Thursday, November 13, 2014

Beyond Mission Creep: General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff Recommends “Modest [U.S.] Force In Iraq!”
The recent article by Helene Cooper, NY Times, 11/13/2014, “Top General Says He’s Open To Using Ground Troops To Take Mosul” reaffirms for me one basic concept of war. We never enter into a war with the complete conviction to win.  Instead Americans become consumed in our own quagmire of wishful thinking and lack of strategy. How many times have we heard the re-affirmation from President Obama that ‘there will not be American boots in Iraq’.

He,  like most of our Presidents has lied repeatedly without consequence. After POTUS has just deployed close to 3000 American troops to Iraq to be ‘military advisors’—whatever that means—we now have a clear statement that there will be a very high probability that there will be American combat soldiers fighting alongside the irrepressible non-existent Iraq Army.
Ostensibly, we are downsizing our fighting forces. In reality, it appears that Americans are fighting everywhere from Africa to the Middle East and on to the Ukraine. Many of these fighting personnel are categorized in the rubric of ‘advisors’.  Yet, having spent only thirty years in the national security apparatus, I am still not clear as to what ‘combat advisor’ is other than an American soldier shooting alongside his designated ‘consultee’. The combatants that our ‘advisors’ have ‘helped’ like the South Vietnamese, Iraquis and other unwilling patrons have all exhibited one major deficit. They don’t really want to win a war or fight for themselves.
Isn’t bizarre that our Presidents, JFK and LBJ, assured our nation that we had ‘no direct involvement’ in Vietnam, after having deployed over one million soldiers in different rotations of ‘advisor’? How is it that these ‘advisors’ then turned into massive casualties in Vietnam consisting of over 50,000 dead and more than 250,000 wounded?
Iraq has developed its own vocabulary of absurdity. We invaded for WMDs that were never there. We fought against Shi’ites and other ethnic groups who killed and maimed our ‘advisors’ at record numbers. Finally we left in order to make certain that we would never return. However, we have not really “returned” to Iraq because we are not there in ‘full combat’ roles but as ‘advisors’.
Now Dempsey not having learned the lessons of Vietnam, nor the previous Iraq/Afghanistan wars, has now committed himself and our country without a declaration of war, to having ‘modest troop’ numbers in Mosul. Déjà vu…. All over again? 
What will the final result of the non-combatants in the so-called ‘non-war of Iraq’ be? More dead Americans. Greater numbers of  “wounded warriors”.
Why do I think that this deployment to Mosul is very dangerous? We are not in a state of war with Iraq, Afghanistan or any other country. ISIS is strictly the result of our incompetent handling of a multi-culture society that we did not really understand. Nor were we, Americans able to effectively work with all the Shi’ites, Sunni, Kurds, Druze – and their shifting hourly alliances, purposefully created in order to confound our so-called ‘best efforts’.  
Dempsey’s inevitable deployment of a ‘modest force’ is the third time that Americans have invaded Iraq without a clear rationale; other than the duplicitous, CIA-contrived-concept of ‘fighting terrorism’ a la George Bush Jr/Cheney.  “Terrorism” is not a strategy.  It is a tactic that is best handled by HUMINT, psychological warfare methods, and “regime change”—rather than kinetic actions/forces.
For some time now,  I have respected both the professionalism and dedication of General Martin Dempsey.  He has brooked the nonsensical, amateurish behavior of the novitiates, like Obama and his White House staff--- Susan Rice; Ben Rhodes; Samantha Powers; John Brennan; Dennis McDonough. 

Yet now in his statement that he is willing to “deploy a modest force to Mosul”, Dempsey enters the pantheon of Army Generals who have gone down in history as unadulterated failures like Gen. Westmoreland [Vietnam] and Gen.Tommy Franks [‘shock and awe’]. Americans have remained too silent at a time when the President, once again, relies on rationales for war that depend on distortions, outright lies and constant deceptions.
Obama did not serve in combat.  Neither did any of the pundits who had sent us into the wars in which we were defeated –LBJ, Reagan, Clinton, Bush jr
Wake up America! And let’s stop this absurd warring! That is the best honor that we can give our Veterans who have served our country. No more unnecessary wars! Remember, it is very easy to send American troops into combat but it is very hard, if almost impossible, to extract them from combat.  
Let us remember that we have not won a war since 1945.  Yet we have been involved in hundreds of undeclared conflicts over the world in the ersatz jingoistic cry of “national security” over the past fifty years.
Let me end this blog by quoting Herodotus, the famous Greek philosopher:
“In peace, sons bury their fathers; in war, fathers bury their sons!” 


