Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Russia’s Economy Hemorrhaging: Déjà Vu All Over Again! 
Putin Learns Nothing from the Evisceration of the Soviet Communist System—Declining Economy, Increase Spending on Worthless Armaments!
Congratulations Putin! You are true to your roots of being an Ex-KGB Operative.  Keep on repeating the mistakes of the past and watch as Russia teeters on the brink of bankruptcy. This time, it was not the Communists who destroyed Russia, but the arrogance and financial ignorance of you, Putin.  It is unfortunate for the Russian people that in the 21st century they had elected the ‘village idiot’—someone who goes around town spouting nonsense as the town, or in this case Russia, is falling apart.
The lessons of the Soviet Union’s dissolution were not complicated.  At the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, I learned about two important fissures in the Soviet Union. One was it’s faulty economy producing useless goods of absolutely no value.  The second important variable, was the fact that the Soviet Military, as brilliant as it had performed in WWII under Stalin, could no longer sustain a force structure that was credible as a deterrent.
It took the USG 30 years of “regime change” to transform the dysfunctional Soviet System into a viable Russian Federation.  Now, unfortunately for Putin, he alone has been able to achieve the destruction of that viable Federation. Like all intelligence operatives who are obsessed with self-grandeur yet are paranoid about their immediate environs, Putin will go into a twirling self-destructive mode. 

For some time now, I have been warning Putin that his own dynamics would inevitably draw him into a vortex of self-implosion.  Hopefully, the Russian Federation can bail itself out before he takes everyone down with him. Here are the hard numbers on what Russia must endure as the price of world oil [brent oil down to $70-80] tumbles precipitously because of America’s incredible entrepreneurial ability to bring more capacity on line and break the spell of OPEC [bye-bye Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Algeria, Libya].
The Kremlin Apparatchiks and potential ex-Kleptocrats who have stolen trillions of dollars from Russia are now faced with the harsh reality as outlined by OSINT, Stratfor, 11/4/2014:
Presently the Russian cabinet is holding meetings to revise the Revenues [80% comes from oil] based on $100 a barrel. Intelligence reports indicate that the more knowledgeable technocrats are basing the Russian 2015 Economy on $80-$90 per barrel.  
There are some indications that an immediate future scenario of revenues may even be based on the more realistic price of $60 per barrel.
At any oil price below $80-90 a barrel,  Russia must dip into its Rainy Day Funds allocated for such a major deficit in the budget. 
Example: Russia has about $582 billion USD in reserves to spend on the budget deficit. $409 billion in currency reserves [immediate cash flows]. $83 billion in National Wealth Fund; and $90 billion in the National Reserve Fund [must be liquidated].
$70 billion has already been spent on plugging up the financial hole created by the US/EU economic warfare.   
It is suspected with a high amount of certainty that another $250 billion USD will also be used to patch up Putin’s Sochi and Ukrainian “Follies”- exorbitant expenditures that would have placed him in the Gulags under Stalin; or even the drunkard, Boris Yeltsin.  

That’s not the worst,  right now there is about $100 billion in flight capital, and that’s a gross approximation.  Putin has no idea of how to run the Russian Regional Governments, remember that Russia has 11 time zones and the USA has only 4 time zones. Those regional governors are no fools and they are correctly demanding that their collective debts be immediately discounted and restructured,  placing immense economic pressure on a ‘bankrupt Kremlin’.  Putin’s troubles have not even begun. The Russian banks which have been hit hard by our economic warfare have requested a major cash infusion in the 100s of billions of dollars in order to keep them solvent.  Putin’s thugs have no knowledge of how to manage their Rosneft owned bank, the honey pot of corruption which may soon not exist, thanks to financial illiteracy.
This is the real piece de resistance. Just as the Soviets had done before, (true to my past and current assessment of their behavior) Putin demanded increased weapons spending while his country is broke.  From my humble point of view, Russia is ready to go down in a flaming blaze of insolvency, having been hit by the “Mohammed Ali double punch” of a blow to the economy, while straining to maintain a credible force structure.  As a result, I believe that Putin’s so-called popularity, ranging somewhere between 80% and infinity will not mean a damn thing when oil gets closer to $50 a barrel.  At that price, Russia will be knocking at the International Monetary Fund[IMF]; as well as the World Bank.
I hope that I am wrong; because, I have always admired the fortitude of the Russians and its magnificent culture.  However, when the Putin is allowed to mutter nonsensical words; while, at the same time, tries to burn down his straw-hewn village, then something, or someone has to go.
Vsyovo Haroshovo! All the best Russia. 
Next time pick someone who is CULTURANI! Cultured and smart. Preferably a master chess player. 


