Monday, November 3, 2014

Putin’s New Cold Borscht War.
“In Air and Cyberspace, on Land and Sea, Russia Shows Muscle”, NYTimes, 11,1, 2014 by Andrew Roth.
It was only a matter of time before my favorite A.D.D. Russian judo expert, Vladimir Putin, initiated a trial of anti-American incursions.
The NYTimes article quoted above, describes Putin’s ADD activities as follows:
“How else to explain the sudden increase of bombers over Europe, kidnapped spies, troop buildups in Eastern Europe and roaming submarines in the Baltic Sea?”
I wonder if Putin is trying out for a Director’s/Producer’s role in one of my partners Tom Clancy’s franchise movies? Maybe Putin might want to make a sequel to the “Hunt For Red October”? Or something akin to “Clear And Present Danger”? Somehow I think that Putin is really putting his heart, mind and soul into an attempt to disrupt American/European interests around the world.
What makes me come to that conclusion?
Putin is a creature of habit.  He is not a long-range strategist; nor is he a chess player, a game in which the Russians have excelled for centuries.  Therefore I must conclude as someone who has worked against the KGB for decades that he is trying all kinds of nuisance tactics to disrupt the natural flow of world events as they evolve without any unnecessary turbulence. Putin is clearly disturbed, emotionally and physically. He is, in the words of a New Yorker from Harlem, “itching for a fight”.

But with whom? 
Probably with anyone whom he could pick on who would not be able to retaliate effectively against him or his country. The Baltic states of Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia have just witnessed the Putin Borscht special with the following noisome overflights of the latest Russian aircraft models:
Tu-95; Bear H Bombers; Su-27 fighter jets; IL-78 tanker aircraft.
To make sure that these small,  helpless Baltic countries received Putin’s loud message, he “did not file flight plans or maintain contact with civilian air traffic control”.
“During a period of heightened tensions in 2007, Putin resumed the Soviet-era practice of long range patrols far beyond Russian borders.”  
However, Putin was still not content with playing with his air force, so he decided to kidnap an Estonian Spy. “The F.S.B. Russia’s security service said in a statement that Mr Kohver [Estonian Spy] had ‘detained on Russian territory’ and had been found to be carrying a pistol and ammunition cartridges, 5000 Euros[$6000], surveillance equipment and ‘intelligence gathering instructions’.”  Even in the world of spy novels, this old scenario would never pass by an editor’s red pencil. 
How prosaic and cliché can Putin be?
In fact, my dear readers, especially you readers in Russia and the Ukraine, I must admit that I am a little ashamed of Putin. He has demonstrated a concerted and major deficit for creativity and imagination. Any school boy in St Petersburg could have come up with more original ideas to annoy the US and Europe.
I must insist on showing you how RETRO Putin really is. He had sent mysterious submarines into the Baltic Straits where the war weary Swedish Navy described Putin’s pathetic intrusion as, “The Hunt For Reds In October”.  Tom Clancy would have been very proud of that play on his best-selling title.  Please remember the principle that if one lacks any capability to be new, then one must beat the tempos of past rhythms. In this particular case, Putin has repeatedly tried to Cyber-attack the states of Georgia and Estonia. Then, he attacked Western oil and gas companies.
Ho-hum! How boring!!
Putin is clearly at his wit’s end. He has tried all the old tricks and chicaneries and they don’t seem to be working. He has no master mentor as he had in the past to consult with like Andropov of the KGB or Marcus Wolfe of the Stasi. 

Now he has to turn to his childhood friends: “The Crooked Duo”—The Rotenberg Brothers [no brains between the two; only brawn]. There is an old axiom that Matzoh Balls do not belong in the Borscht soup.  It will be a short matter of time before the Russian people, no devotee of leaven bread, will figure out this UNHOLY ALLIANCE  between the pathetic X-KGB agent Putin and the corrupt Rotenberg Brothers. I predict that the people of Russia will erupt into a maelstrom of a “POGROM” against the remaining Jews in Russia and a replay of the Bolshevik Revolution against the new Tzar Putin.  Now, folks, this is a scenario worth waiting to see.
Trust me, Putin is now in center stage and a modern day Chekhov, the physician-writer, is waiting to pen how Putin has destroyed the Great Russia, after so much effort was made to take down the Soviet Union. Stalin would have been angry by Putin’s pettiness and incompetency. 