  1. Vietnam was not enough, socialist block did split up as result of it and economically got destroyed, but we see in Ukraine it was not enough. More job is needed. Pagan non-western judo-christian societies can t fight for them self because they do not exist as they only exist only as Satanic entities which are destroying each other as Satan can t make anything, and will always self destruct by splitting him self and than destroying him self alone by fighting with him self until total destruction. Stalin vs Hitler, and same goes to Islam vs socialism in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan-India, Libya... Only thing USA must do is to help facilitate them to kill each other more. Heck we do not want some socialist PLO nuke on NYC. Maybe european socialists really do need to import more muslims to start destructing it self in to civil war to be saved by America.

    1. Well isn't that just fine !

      Isn't this just like the stupid Americans !

      Americans spend trillions of dollars invading Afghanistan and Iraq on the false premise that their citizens must be saved by us from barbaric, woman-slaying nihlistic savages WHICH ARE NOT REALLY THERE...

      And now that such a group of total mindless barbarians has actually emerged the Americans are too cynical and indifferent to lift a finger.

    2. Dr.P there's no chance of a mission creep in this situation. There's no tolerance for it. Obama himself doesn't give a shit about what happens to the victims of these assholes anymore than Goodluck Jonathan cares about the girls students raped and enslaved by Boco Haram. Jonathan and Obama are both negros devoid of empathy or concern.

      Obama, Hagel and the others are doing the least they have to do because of the colossal embarissment of having brought about the exact horror over there that America claimed to be acting to prevent...which would never have happened except for American destruction of their governments and societies.

      World opinion blames the US for creating the conditions which have unleashed this nightmare, and Americans have to at least be seen to be doing something to remedy it.

      But on the operational level I think there are some interesting things going on here. The US officer corps has learned many lessons from the mistakes of the past and they are in a position to be creative and carefully, thoughtfully take some meaningful actions.

      I look forward as this exercise proceeds.

      It might be interesting.

    3. American governance is so incoherent.

      In 1940 President Roosevelt sought to entangle America in a righteous war along of the Soviet Union to crush Nazi Germany!

      When Germany finally out of exasperation declared war on the US Roosevelt almost forgot about the Japanese and Pear Harbor and drove full steam into a titanic war in Europe to rescue Stalin and Soviet Russia from German conquest.

      Then as soon as Roosevelt is dead and the Germans surrender quietly every office of the American government reverses itself and begins a titanic struggle to roll back communism...even in Russia....

      And to support Nazis everywhere in the world where they might be found.

    4. I adore how until 1935 USA decolonized whole central america (de jure)... Roosevelt was smart, he said we are going to take all. UK and France thought lets let Hitler to fight Stalin, than we will just enter with armies and destroy both... Socialists in France did not want to see destroyed USSR so they wanted France in 1936 to occupy Germany and save social-democrats there and leave they precious USSR, but English said no chance... We need both to fall, and we are not letting you to become so strong. France than had no choice so they went along UK. Than they said, Hitler is too weak so he needs Skoda factories in Prague to start war. Hitler knew that he can count on differences between western powers. Than he fool them with pact with USSR. So point is that UK wanted France, Germany and USSR to bleed. France wanted Germany and USSR to bleed. USA wanted UK, France, Germany and USSR to bleed. Japan wanted Germany to bleed. They could have won war with Germany by sending their fleet to Atlantic to help Germany but they did not want Germany to win. Their plan was for Germany to blood so long to give them time to rise their industrial base to protect Asia and Pacific from USA. And than enter peace talks with USA on equal footing when USA and USSR destroy Germany. And than even release India and return Australia. As 1M japanese soldiers were ready for invasion of Australia but operation was canceled when they saw that US carrier is still around after battle of Solomon islands... When you count on power of other, it does not work obviously.

