time.

      When Jordanian intelligence caught him they turned him over to CIA. CIA case officers offerred to pay him millions of dollars if he'd agree to convert to the US side and infiltrate al qaeda in Pakistan.

      He said YES !! "I will take your money and girls and your US citizenship and all you offer me and will travel to Pakistan and infiltrate al qaeda and deliver to you Osama Bin Laden and al-Zawahari because I am a medical doctor and they will let me treat them"

      "Let's make a deal I want to be a traitor !!"

      Well one day he put on a huge bomb, drive through three checkpoints in Khost, Pakistan, and drove right up to his new CIA Station Chief and all her staff....

      and "BOOOM !!!"

      He blew himself up and killed a bunch of CIA officers!

      Why were they so stupid that they could bribe a true believer like him with money and sex?????

      How stupid the CIA is.

    15. Yep, I think I saw the actual video of the tremendous explosion replayed on tv I believe. It was a very big boom. That was a hell of a double cross, and probably came as quite an epiphany to the survivors who planned it all. Very unfortunate for the CIA. Very fucked up.

  5. I've stated above that society operates based on myths and assumptions which are untrue.

    This is wildly off-topic but this is the reason why there will never be a "disclosure" of the role of other civilizations and races, not from the earth, who have been operating here and are known to many in government.

    The simple truth is that other civilizations are aware of the actual meaning and purpose of human life on this planet - which humans are not aware of and only guess and speculate about.

    The simple truth is that in order for the actual purpose of humans on this planet to operate it is necessary that they NOT BE AWARE of what that purpose is.

    If a legitimate superior civilization came forward and explained what the actual facts of human life were then everyone would have to agree on what those facts are and that would DEPRIVE every individual here of being able to go through the process of DISCOVERING WHAT THAT PURPOSE IS...

    Which is their individual puropses for being here.

    If you just tell all humans how they should behave they will never grow. They only grow by being confronted with choices and being drawn in one direction or another without any conscious certainty and lots of "doubt."

    DOUBT and UNCERTAINTY by society is necessary for this to operate. For any individual to become noble they must find themselves in a venal society based on untruths....

    That's the way it works.

    1. no no there were some carbon idiots (like we are) which are gone in to non existent and there are also some other one, but seems they do not have permission to do anything, something like demons, created by God to attack those who start believing that demons are more powerful than omni powerful God (to leach us about evil), pagan architecutre is full of alien influences, excluding of course, only Greeks (than romans) where able to have statues of humans in natural proportions, and even west was 100% built on east

  6. Interesting posts...don't forget though that decent, many college educated people, are now in "the system".

    Poverty wages, unaffordable benefits and high rents make my life and many others as well, almost impossible to survive, even with more liberal healthcare benefits in Mass.

    I have no tv, never had cable a day in my life, don't drink, smoke, or do any drugs. I have had a twenty seven year old El Salvadoran lover for a few months now who is also, "stuck". He and I, I am white as a ghost. bonded even with cultural and age gaps because of our class status. He works two jobs, is in college. He is no bum.

    I am being gaslighted where I reside with abuse off the charts due to pushing back on management for a body fluid stained mattress being brought into my apt. I have no money to move.

    I am very bright, local business owner asked me last week, inquisitively how high my iq was. Yet, I often get judged as a low functioning parasite by many. I am upright, just stuck.

    The uppity white Americans just love their eugenics. They throw off snide comments to me like, "You people eating organic?" I could go on about the abuse thrown at me for surviving almost fifty years as a type one diabetic, dx at two years of age. I have perfect retinas, perfect kidneys, been called a miracle at Mass Eye and Ear retinology clinic and I have never needed any laser for my retinas. Also called a miracle at MGH for my diabetic perfect kidneys. I also still have excellent credit, and a perfect leasing history without ever giving bj's for rent or working illegally under the table. I went onto disability after working with a broken sesamoid for over a year. I was taping it like a marathon runner. I worked until I couldn't get to the train one night after work. I ended up on crutches on ice, no income. Once approved for state disability, a whopping $309 a month. Living the high life there!

    A post doc Korean computational biologist kept me from the shelter system for seven months until federal disability was approved, now my income $854.39 in Mass. $740.00 if I leave this state which supplements disability payments. If I didn't look younger than I am, and the like...I would have been utterly forsaken. Doctors here tell me to marry. Oh that's the answer. I get apologies from Harvard trained docs for that bad advice. I want to be self sufficient.

