Sunday, November 2, 2014

Ben Bradlee, Washington Post: A Formidable, Charming Adversary in the Maryland Savings and Loan Crisis of the Late 1980s!
Some of my readers have asked me about my relationship with Ben Bradlee, the iconic journalist of the Washington Post who recently died at the age of 93. I certainly miss him and his bantering, blustering ways.  However, I admit that I really did not know him well.  The only time I had any meaningful interchanges with him personally was during the 1980’s Savings & Loan crisis in Maryland.
You might remember that in the late 1980’s most of the Savings and Loan institutions which had acted as erzatz banks had been entering bankruptcy, one after another.  This tumble was started by Marvin and Neil Bush in their scam entitled the ‘Silverado S&L Crisis’ in Colorado. Once that S&L went under the sheer momentum of convoluted accounting and a paucity of assets to back up the net worth of the S& L created a panic across the USA which resulted in the eventual dissolution of almost all S&Ls. It is amazing to note how detrimental the entire Bush family [except the mother] has been to the vibrant growth of this great nation. Remember this particular crime when you think about the cherubic, disingenuous Jeb Bush, the newly resurrected ‘intellect’.
Back to Ben Bradlee….
I was given the job, upon which I insisted [as per my usual Modus Operandi] to take over the crisis management of one particular S&L in Maryland in which I had deposited a significant amount of money. In any case, without having to go into the complexities of bailing out a bank [which by the way, Bernake, Paulson and Geitner had no clue whatsoever], I had called up Ben Bradlee at the Washington Post.
Our conversation went something like an Abbot and Costello routine circling around the definitions of ‘net worth’ and ‘cash flow’.  Ben, a man with self-admitted deficiencies in banking,  told me that ‘net worth’ and ‘cash flow’ were ‘not his problem’ and ‘could not have caused a cash flow run on the Savings & Loan that I was trying to keep alive.’  I in turn went to great lengths to explain to him that our S&L had a ‘net worth’ problem and not a ‘cash flow’ problem.  And as a result of an article in his Washington Post, he had specifically created a ‘cash run’ on the S&L I was trying to save.

I ended up quite frustrated and hired a friend and major Federal Prosecutor Earl Silbert, who helped me place an Injunction/ Temporary Restraining Order against the Washington Post from publishing any more information about the S&Ls in Maryland. The upshot was devastating.  I had to meet with Bob Woodward, the self-anointed “high priest of Journalism”.  I had very little, if any respect for him.  I had learned through my thorough background checks on this Yalie that he was a former naval intelligence officer who had never had journalism training.  Woodward who’s claim to fame was that he had briefed General Alexander Haig, another nit-wit on Henry Kissinger’s staff.  It has always been my belief that Woodward and his low class partner Carl Bernstein had facilitated the downward spiral of Nixon with the help of John Dean in what I had considered a “Yalie/CIA inspired take-down of President Nixon.”  