    5. but Japan would never enter war if they knew for US war industrial plans... they were so stupid to not ask them self: "Why americans are preparing filed to expand capacity of this port for 500%, why americans are levelling this field near this factory, why americans are building new airplane engines but not airplanes." Heck Roosevelt sent air unit to Chinese in 1939, whit best US planes which were only modern model of fighter back than while all other planes were outdated... interesting :) pagans are blind obviously because they do not exist as entities

    6. was made in 1937 but entered service for US just in 1941 and at first in small numbers, but was fighting for Chinese in 1938 . :))

    7. or imagine war staring in 1945 after nuclear bomb was found,,, france, uk, nazis and soviets and japanese with nukes before next world war:) i think God really blessed USA and gave them luck:)

  2. I think the problem is the coiffed, fragrant besuited Politicians are too distant from the realities of War, most having probaly never even had a fight. Maybe with more involvement greeting every coffin coming back meeting all the families would be a start. We have just had an art display around the Tower of London of 800,000 ceramic poppies in the moat representing the fallen of WW1(see it on Google images) Maybe if George and Tony were to plant 600,000 poppies on their hands and knees ever year they might reflect on what they have done. Or that Albright character with her 'worth it' sanctions experience millions of screaming starving children first hand. Also the 'Chicken hawks' benefit from the financials of the War machine too much. I was amazed that Cheney was allowed his involvement with Haliburton without it being considered a clash of interests. The crooked Politicians coupled with a lapdog media mean we will have 1984 style endless War for the forseeable.

  3. Whatever disclosed is the antithesis of REALITY:

    Try this

    "How the Doomsday Project Led to Warrantless Surveillance and Detention after 9/11

    How did the deep state, in one fell swoop after 9/11, hand the government powers of warrantless surveillance and detention? Easy: it substituted “terrorism” for “nuclear attack” to activate the Atomic-Age machinery created to help the government operate after a catastrophic nuclear strike...

    Known officially (and misleadingly) as “Continuity of Government” (COG) planning, the Doomsday Project, under the guiding hands in the 1980s of Oliver North, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and others, on 9/11 became the vehicle for a significant change of government. The extreme repressive powers accumulated under the guise of the Doomsday Project were first developed to control the rest of the world. Now, to an unprecedented extent, America itself is being treated as an occupied territory...

    COG plans were implemented on 9/11, before the last plane had crashed in Pennsylvania. The 9/11 Report confirms this twice, on pages 38 and 326.

    It was under the auspices of COG that Bush stayed out of Washington on that day, and other government leaders like Paul Wolfowitz were swiftly evacuated to Site R, inside a hollowed out mountain near Camp David...

    The implementation of COG was a 90-day alternative “shadow government” outside Washington...

    Cheney jumped into action in his bunker beneath the East Wing to ensure continuity in government. He immediately began to create his shadow government by ordering one hundred mid-level executive officials to move to specially designated underground bunkers and stay there twenty-four hours a day. They would not be rotated out, he informed them, for ninety days, since there was evidence, he hinted, that the terrorist organization al-Qa’ida, which had masterminded the attack, had nuclear weapons. The shadow government, as a result, needed to be ready to take over the government from the bunkers...

    ...Cheney and his legal counsel had set in motion on 9/11 the ongoing secret back channel of deputies that would later produce the notorious memos justifying torture and warrantless surveillance....

    The next 90 days after 9/11 saw the swift implementation of the key features attributed to COG planning by Gelbspan and Chardy in the 1980s: militarization of homeland security, warrantless detentions, warrantless deportations, and the warrantless surveillance that is their logical counterpart. The clearest example was the administration’s Project Endgame—a 10-year plan, initiated in September 2001, to expand detention camps, at a cost of $400 million in Fiscal Year 2007 alone.

    This implemented the central feature of the massive detention exercise, Rex 84, conducted by Louis Giuffrida and Oliver North in 1984."

    1. "America is under attack !"

      --- Andrew Card

    2. ps...

      After Card whispered this into President Bush's ear at the elementary school where Bush was listening to first graders learning how to read....

      No one disturbed the President's listening to the first graders or asked him to leave or move...

      He just sat there and continued to listen to the first graders for more than twenty minutes...undisturbed.

    3. Was that the Andy Card who had his cousin Susan Lindauer put away so she would not spill the beans?

    4. It's the Andy Card whose daughter was on the Ways and Means Committee and was on the internet in 2005 claiming that the Justice Department hadn't recovered several billion dollars in looted Marcos family funds from UBS Geneva when in fact the monies were disgorged but kept in UBS accounts controlled by her father....

      That Andy Card.


    And it ended in the same stupid way that "Breaking Bad" ended.

    Just as Walter White suddenly forgot every lesson he learned and instantly collapsed in a completley unnecessary lapse into weakness and stupidity....

    In the same way Nucky Thompson throws away all his fortune, all his resources, everything he always said which guaranteed his survival and his ability to eat...

    In one bizarre turn he allows himself to surrender everything he has although there's no reason whatsoever to do so...

    What a stupid bunch of shit.

    What a rip off.

