Sunday, November 23, 2014

Watch as the Pentagon Fails to End the Wars that They Should have Never Started in Iraq/Afghanistan.
Over the past thirteen years, I have watched these war hungry generals perform in the Pentagon’s “Fools and Follies.” Now, under massive pressure from the Pentagon, President Obama announced that he would continue to “ensure American troops will have a direct role in fighting in War-Ravaged Afghanistan ….” [NY Times, Nov.21, 2014].
Just when I thought that we Americans had enough of two wasteful wars waged over an inexcusable 13 year period of time, Gen. John F. Campbell and his cohorts intimidated Obama into sending more troops, fighter jets [F-16, B-1B bombers] and drones [Predator and Reaper] to fight an assortment of ersatz enemies in Afghanistan.

Who are the enemies?
Apparently, the Pentagon has had a serious problem in trying to identify who these enemies really are.  Suddenly, our enemies have been augmented in size from just Al Qaeda to the Haqqani Network to the Taliban and others. Our generals who feel that they have not had enough wars to justify their existence, if not their absurd braids of useless metals on their chest, have literally ‘scared’ our President into expanding the wars both into Iraq and now, Afghanistan.
I have found that our Department of Defense is replete with a group of senior military officers who have no idea of how to start, manage, or more importantly, FINISH A WAR!! What we have now is a military RUN AMOK!
Let me assure you that our National Security is in no way threatened by terrorists from Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere else.  In fact, more deaths have occurred from obesity, smoking, diabetes than terrorism or any other make-shift threat. Why do we continue to fight overseas in unnecessary wars? Simply because we have a dysfunctional military corps of officers who want to go down in their own history books tucked away in their vest pockets, as having fought something, or someone, before they die, or more importantly, write their hagiography [autobiography].

These generals and admirals could care little about the cost of human lives, including both military or civilian deaths that they would incur while trying to exercise their personal narcissistic enterprises. These generals will never shy from using such buzz words as democracy, freedom and training,  in order to justify their fool-hardy incursions. For over thirty years, America has spawned a group of useless, ineffectual, primarily narcissistic generals who want nothing more than to claim that they had fought at least once in their lifetime.  They basically serve themselves not our country.
We have no one in authority to stop these Generals-Run-Amok from continuing wars that create needless ‘wounded warriors’ which have served as ‘cannon fodder’ for the Pentagon’s Folly.  These Pentagon Fools who think they understand war, have never really won a war. Nor have they ever terminated a war. In effect, they are men in uniform who have become extremely dangerous to the national security of our great nation. In addition,  they have become inexorable nexus of toxic fumes of war crimes, extensive collateral damage, and a blemish on America’s history of military victories.
As a veteran of several conflicts, I cannot in anyway rationalize their need to stay one more minute in Afghanistan. These foolish generals know, all too well, that the enemies that they seek are products of CIA/MI creators and work in close concert with Pakistan’s ISI (also CIA created). Americans are allowing our generals an opportunity to fight the shadows of our own creation. Witness the shades and shadows of wars lost---Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Pakistan, et. al. 
This is outright insanity. Our President is too weak to defy his generals. The White House is split on its attitude to the necessary trade-offs between the need for peace and the artificial imperatives of an unnecessary war. For years,  I have explained to you that we have had a ‘soft military coup’ in this country, now you see the evidence.
What do I mean?
Most of congress is beholden to the Pentagon, for some ”jobs” contract or base funding.  The military and its industrial minions hold the threat of “cutting jobs”  “job loss” over elected officials like a sword of Damacles, making congressman hostage to our military.  There is not one district in this country that does not have a piece of the military-industrial complex in it. If we have no real enemies to fight, no worries, we will just create some. President Eisenhower warned us in the late 1950’s of this obscene military-industrial complex which would eventually devour our civil society; bleeding it of much needed sustenance that should go to schools, health systems and infrastructure repairs. These ‘brave generals’ whose only concern is their own personal glory ---or the self-delusion of possessing that glory – care not a wit for the welfare of this great Republic.
Americans:  Wake up and see the truth about these endless wars.  These are NOT for your protection nor that of this country, these continuous conflicts are serving the glory of these generals and this system that operates in the shadows.  For many years, I have helped DOD create strategies that would allow them to PREVENT combat in foreign lands.  It saddens me to see these generals that are misguided and unchecked.  This is the 21st century, its time to re-think this outdated military model that fosters such egotistical, unpatriotic military leadership.


