Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Here is the link to Sunday's Alex Jones show.


  1. Have beg to differ with you on a number of points you made in your presentation on the Alex Jones show.

    First, I don't agree that the original "OSS generation" of CIA officers were noble or competent. In particular you reference Don Gregg, who was George W. Bush's right hand man throughout Bush's terrorist activities in central America and Cuba in the 1980s. I was in the position to have worked and met figures from the 1950s and 1960s, although not Mr. Gregg.
    I can tell you that they were not competent by any standard. Time and time again they not only acted with callous, even malevolent indifference for basic human rights...but they consistently bungled projects and believed disinformation and were fooled by double agents working for the communist side.

    In fact the "OSS generation" was the worst generation of American intl officers, and I think we know that the biggest figures of that group like Frank Wisner, Richard Bissel, and Tracy Barnes all met bad ends...

    In particular though Don Gregg is a notorious person associated with the worst, most blood-soaked projects in central America is it's frankly disgraceful that you should mention him in any context other than as an example of pure evil.

    Secondly, I think you misrepresent the USG effort to "take down" the Soviet Union. Yes there were some projects such as seeking to "stimulate" religious sentiment in the Warsaw Pact, however none of these efforts had any effect. Like most Covert Action projects they did not result in any transformational change. The real change happened due to inevitable sociological changes in the USSR, just as in China and Vietnam, etc.,....

    The dissolution of the CPSU was internal to Russian society, was reflected in the activities of Mikail Gorbachov, and the puny US government CA projects to promote these changes were marginal in effectiveness at best.

    Thirdly, I differ with your praise of Alex Jones in particular. Jones is an entertainer in the mold of Rush Limbaugh, etc., and is motivated by money and in crafting a message which his audience wants to hear rather than what is the truth of any issue.

    At best Jones might be a necessary evil just as the Nazi SA brownshirts and their homosexual sadomasochistic leader Ernst Rohm were a necessary "club of fighter" [Hitler's words] to put down the communist threat in Germany. However I think it's more likely that Jones' ridiculous claims of world wide conspiracies to use vaccinations deliberately to kill off billions of people, or that the "bankers and globalists" decide beforehand who will be the Presidential nominees....

    Well he does much more harm to the cause of liberty than he does good.

    If Jones is the face of the liberty movement than most reasonable people will reject the liberty movement wholesale by association just as most Germans were repulsed by Ernst Rohm and his brownshirted homosexual werido perverts.

    I disagree completely that George W. Bush and his Houston lawyer buddy Baker from the law firm of Baker and Botts played any positive role in anything.

    Baker is a crook. Pure and simple. He's used his connections in government to ply clients and financial projects benefitting himself greatly. He's been naked in using his position to line his pockets, and his greatest efforts along those lines were with the Saudi royals and other scumbags from oil producing counties TO THE DETRIMENT of American interests. James Baker was no diplomat or scholar, but a 1980s Republican version of Lyndon Johnson, another Texan with an ego problem who thought the Federal government was a business opportunity for himself.

    As for what you consider they did to assist the fall of communism I have no idea. From my perspective they were benchsitters and spectators during the whole affair.

    1. James Baker said that US will become rail road switch station for anyone who want to globalize, gee he was right, and he openly talked about sticks and carrots... even he was republican (they support serbia because republicans invested in serbia in 19th centrury as serbs respected US investments even thru communism, GM factory in town of Kikinda) he acted in good way so that Clinton later on can bomb them very well

    2. i admire how big powers do not change policies and change them depending on who is on power.. stategic plans are made for next 100 years

    3. In WWI no people were depopulated and killed more than the Serbs.

      After Franz Ferdinand was murdered by the Serbian military non-Serbs in Bosnia went on a pogram of destruction and killing of Serbs there. Then when the Austrians attacked Serbia they let loose a torrent of rape, murder and near-genocide against ordinary Serbs.

      There is a strain of lunacy, of madness spawned by an inferiority complex within some Serbs which produces a chauvanism and ruthlessness which results in punishment from outside powers.

      When will they learn that they are a small and vulnerable people and not to go around murdering stronger powers.