  1. A Mohammed Ali double punch (in Ali's prime) would be tough to absorb, not that I have ever gone 15 rounds with the champ, but I did have a unique visit with the champ at his home after my mother passed.
    My late Seventh Day Adventist Pastor in the 1980's, was making an effort to bridge a gap between a self avowed Muslim, (re: previously AKA Cassius Clay) and the Adventist faith.
    He knew that Ali adored his mother, who often worked long hours to keep her son, an aspiring Olympian well fed, and strong. And when told of my loss, he knew Ali would want to cheer up a "friend of a friend'.
    I was not told by my late Pastor where I was going, just that my Pastor asked me to "help him for the afternoon". I figured he needed some furniture moved or something of that sort, and was always happy to help. There were always interesting theological discussions as you could imagine, and a fantastic vegetarian dinner to follow, cooked by an expert, the good Pastor's wife. I figured I had nothing to lose by spending the afternoon helping my friend.
    We drove to some large gates off of Wilshire Blvd in the L.A. area, and a guard came up to my friend's Mercedes, and asked if he could help.
    My pastor stated " we are here to see Ali". The guard made a call, and the large gates opened, all while I was wondering, who does my Pastor know, who is named Ali? I figured I was going to meet someone from Saudi Arabia or something.
    We pulled up to a beautiful mansion in Hancock Park, and I was still puzzled as to the nature of our "mission".
    When we had walked up to the ornate doors and rang the bell, to my surprise, taking up the best part of the doorway, was Mohammed Ali, at one time, the most recognized face in the entire world.
    We were invited inside, and went past what looked like Gold Louis the XlV furniture, as we followed Mohammed into what was his then "office/den".
    Wide eyed I looked around much like an owl, turning my neck in ways that probably defied normal body motion, trying to take it all in. Above Ali's desk, to my surprise was a tapestry, showing dogs, playing poker around a gaming table. Quite the eclectic decor, but why not, its Mohammed Ali, he can hang what he wants on the walls of his multi-million dollar home I thought. I smiled.
    We sat down, and my late Pastor went over his exercise routine with the champ, and even showed him, by getting on the floor a few push ups and such. We again were smiling and laughing.

    1. Dr. P you really crack me up LOL !

      You mean to tell me that Russia has hundreds of billions of dollars in RESERVE ! They have a few hundred billion lying around over here...and a few hundred billion lying around over there....

      And you have the nerve to say they don't know what they're doing?

      What's the state of the American debt?

      Isn't the United States like, duh...seventeen TRILLION in debt ?

      Please Dr.P tell me another because I'm in need of more laughs tonight. I just ran through all my issues of the Smothers Brothers and I'm in need of more comedy.

    2. russia have billions of dollars in reserve, and usa have in reserve...? depends on how many zeros us printing press will put on one piece of paper... :)

    3. Most shitty little countries like Veneszuela and Mexico that rely on oil prices just piss away their money as soon as they get it.

      But Norway doesn't spend a dime or a sheckle or a crona or whatever of their oil revenues and it just keeps building and building for some future bonanza or something...

      And the Russians have put away some nice tidy sums for the time when they need it and that time might be now, but at leas they didn't piss it all away like the Americans would have done, and even the citizens of Alaska get theirs given to them in cash once a year because they don't want it to sit around like the Norwegians are content to do and the Alaskans want their BEER MONEY.