  1. Padre Pio said that source of all evil is: "Me, me, me!"

    1. HAGEL IS OUT !!

      What the fuck could a sane man like Hagel do with a White House filled with hip-hop South Chicago thugs anyway?

      What could he do when Valerie Jarrett, Jay-Z, Derek Jeter and Beyonce rule the roost in the Exectutive Mansion?

      26 rounds of golf with Derek Jeter on Saturday occupied our negro President so there was little energy left over to formulate any plans for ISIS or Afghanistan.

      "Yo Dude get yo hands off my Camels!" Barry Obama kept shouting at Hagel in conferences when he would forget who's pack of cigs he was reaching for.....

      "Hey Valerie, when's Kanye gonna get his nigger ass ova here?" Barry barked out to Jarrett this Sunday as Barry and Michelle were finalizing their Thanksgiving Day plans....

      Among the negros who will be sharing Thankgiving with the Obamas will be LeBron James, Ray Rice and Dr. William Cosby PhD.


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      He could have been Cosby's cousin.

    3. You'll notice on the television pharma ads that a lot of the MDs are negros LOL !

      What a fucking joke.

      I'd never get anywhere near a negro practicing medicine [unless he were a witch doctor].

    4. On "Breaking Bad" Walter White's doctor was a negro.

      It's these kinds of politically-driven FALSE IMAGES of negros in positions of competence in film and televsion which conditions young Americans to vote for Obama when he happened along....


    5. kanye West's mother was killed by a negro Doctor who fucked up her surgery...

      He had a television show where he appeared as a plastic surgeon but in reality he wasn't certified in plastic surgery...

      Just another phony smiling nigger like Barry or whatever the fuck his name is.

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    7. guess why Joe Biden is star of eastern Europe :)


  2. Powerful post and it applies over here in the home of the empire where the sun apparently never sets

  3. Dr.P I wish it were that simple.

    The simple truth is that the US never obtained a surrender from the government of Afghanistan or the government of Iraq.

    The constituents and people of those two countries continued to fight, and that is always expected when you're occupying someone's nation against their consent.

    The other simple truth is that military personnel and officers NEVER will consent to surrender the field to the enemy after the lives and limbs of their buddies have been sacrificed there.

    The officer corps is disgusted beyond all measure at the horrors in Iraq because of the total and unnecessary retreat from there. Leaving Afghanistan would also surely result in an enemy victory.

    There was no one in America more opposed to BOTH those aggressions by the US when they occurred. In both cases they were simple aggressions made by hollow pretexts much less credible than any of the pretexts used by the Germans in 1939 for which they were tried and hung as criminals.

    However having broken these two places we now have no choice but to stay and work out solutions as efficiently as possible.

  4. Nor do I think the Vietnam analogy works here.

    In Vietnam over 90% of the population of the south were OPPOSED to the US presence there. Maybe 80% or more were peasants or intellectuals who wanted a communist government, and the balance were non-communists who would have accepted a communist government if the benefit was unification.

    The only people in the south who wanted what the US wanted were businessmen, landowners and catholics.

    Those in the know in the military and intelligence knew these facts [although they didn't acknowledge them] and when the US was finally driven out there was little hard feelings. However among those people like my father who were low level and beleived the government propaganda that the US was defending an embattled ally there was tremendous hard feelings.

    In Afghanistan and Iraq most of the population at this point doesn't want what the rebels in those places are seeking.

    In Afghanistan basically only the Pashtuns support the talibs anymore. In Iraq even the Sunnis want the ISIS assholes gone just as they wanted them gone when they were there posing as "al-qada in Iraq" and that's when they actually fought with the US to get rid of them.......