Bob Woodward was the man whom Ben had asked me to see in order to resolve this incredibly important problem on banking.  However, Woodward, as I had anticipated ,  turned out to be as stupid and irresponsible if he were not given any ‘inside information’  from his “Skull and Bones” colleagues in the USG.  Unbeknownst to Woodward,  I had worked on the Montgomery County Sentinel ( he once worked there) where he was described by the editor as ‘completely incompetent’. 
The rest of this story was predictable. A S&L crisis started by the Texas family of Bush –Marvin and Neil—spread across the USA like a ‘wildfire’ and ended up in bankrupting the S&Ls, thanks to a Maryland Governor who conveniently disappeared; as well as,  a Federal Institution, FSLIC, the counterpart of the FDIC which went belly-up.
That was my one and only experience with the legendary Ben Bradlee.  Please remember that legends are simply stories and distorted memories that serve to warp the moments of history that no one wants to remember correctly or accurately.  I was a small player in a bigger tragedy which repeated itself under the idiot-savant, President George W. Bush Jr, in an otherwise preventable tragedy entitled The Wall Street Crash of 2008 where the banks were ‘too big to fail’! Nonsense!
Who says that history and miscreant characters don’t reappear again and again?
Woodward, like any semi-competent intelligence officer keeps on appearing everywhere to spout the verbiage of self-aggrandizement, lies, distortions and deceptions until the mainstream media reify him as the sine qua non of ‘objective journalism’.
As for the Bush family, they never cease to amaze me in their relentless efforts to destroy the Republic, once and for all.  If Barbara Bush[the mother] were to run for the Presidency, then I might support her.  As for the rest of them, they belong in the dust bin of American history. How such a pathetic family of male losers have been able to come to power is both a stigmata on our electoral system and an indictment of those who have facilitated their subsequent ascendency to the Presidency.
No one will ever forget the Bush Family’s greatest legacy to America: The 9/11 Stand Down/False Flag and the subsequent murder of 3000 Innocent Americans. Clearly not satisfied to destroy our banking system,  they went on to invade Iraq for weapons that were never there.  As far as I can remember, the Washington Post never condemned the 9/11 attack or even tried to investigate the fact that Bush Jr/Cheney had been the creators of this fiasco.  So what can I say about Ben Bradlee’s absent cry of defiance in that particular moment in time?
I was not surprised. 
He too was a “Yalie”.. “Skull And Bones” and all that other nonsense.  He never really reaffirmed his so-called moral courage which Georgetown so admired about him.
Similarly, the august NY Times, under the direction of the ersatz managers /editors Harold Raines and Bill Keller, performed as dastardly as one might have expected by a newspaper co-opted Washington DC and ‘group think’.

The final chapter will not be written in my lifetime. When the truth about 9/11 and all the other USG chicaneries that occurred under Clinton, Bush jr, and Obama, no newspaper or journalist will have been touted as ‘admirable or courageous’. That glory of uncovering the real truths of America’s collective deceptions do not belong in any one  repository of news, but to you, the American citizens, who in your own ways will uncover the lies, deceptions and conceits that have been propagated from the center of this New Roman Empire—Pax Americana—Washington DC which will inevitably languish into intellectual and financial bankruptcy; as befits moral cowards.
So now the so-called ‘Conspiracy Media,’ we the people, will arise until there will be no one hero or media format, but a simple revolution of truth and honesty, at whatever cost of lives that may take.
Let me end this post by quoting the words of the great German writer, Goethe, who had pinpointed the nature of our collective problems, centuries ago:

Let’s terminate our self deceptions once and for all and rid ourselves of these noisome politicians who try to destroy our way of life.


  1. I've read somewhere that the former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker helped Neil Bush who cost tax payers 1.3 Billion dollars with the Collapse of Silverado Savings and Loan in 1988. Neil Bush paid a $50,000 fine, paid for him by Republican supporters, and was banned from banking activities for his role in taking down Silverado.

    As the director of a failing thrift, Bush voted to approve $100 million dollars in what were ultimately bad loans to two of his business partners. And in voting for the loans, he failed to inform fellow board members at Silverado Savings & Loan that the loan applicants were his business partners.

    The investigation by The U.S. Office of Thrift Supervision determined that Neil Bush; "had engaged in numerous breaches of his fiduciary duties involving multiple conflicts of interest".

  2. An RTC suit against Bush and other Silverado officers was settled in 1991 for $26.5 million.
    Per Wiki.

  3. Let me be perfectly clear...the reason I oppose another Bush family Presidency, (or a Clinton Family Presidency for that matter) is that they run their business affairs like the way I used to play the Monopoly game as a teenager, and was entrusted to be the banker. Very corrupt, and should be made criminal imo.

  4. So who here wouldn't want to get a 4 year $100 million dollar business loan, for 25 cents on the dollar with no jail time?

  5. Bushs and Clinton's are leaches, on the ass of America, sucking us dry. Parasites imo.

    When moving out of the White House I hear the Clinton's took pictures and furniture and all sorts of White House property and were asked to return the items that they knew about. Unbelievable. Like they're checking out of the Holiday Inn or something. Sheesh! No Class.