      ALASKA ---

      Where men are men AND WOMEN ARE MEN TOO !

    4. Yes the Alaskans get their oil bonus check every year and so most of it goes to the meth dealers or now the heroin dealers to take the edge off those long winter months spent indoors while the Moose and the Elk are outside nearby....

      Indoors the Alaskans are high on meth and shootin' up the China White from the new growers in AFGHANISTAN who the United States has put BACK IN THE GAME....YES!

      So forget about cocaine, molly and other stuff now heroine is on the rebound, and not just in NYC or Kansas City or the heretofore traditional dens of heroin junkie heaven....

      Today the Bush family/Cubans of Florida have exempted the state of Florida from normal prescription drug accounting and DEA oversight such that every phony MD and pharmacy there is really a PAIN CLINIC shelling out billions in prescription opiates such as percocet and so forth which are delivered to the other 49 states to make addicts...

      But the buy these pills to feed a habit costs about 90 dollars a day and injecting heroin bought from a dealer is about 40 a day...

      And that's why heroin is now the biggest drug in America...all fifty states...and in the rural areas of Kentucky [yeah Mitch McConnell] and South Dakota and fucking everywhere...

      And we have the politicians of Bush and Cubans in Florida to thank...thank you CIA is what I mean...and therefore the new market for the Afghan poppy growers....

      Hurrah for the Afghans!

    5. All across America stupid white girls in high school cheerleader outfits are sharing percocet with their boyfriend jocks and their lesbian girlfriends on the High School debate team and all of them are getting hooked on opiates...

      And then one day when they can't afford the pills anymore they finally give in and say, "oh well why not. I'll just start injecting this heroin stuff afterall if it's all I can afford..."

      And then...WHAMMY

      YoU've GOt an I-V druG USr for life...a customer for life....yo...yo...yo.....

      And it's time for Leah Remick and jack Lemon to burst out on the scene and let's have a re-make of...


    6. All across America stupid white girls in high school cheerleader outfits are sharing percocet with their boyfriend jocks and their lesbian girlfriends on the High School debate team and all of them are getting hooked on opiates...

      And then one day when they can't afford the pills anymore they finally give in and say, "oh well why not. I'll just start injecting this heroin stuff after all if it's all I can afford..." --------- wow, so true and so nicely put put...
      Cocaine users are just those who still have money not to use heroine, they are intelligent animals until they start with heroine... Very scary creatures... Chance to stop using Heroine is 20%, same as for developed alcoholism... And there is no cure from any addiction, there is only socially acceptable substitution (in sex, religion, work...). Heroine addict can make substitution with alcohol, but than he must drink one bottle of whiskey (1litre) that day... Difference is also that you need 10-15 years for alcoholism to develop and for heroine you need two shoots, you take first one, and than you will need to take once again sometime that other one...

    7. I favor substitution with sex. It always worked for me.

    8. I am in the middle of a great book about the undercover drug world called The Big White Lie by Michael Levine. It is all about the Cartels, DEA and CIA how they all interact and the reality of undercover ops. My problem with the whole serious drugs thing is how these youngster get into it the first place. It has become a cultural cliche since the 60's that Heroin, etc will get you hooked, leave you at the mercy of your dealer, leading to possible job loss, crime and prostitution and probably death. How sheep like and stupid would you have to be to get sucked into this World? I suppose Keith Richards and Ozzy Ozbourne are examples to the contary, but they are so unusual that medical teams wish to study them to see how they survived. Would be quite interesting to give the stuff from the all time high production fields of Afghanistan a chemical marker or colour or something like a Bank note to see how it distributes throughout the World.

    9. The new users have never heard of any harms of heroin , it's effects or history.

      They have no idea where it comes from or how long it's been around or anything about it.

      These are generations of young people who know NOTHING except for the popular culture of the Kardashians, Katy Perry, Barak and Michelle Obama, and sports....