    4. Franz Ferdinand was killed by Serbian military, BUT, that went this way, Franz Ferdinand was too close to Germany and palace hated that, so they said let s use serbian secret service to kill him and attack serbia, as decision to start WW was already made in 1912 when Austro-Hungary decided to entice Italy to remain at least neutral in next war by starting import of Italian wines on expense of their own (from Croatian coast of Dalmatia)... when serbs found that they are infiltrated they tried to stop whole operation but all connection to serbia was cut off. he shoot once, but austrian police decided that everything must go on, and agent start running away but in manner that police blocked all streets for him to run away so he must go back and shoot him again :))) Germany would have won WWI if Austria decided to attack right away Italy and forget that pagan stinky east (Serbia and Russia), Russia would not do anything, they would care less, than France would have to start thinking deeply about starting mobilisation, but to win definitely war Germany had to just also than beat UK navy as they were similar in size back than, also recognize power of submarines as there one and only golden rule, if you use new weapon, use it in big amount at once, and you are winner

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    6. serbs got very badly what they deserved from 1914-1918 and from 1941-1945, because they had their time from 1524 and battle of Mohacs all way until 1995 to conduct their genocide by support of greatest friends in history, Germans on one side and Turks on others. Turks supported pagan eastern-orthodox muslim slave church when they conquered Konstantinopol as their pagan church centre to go against Catholic Hungary, Poland, Austria, Germany, Venice, Slovakia and Croatia, by conducting genocide against all of us and by settling Romanians, Gypsies, Tatars and Serbs as best slaves of all and by supporting eastern orthodoxy, same was done on north by muslim Mongol Golden horde and Crimea Khanate and their Russian slaves on expense of Ukrainians and Poles... In same time Germans supported tribal orthodoxy of Romania and Serbia against Hungarians and Croats to keep their rule there so they supported all Vlach people to become Serbs just by supporting serbian orthodox church... So that is history, and those killed again mostly were not even serbs... :) Serbs do have big mental problems because they are damned by God, they think that Church of Jesus is not of Jesus but it is of Serbs, they want to build their own Serbian Vatican on Balkan but God is not letting that...:) Same with Russians

    7. My first roommate in college was from Dallas, and all he liked to do was ride his cross country motorcycle, listen to Steely Dan albums, and drive around in his Datsun 240 Z.

      His grandfather was a Russian officer in the guard of the Czar Nicholas, and fled to Belgrade after the revolution. There in Belgrade he found a home among the Russian-loving Serbs and made a life, and had a daughter with a Serbian girl [Serbian girls are very sexy I might add]. An American Marine attached to the US embassy met the daughter of the Russian and his Serbian wife, and he married the daughter and brought her to Dallas, Texas and had my roommate.

      So after all the blood and chauvanism and conflict this kid, the grandson of the Russian officer and the Serbs...

      ...Well he didn't know or give a shit about the Turks or the Orthodox churches or anything. He just liked to live like a happy and stupid kid in the wealth of Texas driving around in his sports car and riding motocross bikes and racing in the mud.

      One generation and all is erased.

    8. That is America, America is only cure:) for all tribal problems, and not even one generation is needed in USA... In Australia on other hand there can t be Australian open tennis match without fight between Serbs and Croats, because Australia did not have strong counterintelligence to repel infiltration by Yugoslav communist secret service as they wanted to control and poison water between Serbs and Croats diaspora there... because many of them were fascist Ustashi and Chetniks in opposition to socialism.

  2. You are politically naive in many ways, dr. P.

    I would venture to agree with you that elected officials do not know how to run a business or are even motivated to work,

    In fact every appointee is a greedy corrupt charlatan whose personal enrichment is priority.
    Revolving doors..
    Not one since bush 41's hires would pledge their lives , FORTUNES , or sacred honor for our liberty.

    They delegate to others to assume the risk.

    Here's an interesting unrelated article about FBI "Training DRILLS", & ACTORS:

    1. That is the Reagan era had the last of the decent appointees, excluding VICIOUS liar BAKER.

    2. Baker was good lier, he destroyed Saddam and Milosevic by pure lies to them. HA HA HA

  3. Jones and Vaccines....

    In particular Alex Jones is discrediting the movement end the unnecessary proliferation of vaccines.

    Including boosters the infants and toddlers of America are now given in standard medicine sixty or more vaccinations of dubious effectiveness but which contain far more mercury than the FDA has found to be safe.

    It is undeniable that the epidemic in childhood neurological deficits, including autism syndrome, is linked directly through circumstance both epidemiologically and clinically, to the increase in the use of mercury laiden vaccines.