    The Guerilla Economist promises a bombshell broadcast in a few minutes, at 8 p.m.

    Before It's News
    This Will Make Watergate Look Like a Sunday School Picnic – “V” the Guerrilla Economist
    Friday, November 14, 2014 6:36
    By Red Pill Reports
    (RedPillReports) In the words of “V” the Guerrilla Economist, “This will be monumental. This will make Watergate look like a Sunday school picnic and Iran Contra look like a choir boy circus”.

    On Friday, November 7, 2014, “V” The Guerrilla Economist invited Greg Morse back to the show. V described the information that Greg is bringing out, being on the level of a “JRR Tolkien” of finance.

    1. Does "V" stand for "Vesuvius" or "Vagina?"

      Wasn't Greg Morris the negro character on "Mission Impossible?"

      JRR Tolkien was the cousin of JRRRRRRRRRR Tolkien in case you didn't know...

    2. I once met a homeless, bearded man on the street and asked him to have lunch with me. While we were eating a child passed by and said that the homeless man looked like "The World's Most Interesting Man" in the Mexican beer commercials.

      He answered that he was the brother of "The World's Most Interesting Man." He was "The World's Least Interesting Man."


    Go to Youtube and you might find some recent appearances of Dr. Chomsky addressing the UN in the General Assembly center and at a conference table....

    You will notice that unlike his usual totally unkept, messy mass of hair his hair is neatly cut and trimmed.

    Is that what it takes to get this guy to take care of himself?

  7. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Yesterday (November 13, 2014), WEED AND SEED OPERATIONS (very corrupt parts of the ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT put together by prior SHERIFF doing 5.5 years in FEDERAL PRISON) illegally "REMOVED" a specific plastic bag from my shopping cart between 12:00 a.m. and about 6:00 a.m.! This particular plastic bag contained critical "evidence" (various government and bank documents) that I needed to substantiate my "CASE" to get my birth identity back!

    I was still O.K., until today (November 14, 2014)! At about 5:30 p.m., someone (said WEED AND SEED OPERATIONS, along with THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES)) illegally "REMOVED" my bag that I carry everyday; and I have had this said plastic bag since October 29, 2013, when the other "plastic bag" (OTHER COMMENTS) was stolen by THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES)! The said "plastic bag" stolen today (November 14, 2014) contained various government documents (critical evidence), bank records (critical evidence), and clothes (including two (2) dirty shirts)!

    There are two (2) video cameras behind Jack-in-the-Box (Callen's Common and Bristol St.), were my bag was stolen at about 5:30 p.m. on November 14, 2014!

    1. [minor correction]


      There are two (2) video cameras behind Jack-in-the-Box (Callen's Common and Bristol St.), [correction] where my bag was stolen at about 5:30 p.m. on November 14, 2014!

    2. Callen's Common and Bristol St. is located in Santa Ana, California!

    3. The problems you are having is because you are in Santa Ana.

      Find the money for a bus ticket to Tarzana and you'll find all these issues will disappear.

      I recommend Tarzana.

    4. The Zagat guide to living outdoors in the San Fernando Valley by MIt.
      Give it a try Raymond, just don't sleep in one of those underground garages on stilts, in case of another quake like the Northridge Quake.
      And there is a great bagel bakery on Sepulveda Blvd called Western Bagel. Mit is that in your guide as well I hope? I give it 4.5 stars out of 5.
      He is giving you good advice Raymond, forget Santa Ana, and the corrupt Sheriff Corona.

    5. Sheriff Corona is the distant cousin of infamous axe murderer Juan Corona, who in the early 1970s used a hatchet to kill numerous migrant farm workers on his farm so he wouldn't have to pay them wages owed.

      Today Juan Corona's image is on the newly introduced "Juan Corona Pet Food" line of cat and dog canned food products. It is rumored that illegal aliens are sometimes killed and taken to rendering plants near Edinburg, Texas to form the content of this brand of pet food.

    6. No wonder my Chihuahua Midgie has gas !

  8. As stated in other comments, WE (WORLD POPULATION) have been outside biblical prophecy since July 2006 (YEAR OF DARKNESS)!