      They live in a bubble with no knowledge about anything other than their world of social media, Kanye West, and Ellen Digeneris....

  2. My Pastor, explained to Ali why we were here, that I had lost my mother to cancer.
    We no sooner had arrived and Ali, decided he wanted to demonstrate his skills as a "magician", and brought out a 4 foot long multi colored scarf, and told me he was going to make it "disappear right before my eyes".
    I thought, if I guess how he did this trick, I am going to embarrass everyone, including myself. I wasn't sure he was going to pull this off, because I had been watching the news reports of how all the years of boxing had started to "catch up with him".
    None the less, Ali, bunched the red, blue, green, yellow, purple, and black scarf, and rolled it up in his very large fists, and holding both hands closed, Ali asked me "which hand is the scarf in".
    I figured I had a 50/50 chance, so I guessed it was in his right hand.
    He opened his hand, and it wasn't there. I breathed a sigh of relief, I was wrong. But I was surprised.
    So I said well, its in the left then.
    He opened his left hand. Hmmm, no multi colored scarf. I really was surprised.

  3. I had no idea what he had done with the scarf. And I figured, I will never know.
    But again, if the day wasn't filled with enough surprises already, Ali explained that "because I am a Muslim, I am not suppose to deceive anyone, so I have to show you how I did this trick", and he did, and again we had a good laugh as one of his thumbs, had a flesh colored covering over it, stuffed with the scarf.
    Before we left, Ali, gave me a hug, and said he was "sorry to hear about my mother"
    I thanked him for his kind words and hospitality, and asked him If I could take a picture with him on his doorstep.
    He agreed, so I thought that was easy enough, so I figured I would ask him if I could make it look like I was throwing a "knockout punch to his chin". And to my surprise he agreed to let me take that picture, so I could show all my buddies back home.
    When I developed the film (tells you how long ago that was), I was surprised to see Ali, had his right, ready with his own upper cut / counter punch.
    After looking at that picture, I was very glad to not have been on the receiving end of that punch. I think it would have knocked me out, as I am quite sure, I have what is called a "glass jaw" : )

  4. With Jelzin they would be right now much much better. From America people must import civilisation and business culture. Russia could have been stronger than Germany and Japan with support and permission of America... Even Europe this year have found out that protection from US does not work, EU just adopted full american style culture of financing business. Write 10 pages, and you get 2,5M E, but not by showing how you are one of those formally suitable any more but by showing how you are capable. All those socialists in my country attacked presentation of this project because they are loosing big time with this, those socialistic fat cats are loosing their corrupted bureaucratic connections with money because now america is not funding this socialistic shit any more (bye bye UAE and SA) and they are getting dry, and if EU is getting dry you will bleed, Russia... Socialists said that this american model is pure lottery because they no one is guaranteeing that if you fill form well that you will get money like it was before (with socialist connections for chosen ones). Form is not important any more you parasites. Russia will also find out that very soon, Europe did.

  5. Here is hoping no one has to endure a "Mohammed Ali double punch", but if they do then удачи. "Best of luck".

  6. this guy is very very lucid... i adore his presentations, but he does only paid ones, so not much on YT, about Russia

    1. The days of wine and roses...
      Laugh and run away...
      Like a child at play..
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      The lonely night discloses..
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      Filled with memories..
      Of the Golden Smile that introduced me to.....

      The Days of Wine and Roses,

      And you...

    2. Springtime never waited for us girl...
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    3. just one tip, i am lesbian in male body so...

  7. Longer than always is a long...long time.

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    1. My heart will be in your keeping..

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  8. Someday..when I'm feeling old..and the world is cold...
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    Day by day your tenderness grows...tearing my fears apart..and that laugh that wrinkles your nose...

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    1. Sunshine..never, never change...

      Keep that breathless charm...

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      Cuz I love you!

      And the way you look tonight.....

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      But your love is a common occurance...
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      Still you know that may be what you need is someone to lay down beside you...