    Remember the "Sons of Iraq?"

    Those were former Sunni rebels who had been killing Americans in Fahlujah and Ramadi but joined with the US to expell the same assholes who have come back!

    The beauty of the situation in Iraq now is that the US can use all kinds of hit-and-run attacks and other nasty shit against this enemy.

    It would actually be fun. And to me that's the rarest thing in warfare.

  5. Going to Afghanistan was always a bit of a no brainer we could not win there over 100 years ago, with men as hard as nails. The Russians could not win with their massive Gunships and the US could not win with its vast resources. Why? Because they could out suffer all of us, their lives were shit anyway and they eat andf drink suffering, death is probably a welcome release for them if not a bit of sport. Playing Devils advocate a minute, I get why your Generals are itching for a 'scrap' a hammer looking for a nail, otherwise they are basically attending a very long and expensive dressing up party. I live a few miles from Biggin Hill Airport (home of the few, Simon Cowells landing point and CIA rendition point) anyway I watched a firecrew training there once and like the Generals without something happening, which is statistically unlikely they just drill and wait, and wait. So no wonder Generals out of Westpoint or wherever are thrilled with whatever made up war is going it provides fulfillment of sorts. I must admit I never really understood why Bush Snr did not go all the way through with Stormin Norman in Gulf one, unless it was for a second go later, because no UN resolution would have stopped them. It is rather a good model to nurture a young Dictator, bring them to power arm them then take them down as the did with Sodam Insane. Nice!

    1. The Russians had the right strategy in that they were satisfied to simply occupy the major cities and let the countryside go to whoever wanted it.

      The Russians goal was to deny the government to any anti-Soviet, pro-American regime. The Russians were able to accomplish this with few casualties and could have kept it up forever.

      The US could learn from this. A standoff is all you can get over there.

    2. I will reply to myself. Yet more proof the Universe is a giant software program, last night a private jet crashed at Biggin Hill, that I mentioned in an earlier post and the Firecrew had to scramble to put it out. I will have to watch what I say!

  6. As for Eisenhower, The Jam in 'Going Underground' (1980) summed it up thus, 'What you see is what you get. You've made your bed, you'd better lie in it. You choose your leaders and place your trust. As their lies wash you down and their promises rust. You'll see Kidney machines replaced rockets and guns and the public wants what the public gets.' In fact thinking about it the Orwellian model was for endless pointless War and then the rewriting of history to suit, bit like now really.

  7. Wars serve the economy especially in a chronic recession.
    Listen to eisenhowers farewell address.

    Former corrupt FBI mike Rogers who was forced to "retire" from congress released a white washed Benghazi report exonerating aka obama & BRENNAN.

    It appears that house Intel chair Rogers & his surgically-enhanced & implanted wife were up to his pupick in Benghazi mercenary enrichment.

    The house select committee is yet to conclude, but I suspect it will be no different .

    He begins anew as a talk show host! Hilarious

    1. war is only real economy, wars started when there were enough food for priest castles in temples, as they collected resources in temples so that they were capable to invest in to conquest campaign... aka accumulation to gain more of slaves, trade goods or to secure trade routes

  8. Does anyone know where I can get Winchester .284 ammunition?

    Before the introduction of the Remington 700 "three rings of steel" in the powerful 7mm Remington magnum cartridge in the mid-1960s the most popular sporting rifles were Winchester, and their sporting cartridges were the Winchester .264, with a high velocity 6.5mm bullet.....and the less used Winchester .284 which was slightly slower with a larger 7mm bullet.

    Anyway once the Remington 7mm Magnum came along the Winchester .264 and .284 sort of fell by the way side. By the 1980s nobody purchased these calibers...until recently. In the last few years people have started using the .284 in long range shooting competitions for whatever reason.

    I came across a Winchester Model 100 semi-automatic in .284 Winchester recently at a pawn shop. It looks to be manufactured around 1967, and it has a high grade maple stock, walnut fittings, and most wonderful of all brass bottom plate and shoulder butt !