    I had applied for federal disability two years prior due to another issue with severe tennis elbow that I researched and had resolved. Otherwise, I would have almost certainly ended up homeless as my MIT friend couldn't have sustained me for two and a half years for the federal hearing. I won disability hearing the first time, on crutches, alone with no attorney. I made my case. I had miraculously relocated to Boston from Seattle where I had NO access to healthcare on a FT job with a major corporation. $10 an hour, insurance premium and co-pays for rudimentary rx's only, nothing else, more than my take home wage. Over the limit for food stamps as medical costs not part of their formulary.

    No one in my family, either side, has either type one or two diabetes. My mom always suspected infant formula triggered it. My son is genetically low risk after a research study. I was likely made weak by the crap formula, firmly linked in peer reviewed research.

    I was denied health care for graduate school due to pre-existing condition clause. My eep is grim.

    I am totally isolated in bully N. Shore of Mass. Parents deceased. I have decided to fight the good fight best I can in housing as my lease runs until April and if I leave early they will go after me and destroy my perfect leasing history. I am working with an MSW and housing so vulnerable here, they have cautioned me not to file restraining order or the like, an option in Mass as many have landlord troubles. I am told to lay low and take the abuse until I can miraculously move and hopefully get into a better spot.

    1. It is so difficult here in my housing that I am applying to move back to East Texas where I finished high school. In three years I will be 55. The wait list for senior housing which I never dreamed I would have to live in government housing... has almost that long of a wait list. I would rather be in a familiar place with a "yes ma'am" here and there and maybe if I am lucky, not die alone with a bully landlady that would be happy to hear the news. I cannot imagine the lack of access to good medical in East Texas, compared to Boston, but I can't take the bully housing abuses here, especially for poor people. It is snowing now, ice in the morning, no one goes to church here to try to make friends. Just here to survive. I want to be producing. I should be producing.

      My giftings and talents are being lost, and I am a nice lady and that hurts enough, then ones like me get lumped in with the rif-raf.

      All this typed one thumbed as I have no internet to use the little laptop the medical anthropologist who donated it to me. She gets it, but cannot house me. And she's no WASP like me either. The WASP's vitriolic diatribes are deeply embedded into my soul. God bless them. Miserable fucks. I have more joy on a difficult day than they likely have ever experienced.

      And to not be censored for being off topic, smile, my daddy was Army Air Corp and told me all about the real world and he strongly discouraged me from watching or taking seriously anything on the tv.

    2. Have you considered some money making activities you could do from home?

      For example..answering the phone for a bail bonding company, or even an escort service. Anything unconventional who needs someone to be available long hours. Are there limits to how much money you can make? Look to creative areas to suppliment income. Anything you can do at home or train for like jewelry manufacturing or repair for jewelers? Can you advertise on Craigslist or Backpage for any skilled service you can learn to do like computer repair or web design?

      Millions of people today are having to make their own jobs. Access to markets through Craigslist and places are amazing. I hire graphics artists, accountants and repairmen all the time over Craigslist and it's the black market that's booming...

      Can you drive a car and advertise on Uber? Would a Uber car owner let you drive for him?

      In my opinion you are incredibly lucky to have the disability approved, and if you could drive for someone or answer the phone for someone on the side you'd be doing much better.

      But otherwise if you ever needed a place to stay for a few months in Austin I have spare rooms around in nice places if you don't mind living for a while in a safehouse and sharing it occassionally with unconventional people passing through.

    3. I've been thinking about starting an answering service for defense attornies and putting the number on a sign at the entrance to the county jail, or even standing near the jail entrance with a sign with the number on it...

      In Austin everyone arrested spends the night in jail unnecessarily because after 5pm all the defense lawyers never answer their phones LOL!

      People arrested and calling their lawyers from jail have to LEAVE A MESSAGE ON AN ANSWERING MACHINE and then hope that their lawyer gets the message....

      Once I spent weeks leaving messages for my lawyer to call me back not knowing that he'd STOPPED PRACTICING LAW and moved out of town...


      Find out how you can advertise a number for people to call when they're arrested and then work something out with the defense lawyers or bondsmen....

    4. When I ran escort agencies the girls would often get arrested for driving while holding a beer can, or for suspicion of being drunk, or for having the license suspsended or anything at all like disorderly conduct or forgetting to pay a trafic fine.....

