Sunday, November 9, 2014

To commemorate latest election results in Oregon, Alaska and Washington DC, some Lawrence Welk for you.


  1. Myron Floren YES!

    Myron used to always spend the first week of every November, like this week, in my home town of Neu Braunfels to play acordian at the Wurst Festival, the largest week-long festival in Texas which draws legions of beer lovers from across the state to drink snaps and eat sausage!

    Myron would play that acordian like a madman, and no Jeff Beck or Mark Knofler of the guitar could belt out what Myron could on the acordian. He was faster and nibler than Jerry Lee Lewis on the piano, and even more energetic.

    As for that duo singing "One Toke over the Line" I think the girl is irresistable and I wish I could pull her billowing cotton dress over her shoulders and worship her loins! Watching her sing brings to mind the Jimmy Webb lyrics...

    "I recall your yellow cotton dress...

    Flowing like a wave, on the ground around your knees...."

    For whatever reason last night I dreamed that I saw a poster for a Jimmy Webb concert to be in Austin and that it said after this year he was going to "retire." Retire? This made me sad. I realized we will not have the genius of his generation around much longer, and when they're all gone there will be nothing left to show Americans what art and happiness really are...because it's not Kanye West or Katy Perry.

    In a couple of weeks Burt Bacharach will be here in Austin and Im glad he's still here for us even though Hal David has gone on to his final reward...and what a wonderful reward it must be for having enriched the lives of so many people.

    Bacharach and David were simply part of "tin pan alley," the American tradition of pulp popular music which is actually as good or better than anything. But now its lost because the newer generations have no soul. They are souless beasts whose brains have been destroyed by being injected with so much mercury and aluminum from taking sixty vaccinations, UNNECESSARILY while they were infants and their immune systems couldn't process them anyway.

    I wish Dr.P would delve further into the vaccine issue because its a crime as great as Stalin's gulags or anything else. It's not necessary to vaccinate anyone until they're at least two or three years old and has a functioning immune system. And it's not necessary to vaccinate anyone for Hepatitis B or Chicken Pox or the mumps....

    There are only a handful of diseases such as polio, smallpox and meningitis which justify the inherint risks of all vaccinations...even without any mercury in the mix.

    But if you add up the levels of mercury given to infants from these sixty injections it's well above the EPA levels considered toxic.

    Standard medicine has no rebuttal for how they can be violating the EPA levels in this way, and it shows the arrogance with which standard medicine operates today...they are like the mafia...they are always right.

    Even when they're clearly wrong they're right.

    1. Hal David's family used to own a deli, and Hal grew up in the living quarters above the deli. How it is that anyone growing upstairs from a deli could have such genius to pen amazing romantic lyrics is astonishing.

      He was the Einstein of American lyrics.

    2. The morning the I wake up
      Before I put on my makeup
      I say a little prayer for you


    Marshall McLuhan used to say that "we tell each other lies in television and tell each other truths in film."

    Today we tell each other truths on HBO and Showtime but still tell lies on the regular access channels like USA and AMC.

    Nothing illustrates this better than the ending of "Breaking Bad" in which the otherwise anti-hero that the public was cheering on for five years had to be punished with impoverishment and DEATH.

    And similarly a strange thing happened with Burn Notice. It was Episode three or four of the first season where the Michael character sees no other solution to a neighborhood bully than to kill him so he does. At the end of the episode he arranges for the killing of the bully and says, "As a covert operator sometimes there are few choices available. You do your best."

    Well funny but that episode is now strangely missing. It's not in the Season One DVD set sold anywhere. That episode has been erased.

  3. Anyone who ever loved...
    Could look at me...

    And know that I love you.

    Anyone who ever dreamed...
    Could look at me...

    And know I dream of you.

  4. Anyone who had a heart would take me in his arms and always love me...

    Why don't you...

  5. And if only fools are kind...Alfie

    Then I guess it wise to be cruel...

    And if life belongs only to the strong...Alfie

    What would you lend on an old Golden Rule?

    When you walk let your heart led the way,

    then you'll find love anyday....


  6. I wonder how many people were "HIGH" when they went to "VOTE" in Oregon???? There has been an increase in the "POT HEAD" POPULATION in Oregon, recently!

  7. Democrats have been trownsed at every level !

    I who despise the Republican Party delight however in seeing the catastrophy befalling the Democrats, who were so STUPID as to trust a lying negro to be their leader.

    The lying negro Obama with his urban dialect, his dropping "ing" to "in' just as W. Bush used to do....

    The lying negro Obama who cares nothing for anything, is finally accepted as a fraud by those legions which used to believe his smiling Nigerian 419 scam.