    Revelation (BIBLE) states 1/3 of the "WATERS" of the EARTH will be "DESTROYED;" and this after the fulfillment after Revelation Chapters 17 and 18 (destruction of the GREAT SPIRITUAL WHORE (UNITED STATES) in one (1) hour by "FIRE" (NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST))! Therefore, 1/3 the "WATERS" is basically the Atlantic Ocean being completely annihilated from the very intense fallout (VERY INTENSE RADIATION) from the annihilation of UNITED STATES (Revelation Chapters 17 and 18 (BIBLE)) during the FALL of 2006 (YEAR OF DARKNESS); and IRAN was the "planned" (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "1. Gen. Wesley Clark, Democracy Now! interview, 2007" posted by jerepah on June 27, 2013) "TRIGGER" to initiate the said NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST!

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  9. The BP OIL SPILL (2010) was an intentionally planned event that murdered 11 individuals on the RIG; and since the clean-up began, several clean-up workers have been murdered from the use of COREXIT DISPERSANT (SEE THESE YOU TUBE VIDEOS: "Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura: BP Oil Spill [Season 2, Episode 7] (FULL LENGTH)" (at 3:32 and at 30:35 to END); "COREXIT KILLS." (especially at 1:32) posted by dumbbell33 on October 14, 2011; "Riki Ott: Background Facts About Oil Dispersants and Extraction Chemicals" [Dr. Riki Ott Ph.D. (TOXICOLOGIST) gives a lecture on COREXIT DISPERSANT!] posted by FluxRostrum on March 6, 2013; and "TEDxMidAtlantic 2010 - Susan Shaw - Six Months After Oil Spill, Where Are We?" [Dr. Susan Shaw Ph.D. (TOXICOLOGIST) gives a lecture concerning BP OIL SPILL (2010)!] posted by TEDx Talks (AUTHENTIC) on December 18, 2011)!

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  10. Me too!

    They also stole my plastic bag that I carry around with me everywhere.

    Just like yourself they stole my plastic bag months ago and I never got it back. And then I got another bag to put my important evidence in AND THEN THEY STOLE THAT ONE TOO !

    I think I see a pattern forming here.


    Bury it somewhere like under a swimming pool or something. Put it in a time capsule and place it in the cornerstone of a new construction building. Give it to your family priest for safekeeping in the Church safe along with the condoms and other sacred items the clergy might have in there....

    But whatever you do....


    This is a useful YouTube channel. Dr. P appears at abut 1:40.

    Published on Nov 14, 2014

  12. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Today (November 15, 2014), I woke-up (said INDUSTRIAL AREA), ate a local FOOD TRUCK (INDUSTRIAL AREA at South Broadway St. near Warner Ave. Santa Ana, California), went to McDonald's Hamburgers (Warner Ave. and Main St. Santa Ana, California), went and purchased some clothes at GOODWILL INC. (Warner Ave. and Bristol St. Santa Ana, California), and went to SOUTH COAST METRO AREA (started at Callens Common and Bristol St. Santa Ana, California)!

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    1. I could have told you that whenever God says to look into a particular dumpster for something it's a waste of time.

      I spent a lot of time in the past foraging in dumpsters because God told me there was something there I needed but it turned out there wasn't.

      That's just the way God is.

    2. You did NOT read it correctly! On November 14, 2014, when I looked in the actual dumpster and dumpster area, there was NO PLASTIC BAG! THE SAID BAG WAS ABSOLUTELY "GONE"! On November 13, 2014, between 12:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m., WEED AND SEED OPERATIONS (very corrupt parts of the ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT put together by prior SHERIFF doing 5.5 years in a FEDERAL PRISON) "REMOVED" a "SPECIFIC BAG" from my shopping cart where I store my things; and EVERYTHING else in my said shopping cart was left alone! Therefore, this was NOT ANOTHER TRANSIENT taking things!

      When I got off the bus on November 15, 2014, GOD directed me to look in the said dumpster area behind Jack-in-the-Box (Callens Common and Bristol St. Santa Ana, California); and THERE WAS MY BAG, when it absolutely "GONE" the day before (November 14, 2014 at about 5:30 p.m.)!


    3. What do you mean "not another transient?"

      Please don't imply that you are a transient. You are like my own grandfather Eddie, who discovered that if you live outdoors you have the whole city as your castle.

      My grandfather Eddie usually slept outdoors, sometimes in the ally between the Guarantee State Bank building and the Plaza Hotel on the Main Plaza in Neu Braunfels, Texas.

      I have put a plaque on the 15 inch space between the buildings to commemorate the "Eddie Sleeping Place Allyway"

      Poor Eddie died in the Bexar County Hospital in 1973 of a hospital borne infection after routine gall bladder surgery and his funeral was at the St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church.

    4. The Plaza Hotel is the oldest operating hotel in Texas, and was written about in the journals of Frederick Olmstead, the inventor or landscape architecture and the designer of Central Park in NYC.

