Tuesday, November 18, 2014

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  1. Must see video: Superfakes - The Era of Hyper-Reality in Crisis Events is Coming -

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    2. looks more serious than Hollywood... by preparing soldiers before fight this way you diminish damage done to veterans of PTSP later on

  2. I've said a million times the answer is to bring back all the Arabs, give them back the land that was stolen, make all of Palestine Israel under it's present Constitution but eliminate all the religious aspects, and all the Palestinians and Jews will be citizens together in one prosperous secular state...

    And the Jews who want a theocracy and the muslims who want a theocracy can be put up against a wall and shot.

    Just shoot them.

    1. But how would you make citizens from Palestinians if Islam is one, and they will always be tools of Iran vs Saudi Arabia... Still now when Syria is gone chance for that is greater.

    2. Islam is not one anything.

      Frankly it would be best at this juncture to eliminate Islam from the earth.

    3. The Druz, Jews and Arabs, muslims and whatever, will have to live together in one secular state with no religion.

      Judaism will have to be eliminated and Islam dissolved, and those people who continue with these obviously superstitous creeds will have to be rounded up and put into labor camps, then hearded into pits and shot.

      For this task I recommend the Glock 21 10mm semi-automatic. The black hills cartridge with 1,600 feet per second would be ideal.

    4. If ISIS is a psyop to turn opinion against Islam it's working because at this point I now favor dissolving Islam and eliminating it from the earth.

      A "Manhattan Project" program of psyops, psych warfare, and other means will be initiated to turn the minds of the world away from any faith in Islam.

      In twenty years there will be no more muslims left, and Islam will be thought of as a relic of history and people will wonder how past generations could have been so deprived and superstitous and misled.

    5. From you mouth to God s ears, i know CIA could in 5 years end Christianity in whole mid-west, ok 6 years :)), but do not do it to Christians do it to muslims only...

  3. One lousey Flying Saucer would do it more the original 'Day the Earth stood still' or 'Invaders! ' rather than 'Independence day' size hovering over Israel zapping a few landmarks, would focus their one track minds and their weapons.

    1. In England a security guard had sex with two alien girls who appeared in his bedroom one night and he saved the pubic hairs left behind and had the phenotypes of the hairs analyzed at a genetics lab.

      The result is that the chromosomes of the alien public hair revealed that the girls were humans but were ancient humans or ideal clean humans who existed thousands of years ago before the 4,000 known mutations happened which humans today possess.

      The girls were made from human DNA which had been lying around in a spaceship or someplace when the aliens first created humans a long time ago.

      These girls were horny and wanted to be boned and creamed I guess so they could have a baby with this bloke's DNA.

      They prolly knew that his DNA was special and they needed to breed with him.

      Pretty fucking awesome.

  4. The terrible truth is that the Israelis will only begin to compromise when they have to, and that involves making them feel hopelessly insecure. A lot more attacks like this will be needed.


    The huge part of your brains which permit you to possess culture, to process symbols and have verbal language, or language which is not verbal, etc...

    This huge and infinitely complex part of your brains didn't just appear in only 100,000 years by chance or "Darwinist evolution through natural selection"....LOL

    That makes me laugh it's so pitiful.

    You humans were engineered.

    The myth that we created you for the purpose of being slaves and mining Gold is just stupid. Nor did we come from "Niburu" or some other such stupid place.

    We created you because it was our opportunity given that such a species was needed for your evolution and ours.

    It's a sublime project but this kind of thing takes many generations and most of you humans are still very barbaric and primitive.

    You are not able to govern yourselves except in a few places and times, and most of you are much worse in quality than what you believe.

    You have a long way to go.

    Nor would you be aided by open interactions with us.

  6. Look just look at the less than one percent of you who possess refined minds and that's what all of you MUST have to just keep from preying upon each other.

    The average human mind is so primitive that it's not capable of sustaining any culture which will permit a benign experience.