  1. When communists came to power in 1917, people asked communist operatives on field: "So now Lenin is our new emperor"... ...And what could have commies answer them... Even his tan was very bland, and liked to talk too much and too intellectual, yes comrade Lenin, new emperor over there in Moscow. After him Mr. Stalin showed them that from first hand, ha ha... Only what russian tzar can t be is alcoholic, because tzar should be in something above russian people, so Jeltzin was not tzar. And Putin does not drink. But Russians used this rest with west to reinforce their technology meanwhile... We need now F-35 in whole east europe, i want to see US army in my town and new eastern european NATO, because French are French, Spain does not care, Ireland also... What US needs is clean Africa, Rome with south Italy and Naples and my city of Split, with island Vis in Dalmatia in southern Croatia, that is all what is needed

    1. Speaking of Latvia and Lithuania....

      Didn't they recently have rallies commemorating the Nazi Waffen SS?

      If I'm not mistaken the majority of people in Lithuania and Latvia today support the German/Nazi liberation of them from communist/Russian tyranny.

      Unfortunately they also support the German holocaust of Lithuanian and Latvian Jews while they were there so go figure....

      But anyway it's pretty clear that the majority in the Baltic states are pro-Nazi and always have been, like I've been saying is true of almost anywhere where there was Stalinist/Moaist vs. far right conflict...

      Anyway go on Youtube and see the commemorations of the Nazis and SS in the Baltic states. It's pretty interesting.

    2. Yes there was lotz of coverage on RT but of course CNN and Fox never carried it...gee wonder why?

      Anti-fascists were "outraged" and stupid Americans who hate Germans said we should all "boycott Lativa" because the Latvians celebrated the Waffen SS and the Lavtian SS veterans who fought to free Latvia from Stalinist murder and oppression....

      Just the kind of idiocy I'd expect from a country like America that would twice vote as it's leader a skinny lying negro and a drunk draft dodger before him....

      The problem with America is it's immorality and whatever stupid things Putin is doing he's a moral example of sobriety, patriotism and white supremacy...even if he is only a slave at least he's not a negro or a homsexual or a drunk coward!

    3. And speaking of Youtube I commend everyone to go there and see the "The Mysterious Mr. Moto" and "Mr. Moto Takes a Holiday" and all the other "Mr. Moto" serials from the late 1930s. He was one clever little guy, was fearless and intelligent and more importantly HE LOVED CATS!

      We need more role models of real men who like cats like Mr. Moto, who is a gentleman, instead of the negros like Ray Rice, JayZ and other negro assholes who go around punching women who then go off and marry them.

      We need to get rid of the influence of all negro men from the United States. We need to put them back to work picking up trash cans on the street and shining shoes instead of punching white women, carving them up with knives, dealing crack and playing professional sports or practicing medicine so they can kill their patients like Michael Jackson and the mother of Kanye West....

      Speaking of Mr. West he's one loudmouth lying negro who claims to hate white people but only fucks white girls because he thinks negro women are too ugly LOL......!!

      Let's get America back to it's white origins.

    4. Mike. A lot of stuff to agree on. It is not About the Russian strength - it is about the US weakness. It is much easier to protect lesbians, beheld and homosexuals within US than to fight ISIS or mr Putin. Obama's liberal fascism will be punished as well as Putin' s myopy. 15 years rising oil price is over. Vova lost his luck a bit but he still has #3 currency reserves in the world and 10% debt to GDP to hold on to power. Looking forward to seeing black racist Obama to disappear forever in 2016.