  6. I have no respect for people like that, no matter what they've accomplished. Taints my view of them completely.

  7. And now they are asking for my vote? I don't think so.

  8. On the Nixon tapes there is a reference to George W. Bush where Nixon and Kissinger agree that he simply lacks seriousness and is just a lightweight intellect. I think everyone who encountered him in his career until he became President thought of him that way - the idiot son of an important person in the party who played around in intelligence matters and had various jobs, but was always dangling on his Daddy's suitcoat....

    Nixon knew his Daddy Prescott Bush very well, and Prescott did a lot to advance Nixon's career so you can imagine in how little regard he thought of his lightweight kid.

  9. I don't agree however that Woodward and John Dean were Ivy Leaguers who "took down" Nixon. That Ivy League/Yale/CIA cabal stuff is what Nixon himself believed but it's no more true than LBJ's inferiority over having graduated from Southwest Texas State Teachers College in San Marcos.

    Once you become the POTUS everyone is gonna defer to you based on how you comport yourself and secret handshakes and the like are irrelevant.

    Gerry Hemming used to claim that James McCord led Howard Hunt and the others into a trap at the Watergate building, and that the whole thing was staged to bring down Nixon but there's no way a simple soldier like Hemming could know any of that anymore than the slew of other things he claimed to know. Hemming was a character but a confabulator also who claimed to know things well beyond his simple pay grade as a paramilitary operator.

    I don't know why CIA would prefer to have Ford as President rather than Nixon. Nixon worked with CIA very closely in covert action in the 1950s and maybe there's something I'm missing but I think it's pretty clear that Deep Throat at FBI was motivated by Nixon's lawlessness there [Mark Felt] and that plenty of people were pissed that Nixon was expecting Federal agencies to run interference for him regarding his stupid antics like black bag jobs and such.....

    Nixon and John Mitchell and Agnew were just not that bright actually. They were like the B team stringers or non-varsity players of national politics at the time.

    What I'll never understand is how John Dean got away with trashing the attorney/client priviledge however.

    If an attorney had done to any client what Dean had done to Nixon I would expect that client to kill his lawyer..really.

    Dean was a rat of the first order who deserved to die.

  10. In the next ten years most of the important figures of the last century will be dead. All the important actors, directors, musicians and so forth of the 1960s will be very very old or they will be dead.

    There will be no more Simon and Garfunkel or Paul McCartney or whoever....

    All these talented people and their enormous contributions will be gone..gone..gone...and it will happen in the next decade.

    There will be no one to replace them as the eightees gave us no talented artists in any field, no writers or novelists or filmmakers of note.....

    The culture will have been hollowed out and young people will have to do what they already have started doing, which is to go to Youtube and watch videos of these people and their work in the past because all the media gives us today is pure garbage like Rhianna or Perry or rappers like JayZ or idiots pussies like Justin Timberlake or that jackass on late night television who replaced jay Leno or that talentless moron Jennifer Lawrence and her pictures of her vagina stored in the Apple Corporation cloud......what a bunch of fucking idiots.

    1. 80es gave great VHS movie actors, which are not used today??? and they are super stars still much bigger than those new... only Woody Allen does not care about anything and works

  11. Jimmy Fallon is a nice guy but he's an immature little kid and all the people you see today as heads of companies or in entertainment are just a bunch of pussies with no gravitas or sense of importance.

    Just look at Tim Cook over at Apple and his moronic media blitz celebrating his homosexuality. What a bunch of fucking garbage. So the guys' a fag what the fuck should anyone care? But no he has to make a fucking big deal about it and the legions of Apple cultists will fall down and worship him for being so courageous and forget that Apple never shares a penny of their 130 billion in cash with any of their stockholders and has never given a penny in dividends because they don't have to anymore than they have to pay their taxes or hire Americans to build their products or do anything that contributes to the community or to other people...

    But they are sooo cool and progressive because they have a proud faggot as their President.

    That's the phoniness of inclusion PC politics....

    Nevermind that you have the nineteenth century robber barron model of commerce as your credo because you can smoke screen the whole thing away by being an inclusive homosexual.

  12. I know this is aweful to say this but I actually wish some knuckledragging homophobe would put a bullet in Tim Cooks' head because he claimed and stated very clearly that being homosexual is better than being heterosexual....

    And that kind of perversion in the culture and encouraging young people who are normal to think of themselves as inferior because they are not abnormal...

