Monday, November 3, 2014

Bush Family Details, these boys are dangerous, good info on John Ellis


  1. I know first hand about THE BUSH FAMILY! After all, I have been at WAR with the BUSH FAMILY, SKULL AND BONES, and THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES); and THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON SINCE ABOUT JANUARY 2007, after I E-Mailed illegitimate George W. Bush Jr. concerning the invasion of Iran!

    Currently, THE C.I.A. and WEED AND SEED OPERATIONS (mostly very corrupt parts of the ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT put together by prior SHERIFF doing 5.5 years in a Colorado Federal prison) have been doing "STUNTS" at SOUTH COAST PLAZA that involve Starbuck's Coffee and Pacific Whey restaurant! Basically, THE C.I.A. and said WEED AND SEED OPERATIONS are manipulating the crew at said restaurants to mess with my purchases; and this is to make me look like a thief and a "fraud" (finger prints on items bought currently do not "match" my birth identity attached to my bank account and the VISA/A.T.M. CARD I used); and this is to substantiate any and all other "fabricated" criminal history already established concerning me!

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  3. As stated in other comments, my last CASE was 11CF0028 (ORANGE COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT)! However, since during sometime in 2012, I was removed from said CASE (11CF0028), except for the warrant!

    Costa Mesa Police Department and Santa Ana Police Department know everything concerning me! During 2011, Santa Ana Police Department had a little discussion with certain officers at Costa Mesa Police Department; and this was just after Santa Ana Police Department stopped THE C.I.A. and said WEED AND SEED OPERATIONS from putting me into a F.E.M.A. "DEATH" CAMP, from an arrest on the 55 Bus Line North (end of March 2011, at about 9:00 p.m. on a Friday)! When I got to the bus stop, there was a "plain clothed" ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPUTY (said WEED AND SEED OPERATIONS); and when I boarded the said 55 Bus Line North, said SHERIFF'S DEPUTY boarded in front of me! At that point, the said SHERIFF'S DEPUTY discussed the "PLAN" with the bus driver (said bus)! The said SHERIFF'S DEPUTY sat near the rear door of the said bus; and there was a "plain clothed" C.I.A. AGENT (black trench coat) sitting in the front seat! When I got on the said bus, I was standing near the from door! The said bus stop was at MacArthur Blvd. and Bristol St. Santa Ana, California! The bus pulled-out and proceeded down MacArthur Blvd.! At about Flower St. or so, the said SHERIFF'S DEPUTY put in his ear piece; therefore, I knew what was going on! When the said bus reached MacArthur Blvd. and Main St. Santa Ana, California, the front door on the said bus opened-up; and I got off the said bus! Immediately, THE C.I.A. man sitting in the front seat got to his feet; and he (said C.I.A. AGENT) shouted: "He [me] got off the bus!" The said C.I.A. AGENT or the said SHERIFF'S DEPUTY did NOT get off and chase me, because Santa Ana Police Department "ordered" a "STAND-DOWN" over the "fabricated" paperwork being generated concerning said incident! After I got off the said bus, I walked across Main St. to the West side of the street; and I proceed North down Main St.! It started to rain! When I got to Columbine St., there was a SWAT TEEM on stand-down; and, therefore, there was no encounter!

    It has been almost four (4) years since the arrest on December 30, 2010, at about 4:20 p.m., at Standard Ave. and Grand Ave. Santa Ana, California! As stated in other comments, two (2) "plain clothed" SHERIFF'S DEPUTIES with said WEED AND SEED OPERATIONS arrested me from a Taxi mini van; and when they (said two (2) SHERIFF'S DEPUTIES) searched me, they (said two SHERIFF'S DEPUTIES) found $100.00 worth of "crack" cocaine and a "crack pipe"; and this is a violation of California H & S Code Section 11350(a) and California H & S Code Section 11364(a)! Since that said arrest, I have committed NO CRIMES; and technically, California H & S Code Section 11350(a), along with California H & S Code Section 11364(a), are both unconstitutional (violation of the NINTH AMENDMENT of the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION)!

    1. [minor correction] The said arrest on December 30, 2010 actually took place at Standard Ave. and [correction] Edinger Ave. Santa Ana, California! Grand Ave. runs parallel to Standard Ave.!

  4. democratic party should introduce back progressive taxation, everyone earning more than 2M per year should have 90%, this is going nowhere, every republican idiot now thinks he can become super rich (who know he needs to start buying raw political power to become real player)... such poor almost super rich are worse of all, those are such who needs to rob lunch from poor, such needs every damn penny, and he knows it... NO... too many almost super rich super predators are very bad for stability, tax them all and than burn on street their money, as that is much batter for wealth of all... always criminals needs deregulation and "free" market, look Rand Paul and those drug liberalisation proposals... in 50es taxation was 90% and families were buying new cars every 3 years... who will pay for rehab camps for all those new marihuana users

  5. "FAMILY OF SECRETS" by Russ Baker

    "IMMACULATE DECEPTION: The Bush Crime Fsmily Exposed"
    By Ret. Brig. General Russell S. BOWEN

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