    Anyway it has some old Weaver scope mounts for a narrow scope which I think were tapped into the action. It doesn't have a front sight but it does have a notch for a rear sight.

    So I'll be seeking a scope and then I'm off to the range.

    But where can I get some cartridges? Any ideas? I'm not a re-loader.

    1. btw the same pawn shop in Round Rock, Texas, [action pawn] has a 1960s era [post 1964 however] Winchester model 70 Safari in.....

      YOU guessed it.....375 H&H

      Few people today want to shoot the enormous .375 Elephant gun primarily because the Weatherby .378 Magnum was favored over the .375 by Elmer Keith when the Weatherby was introduced. It does, like all Weatherby's, have a much higher velocity.

      But for collectors this Winchester Safari is much prized. This gun may have been used in Africa or perhaps in Alaska or someplace where big game is the norm.

    2. Elmer Keith always liked the .375 H&H but when the Weatherby .378 came out he had an orgasm over it.

    3. Now let's talk about a strange turn of events in my next rifle purchase....

      When I was twelve years old my father purchased for me a Ruger Model 7 in .257 Roberts. All the other kids where I lived had been given .243 Winchesters, but for whatever reason my gun-dealing FFL government sniper Dad wanted me to have the somewhat obscure .257 Roberts.

      Now decades later I have to tip my hat to him because the .257, which is a 6.5mm bullet is louded as an exceptional ballistic round with flat trajectory and able hitting power.

      The little .243 Winchester other kids were using is only 6mm, and has a small bullet, sometimes only 60 grains, and I think my father was seeking to get me accustomed to using larger calibres than the puny 6mm....

      He was always doing that since I was eight years old when he started supplying me with guns...he always moved the sizes up every year to get me used to shooting larger guns.

      To people reading this all this will sound nuts, which is why I'm writing this!

      In Comal County, Texas, where I grew up in 1898 there were 92 shooting clubs among the Germans living there. Every man and boy belonged to a "Shootzen Veurine" or shooting club. It was normal for boys of eight to start hunting for game.

      Anyway I only recently learned that with the 60 grain bullet that the Winchester .243 is probably the highest velocity rifle round available ANYWHERE.

      I was always fond of the Weatherby .257 [6.5mm] because it has a very high velocity round of 3,800 feet per second.

      But guess what....

      The little and simple Winchester .243 with a 60 grain bullet shoots out at a whopping...

      ,4010 feet per second !!

      Go to Youtube and you can see people shooting the .243 with bullet velocity timers and you can see this is actually true.

      When Woody Harrelson's Dad Charlse shot and killed Judge John Wood [who was an asshole] in San Antonio in 1979 he actually used a Weatherby .240 because of it's very high velocity of 4,000 feet per second. That high velocity not only provides a very flat trajectory but the "ballistic shock" or the damage to body tissue by being hit by a high velocity/energy packing bullet is LETHAL.

      Although John Wood was hit with a very small, light bullet the high velocity was too much for his fat body to bear and he went down like a sack of potatoes.

      My hat's off to both the Weatherby .240 and the Winchester .243 for their high velocities.

      The Weatherby .240 is seldom used today because it's so small that it's thought of as not having enough power to kill large game. However for killing men it's just perfect. =o)

    4. When I was eleven the son of a friend of ours, the nephew of Mike Carmody the CIA agent in Texas who worked with Charlse Harrelson, and for whom I was named....

      Well this nephew of Mike's was in a tree early one morning with a rifle waiting for deer and he fell asleep in the tree....

      He dropped the rifle and it wasn't on safety and IT WENT OFF AND SHOT HIM...

      The nephew was shot by his own gun and the bullet entered behind his left knee and blew out all the muscle up his quadraceps and exited below his was a hollow point bullet and tore his leg up to shreds.....

      That kind of stuff happens when you give high velocity rifles to kids.