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      Still you know that may be all you get...

      Is someone to lay down beside me...

      And even though it's not real...

      Just someone to lay down beside me...

      You just can't ask for......


  9. At least Putin is an adult:
    Photo exhibit:

  10. Russia is such an interesting case I think it was someone like Clive James or Norman Mailer who said he was not that worried about the Russian missiles as they could not make a decent bar of soap! It seems obvious that men on the ground and Tanks etc are old hat. Because after economic warfare came cyber warfare talking out their power, water, sanitation distribution and well anything involving computers. Job done. I think if the proverbial hits the fan Putin can retire with his 15 Billion pension fund and Gymnast girlfriend. Having a strategist to replace him would be good but he would need to be a streetfighter as well. Because I suspect that many of the Russian leaders have had to physical their way out of situations be it a Stalin or Putin. I believe also they have just found some more family jewels in the Arctic circle in terms of oil and minerals which might help prop things up.

  11. Oh yes other Business. I see they are just about to interview 'The man who shot Bin Laden' this will be interesting as we all know OBL was dead for 10 years before. My Uncle died of Marfans at 45 while driving his family on a motorway luckily they did not hit anything. I assume the gentleman interviewed will have shot a double for him to be convincing. The number of these guys writing books now maybe they should do their raids with a book agent and a lawyer. Here in the UK Comedian Russel Brand has written a book 'Revolution' which is good and is thinking about running for London Mayor. He is being attacked consistently across all media and forums...I think he has really rattled someones cage in the establishment. His views of ant-war, anti-corporate rip off and the 1% are gaining currency so I think they are setting out to methodically dissect him, it did notb help his case when he doubted the official story of 9/11 whic is a no, no on the BBC. What interests me is how coordinated the attack is someone is doing it by the book.

    1. Discussed Russell Brand today Bill UK ! And yes I wholeheartedly agree! He does a great show on YouTube called "Trews news" for anyone else interested

    2. What the fuck is Russell Brand advocating for anyway? Idiots like him spend hours of self-righteous, sanctimonious blather complaining how the system doesn't perform for ordinary people but what the fuck does he want to do about it?

      None of these morons like Brand will come out and say that they are socialists because socialism brought only further poverty to the UK so what the fuck does he want?

      Who gives a shit about his hair and his beard and his whinny complaints.

      But of course today we have something calling itself the "Zeitgeist Movement" which to me is akin to a "bowel movement...."

      This "Zeitgeist" crap is nothing but a 700 point list of psuedo-scientific blather claiming that "science teaches us" that all we have to do is enact a 800 point program of government regulations over the economy and then every person on the planet, even the Zulus in South Africa and the Mendes in Sierra Leone will have their "needs met."

      What the fuck do these psuedo-intellectuals know about "meeting the needs" of seven billion people born in places that have no functioning economy because their mothers didn't have the will or the power to keep their unemployed fathers off of them.....

      Poor people exist because their fathers want to fuck their mothers regardless of the consequence, and leave the rest of society to cope with these unemployed people demanding that the rest of us "meet their needs."

      I don't agree with the Gates Foundation or others that every life can be fulfilled. If there isn't the means to create a working economy for all these excess babies their fathers have created by impregnating some powerless female then they are doomed.

      This was understood a century ago by Margaret Sanger and the other American eugenicists but of course it would be too cruel to admit the truth that there is no place for all these babies that are made like cats continually having kittens.

  12. A slight hint of cynicism! But funny how the seal team six operative Rob o Neill declares himself Bin Laden's killer and this whole narrative is wheeled out in a week when Obama himself is holed up in his "compound" or " command centre" with most of America baying for his blood albeit in a political sense!!!

    1. The "Chris Kyle Syndrome" of Special Forces soldiers fabricating yarns about their exploits to sell books is getting out of hand.

      It just goes to show you the kind of liars and assholes who constitute the American military today, and in the past this would never have happened.