    In particular, it is well established that children with post-vaccine CNS damage are accumulating mercury in their brains at higher rates than other children receiving the same dosages but with lesser effects.

    This is a catastrophy of public health the scale of which is unparralleled in history.

    It's a result clearly of the financial interests of the pharma companies, the collusion and corruption of the CDC and FDA and other agencies...

    The real motives of the perpetrators of this disaster are well known and it includes the fallacious thinking and career interests of almost ever MD in the country....

    And yet the biggest asset the pro-vaccine establishment has is Alex Jones because he's miscast the issue as a bogus world wide conspiracy to deliberately murder or reduce the intelligence of the world population, for which there is no evidence whatsoever and which only a nut like many of his audience members would believe.

    1. Post-vaccine autism victims who have undergone kelation therapy to remove mercury from their brains, etc. have been found to have mercury levels off the charts...much, much higher than children receiving the same vaccines but not presenting with CNS deficits...

      The issue is that some children are accumulating the mercury while others are not.....there are many reasons for this but one is the use of acetiminophen which promotes concentration of heavy metals including aluminium also found in the vaccines.

    2. Hair samples from American and South Korean children show the high levels of mercury which all children from these countries NOW have, which used not be the case...and it's entirely from the vaccines.

      However the particular children with CNS damage show lower levels of mercury in their hair samples BECAUSE IT'S BEEN ACCUMULATED IN THEIR BRAINS.

      Low levels of mercury in hair samples in a reliable indicator of high mercury levels in the brain.

    3. The amount of mercury in the flu vaccine is .01 percent.

      That makes the mercury level in the vaccine well, well above the level the EPA considers rightly as TOXIC WASTE.

      If the nurse dropped the vile of vaccine on the floor and it broke it would be toxic waste...but that's what's injected into the bodies of infants and the elderly.

      Is it any wonder young people are so incredibly stupid that they think Kanye West is a genius?

      Most young people today have IQs far..far lower than prior generations. They are neurologically and psychiatrically stupid.

    4. MDs today will say they favor vaccines because they used to have to see the very occassional child with encephalitis or pertusis weaken and die....

      However for every pertusis or encephalitis life saved there's a thousand now with brain damage, palsy, paralysis, asthma, lupus, etc. THAT DIDN'T EXIST BEFORE.

      MDs are a gaggle of the most stupid mother fuckers.

    5. AJ would agree with you. Maybe you need to consider becoming an AJ hell raiser. Seems to me y'all could do the Texas Shuffle well together.

    6. I call on Alex Jones to retire from his disgraceful career and activities. I call on him to disavow his ridiculous claims that the poisons put in vaccines are planted their deliberately by a conspiracy of globalists and distopianists.

      I call on Jones to retract his insane claims that the nominees of each party for President are determined in secret global conclaves such as the Bilderberg Group.

      I call on him to renounce his lunatic claims that FEMA camps are intended to house American dissidents because a planned coup and Marshal law are intended by "bankers" LOL....

      Frankly I laugh to no end when I hear him claim that bankers are the ultimate mafia crime syndicate of the world, and are growing rich off monies lent to the US government [at zero interest I might add].....

      In short I ask that Jones do the honorable thing given his DISCREDITING of the liberty movement, and that he retreat into the woods of his domocile and...


      If Jones had any honor, any conscience for the damage he's done to the cause of liberty and opposing wickedness and evil in the world...

      He will commit suicide today!

      Let's see if the loudmouth bullyboy has any decency whatsoever.

      I'm certain he does not.

    7. If there's one thing I can't stand it's a phony sanctimonious, self-righteous bully shouting down others in public and trying to humilate in public people who differ with him.

      Jones is no gentlemen but by any standard a thug who is actually a coward who is afraid of physical violence and all who know him in Austin know he's a coward and and jackass.

      Do the right thing Mr. Jones and end the madness of your pathetic existence.

      Show one last ounce of decency.