      Olmstead traveled through Texas from the port of Galveston in the early 1850s and described the German town of Neu Braunfels and it's settlement of intellectuals and bohemians as free thinkers which had constructed the only civilized community in Texas.

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    5. And thank you Linda Creed....the sexiest, most gorgeous song writer in the world.

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  13. EVERYONE MUST SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "Steve Quayle Radio Interview With The Real Jack Ryan (Dr. Steve Pieczenik)" [I got to see more of you Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.! THIS WAS AN EXCELLENT INTERVIEW!] posted by Jordon Deemer on September 19, 2014!

    There must be the neutralization of OBAMACARE (NAZI CARE, similar to Adolf Hitler's T4 (about 1933 to 1945))! Currently, pieces of OBAMACARE (NAZI CARE) needs to be sent to the UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT, especially the "CRIMINAL" SECTIONS (including "DEATH PANALS")! The UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT has the authority to "LEGALLY" suspend the implementation of OBAMACARE (NAZI CARE)!

    The reason for illegitimate Obama (complete and total creation of THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES)) has used illegal EXECUTIVE ORDERS to stop the implementation of OBAMACARE (NAZI CARE) is to be able to implement OBAMACARE (NAZI CARE) whenever illegitimate Obama (C.I.A. ASSET with a C.I.A. GIVEN NAME) want to; and this is for the creation of a "CHAOS" for the initiation of "MARTIAL LAW"! At that point, EVERYONE will be hulled to the nearest F.E.M.A. "DEATH" CAMPS to "EXTERMINATED" (SEE THESE YOU TUBE VIDEOS: "population reduction after economic collapse" by George Green (FORMER INSIDER, who sat-in at the NEW WORLD ORDER MEETINGS); and Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura: Secret Societies [Season 1, Episode 5], Plum Island [Season 2, Episode 1], and Police State [Season 2, Episode 4])!

    The EBOLA VIRUS is still and issue! The NEW WORLD ORDER "ELITE" could have EBOLA VIRUS released and blame it on Africa; and at that point, both NORTH COMMAND and SOUTH COMMAND will be activated by illegitimate Obama (C.I.A. ASSET with a C.I.A. GIVEN NAME) to enforce an illegal "MARTIAL LAW"!

    Pursuant to ARTICLE I, Section 10, and paragraphs 1-3, of the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION, any and all 50 STATES can legally separate from the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT; and this can ONLY happen when there is an "INVASION" (CITY OF LONDON, England ("BRITISH EMPIRE")) and/or "IMMINENT DANGER"! Pursuant to this said section of CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, the STATES can "DECLARE WAR" upon the CITY OF LONDON, England ("BRITISH EMPIRE")!

    Currently, pursuant to N.S.P.D. 51 and H.S.P.D. 20, THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES in association with KNIGHTS OF MALTA) controls the "entire" UNITED STATES EXECUTIVE BRANCH for the CITY OF LONDON, England ("BRITISH EMPIRE")! Is this a VIOLATION of ARTICLE III, Section 3, of the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION (HIGH TREASON)???

    Going against the UNITED STATES EXECUTIVE BRANCH is absolutely NOT TREASON, if the "entire" UNITED STATES EXECUTIVE BRANCH is controlled by THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES for CITY OF LONDON, England)! Only going against the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION constitutes TREASON!

    1. why do t you start looking Satan on other places, you know he does not like to show him self in full

    2. I mean are death panels really such a bad idea?

      Think about it.

      Nobody lives forever anyway. You have to know when to let go.

    3. Isn't Steve Quayle the dumbass who says that "Jack and the Beanstalk" is a true story?


    FAKE ISIS gold and silver coin hoax exposed
    Dave Acton Reporting
    Published on Nov 15, 2014
    Fooled Again: Did the FBI Plant the ISIS Gold Currency Story in Media?

    Media is reporting that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS, ISIL) are planning to mint a precious metals currency out of gold, silver and copper.

    According to SITE Intelligence Group (SITE) and tweets from alleged ISIS members, the terrorist group told the organization that their leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi “created” the currency.

  15. Today I saw somebody who looked like you do..
    She walked like you do...
    I thought it was you..

    Then I turned the corner..
    I called out your name...
    I felt so ashamed..
    When it wasn't you...

    Wasn't you...

    You are everything,
    And everything is you...

    Oh you are everything,
    And everything is you...

    Oh you are everything,
    And everything is you....