    Well I think asshole liars and creep like Tim Cook should be killed for that.

    That's why I think we might need something like a Nazi movement in this country. Because the opinion leaders are causing the young to think of themselves as unworthy if they are just normal people. Young people today are conditioned by the sickos in power in the culture to think there's something wrong with themselves if they are not homosexual, want to stay away from brutal negro gangsters, stay in their own race and religion, etc...etc....

    Asshole creeps like Tim Cook would think twice about claiming that heterosexuals are not as good as homosexuals if they knew they could be killed for saying it.

    It's a terrible thing to advocate for that kind of thuggery but it's now necessary I am afraid.

    1. homosexuals the biggest danger for any organisation, let s go from beginning: they are not normal, they are international, like alcoholics, like commies... hari mata hari was killed innocent, she was prostitute but her customers were french generals in WW1 which were semi-homos (who can t develop normal relationship with females) so they wanted to prove something, so they talked too much drunk while in bed, later on because of same generals who than become total homos they lost later on WW2... soviet espionage found that japanese will not attack siberia in december of 1941 because soviet agents found one homo in japanese HQ so kuznetsov could send siberian forces to defend moscow and start counter attack...

    2. Homosexual personality disorder results from childhood fears of rejection, and therefore these individuals are obsessed with social acceptance.

      It's intolerable to them that society doesn't accept their homosexuality, and therefore they seek to re-make social norms by promoting homosexuality as not only acceptable but actually superior to heterosexuality.

      The falsely claim that homosexuality is common among other mammals in nature and fabricate all manner of pseudo-scientific claims to deceive themselves and the public.

      Anyone who's been around homosexual communities know very well their natural inclination for seeking to convert homosexuals to their lifestyle and agenda.

      The psychological associations and psychiatric associations need to re-visit this issue and properly define it as they used to ----

      As a disorder or abnormality which deprives the individual of the normal and intended motivation to engage in sexual procreation.

      Regardless of the ability of the affected to find 'adjustment' or well-being, which is NOT the issue when defining an abnormality.

      If a patient presented with a physical pathology of the genetals which prevented them from their intended use of procreation there would be no hesitation in describing the patient as having a disorder.

      The same applies for those with behavoral and motivational characteristics which deprive them of the motivation to have sex with the other sex.

      There are no examples in nature of any individuals who are repulsed by the opposite sex and wish instead to mate with the same sex. None.

      Homosexuality is purely a human phenomenon because only humans have operating personalities formed by culture.

      Only humans have culture, and that's why homosexuality can exist.

  13. I find the Bush Family really interesting because a bit like Time Tunnel or Quantum Leap our 'heroes' find themselves involved in every important event in History we have Prescott helping to fund the Nazis, 'Poppy' appearing in Dallas and Iran/Contra and Reagan hit. Junior in 9/11, Gulf 2 and Afghanistan. My favourite bit was when Bush Snr and Bush Jnr fought it out until Jeb intervened! History would have quite different if the Bush family had never existed. Although to be fair I did see Jnr doing a roast and he had excellent comic timing, could have been a good stand up. But quite simply I do not know how they have got away with it, you would think something minor like a Capone style tax evasion would have got them. But nope Teflon as always. Regarding the CEO of Apple comments, that he made. I do not believe him when he considers it a 'gift' I am sure it has made his life much more complex, it is simply a PC post-rationalisation.

    1. Everything they touch and do results in massive suffering and violence for ordinary people.

      Maybe the now murdered former exorcist Priest neighbor of mine on 83rd Street and 3rd Avenue Father Malachi Martin was right....

      "The biggest concentration of demonic possession anywhere is among the old monied families in the New York area. Many of them are what I call 'perfectly possessed' in that they show no outward signs of internal conflict with the demonic entities which are controlling their actions."

      -- Malachi Martin

  14. Good point Bill, you can't say the Bushs are not at the epicenter of many of these events, thats for sure.

  15. Bradlee was always CIA. He indoctrinated Woodward. Orders were to take down Nixon.
    Woodward followed orders.

    Case closed.

    Who at the post will take down Bari Malik Shabbaz?