      They were just always getting arrested for one thing or another, and sometimes for possession of marijuana because the police like to pull over and mess with cute girls they see driving by themselves.....

      Anyway they would always just call me and I'd send my attorney over to get them out in a couple of hours THEY WOULD BE SPRUNG because in most cities the judges would just release the girls merely because they had a lawyer show up right away and take responsibility for their later appearances...and the judges were happy to keep the intake at the jail lower that way!

      But if it were not for them knowing they could call me as soon as they got to jail...and I would always answer the phone because the escort service was always open.....

      They would have been stuck for days until they could find a bondsmen or judge to let them out on their own without any lawyer to get them out right away....

      Think about that.

    5. I know people who have spent a week or more in jail just because there were no phone directories, they couldn't remember anyone's number to call....

    6. SouthernBelle,

      The more I think about this the more I think you might have an opportunity here that you are failing to see.....

      Forget about having a job or being an employee.

      Think about making your own job, being a small entrepreuer, and make some real money.

      Doing something from home or driving for someone you could wind up making a lot more money than if you were just somebody's employee.

      Think like a the good sense of the word.

    7. I know a guy who charged people $750 just to review their business plans!

      He did two plans a day and made $1,500 a day just reviewing business plans and telling people how they could start their businesses with SBA loans, etc.....

      What a racket he had!

      Lots of people charge good fees just for writing business plans for others using templates they buy over the internet....

      Whatever you do the key is to advertise...advertise...advertise and put yourself out way above everyone else so everyone will come to you.

      Also moving companies need people to answer their phones and set up appointments....

    8. I used to know a girl who made really good money dealing cards and providing drinks and so forth at card games....

      It was pretty good for her.

    9. Another girl I know ran an escort business but found out she could make more money by baking cupcakes at home for these high end cupcake outlets around she's making good money at home just doing cupcakes.

      Mildrid Pierce when her husband left her started baking pies at home for diners and she made a small fortune just with these pies....

    10. If you tell people that you are disabled and need to find work you can do at home they will want to help you.

      They will help you make money.

    11. If I still had my escort agencies I would have hired you in a heartbeat to answer the phone.

    12. When I land in New York and exit the airport there are non-licensed guys working for the mafia who offer to drive me cheaper than the cabs...

      I always let them drive me and usually have interesting conversation along the way...better than any cab.

      The last guy who drove me was laid off from a pharma company where he worked in manufacturing. Now he's making good money driving from the airport working for the mafia....

      GOOD FOR HIM !

      Make your own jobs and be creative...hustle. It's fun.

    13. High end pies and cupcakes cannot be massed produced and can only be made in small numbers or the quality will suffer....


      There's nothing like doing some kind of work everyday where you get paid the same day in cash !

      Forget about this "pay period" bullshit and waiting for your check to arrive and then seeing all the money that's been taken out....

      Do day labor of some kind...anything...and get the cash in your hand the same day !

    15. The Cupcake girl I mentioned had a job paying $90k a year but was laid off...So she started escorting and made much more than that....

      Then she started her own agency and made even more...

      Then discovered the cupcake baking racket and made even more still.....

      There is a lesson there!

      How lucky she was to be laid off!

    16. Owning your own business is the only way to make real money.

      Even if it's a tiny business you will make way more than if you are anyone's employee.

      This is a major reason I declined the Career Training Program at CIA when they offerred it to me in 1986.

      I could never have lived on the pitance they offerred as an employee and made good money as a contractor.

      Security contractors working in Iraq or elsewhere make 500 to 1,000 a day doing the same job some grunt would do for almost nothing....

      SouthernBelle you are luckier than you know.

    17. I don't wanna sound PollyAnna here but my own life has been about always taking extremely bad circumstances and seeing whatever opportunities there are and moving forward.

      I've had more adversity and real hardship than most people but there is always some way...some way...which other people don't see which I have used to survive and then to prosper...

      Don't believe the opportunities that people try to sell you like multi-levels or other things they want you to do for them...

      Look around and find the things yourself that other people don't see....

    18. Only a few more minutes until the 60 Minutes story about the guy who shot an already dead Osama bin Laden. This is coming right before elections, to remind you that President Obama is tough on terror, dontcha know.

    19. If my father had not abandoned us when I was fourteen, if I had not my inheritance stolen, not had all my money in college then stolen by my own attorney I hired to settle a serious injury suit, and that was only the beginning.....