    1. If you want to see what a benign or refined person looks like see the film "Harry and Tonto" because the "Harry" character is such a person.

      "Harry" lives an ordinary life however he is able to experience and perceive the sublime nature of everything that happens, and he's devoid of any malice. He experiences empathy with other animals who are benign.

  7. THE HUMAN BRAIN ----------------


    The capacity for language is the capacity for thought. A creature who cannot process language cannot process language because they cannot think. An animal can have awareness of something, but they cannot manipulate ideas such as to add and subtract numbers, etc., because they have no capacity for ideas.

    The capacity for ideas means that symbols can be used to manipulate ideas. Symbols stand for ideas and mean what ideas are, and can be manipulated.

    This is all apparent in the conscious mind but the unconscious mind also has knowledge and awarenss of facts and can transmit specific knowledge via symbols to the conscious mind.

    A dream is an experience of the conscious mind receiving data in the form of symbols and emotions from the subconscious mind.

    The ability to use symbols means that emotion-laden ideas for concepts, abstractions, can be represented by symbols, and that's how CULTURE occurs. Only humans are therefore capable of culture.

    The human mind is designed innately to process culture, to process and accept symbols for concepts which have emotional meaning.

    This INNATE capacity for culture PRECEEDS the ability to use language, and is necessary for any language to operate.

    Therefore the complex and highly organized portions of the human brain necessary for the process of culture had to exist BEFORE the language areas of the brain could develop.

    The specific areas of the brain which process symbols in the language operated by an individual are known. They were easily mapped because damage to them results in obvious deficits.

    Language is not "learned" by an "grows" in the infant's brain as it witnesses and processes culture.

    It is of course not possible for this complexity to arise through variation or natural selection, particularly in only a hundred thousand years or so..................

    1. I quite like the notion that the mind has a built in filter like a speed inhibiter in a car, which for some people is released. Like with some on Autistic spectrum that have incredible mathematical abilities, or memory or drawing. Vincent van Gogh with his paintings of swirling energy fields might have had the brake off...or it could have been the absinthe!

    2. I don't think Van Gogh was a savant. I think he was a run-of-the-mill manic depressive. His creative impulses were present when in the manic state like many such people.

    3. Daniel Tammet is a true savant and he can also communicate well and he describes numbers which appear in his conscious mind as shapes and emotions.

      The normal manner in which any data finds it's way from the unconscious to the conscious mind is this way because the unconscious mind doesn't have language so it must use metaphores.

      Anyone who remembers a dream is aware of this.

      Unfortunately all this evidence is such a challenge to the materialistic assumptions and wishes of science that psychology rejects it all.

      I doubt whether any psychologist or psychiatrist will want to see Daniel Tammet anymore than they wanted to see Kim Peek, who also had such abilities.

      Obviously savants are not calculating. They are accessing data which cannot be calculated.

    4. The physical damage to the brains of Tammet and Peek are obviously allowing data to flow which is not normally intended to pass.....

      What the scientists would like to believe is that their brains are able to calculate these complicated questions and supply immediate answers.

      But that can't be the case because if it were true then everyone's brains would be doing highly complex calculations all the time but just not revealing any of it.

      Scientists have to come to terms with the fact that Tammet and Peek's brains ARE INJURED. They do not possess extra ability from INJURY. INJURY doesn't create new areas of the brain. It creates deficits.

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    6. Chia ChaNovember 20, 2014 at 8:48 AM

      every Science which avoid fact of religion can not include humans, only real scientific difference between humans and animals is that animals are not able to distinct good from evil, they are like sociopaths, they just do not think about it, they are biological computers, that why Satan was invented

  8. Who Is Pulling The Strings in Ferguson, Missouri? Community agitators plan to burn cities across the USA.

    1. Most local police today reflect the trends of brutality which are now pervasive in America.

      American police know their bosses will lie for them and they know they can get away with killing unarmed citizens if they want.

      It doesn't matter that they are being filmed because their unions and bosses will permit it.