      There's now three or more different accounts by SEAL team Six members of who killed this guy and how it happened, so who gives a shit anyway.

      I've seen that Kim Kardashian and others are now bleaching their eyebrows and this is about as important to the public as which Special Forces lying asshole killed bin Laden. I'm much more interested in Jennifer Lawrence's opinion of myself that I'm a criminal because I downloaded freely available images of her vagina that she wanted to save on the ethernet because she wants to view her vagina from time to time using Apple Corporation products and services.

    2. So this is the state of things....

      Ninty percent of the public thinks that the condition of Kim Kardashian's marriage to Kanye West and Jennifer Lawrence's outrage over the release of her ethernet vagina pics is of importance....more important than economics or politics though perhaps not more important than sports...

      And then the other ten percent of the population won't stop blathering about what a shame it is that we live in a world where the needs of billions of new people born into poverty go unmet but they don't have a fucking clue as to what to do about it....

    3. I'd say your mathematics are correct! I watched a great documentary about the famous American magician & escapoligist is it Rudi or Rudy?? When he exposed Uri Geller and some faith healer yet the public especially with the faith healer refused to believe and even went on to market water from the sea of Galilee! Jesus Christ's very own water!!!! I have to admit my faith in humanity sank! I'm sure we all can see the parallels I'm trying to suggest in a basic way

  13. The WORST person on the scene today hawking answers for the world is the pseudo-intellectual, pseudo-scientist, power-poing jabbering, humorless, rapid-talking moron and idiot Peter Joseph.

    This guy blathers on and on and on claiming that he knows the eternal truths of the world because of what "science tells us tells us that...."

    He claims to understand for the first time in all of human history the final and eternal truths of mankind and it's fate and destiny all because of the social science, software, Apple computer corporation, and other techie wizardry so we can all dress like bums like he does, grow a lot of facial hair, never smile or act like a human being, and misuse science and acedemics in a revolutionary quest for self-aggrandizement.

    Peter Joseph is just another humorless revolutionary Jew in the mold of Zinoviev and other Bohlsheivic assholes with no humanity, no heartfelt anything, just a self-aggrandizing COLD COLD COLD hatred of everything that's already here....

    I call for the immediate assassination of Peter Joseph for being dressed poorly, for advocating for a HUMAN DISTOPIA.

    He is a danger and menace to humanity.

    Hunt him down and slay him.

    1. Peter Joseph is the Jew reincarnation of the Bohshevic Zinoviev...he looks exactly like him and dresses like him [oh so cool prolitarian factory-worker black chic] and even has the same ghotee and hair....

      He speaks exactly like him with the rat-tat-tat-tat rapid-speak bullshit jabbering citing this...then that...and "I know it all because in MY lifetime science has given ME the knowledge of the universe...


      I call on all sane people who should have killed Zinoviev on site when he first appeared to...

      Hunt down and slay Peter Joseph immediately!

  14. Everyone here should go to Youtube and see any program featuring Peter Joseph.

    If ever there was someone dressed and groomed and looking exactly like a Bohlshevik that is the guy..from his collarless white shirts to his black jackets and grey trousers to his rimless glasses and goatee and jewish haircut ala early 20th century Russian jewish appearance....

    This guy does nothing but accuse international market capitalism of every kind of evil imaginable and what does he give us as reform?

    Bohlshavism by any other name.

    This guy is a re-incarnation of Buharin and Zinoviev and Felix Dhurzinski all in one.

    The fact that he looks like he does is reason enough to shoot him on sight.

  15. "Zeitgiest" is of course a German word and as Marx and Engles of course wrote and spoke only in German then there isn't even a tissue of difference, not a smigin of difference, between Bohlshevism and what Peter Joseph is selling....

    It's "neo-bohlshevim" I guess if I had to coin a term....

    Why can't some people give up?

    I mean there are far....FAR more neo-fascists in the world..all over the world....and in every corner of Europe today than Leninists !