    The smiling, grinning Obama has done nothing, nothing, as fewer and fewer Americans can find work, more drop out altogether, and wages continue to fall.

    He's done to America what he accomplished for south Chicago as a "community activist".....not a fucking thing.

    To begin the new Repubican domination of the Congress Obama pledges to piss off the entire population by granting amnesty to twenty million illiterate Mexican peasants now in America raping girls, selling drugs, and converting the second half of the radio dial to Tejano music channels.....

    What we need is a leader from the far..far right. We need a leader who will hunt down these illiterate, decapitating and demon-worshipping peasants and send them to the rendering plants for pet food!

    Let's start a new brand of pet food and put a picture of "Juan Carona" on the label......a Mexican peasant representing the wetbacks rendered into pet food now contained within the can.

    Let's teach these filthy wetbacks a lesson.

    1. From Hal David lyrics to Juan Corona dog food... you have a knack for contrasts, MIT

    2. it is not true that Obama does not cares about anything, he cares about golf.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Mit My Chihuahua "midgie" is insulted that you would risk giving her sensitive digestive tract, indigestion.

      Now lets see what that dynamic duo (rofl) Boehner and Mitch McConnell can achieve now that they have been handed the reigns so to speak.

      If they fuck this opportunity up (by not "doing the will of the American people"), which has been handed to them, it will be worse for their reputations, than what happened to the Democrats imo. We will "throw all the bums out".

      So this was a vote against Obama's; policies and his brand of liberalism, socialism, and progressivism.
      Americans want more freedom from a Government that lies to them about a broad range of events and issues from; Bin laden raids, to Sandy Hook, all the way to healthcare coverage. As American's are tired of the b.s. and don't want to be herded like cattle into inferior more expensive healthcare plans. All while the Government claims to "know whats best for us" in order to control us from cradle to grave.

      I see Mel Gibson's painted blue face in his Braveheart movie, raising his arms, while he hollers "FREEDOM ! "

  8. Thank you Dr. P. This is the kind of EZ that warms my heart. Let's call it 'the suits beat the dungarees at their own game' sub-genre. Here are some other favorites...

    James Last does Hawkwind/T.Rex/Alice Cooper...

    Ray Conniff does Shaft...

    Dueling Banjos...

    Percy Faith does Santana...

    101 Strings does Serge Gainsbourg (X-rated)...

    I could go on all night...

    1. Sammy Davis Jr. does a meaner version of Shaft...

      Mystic Moods Orchestra on acid...

      William Shatner on acid...

      Who says the squares ain't with it, man...

  9. Nice one! On Alex Jones Dr P. I would so love for you to be interviewed on the BBC News, their little jaws would drop open and they would have to go quickly to a story of a cat stuck up a tree! A while back on the Amazing Randi's forum they were suggesting you did not exist! So they did a bit of checking of your qualifications and news stories from the past and for some reason it went a bit quiet. I always use the 'Steve Pieczenik' Card, a bit like the old American Express ads when someone is talking 'bollocks' about 9/11 or death of OBL2. Keep up the good work Sir.

    1. Agreed. You must put the word out & expand the demographs.

      Lawrence Welk is one of my favorite programs. Gives me a lift every Saturday night.

    2. Double agreed!! Great stuff you were certainly on a roll Dr Pieczenik I await your next appearance on the radio with great anticipation! Wow visited by British secret agents??! The plot thickens could it be that both me and Bill UK by loose association will have to watch out for James Bond or beware of men in pinstripe suits and bowler hats sporting umbrellas with poisoned tips? Joking aside sir but you were warming up nicely and it needs saying as the very impact of the real truth should shake the foundations of so called western democracy! For those about to shock we salute you!!!

  10. OT: TRANS-PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP (because if you have the opportunity to destroy the Constitution and give multinational corporations more power, why not do it?)
    Obama Urges World Leaders To Approve Elusive, Potentially 'Historic' Trans-Pacific Trade Deal
    Posted: 11/10/2014 5:51 am EST Updated: 5 hours ago
    BEIJING (AP) — President Barack Obama pressed world leaders Monday to break stubborn logjams that have held up an agreement on a trans-Pacific trade deal that is eagerly sought by the White House and could lead to rare consensus with congressional Republicans.

      China buying Detroit? China buying the Federal Reserve? Stick a fork in us.

      WOW! Obama at APEC New World Order Hunger Games Summit! MUST SEE!
      Published on Nov 10, 2014
      Purple, Red and Green. It's on folks - the New World Order is happening double quick time!

      White House offers to sell Federal Reserve stake to China
      Dave Acton Reporting
      Published on Nov 10, 2014
      China to Purchase 1/3 of the Federal Reserve

    2. I earnestly hope that the Republicans will impeach Obama for his various crimes.