  16. Now here is an very interesting link regarding Mitch McConnell and his "family" OY VEY ! You all should check this out !
    ITS CRAZY !!!

    1. Don't be fooled by Mitch McConnell's dower appearance.

      He's in reality the wildest man alive. All night sex romps in his Kentucky retreats have produced numerous whistleblowers testifying to the mountains of cocaine and molly available to all, and dozens of young hillbilly girls partaking of the festivities, all persons nude, and most witnessing "Daddy Mitch's" unparalleled sexual stamina. Numerous youthful girls from the hollers and gaps have been worn out by this sexual athlete.

    2. Yes it's an "eyes wide shut" melieu among the splendid gentry of Old Kentucky...

      Anti-bellam Greek collumed mansions at night are the playgrounds of the Commonwealth's elites. No less than the heirs of Louisville flapper Daisy Buchanon all enjoying the revelries as truckloads of young girls are shipped in from surrounding villages to be the carnal spoils of these scions of the south.....

      Near every form of beastial pleasure is known, and yes, "Daddy Mitch" is the axis upon which this debauchery forms...

  17. You missed your calling Mit. : ) You should be at the Laugh Factory or a Comedy Club doing standup.

    Honestly tho, it looks like Mitch McConnell's idea of a "good time" is eating a bag of popcorn on the sofa in his boxer shorts and a white tea shirt, with his white chicken legs up on an ottoman while watching a chick flick like Yentl or The Way We Were with Barbara Streisand.
    He is no party animal Mit. He looks like he would have trouble just making a poop in the morning, let alone having a (1983) "Risky Business" moment like Tom Cruise; sliding across the floor in his Jockey shorts, with Rebecca De Mornay by his side.

    But I am SHOCKED that they found 90 pounds of cocaine onboard on of his Chinese in-laws cargo ships !

    1. What we call Chinese Triades of Chinese mafia or Asian Organized Crime has been the oldest source of opium, heroin, meth, XTC and cocaine smuggled into the US.

      It is no surprise that these old families of Louisville and the gentried hinterlands of Kentucky have formed an alliance with these Chinese families, OR that "Big Daddy Mitch" is linked to them BY MARRIAGE!

      WAKE UP !!

      Haven't you ever seen "Walking Tall" and the story of Beuford Pusser?

      "Big Daddy Mitch" merely puts on the aires of a sullen, dower old buzzard when in actuality he has the BIGGEST BALLSACK east of the Mississippi.

      The perverts of the old south in the land of MOONSHINE WHISKEY, old Kentucky Bourbon, Jack Daniels, et. al. have had two hundred years of tradition to perfect their charades and game.

      They are a clever lot of illuminati luminaries among whom you may count no less than MR. PIKE himself, the founder of the illuminati and Free Masons in America....


    2. Next you are going to tell me that Albert Pike never attended an orgy or engaged in ritual illuminati sex rites just because he was an old goat....

      WAKE UP!

    3. On Youtube there's a video of a blonde stripper dancing on a chair in front of three seated old farts at what is obviously a lodge meeting somewhere.

      It seem ridiculous but that video can't be a hoax.

      There are actually three of farts sitting at the head of the group in official looking large chairs and the stripper is doing her thing in front of them on this chair, and then an audience of lodge members is attending. The old farts look disinterested probably because they are in the seventees at least and are obviously just attending because it's required or something.

      Apparently this kind of sick shit as ritual really goes on....


    That's the Youtube title.

    And yes they have actual Masonic symbols over their chairs...

    It's just the most stupid fucking shit.

    This is one sick country.


    Yes it's true!

    What I've always said about that sanctimoious phony "PhD or Education" is TRUE !!

    Now numerous girls raped by this negro liar have come forward and they've explained that before they complained but no one would believe them !!

    Yes Dr. Bill Cosby is just another NIGGER phony like all the black preachers and leaders like Elijah Mohammad, etc. are always and without fail pretending to be moral leaders...



    1. Wasn't that the bloke in ISPY he did not drink or smoke so maybe 'drugged rape' was his only vice. I remember Cosby in an ad for some paper company, something like 'How to enjoy books' and noticing his Phd in Education and being surprised firstly that an Actor/Comedian had one and that he had the time to acquire one. Still they did get one thing right travelling around as Tennis Pro's sorting people out, that's what Mossad did when they took out that gent in the Hotel bedroom. Truth is stranger than friction!

