Saturday, November 22, 2014

Obama’s Ruling on Five Million Immigrants Proves One Salient Point of Politics: Power Abhors a Vacuum!
President Obama’s recent decision to allow five million immigrants to remain in the USA without legislative approval proves one salient point: Power of any type when effectively wielded abhors a vacuum.
The recent mid-term victory of the Republicans across the USA in the senate, congress and in the states proved one thing only—the appearance of diffuse political victories in a Republican Party without effective, strong or constructive leadership means absolutely nothing. In the world in which I had inhabited, both as a national security operative and as serial entrepreneur, I learned the one lesson that has buoyed me to success—the man alone is far more dangerous and effective than a gaggle of inept individuals with fancy titles and no strategy or tactics.
Henrik Ibsen, the famous Norwegian Playwright, wrote a play called the “Master Builder” about a single man who built churches. In that play, Ibsen writes in far more poetic language; ”That the man alone is the most dangerous man in the universe.” Whether you are for or against the immigration bill, Obama once again proved to me that particular adage.
Obama knew before the midterm elections that he had lost his progressive Democratic base. He also realized that the media portrayed him as a loner acting without consent and advice from the non-existent legislators. Cleverly, he simply skirted the pyrrhic victory of the Republicans who had really accomplished nothing more than spending billions of dollars on a Potemkin election victory. Sensing the absurdity of the Republican victory where the old ineffectual diehard reblend themselves back into a mixture of predictable ineptitude and posturing, Team Obama immediately went into action.

Right after the election, he went to Asia and worked effectively with AIPAC, bolstering the ASEA treaty, both militarily and economically. He discussed the limits of confrontation with the recalcitrant Chinese President Xi concerning cyber security and pollution. Next he reaffirmed our commitment to our front line South East Asian allies insuring that our CINCPAC would work more effectively with our former formidable enemy Vietnam. There are even hints that we may rebase our navy in the very country that had once defeated us in war.  At the same time, he continued to increase the heat on the economic warfare against Putin and Russia to the extent that Putin has had to redeploy ancient military planes, battle ships that belong more appropriately in a mothball fleet.
Finally, while Boehner was too busy pontificated about nothing and Mitch McConnell was gloating about his soporific resurgence in the Senate, Obama made complete fools of any Republican pretension that they were either unified or effective. He announced to the Republicans and America what he had promised to do all along if the Republicans remained as obdurate and pompous as they had always been---he made Five Million Hispanics legal residents of the USA---with a stroke of the pen.  In addition, he won on the Keystone Pollution Pipeline that old relic from the ancient energy era gone by.

Obama’s past month successes demonstrate several important factors to me about the American Republic [remember its not a Democracy]:
Executive power abhors a legislative vacuum.
POTUS can declare wars, enhance conflicts and redeploy overseas forces wherever he wants.
POTUS used the military to assess and curb the Ebola Epidemic when all his civilian sycophants failed en masse.
Obama proved to me, that we should never underestimate the power of the single man who fears no retribution of retaliation. Obama showed us that we have no effective leadership in our legislative houses, neither Democrat or Republican. What we have created through a nonsensical Theater of the Absurd where obscene amounts of money can be spent on sycophants and panderers who can do nothing more than act the part of a senator or congressman but in reality accomplish little. Americans have come to the sad conclusion that legislative gamesmanship is not even worthy watching.  So most of us have accordingly tuned out both the Republicans and Democrats…And we will continue to do so way into the future, especially in 2016.

Obama the victor, gets the spoils. Obama has effectively aced out the legislative, judicial branches of the U.S.G; as well as the imploding mainstream media with their endless narcissistic cries of “Watch and Listen to me I am your Oracle of Truth!” Such Nonsense! CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS have faltered into irrelevancy as no one really cares to hear or watch any of their circus shows. Even Fox has become a caricature of itself.
Hail Obama! I write this blog not to bury Obama, as the media and phony pundits have wrongfully done. I come to PRAISE HIM !!

As General George Patton had once said:
“Courage is fear holding on a minute longer.”


  1. Swedes in 17th century were biggest thief's and criminals in whole Europe. So big that their King started to cut their hands off for two generations. Result was that today, they are almost least of those. Same should be done to, over all, good and religious people of Central America which are coming to USA today, because in their culture there is big similarity with those of Swedes before. I hope King Obama and US police force will do their job, for this amnesty to work for all so that everyone can have better life.

    1. When I see that picture of Patton it makes me wish I were alive then so I could get him in a room alone and beat the living crap out of him. He was a pussy...a coward..and a pompus asshole.

      Anyway he got in the end what he deserved. And everyone was relieved when he got it.

    2. btw Patton was a rich kid...a spoiled trust fund brat for whom being a General was a game.