    5. Harrelson and Mike both worked the same region, which was from Interstate Highway 10 from Houston going west to San Antonio. Everything along that highway from Houston to San Antonio and SOUTH including San Antonio and down all the way to the border of Mexico....that was the territory where Charles Harrelson and Mike Carmody worked. Carmody was mostly a fence, and fenced diamonds, and so forth, and took orders for stolen cars....

      The cars were mostly for attornies, police and others in South Texas and he placed the orders with this guy in New York.....I will think of his name later but he was the asshole who recruited Richard Kuclinski and worked for the Gambinos I think....

      Anyway Mike was the major fence in San Antonio and down to the border and getting these cars from New York on order was his major business...

      ROY DEMAYO...that was his name.

      Anyway....Harrelson was the hit man and Mike was the money/fence guy but Mike also did government work which very few people were aware of and informed on the gun runners like Mario Cantu in San Antonio who used to run guns to Mexican the 1960s there were land seizures in Mexico every day and lots of rebel groups armed from Texas sympathizers.....

      Mike turned up dead in the back seat of a car in Bexar county in January 1975 and Charles was arrested in 1981 for the murder of Judge John Wood.

    6. In 1969 in Mexico city over 300 students were mowed down and killed with machine gun may have been as many as 1,000 because they were seeking to protest using the Olympic Games as a format....

      In those days there was tremendous rebellion and violence in Mexico and the spirit of the 1960s was well alive and alive and well in Mexico and many US leftees in San Antonio were running guns because the LATINOS OF SAN ANTONIO were very very left wing and had become COMMUNISTS in the 1930s....

      In the 1930s many Mexicans in San Antonio had come to be there from the Mexican revolution of 1910 and these Mexicans were exploited and treated like dogs...

      So pro-Soviet communists were in San Antonio to try to organize them...and there was a riot in 1937 in the Municipal Auditorium in San Antonio when one of the communist organizers was to have an event there....

      Anyway the CIA chief in Mexico City was Winston Scott, and David Phillips who my father worked for also had his office in Mexico City and San Antonio was where a lot of action was in those days long ago......

    7. It was 1968 of course when the massacre happened just before the Olympics..

    8. In the 1960s Charles Harrelson charged $2,000 for a hit in south Texas, and worked a lot near the border in the "valley" towns of McAllen, Harlingen, Edinburg, Brownsville, etc...and he was convicted of one of these killings down there in the 1970s and served 7 years because in those days it was normal to serve only a few years for homicide....

      Then when he got out that's when he did the John Wood thing and got paid $300,000.....

      That's how things had changed.

    9. Texas has produced a lot of gunslingers and guitar players. Shooters. My favourite was John Wesley Harding as a shootist. An amazing character. Any good tales about John lurking in your family tree...

    10. Harding was an asshole and I have no connection to him as that was way before my time. In Round Rock where the action pawn is the major street is name after Sam Bass, who was killed there. Bass was a major asshole who robbed banks and trains and terrorized everyone. The idiots in Round Rock think he was great!

      The worst person to come from Austin was a major psychopath named Ben Thompson. Thompson was a psychopathic killer who fled Austin when he was 17 because he shot and almost killed another kid, then was a hired killer for the railroads in Kansas, and was a general asshole. But guess what? In 1881 the citizens of Austin named him their CITY MARSHALL !!


      Austin is such a criminal city of shitheads that they made the most vicious psychopath in Texas their city Marshall to head their police! Then two years into this Thompson went to San Antonio and shot in cold blood a saloon owner who DARED to ban him from his saloon...that was Jack Harris owner of the Vaudeville House....

      Well Thompson's running buddy in San Antonio was another vicious psycho named "King Fisher" who was the major criminal controling the town of Uvalde and the "Nueces strip" down to the border.

      Fisher intimidated the jury and witnesses at Thompson's trial in San Antonio and so he was aquitted....this happened ALL THE TIME in Texas when the most serious killers were caught and tried. Thompson was tried at least three times for murder and got off every time by intimidating jurors....