    8. oh stop it, you americans have sacred cow (which is luckly keeping you from communism) and that is called unified sector of industry for consumer good. unified in unseen coordination with unified marketing sector , movie industry... there is no american movie or soap opera where there is no promotion of abudance of unnececary consumer good, every scene have so many stuff you can t count them as way to promote them and you are right, there is no conspiracy to posion kids, but there is wiill of industry to give 30 shoots instead of 10

    9. do not get me wrong, i support that system as only which will not put you gun on to your head, but there are victims

  4. In the UK there has been a definite cover up over MMR and Autism. Dr Wakefield who broke the story was of course struck off. I tried to purchase separate vaccines from Switzerland because I smelled a rat, they turned out to be saline. I think what is bothering some is the scale of the conspiracies AJ rants about. It works he gets the ratings, if he were Mr Reasonable he would not. Piers Morgan tried to do the quiet reasoned interviewer routine, he is in the dustbin of history. Of course the mega banks and 146 major corporations run things, cash is king. In the UK have just had more fixing of markets by major banks, the same ones who launder drug money and terrorists piggy banks guess how many went to jail. Bit of a clue as to who is in charge. As soon as a new President takes office the private jets start landing in Washington how much is it to run for Prez now $500m? In fact whoever spends the most wins, surprise! Also most candidates are groomed years in advance. Most of the conspiracies AJ alludes to are fishy, Newtown is weird, Boston Bizarre. No I do not think the fate of the World is sealed in smoke filled rooms, but they do have a good go at it.
    You have a militarized Police Force your every call and email is recorded at some super cooled server, you are embroiled in endless phoney wars and your last real Prez was killed by the state, where do you think this all came from, the local Mayor? David Icke thinks the World is run by Lizards, if this a metaphor for our Reptilian brain I no not know, but the killing that goes on it might as well be run and organised by Reptiles.

    1. i do not like David Icke because he is pro-palestinan, and he puts in same basket all religion on surface even he de facto prefer islam when we see he is pro-palestinan on to expense of Israel... he is socialist

    2. Piers Morgan failed because of his socialist/statist opinions, not because he was "reasonable."

      Anyone can be entertaining without being a liar. There are plenty of real outrageous conspiracies and evils without confabulating insane lies which do nothing but discredit everyone else's efforts.

      Jones damages the liberty movement and truth movement beyond all reckoning and he needs to commit suicide as soon as possible.

    3. Morgan would have a buddy of his from England come on and they'd laugh about how Americans think they have rights.

      According to Morgan no one has any rights to possess anything they don't need as defined by their government, and to him that must be the Crown.

      Morgan was just a pussy, a wimp and a fag.

    4. Morgan was reported to have been making $8 million per year I hear. Nice job if you can get it.

    5. If I were the chairman of the board of a corporation I would hire a CEO for $400,000 a year salary with no other compensation, and then give him specific requirements just like the lowest employees have...

      And like any employee if he didn't meet the requirements he'd been written up...and then written up again...and then fired.

      To keep his $400k job he'd have to meet the requirements I give him like any other employee because that's all he is...just another replaceable employee.

      If I had to I'd run through five people in six month until I found the one person who would do the job for $400k and not a penny more.

      I'd never pay more than that for any job of any kind and wouldn't pay any bonuses or incentives.

      I'd keep them sweating and sweating to keep that $400k and then I'd watch all the other corporations copy what I was doing....

      And no first class seats or private jets...they travel coach.

      If they don't like it find another job. The world and business schools are full of people willing to do the job.

      And the same for city policemen. If they screw up in any way at all just fire them and hire another.

      They are all instantly replaceable and have no education or skills.

      They are a dime a dozen.

    6. I totally agree. What you have just described is Russell Brands maximum wage plan, to go with the minimum wage plan.

  5. Probably just a coincidence but I see Kenyan Dr's have found an anti-fertility agent in UN tetanus vaccines.

    1. Tetanus was the first vaccine invented for mass distribution which was totally unnecessary. No one ever really gets "lockjaw" LOL....

      But if I could I'd distribute whatever vaccines I could to Africans and load it up with anything I could find which would prevent them from breeding in their endless incontenence of baby-spewing of useless unemployed low IQ native bushmen who rape young girls, beat their wives [of which they have several] and destroy the ecology of their continent and ravage it into a hellish nightmare of squalor !

      You've never seen squalor until you've seen black African squalor....

      But to them it's normal.

  6. Almost forgot my 'tip of the week'. If you want to set up a website try Squarespace a NYC company. Before I had even finished my site in quite a busy niche it was ranking in the top on page one of Google. I was flabbergasted as this has never happened before.