  2. The problem here isn't that he may not have the authority. The issue is that he stated numerous times that he didn't have the authority and then did it anyway.

    What's needed at this point is an alliance between the Republican leadership who opposes this particular outrage AND the liberterian wing of the party which is outraged over his killing of American citizens without due process.

    If the Republican leadership will support the legal claims of the libertarians and argue that Obama's killing of American citizens is a crime, then the otherwise civil matter of failing to enforce immigration statutes might also be configured as a criminal matter on some grounds.

    With two or more criminal charges which can be brought then a Bill of Impeachment can be drafted.

    Without exaggeration Obama is arbitrary in his application and adherance to law, including numerous Amendments to the Constitution.

    He's stepped way out of line so many times that regardless of any ideological issues he needs to be impeached on legal grounds.

    1. Obama bought " Impeachment Insurance" it is call V.P. Joe Biden. Rofl ! Can you see him as President? Neither can 'merica LoL !

  3. Today Obama played a record 26 rounds of golf with retired negro athlete Derek Jeter!

    Obama has taken every opportunity imaginable to spend as much time with negros at the expense of all other American races that's it's an outrage.

    Obama has never spent any quality time with hispanics or asians or even Jews much less Norwegians or Germans like myself.

    Obama is clearly biased towards negros, and it's an outrage that any President should have such obvious racial bias.

  4. I've been hitting the hopium again too... Perhaps Obama, in this final leg of his presidency, can make up for the disasters of the previous six years, or at least give us some silver lining.

    Some comments from my blog...

    Wall Street Journal: Obama Wrote Secret Letter to Iran’s Khamenei About Fighting Islamic State

    Al Monitor: Iran official - Obama’s letters have been answered

    "From summer 2009 to October 2014, four letters were reported to pass from Obama to Ayatollah Khamenei. However, according to the transcript provided by Iranian Students’ News Agency, Shamkhani said that there are “contradictions” between the contents of these secret letters and US public positions."

    Is Obama attempting to bypass the neo-con elements in his own cabinet with this letter? Is there any acknowledgement in the letter of the role these elements had in giving clandestine support to IS? Is this a little too much wishful thinking on our part? Perhaps, but as we've previously reported, Obama has been something of a captive within his presidency from the beginning. Any attempt on his part then to break out of that captivity should be duly noted.

    The "previously reported" is this:

    Brennan has had the goods on Obama from the get-go. If Obama is trying to make an end-run around Brennan, as well as Kerry, McCain and all the neo-cons that still infest the U.S. gov't like vermin, then more power to him. Of course this puts him in a very precarious position, much like Kennedy when he began tamping down the Cold War and was an obstacle to Israel's nuclear ambitions.

  5. George Patton was a psychopathic asshole. I'm glad he died a pitiful, ignominious death. Personally I would like to have greased the treads of my tanks with his guts, as he often said he wanted to do with Germans soldiers. Patton was a disgrace and not even an effective leader, contrary to myth. He was a foul-mouth, brutal, swaggering asshole who in reality was filled with fear. Among his many horrendous failures was his conviction that....

    "We don't require our tanks to be able to defeat or outgun the enemy's tanks in battle. Our design of the Sherman tank with lighter armor and a smaller gun fit's better our goals of a fast medium tank for infantry support."

    It was Patton himself upon whom the entire blame is laid for the horrendous decision to build the Sherman tank, which was so colossally inferior to German tanks that thousands of Sherman tank crews of Americans, English and Canadians were burned alive because they blew up and caught fire with high octaine fuels used to power their aircraft-design engines....

    Sherman tanks could never destroy any German tank unless it was able to maneuver around to the rear and hit the German tank in the back...which rarely was an option.

    The Sherman tank decision by Patton was typical of ignorance, his arrogance, and his indifference and distain for human life.

    One of his sons, George Patton II was in Vietnam and was a similar asshole. You can find outrageous statements by him on Youtube.

    1. Patton was genius for what he had, Sherman was piece of junk in 1944, it was derivative of french 1935 Somua S-35... Even german tanks were piece of junk because there were no real economical and numerical substiution for old Mark's II, III, IV... Why, because in private enterprise it is virtue to sell more of old junk for higher price without putting on line newer and better design... Especially when there is no large competition among tank producer like it was in US, unlike US air engine market... US soldiers are good, not afriad to fight, but conceptually very dependent on logistics and technics and why not when everything goes ok, but if bad weather continued in those days of 1944 when German counteroffensive started (which stopped possibility of US bombers to use infrared systems to hunt tanks) americans and english would end up in channel even that was not in interest of german general which used only construction dynamite to blow bridges on Rain river (aka they were not blown at all) behind Hitler back. Soviets on other hand t-34 with 76mm in turret in 1939 because of MR. Stalin.