  2. Putin is a leader. He knows what his people want and he gives it to them. He has an 83% approval rating in Russia. He opposes the promotion of homosexuality, and aligns himself with the church and with masculinity. He is a John Wayne character full of crass patriotism who isn't an alcoholic or womanizer and has no vices. Instead he occupies himself with tearing down the criminal zionists who striped his country's assets, the evil-doing muslims in the south, and the United States which makes war everywhere because it's been hijacked by imperialistic neocon/zionists as well. Whether combating the Israeli-funded oligarchs or the neocon/Israeli American foreign policy, Putin stands with the Christian orthodox church, for family values, and for the integrity of the borders of the Russian people.

    I'm not a fan of Russians or their culture, but by comparison with decadent America and it's imperialistic/warlike zionist neocons and it's sick decadent culture of gangster rappers, 74% illegitimate births among negros, 50 % divorce rate, and so forth....

    I'd pick Putin with all his imperfections anyday over the negro/liar Obama with his 33% approval rating.

    Putin is simply a leader.

    1. yea but he is gone soon... and orthodoxy is damned by god, because putin in russia is mediator in religious questions and he and interior ministry decides moscow patriarch (archbishop), that is like putting putlers shit crown on to head of Jesus s church, that can t work... eastern satrap is eastern satrap, it makes your economy to go from 40000$ per head to 10000$ automatically (if US will sponsor you)

    2. I agree with everything you said, even though I don't understand a word of it. :)

  3. The American people are crying out for a leader like Putin. Can you believe the pussies, the jackasses, fat loud women and skinny faggots we have LOL !

    People liked Reagan because he rode a horse and had some masculinity. What people need is a strong-looking man with few vices and who is intelligent and incorruptible.

    We don't need anyone like the trolls and toads and flabby or skinny faggots on the scene today.

    1. people wants King, God and gendarmerie nationale, if not they will find it

  4. W. Bush looked like a healthy guy but in fact he was a dry drunk, a weak-voiced, inconfident little turd who if he'd been sent to Vietnam where he belonged during he war would have ran off and gotten drunk somewhere....he's a weakling little spoiled rich brat full of self-loathing and fear of the world.

  5. Look into the face of Cofer Black, the head of Covert Ops for CIA after 9-11 and see what kind of weakling he is. He talks big, boasts a lot about "taking the gloves off," and "we kicked some ass..."

    Kicked some ass ???

    Is that the way a confident masculine man talks, about anything ??

    Cofer Black is a pussy. He's like all the guys in CIA these days he's a low-paid idiot who joined CIA years ago and was willing to work for peanuts at a shitty job so he could live out his masculinity fantasies, and so now he talks about the "CIA's finest hour when we kicked some ass..."

    Well sorry but I don't think invading countries who never attacked you and rounding up thousands of people the world over because they disagree with you on Israel and TORTURING THEM in hidden black sites away from the public view is manly or "kicking ass."

    Cofer Black and all these faggots at CIA are nothing but a bunch of faggots, and I'm sure they can get together with Tim Cook at Apple and compare notes on how to "be a man" by exploiting other people and grinding them into the dirt to make you feel powerful.

    America is one sick country of weaklings and homosexuals and I think Russia is looking better everyday.

  6. When a real man like Putin uses force such as in Ukraine today he just does what he thinks he must do, but he doesn't go around BOASTING about it or saying, "yeah we went down to Ukraine and kicked some ass" and then do a high five and then go have a brewsky with the Buds....

    Putin is a real person, a simple man with many flaws because he's not a high-IQ person and has his limitations...

    But at least he's a man and not a little boy pretending to be a man like the US government is full of.

    1. I enjoy watching Putin, on Dr. P's Divine Right of Kings tv post, as he walks away from the podium on the red carpet and Is greeting the people as he walks by. At one point, someone whispers to him in his ear, and Putin turns back to go to the other side and greet a woman who appears to me to be blind. Made her year probably. I need a strong man like Putin, and they are rare today.