      So after a couple of years some of the citizens of San Antonio invited Fisher and Thompson back to San Antonio to sort things out...

      Well when Thompson and Fisher arrived at the meeting place about ten citizens sprung out from every direction...



      FUCK THE LAW !!

      The law is full of shit, corrupt, and biased just as we saw today in Ferguson Missouri with its biased and corrupt District Attorney who misled the Grand Jury there.

      If you want justice fuck the law and take matters into your own hands....

      And if you have to burn down the city to make you point then that's what will happen.

      "the tree of liberty is periodically watered with the blood of patriots!"

    11. Prosecutor Robert McCullagh [sp] is a crook. He only asked Wilson leading questions, never cross examined him, and portrayed the victim as an animal.

      This kind of lying, dishonest behavoir by prosecutors is what's destroyed the criminal justice system in America.

      An example must be made of him by hunting him down and lynching him.

      Death to the corrupt, lying St.Louis County prosecutor!

      All legal observers agree that there was ample probable cause in this case.

    12. Here in Texas Dan and Fran Keller have just been released after serving 24 years for a crime they didn't commit.

      Decades ago they were convicted by crooked prosecutors of ritual sex abuse against the child has finally recanted and said the prosecutors put him up to it.....

      Corrupt prosecutors must be put to death.

    13. Here in Austin the city just paid a $1.2 million settlement to the family of a black man who was executed by a city police detective by shooting him in the back of the head under a bridge....

      The Grand Jury indicted Detective Charles Kleinert for manslaughter and he resigned from the police department...but there have been nothing but delays in bringing the case to court and it looks like the DA here is in no hurry to ever see it come to trial.

  9. I do like it when Americans talk about guns, in the UK unless you are a 'crim' or enjoy clay pigeon shooting it is unusual to have such weapons. Except folk who do collect ancient pistols and muskets. My brother-in-law had an antique shop in Tunbridge Wells a few years ago and a baseball capped thief grabbed some valuable pistols and a Cutlass. My Brother-in-law grabbed a Zulu War shield and a spear and pursued him up the high street! The guns were later retrieved when trying to be 'fenced' in Brighton. I have a replica of a Navy Colt 45 which everyone plays with in a Clint Eastwood fashion. As I understand it 'fast draw' was a myth and who shot second more accurately usually won.

    1. I think there are still a lot of sporting rifles still in private hands in England. Holland and Holland, Gibbs, and other big game rifles of note were made there and I'm sure they still are in the collections of their users' families.

      There's a lot of crime in England these days...mostly property crimes like theivery and such.

      But if I lived in England I would feel little need for a firearm for protection because other criminals are rarely dangerous and seldom armed.

      In Italy however I always am armed because the Albanians, Arabs and Africans who are armed, not to mention the local armed Italian assholes...

      America is a gun culture and always has been and there were no more guns in Texas and the west than there was in the cities of the east.

      In Boston, New York and Philidelphia people used to always go around armed with small pistols in their jackets and coats, and women always used to also carry guns.

      It's a myth that only the west was were people needed guns.

      Every city in America was an armed camp, and still is.

      And that's the way I like it frankly.

      I wish the negro Michael Brown had been armed with something more than just his naked bare body so he could defend himself against that asshole coward stupid white pussy Darren Wilson.

      Wilson is a pussy.

    2. The western towns which had a lot of drinking and carosing like Dodge City, etc. all had gun control and outsiders were forebidden from carrying guns in town.

      But locals could do what they wanted if they had a good reputation.

      But in the eastern and midwestern cities there was little if any gun control and everyone had arms in their homes and many people carried loaded pistols in their clothes....

  10. About Elmer Keith and the .375 H&H vs. the Weatherby .378....

    You know come to think about it I remember Elmer Keith was really fond of the Winchester .338 when it came out and when the Weatherby .378 came out it was the Winchester .338 he compared it to and said it was better than....

    He didn't say the Weatherby was better than the .375 H&H because I don't think he ever commented on the .375....which was just an old big Safari gun from England.