    2. US had good popular move by supporting small civil aero-clubs where you got huge pool of air pilots, unlike Japanese and Germans. Japanese had elite force raised from babies who were kept in boxes in factories but they were all gone after Midway... They were punished for satanic approach while US was rewarded for popular and humane approach.

    3. The early German tanks which they used for their expansion into France and Russia were MUCH SMALLER AND LIGHTER ARMED than most of the French, English and Russian tanks. The French and Russians had heavy tanks with armor which the German tanks could not penetrate. The Germans relied entirely on their anti-tank guns to destroy French and Russian tanks...

      It was because of these experiences that the Germans quickly developed their medium and heavy tanks which then reaped colossal damage on everyone else.

      On the eastern front however fully 10% of German Army tanks used were captured Russian tanks!

      The last German tank recently recovered after 60 years was actually a Russian T34 which had been captured and used by the Wehrmacht.


  6. Where I live in Texas there's always been enforcement of the laws forbidding employers from hiring illegal aliens until recently.

    Only in the last twenty years have employers perceived that they could get away with hiring and abusing cheap foreign laborers who would work for anything and put up with anything.

    This is something that happened only with the Reagan revolution and the rise of the power of business.

    The US is greaveously harmed by having wages driven down and labor standards squashed by this invasion of illiterate, demon-worshipping peasants which harbor among them the decapitating and savage criminal cartels...

    In Houston for example 1.2 million people are hispanic, and of that number...

    Over 400,000 are illegal aliens..

    Within this 400,000 is the core of Mexican cartels which function without detection in the smokescreen of the illegal hoard.

    1. Where is Ross ("...I would line them up (gangs)..and I would shoot them all" Perot when you need him?

    2. Perot was, and is, a diminutive little weirdo. That guy was so strange....

      But like a lot of bad people he told the simple facts that no one else would admit from time to time.

      Here in Texas the business interests love having all these servile wage slave Mexican peasants to do their bidding...

      I used to know a factory owner near the town of Taylor, Texas, who worked on Dell computers. He never paid his 550+ all illegal factory work force in the woods anything like what he told Dell he was paying them....

      He payed them very little, complied with no laws and they never complained, never gave them their final checks when he fired them!

      And the best part.....



      He had a connection with a Mexican Madam who sent him the cutest girls from Mexico to work in his factory!

      Then whenever he wanted a blowjob or a free fuck at work away from his wife all he had to do was call in one of these Senioritas and the party was on...for him at least.

      The best part is that he was in very tight with the corrupt law enforcement and Sheriff of Williamson County, and they covered for him in every way possible....

      You can see on the internet how corrupt the Williamson Co. law enforcement/District Attorney's office is...specializing in frame-ups for hire, etc.....

      Yes these are the kinds of businessmen we have in Texas.

      Is it any wonder the Lyndon Johnson came from here?

      In 1967 Lyndon Johnson's wife "Lady Bird" walked into the OVAL OFFICE and found her husband FUCKING ONE OF THE WHITE HOUSE STAFF....

      President Johnson went into one of his rages and scolded his Secret Service detail for allowing her to barge in.

      Lyndon Johnson reliably fucked about ten or twelve members of the White House staff while President.

      And he ain't no John Kennedy when it came to his looks or comportment either!

  7. Not so fast. There is still funding required for these 15+ million fraudulent usurpers.

    Judicial confirmations will be on hold.

    Riders will be written for DHS funding,

    In addition aka obama is an expert on fraudulent documents, having counterfeited his own.

    There will be plenty more phony ss#s.

    His ulterior motive has passed over your head:

    To make this country a majority welfare state, at the mercy of the feds, all fraudulent votes for subsidies.

    You think aka obama is the Victor?

    It's temporary, my son.
    This is a game of chess.

    He will get due process for his psychopathic treasonous behavior.

    He is nothing more than a THIRD WORLD OUTLAW PROXY, who spent the weekend playing golf in Henderson, Nevada, on our dime - THE ONLY REASON HE SELECTED Las Vegas.

    He is a puppet.
    Sociopaths want the goodies & do what they are told to get them.

    He is a stuttering TelePrompTer reader.

    As a shrink, you should have had this CRIMINAL FIGURED OUT long ago & CALLED FOR HIS ARREST!


    The outcome of aka obama is the DOMINO PRINCIPLE.

    It will be a lone person who opens up the pandora box.

    The military has his number.

    Wait & pick up the cues.

    This is a duel not unlike Burr & Hamilton.

    Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.


  8. Obama is a cheap populist who bought for nothing 5 mil of votes. Shame and disgrace.