  7. Russians can t stand that we in Croatia wants to throw in trash their almost new choppers Mil-Mi 8 and all russian equipments, get better Black Hawks, so they are going crazy, they are saying that americans are pressuring us ooooo, poor us... We also does not want to sell our national oil company to Gazprom but Hungarians wants their part of our national company... but we are saying nooooo, na na naaa... USS Battleship Iowa should park one day near Sevastopol, that ship is so nice for Crimea high coast,

    1. It is really pity to see when Slavs are making quarrels at any possible occasion. Croatians are resented on everything in the world because their national idea rolled down to serving German people while their drinking beer on Croatian resort. I didn't elect Vova Putin and do not agree with him on lot of issues but to your resentment battleship Iowa will not has the base in Sevastopol. Sorry to derail your dreams my Slavic brother.

  8. Putin is the real thing. He's the kind of man Mussolini wished he was but wasn't.

    1. Mussolini was bisexual, and genetic trash, socialist, and road robber, he used to give Hitler who liked just guys... Hitler was so pleased that he gave only german aircraft carrier to him, while he needed him for battle of Atlantic... remember how they used to look around with that mean look, well they were afraid someone will find out what they liked, but seriously

  9. And let me tell you something else about CIA...

    There's this movie called "The Recruit" where CIA officers are in training and part of their training is that they have to go to a bar and pick up some random girl and talk her into going home with him for sex....

    And before "The Recruit" this same drill was shown in another movie called "Spy Games" where an agent was being trained and he was tasked to go to some bar and pick up a girl for sex......

    Now this is the exact opposite of what the CIA is about...THE EXACT OPPOSITE.

    CIA officers and agents are NOT James Bond studs who woman droll over and are Babe magnets....

    CIA agents like me are introverted, unassuming guys who no one would ever dream could kill anyone or operate a major criminal enterprise when in fact we are exactly the kind of people who do those reality.

    CIA agents are the "Wally Cox's" of the world and never let on that it's us whose been betraying our employers, etc. all the time while he was fucking the secretary.

    CIA is not about the loud boasters like Gust Avrokotos and his loud-mouth vile and disgusting brand of vulgarians.

    Nor is it about going into a bar someplace and talking some stupid girl into fucking you. All the CIA officers I worked with were toads and trolls who used safehouses to take call girls to fuck because they couldn't get a woman to fuck them without paying for it...

    1. russians today are also totally reliant on human talent, doctrinally, it is simple but it works

  10. Mr. MOTO...Peter Lorre....

    If you want to know what a real, actual intelligence operator is like forget about James Bond and go back to the Mr.Moto serials of the 1930s.

    Peter Lorre as Mr.Moto is very, very close to what an IDEAL TYPE of intl operator is like...

    ...right down to the cat he kept at home and like to come home to and pet a lot so he can listen to her purrrrr....

    1. And let me tell you something else. To find a person like that is so incredibly rare. To find that kind of man is like going to Africa to look for diamonds and by chance finding a 200 carat diamond just lying around on the ground.

      Try finding someone with a very high IQ who blends into anywhere but in reality has no fear whatsoever and never boasts or brags and if he's pissed off will blow up someone's car...that's the rarest of people. 99.999 percent of people out there will never..never..actually do anything when they are insulted, offended, injured because the vast majority of people are not serious about anything and only are made to do serious things when they're in groups or other people all doing it together...but the kind of individual action required by an intl operator is almost always otherwise found in criminals....and if you can find someone with that kind of personality that they are totally against society but are not anti-social or sociopathic then you have that one in a million people who can be trusted to kill for you or do other things which must be done.

