Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Its not my expertise, but based on the feedback I will pursue the issue.  Here is the opinion of a molecular biochemist, just starting.

The epitope for mumps is YQQQGRL.  I have had students and a dog who got optic neuritis, partial blindness (reversible) and complete blindness(not reversible), from vaccine. The student from the 
MMR vaccine all students are required to get (mumps, measles, rubella), Mimi from the rabies vaccine.
The question is the odds of an antibody which binds 7 aa finding another sequence on a surface that is the same.
There are 20 aa so it 1 in 3 million. And al 3 million can be stimulated at any time by any surface antigen from any 
Now there is another problem with vaccines..the animal ones had aluminum put in for patent purposes.
The other ones have thimerosa (mercury compound) which has a known correlation with autism.
But, correlations are statistics, and statistics are like a drunk at a lamp post...should be used for illumination
not support.
My IVF colleagues have observed a systematic increase in that observation is real.

Most vaccines in the last 20 years have had peanut oil used as adjuvent .  That is why there are so many now
hypersensitive to peanuts.

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  1. Unfortunately standard practice MDs in the US.are so afraid of losing their licenses or being sued or criticized that they will rationalize anything they are told they must by their peers.

    This despite the fact that they actually do care deeply about the well being of their child patients.

    However because of their cognative rigidity, denial, dissonance, etc...they are prone to look only at the cases of diseases such as meningitis which are now rarer because of vaccines and refuse to be disturbed by the obvious increase in other serious conditions under this new vaccination regime.

    At a minimum they should be disturbed by the casual adoption of so many vaccines, or any new vaccines, for diseases which are not even considered serious.

    The casual adoption of the anti-HPV vaccine for example demonstrates the assumption that vaccines are risk-free, and that there need be no "risk vs. benefit" analysis in the adoption of this or other vaccines. HPV is not associatated with significant mortality. Nor is tetanus, chicken pox, the mumps, or many other diseases for which vaccines are casually used in regimes which are decided upon by whom? MDs all follow the recommendations laid by others with no individual or even peer review or discussion.

    The simple fact is that the commercial interests of the manufacturers is the only cause for the adoption of the escalated vaccine regime, and I suspect the MDs are at least suspicious of this. MDs are all aware of the sales culture of the pharma representatives with which they constantly interact.

  2. Now on a different topic...

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    I was lured by the authentic looking combat scenes in previews and went to see this ghastly film. It was a horror, a totally inauthentic 21st century "hip hop generation" story where American soldiers are all asshole rapists, murderers, plunderers, etc. but this is all forgivable because....

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    After all these years that tank should only be brought out and paraded around in something that helps the public understand that we've progressed away from the barbarism of the past....

    NOT to promote it.

    1. Some years ago I was offered a fully functioning Sherman Tank from WW2 for 13 grand. I would have loved to have it in the front garden, but I think the neighbours would have complained. I was visiting a show some years ago called 'War and Peace' and found you could buy everything for a small Army from AK47'S to troop trucks and even a Submarine if you wished to become a Bond villain. I found it slightly bizarre such stuff was freely available. They have advertised the arse off 'Fury' over here I did wonder if it was worth a look.

  3. My problem with the vaccines was the sheer number they were administering at once to young under developed immune systems and the permutations of all those different doses interacting. I saw a guy from a big Pharma company that made MMR being interviewed once on breakfast TV he was getting angry with a Mother and very obviously lying about something. Hence my seeking out separate vaccines. A place I worked at the time called Addington Palace was overwhelmed with calls from worried parents to a Private Dr selling the individual shots. I suspect it is like the 50's where the Tobacco companies were sitting on their research that showed 'cigs' to be coffin nails. They probably new a certain number of kids would react badly due to the mercury in the gut, but did not wish to share for financial and uptake reasons.

  4. Dr. P - suggest you contact Joyce Riley of the Genesis Network radio show - she was an Air Force nurse and was vaccine damaged in the first Gulf War. She is expert on the subject of vaccine damage and its ramifications. She is qualified as an expert witness in court.

  5. I'm sceptical over a lot of this vaccine "sales pitch" years ago kids like us were rolling about in all sorts swimming in Beck's and streams less than crystal clear shall we say and I wholeheartedly believe its such practices that build a strong immune system! Nowadays its seems people get sick easier and can't wait to book an appointment with the doctor! It was just this week I read somewhere that cough medicines are a complete waste of time and nothing more than a cash cow! I don't know anything about pharmaceutical matters save to say the pharmaceuticals are bloated with cash and strike me as less than philanthropic when it comes to the good of mankind! Same with the food industry as well they are that cynical the would of made great undertakers!!!!

    1. Interesting over the peanut oil and nut intolerance as well! I can't tolerate nuts but I don't mean the edible variety!

  6. Probably old news Dr Pieczenik! You've made the International business times!! I sincerely hope this isn't dirty tricks being instigated because of your expose on the 9/11 false flag and Bin laden hoax! I'm sure me and others are confident your a step ahead of the game and be sure to check under the pasta

  7. As soon as the Hepatitis B vaccine was ready many states made it mandatory for infants.

    Hepatitis B mandatory for INFANTS?

    It should be clear to anyone that these vaccines are distributed under public health pretexts NOT because they are necessary for public health but merely because a profit making company has invented it.

  8. Here in Texas our phony conservative/evanglical Governor the dunce Rick Perry who never had a job in his life other than public office...

    As soon as Guardasil was ready he tried to make it mandatory for eleven year old girls...

    Well this didn't go down [so to speak] well with his Christian followers who thought handing out condoms to teenagers was an outrage and now their guy is mandating without waver another prophilatic for teen sex.

    And then several of the first young girls who recieved it wound up paralyzed or worse [if there is a worse]....

    So he had to back off his grand plan.

    This is the same Rick Perry who in 1988 was a Democrat who was Al Gore's campaign chairman in Texas, something every Republican I mention it to in Texas is completely unaware LOL.