      I would never have learned how to hustle, survive, and the things a real, genuine intl asset must have......and being a good student and going to MIT had nothing to do with it.

      It's the reality of crime in ordinary life where most people steal whatever they can and lie whenever they have to.

    20. Most people are the corporate world or the drug world or organized crime or Apple Computer with 130 billion in cash they made by using slave labor instead of hiring Americans and they wont use one penny of it for any stock dividends because their stock holders are a cult of Apple fuckheads.....

      Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

    21. You are so right about the Cupcakes thing once I decided to paint up some fancy Chicken Coops because small time Chicken keeping was becoming big in the suburbs and the Google searches were adding up. On having a stall at a local fair I decided to lure in buyers with exotic Cupcakes at £1.75 each...we sold out of Cupcakes and despite the interest shown sold not one Coop. Apple are somewhat hypocritical if you remember their 80's Ads 'Why 1984 will not be like 1984' while they sitting on their untouchable cash pile proceed exactly to make it like 1984 while their Chinese workers jump of the roof at lunchbreak. Also in retail they are not 'Geniuses' serving you they are shop assistants, no more no less.

    22. I grew up in New Orleans and cook some stellar cajun dishes, but until I find stable housing...this situation is not winnable. I pray a door will open on my very modest income. Baking cupcakes sounds therapeutic right now.

  7. Woody Harrelson's father abandoned him when he was eleven and Woody turned out okay.

    My father used to sell guns to Woody's father and they were the same kind of assholes. My father woke up one day after he'd converted most of my mother's inheritance to himself and decided he'd be happier with her money and took off. But then he joined the Navy when he was seventeen to escape his alcoholic father who lost his business during the depression and never recovered, and it didn't help that his only sibling was killed by a rattlesnake when he was only four years old....

    One damn thing can lead to another if you're not balanced so try to keep a fit mind and body as best you can, find something like a lover to give you some pleasure and motivation and contentment, and then go make some moves and hustle your way into a comfortable place.

    1. My mother's father owned this tiny grocery store in the country miles and miles west of Waco....

      One day in the depression the store burned down, and my grandfather cried and cried and didn't know how he would support his wife and two children.

      He moved them all to Waco and shared a back apartment with another family and took a job collecting debts. Then he went to the same Sunday school as the local bank President and after enough years of praying together asked him for a loan to start his own money lending business and made a great living...

      So when the grocery burned down it was the best thing that ever happened.

      But then a bunch of Jews from New York came into Texas and undercut all the interest rates charged by money lenders and my grandfather lost his finance company and was desperate again...until he went back to the banker friend and took out loans to start buidling houses....

      The houses turned into whole subdivisions and he became a millionaire....

      So the Jews and their predatory antics were the best thing that could have happened..

      So he went from one catastrophy to another profiting along the way doing better and better all the time because he never gave up and had access to credit from a friend at church.

      A man with a family and responsibilities should never give up. My mom's father never gave up or took a drink in his life whereas my father's Dad did the opposite.

  8. I hear you and know after fourteen years of being single, about thinking outside the box.

    This housing here is unaffordable and often abusive, especially at my income level. I am tracked by the government computers regarding income, but if I made enough money, I could cut them off, my utopia.

    I have some business ideas of my own, but I need a stable place to live. When I said I was being gaslighted here, that is putting it mildly. I have a forensic psychologist acquaintance worried about my safety. I am living in a forty million dollar operations building. A little acorn kind of corruption I think. They are not amused little Miss Texas had flick flacked in here to set them straight about not delivering body fluid stained mattresses.

    I am looking now on Craigslist for housing, but it is very difficult on my income level here. I have been being bullied by her for almost a year. I video before I leave. I come in and find dirty Qtips in my toothbrush holder, etc. MSW says dangerous to file reports. They have other clients who have suffered in housing up here. I am lucky they haven't done me more harm I have been told by more than one local.

    That said...I will keep looking for housing, then try to swing a business. Do you know anyone in New Braunsfel with a decent room I could rent or studio? I can get a Ruccus to ride around on until I could afford a car. The medical anthropologist will help me get to where I find a spot.

    I walked 1.7 miles each way to Salem Station when I first moved here, in winter. I bought overshoes from

    I have kept a sense of humor l, but I am tired of treading water. To be treated like shit where I live and pay exorbitant rent takes the cake.