    Is that's what's causing this Jew to go apeshit like this?

    Is he re-manufacturing Russian Jewish Bohlshevism because he's pissed the whole world is turning fascist before his eyes ?

  16. But i mean this guy's so sick that he's probably not even aware that he's dressing and grooming himself like a bohlshevik.

    He's just taken on this persona, what he admires, and probably isn't even aware of what he's doing. If you showed him pictures of Bukharin, Trotsky, Durzinski, et. al. and pointed out to him that he looks just like them he wouldn't even admit it, but I mean really the guy wears collarless white shirts for crying out Loud.....

    Do we really have to re-live the horrors of Lenin at this stage in our history? Do we have to repeat again the titanic struggle between Soviet communism and fascism?

    Let's give it a rest by putting this sick Dude in a grave because that's the only way we will be free of his kind of pathological malevolence.

  17. And where's Hollywood in all this??

    As big an issue as heroin use is why doesn't some producer come along and make a film about a couple of young suburban kids dragged down to ruin and death by this stuff?

    Nobody would want to see anything like that I imagine as it's a part of everyone's lives already and they'd rather watch something like...

    The remake of the six million dollar man...

    Transformers fifty-two perhaps..

  18. I was thinking the same thing as your last post Mit. I don't for the life of me know why my ex brother in law who grew rich off of representing these Hollywood actors, wouldn't do a movie or a documentary or something of the like, to try to shed some light, or warn the up and comers, on the drug issues these actors deal with, along with dealing with the emptiness of stardom. Especially after losing Phillip Seymour Hoffman who seemed to have everything to live for.
    Maybe the bottom line is everything, and there is not enough money to be made exposing this terrible plague? I don't know.
    Or maybe the truth would take the shine and the glitz off of the "glamour" of Hollywood.

  19. In the seventees there were film makers like Robert Benton and Herb Ritts and many others who loved making films about ordinary people struggling with demons and challenges. Who was it who made "The Gambler" with James Caan about a rich Jewish kid who teaches literature in a Junior College and has a compulsive gambling addiction. That was in interesting film.

    I've mentioned before that David Chase wrote "Off the Minnesotta Strip" with Mare Winningham about a teenager who comes home after being a teen prostitute in New York and then goes back to being a prostitute again.

    There used to be an ethic among hollywood film makers that it was important to show the lives of ordinary people....there was even a film called "Ordinary People."

    Robert Benton from Austin gave up writing garbage like "Bonny and Clyde" and made "Places in the Heart" about a widow saving the farm in the depression, and before that made "Kraemer vs. Kraemer" about a nice jewish couple in New York going through a custody battle.

    Whatever happened to the ethic of showing a bit of reality to the public?

    Whatever happened to that?

    One of my favorite films is "Harry and Tonto" about an ordinary man who leaves on a road trip to visit his adult children and takes his cat along with him. He meets many other ordinary and interesting people along the way.

    Ordinary people is where it used to be about.

  20. Cheers del stead! Russell Brand is pilloried again in the papers this morning for marching in central London. It is worth seeing him on Question Time and giving MSNBC a new orifice on Youtube. I am more interested as to the why's and how's of MSM going after him than anything else. His position is basically it is Fooking stoopid that 81 people own more than 3.5 billion people in the World and it is. Regarding young folk and drugs I took a slightly unorthodox approach in that I gave total access to drink, cigs and drugs etc but at the same time made suggestions to create a phobic response to most of those things. Result they are all obsessed with bodybuilding so the powders are whey and vitamins the obsession part with weights, then you get the endorphic addiction from the training. With no restriction there was nothing to push against. In fact it worked a bit to well so I have to buy Lagers for their parties so they do not appear to goody goody. It works! I do not get this thing of famous women taking pictures of their private parts than putting them on the 'Cloud' Duh! I am sure no one on this forum takes pictures of their Dick and then puts it into a public 'memory' (although I understand some US Politicians enjoy this for some reason).del stead you are thinking of the Amazing Randi a debunker of all things esoteric. My Wife had a really long chat with Uri a few weeks ago, apparently he is a really nice bloke who David Blaine thinks is authentic at least. I think they tried a 'warts and all' approach to drug addiction in 'The Man with the Golden arm' but Hollywood found it very controversial at the time. I do not know who Peter Joseph is but if he were killed would'nt that make him a fashion victim? Over and out.