    2. Did I just describe "Dirty Harry?" Until now I never really thought of him that way....

  11. I have always thought of Putin as a 'hard bastard' and I mean that in a good way, to rise to the top in Russia after being a Colonel in the KGB, to be trained by the best cold war warhorses. He makes other world leaders look like schoolboys by comparison. My solution to the Worlds wars is simple instead of thousands of troops and gear, you just have the leaders in single combat like Knights of old imagine the takings on HBO. It would of course be to the death, because as we know Politicians like a bit of death. Putin vs Obama, Putin vs Cameron...I wonder who would win, unarmed or swords it does not matter which. I have a hunch they would then want to 'jaw, jaw' and not 'war, war'. Especially the Harvard and Eton boys.
    Regarding James Bond yes the films are silly yet fun, but the books characters were based on real people Fleming had worked with and the real gadgets from the time were even sillier with exploding rats and rabid bats as props. It is a little known fact that A.A Milne the creator of Winnie The Pooh worked for MI7b during WW1 who were so secret all their records were destroyed after the war and they were disbanded, so Christ knows what they got up to. Back in the 80's I remember having a conversation with a San Franscisco Police Officer and he said that in 13 years he only drew his gun once and never actually fired it in anger. I remember being a bit disappointed because I had all the Dirty Harry films and assumed it was a bit like that...oh well.

    1. If British intl records from WWI were not destroyed they might have shown that the Zimmerman telegram which was used by President Wilson to declare war on Germany was a fabrication.

  12. Interesting piece and the Rotenbergs demand more research but from admittedly being on the outside so to speak I find Putin the only leader with balls out of the so called superpowers so I'd find a lot in common with both MIT & bill UK's posts what also was interesting to learn is the deployment of British as well as American troops on the Polish border do it seems all sides are flexing their muscles! And after watching a very recent BBC documentary regarding British involvement in Afghanistan it seems(if I correctly grasped) our generals decree that the UK need another campaign to reaffirm its "so called" title as a superpower!! After its not too impressive show in Afghanistan! Aldo it was most interesting to hear one of the reasons of this was failure to understand the culture and language ect ect! A point Dr p makes many times on this board

  13. Why are you [Dr. Pieczenik] picking on poor Russian President Putin???

    First of all, if it were not for Russian President Putin intervening in Syria, there would have been a nuclear holocaust; therefore, Russian President Putin actually does NOT WANT A FIGHT! Furthermore, this was an intelligent act by Putin!

    Let us face it, you [Dr. Pieczenik] do not like the idea a former "BAD GUY" could actually become a "GOOD GUY"! Russian President Putin became a Christian and a moral man, that does NOT want to "push the button"! I know the intelligence community has a significant problem with this particular issue!

    The C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES in association with KNIGHTS OF MALTA), BRITISH INTELLIGENCE (created in part by SKULL AND BONES), and MOSSAD (controlled by CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE)) are all part of the BRITISH EMPIRE; and the BRITISH EMPIRE want to "REDUCE" the "entire" WORLD'S POPULATION by WELL OVER 90% (UP TO 99% (ABOUT 7 BILLION PEOPLE "EXTERMINATED"))! SEE THESE YOU TUBE VIDEOS: "population reduction after economic collapse" by George Green (FORMER INSIDER, who sat-in at the NEW WORLD ORDER MEETINGS); "Project Camelot Interviews George Green - Part 1 of 2" (at 00:00 to 08:32) posted by Project Camelot (AUTHENTIC) on April 16, 2008; "Q4: What is the significance of the 'Snowden affair' and Obama's Narcissistic response to it?" posted by LaRouche PAC Video Archive (AUTHENTIC) on July 13, 2013; "October 17, 2014 Webcast with Lyndon LaRouche" [This YOU TUBE VIDEO contains a statement by Debra Hanania Freeman M.D.!] posted by LaRouchePAC (AUTHENTIC) on October 17, 2014; and Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura: Secret Societies [Season 1, Episode 5], Plum Island [Season 2, Episode 1], Police State [Season 2, Episode 4], Great Lakes [Season 2, Episode 6], BP Oil Spill [Season 2, Episode 7], and Ozarks [Season 3, Episode 4] (6 EPISODES "FORMERLY" AT YOU TUBE))!

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  15. Putin is #1...