    2. Cosby has a phony PhD in education that required no study or work. He fashioned himself as a moral leader and father figure as a smokescreen for his serial acts of assaulting young white girls who would come work for him BECAUSE THEY WOULD BE SO STUPID AS TO BELIEVE THAT A BLACK MAN COULD BE A MORAL LEADER....

      The central problem here is that stupid white people won't accept the facts and evidence that all negro men are con men, have no morals whatsoever, are brutal assholes...

      But they know how to smile a lot and convince people that they are the opposite of what they really are.

      The racists have turned out to be right and that's just the facts of it.

      The simple truth is that the white supremicists have the facts on their side. The evidence indicates that the vast majority, though perhaps not all, of black men are morally and intellectually so inferior to whites that they are a danger and a menace to society.

      No white person should ever trust a negro man in any matter whatsoever. They are deceptive, aggressive, malevolent, etc.

      It's time that society adopt the racist values of the white supremacists and reject wholesale the naive, groundless assertions of the dreamers who have bent social prejudices toward tolerance.

    3. So whenever you see in the media depictions of racists as knuckledragging, brutish, ignorant hillbillies think again. Although many white racists are stupid just as many white non-racists are stupid....

      Among the racists are the most intelligent white people who correctly perceive the primitive nature of negro men and recoil at their brutality.

      Yes the KKK, the Clan, was at times very brutal...

      But not nearly as brutal as negro men.

    4. i believe that culture can suppress defects of race or genetics

    5. That's a nice belief but there is no evidence for it.

      Negros in Europe and America have the same range of temperament, personality characteristics and motivations they have in Africa.

      Personality characteristics, temperament, etc. exist within ranges PER THE GENETIC innate characteristics of that individual...and that is obviously determined by genetics and epigenetics.

      What happens with negros such as Bill Cosby, OJ Simpson, Elijah Mohammad, Jesse Jackson, on and on...

      Is that they percieve the norms and expectations their white dominated culture possesses and conform their game so as to not reveal their actual a white sociopath would also do.

    6. With this said however...

      What I'm describing are predominating traits and characteristics and they lie on distribution curves if you look at them graphically.

      It is also true that outliers exist in all groups.

      Within Europeans there are also sociopath, etc. but they are very rare. There are individuals of low IQ and little empathy but they are rare.

      Among negros there are some individuals who have high IQs and low propensities for aggression and brutality....but they are very rare outliers.

      What happened in the 1950s and after is that the rare exceptions among blacks who have white characteristics, many entertainers like Johnny Mathis or Billy Strayhorne [both of whom are actually mulattos] were the face of black men which whites saw and they assumed therefore that existing prejudices were untrue....

      Unfortunately the reality of managing a society is that prejudices are the only way to regulate a society.

      Prejudices are accurate for most cases and necessary to maintain, although they do not apply to exceptions and outliers.

      Intelligent people have the ability to make distinctions but most people are not intelligent.

      Prejudices are necessary.

    7. As it is in the popular culture negro men with the normal negro male characteristics of brutality and sexual aggression are actually upheld and celebrated as positive examples.

      Youth culture, particularly music, is all about that.

      When negro athletes or musicians assault their girlfriends or rape someone most young people accept it.

      The aggression, power and strength of muscular black men is upheld as an example to young girls and they admire black men's exaggerated masculine traits.

      When those men beat them, sodomize them, bully them and so forth the girl will accept it and assume a submissive role which they think is appropriate for their weaker nature...

      That's the law of the jungle, is uncivilized, and is contrary to gender advancement is western civilization...

      But the negro character is not civilized, and this trend is an atovistic trend in the west.

    8. The acceptance of girls of their black partners' aggression explains why Ray Rice's girlfriend married him even after he knocked her unconscious in a hotel elevator and dragged her on the floor...

      It explains why singer Rhianna never condemed her boyfriend Chris Brown after he punched her several times in the face leaving her battered and bruised...

      It's normal for them and that's the new culture we live in because no one does anything to repair it.

    9. Ultimately these trends are a combination of economic stagnation/materialistic-consumer drives in the culture....combined in a toxic mix of left-inspired myths which are actually well-meaning...

      But between the left's well-meaning but desasterous myth-making....

      And the right's free market reforms which have impoverished most Americans and left them frustrated and hopeless....

      The culture has been hollowed out and has become atavistic and barbaric.

      Who would have thought thirty years ago that this retrogression would happen?

      It's because the left got what they wanted...their cultural agenda.

      And the right got what it wanted...their economic agenda....

      And both are destructive to the values and norms which make for happiness for most people.