    1. "The Amazing Randi" is himself and fraudster who's failed to pay up time and time again when he challenges to pay for feats accomplished...Randi is a hoax.

      Russell Brand will never be taken seriously so long as he speaks like an idiot and dresses like a clown. If he's the face of reform most people won't buy it.

      You got lucky with your kids. Only a small percentage of kids wind up addicts so the odds were in your favor and that's why they didn't become users, NOT because of your permissiveness.

  21. Listen guys. my job is to make a dime from Russian securities markets and I will tell you... Putin is still doing the good job with the weak cards. Sanctions hurt and currency devalued 25 pct this year but reserve are pretty much intact ( only 10pct loss ytd). The weaker the rouble - the healthier the execution of Russian budget. Again debt/ GDP is only 10 pct. US has 150 pct, soviet union was bankrupt by 1990. Quite different situation Steve? Russian external debt ( Eurobond Russia 30 is quite stable) and S&P confirmed the investment grade 2 weeks ago. Still Putin has at least 2 years to survive if oil will stay even at 60 usd Brent. Russian equity which are in trash now are accumulated at penny prices by semi- government entities...Putin is musculine crook but...he is good mother fucker survivor.

    1. Yes but Putin needs to prevent rich Jews from swooping in from outside and buying up Russian assets at these cheap prices. Most Russian millionaires are still Jews despite the fact that Jews are a tiny minority...because they have access to colossal credit from their Jewish banker friends which ordinary Russians do not have.

    2. No Mike. First. So called Russian oligarchs are mostly Russians and from Caucasus. The latter respect only force and violence and Putin has these virtues with excess. Second, oligarchs are so afraid of khodorkovskiy case and really do whatever state will tell them. The latest case of evtushenkov - quite loyal oligar

    3. All of the oligarchs who plundered the country after 1990 were all Jews who obtained their loans to buy up striped assets from banks made available to them from Jewish channels.

      Look at a list of the twenty five richest people in Russia today and you'll see that most of them are Jews....and this is after the biggest plunderers among them were imprisioned or fled the country.

      Russia has always struggled with this foreign element within it and from time to time the frustration over their larceny resulted in murderous pograms. However no matter how murderous the pograms were, or how humiliating their marginalization was by the state....

      They never left but continued to stay for the same reasons why they came there in the first place....

      It's a place where they can set up their rackets and exploit and take advantage of the natives.

      Ask yourself if there wasn't a compelling factor causing them to be there then why'd they ever invite themselves there and then stay even after periodic repressions?

      You always hear about how aweful the pograms were but you never hear about the outrages which sparked them.

      The plunder of Russia after 1990 by foreign Jews using Russian Jews as their tools unmasks what the Jewish role in Russia always was.

    4. Jews or not the owners of the large private business in Russia are under 80% risk of loosing their money and properties to Putin cronies And be jailed. The legislative system and law enforcement are under direct orders from president Putin administration.

  22. Evtushenkov was stripped of oil major Bashneft and brought to home arrest and will be jailed. He was stolen 5 bln by Putin cronies and probably more. Oligarchs are afraid to fart without Putin permission. Jail or eviction at best are the exit strategies

  23. Mr. Pieczenik ,
    I admire your opinions to some level because of your background and natural intelligence but in this last sentence '' Next time pick someone who is CULTURANI! Cultured and smart. Preferably a master chess player '' you gave out your real opinion or something else maybe - you know what I mean. " ex " CIA Agent - CIA Agent for life :-)
    Although we disagree on this one youre still very admirable person.
    Best wishes from the regular reader.