    Thanks for your brainstorming for me. I am tired now, will re-read tomorrow. I have some excellent business ideas, once housing stabilized...I will pull it all together I hope.

    1. I don't know about New Braunfels but in Austin there are plenty of places available.

    2. In Texas a standard TAA lease requires triple the income limit for acceptance. At $740 Income, my total amount of rent allowed would be $246.70. I can pay more, but they won't allow that. A privately owned apartment that does not have that rule is very hard to find. A decent one in Kilgore that will accept someone not based on this figure has a six month or longer wait period and is four miles from anything; utterly isolated. I have to send a deposit to even get on the wait list. Rent at this apt. is same as I pay here, $540, but my income drops by $114 in Texas. It would be so difficult to survive. Rent there could go up before I even come up on the list.

      Trying to rent moving cross country makes it even more risky and difficult for someone in my situation. No one wants us. They assume we are drunks and degenerates. When I articulatly present my case, they get scared, very scared. I am the bubble buster. They are left dishelveled, wet with soapy scum on their eyelids...they thought they knew what was going on in this world and they realize they don't know shit. Then they ask you to go to the government for training, LOL, the condescending BU bitch Voc. Rehabilitation counselor wouldn't pay for mats for me in pharmacy even, and then my foot broke. Then they say, "Do you have family?" As if I hadn't thought of that a decade ago. I have little family, distant cousins. They pray and message occasionally, never call.

      My last experience in Texas leasing, miracles occurred, and moderately well off Texans refused to come over. My macho forensic psychologist friend came armed twice to bring me boxes to move. No bullying there, but the other apartment complexes on the street, Woodmeadow, were horrible and not well managed, section 8 I think. They had some gang types living in them. I was the only white on the bus most rides. Most people were nice on the bus, and I am lucky I got that apartment as they allowed me in on less than three times the income limit. I am also lucky I didn't get raped, mugged or murdered. Three murders occurred on my short street in the twenty months I lived there.

      Then bedbugs came into the one apartment in the complex, NOT mine, and the management told the unfortunate tenant that they had to pay for the costly extermination. They added that to the lease later, and no one there could afford that fee. Most there worked for $8.00 -$10.00 for some uber wealthy guy or corporation. Many immigrant hard workers also lived there as well, some illlegal aliens. Their porches always had bright colors and toys...alive. Babies and barbeques. No English much, but not afraid of my situation and living locale, haha. They "got it".

      My Cali "friend", all this scared him, he couldn't get Uber to pick me up here. I need a new start in a different, less abusive culture and housing. Maybe in the new spot I can do Uber. I first need housing to stabilize. They are increasing the pressure here. One business owner on our Main Street told me they were making stuff up about any tenant that had their head screwed on straight. This CEO scares me. A lady at church said it was a mob element and I am needing out. A place for a bit of reprieve is overdue. I am ringing other cities out of N. Shore, but not working makes is difficult, and cost. Boston area suburbs are young, and professionally geared for prospective tenants.

      But yes, I am lucky. In spite of all this. I know that. Anything in Austin that might be safe and allow me to land and not break the law to survive, I wouldn't do well in a Texas jail I don't think, let me know. Thank you for all of your input. I needed someone to brainstorm with me.

    3. I know escorts in Austin who go on Craigslist and sub-let apartments "between us" meaning that the lessor with the lease just lets you live there and the apartment management is never informed.

      I'd look for a "between us" situation. In fact an escort I know can't use the place she was sub-letting because she had illegal asian girls in there and one of the neighbors came by and complained and so the asian girls freaked out and left and now the escort is stuck with that apartment and no girls to put in there....

      Otherwise there are rooms available all over and people who own condos who are not members of the leasing association.

      Personally I never...never rent anymore from apartment management companies in Texas because they will rip you off --- I've broken three leases in five years in Texas because of floods, rats, and theft by apartment employees -- in each case the management is reporting that I owe the balance of the lease....many such problems with management companies and they're all crooks here and have a monopoly association all using the same lease and you can't find a management company which will sign a fair and standard lease courts rule as not unconsconable.

    4. Head maintenance man told a bold faced lie in front of his boss awhile ago today. He and his crew ALL have a key here. God help me. I talked him through it until he admitted, but manager it like a godmother.

      I am not speaking your "in between" language. I do not live in the world you live in I don't think. I need a stable place to land with a quiet, normal environment. I could get into a worse spot if I am not careful.

      I appreciate you explaining the TAA stuff. Good to know.

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