Monday, November 24, 2014

interesting description of Iraqi Army


  1. I think it is incredible the way 'Billions' are thrown about in articles about War and nobody raises an eyebrow. Also did not 'billions' in hard cash go missing at the beginning of the War, I thought in the Army everything had to be signed and accounted for. In the future Social Anthropologists will not understand why Politicians were so cretinous.

    1. socialism and communism was putting up those medieval countries at first because commies cared about vaccination, hospitals and engineers (for military), and communism is able to spread IDs to those medieval people at least start to exist on paper... but who cares, enemy is enemy ...beside mobile phones of capitalism are doing same what was socialism doing in 1960s even better

    2. UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar who escaped that seductive trap socialistic 1960s are united and still exist, while those others are in blood

    3. Michael Wison's gun misfires????????

      Among the many things in Wilson's "testimony" that make little sense are his bizarre claims that he repeatedly pulled the trigger on his Sig Sauer semi-auto and that nothing happened until he pulled the trigger a third time....

      This I would say is almost impossible.

      The Sig Sauer 229 and similar models is the highest quality firearm made. It doesn't misfire like that. It is a double action full trigger pull for the first shot and then when the first round is fired the subsequent rounds are fed and hammer cocked so it is single action thereafter.....

      His first trigger pull is guaranteed to fire.

      Wilson's testimony is full of incomprehensible elemets like this and his story changed everytime he told it.

      He's a classic liar.

      Any cross examination at all in the Grand Jury would have destroyed him.

    4. pardon me his name is Darren Wison..not MIchael Wilson


    The citizens of little Ferguson Missouri have been given the royal shaft up the wazoo.....

    St. Louis District Attorney/Prosecutor TAKES NO POSITION and RECOMMENDS NO INDICTMENT for the twelve idiot citizens of the Grand Jury investigating the cold-blooded murder of negro Michael Brown at the hands of a pussy/shitstain coward city policeman Darren Wilson.

    Yes the whitebread moron Wilson sitting in the safety of his own car was so frightened for his life being assaulted from the outside of the car by negro Brown that he fired twice causing Brown to flee!

    But here it gets even better.....

    Wilson, supposedly fearing for his life from the fleeing Brown, now gets out of the safety of his car and runs after Brown [because he's afraid for his life of Brown of course]....

    Brown, seeing that this idiot Wilson is going to run him down and kill him sees no alternative but to rush him...unarmed...without so much as a stick or a rock in his hand.....

    And so the coward Wilson shots and kills a totally unarmed man.

    And to the District Attorney Brown was "using his body as a lethal weapon..."


    This country is FUCKED.

    1. i am for police brutality, but when it have didactical role for needed and when baton is coming from moral high ground... this was neither brutal, there is no example to youth, no moral lesson, just one scared police officer

    2. The problem is the officer had no justifiable reason to be scared. The negro he killed was unarmed...had nothing but his fists which he didn't even know how to use!

      This happens all the time and everyday in this country and all of us who remember what this country used to be are fed up and are ready to return to the meaning of the American revolution of 1776.

    3. And if you think this negro Michael Brown was a threat think again!

      The policeman Darren Wilson is 6'4" tall and weighs 210 pounds!

      The negro is only slightly taller and weighs a fat 290 pounds!

      The negro was slower and not stronger AT ALL !!

      IN ADDITION.....

      Unless someone is TRAINED how to hit with force like a fighter GETTING HIT BY SOMEONE IS NO THREAT.

      If you don't know anything about real street fighting let me tell you....

      The way people normally hit other people with flying punches with fists isn't as hard as you think. These are merely "arm punches" and no one can hit this way very hard because they have little strength in their arms even if they're big and strong...and if they did hit hard they'd break their hands....

      The ONLY way to hit with fists with any real power is to TRAIN like a boxer how to pivot and use the weight of the whole body behind the punch....and then you have to use gloves or your first punch will break all the bones in your fingers!

      Michael Brown wasn't a threat to anyone except a frightend little pussy ass wipe like most police today....cowards and shitstains.

    4. According to Wilson, Brown's words to him in the car were: "you are too much of a pussy to shoot me"... That was his fatal miscalculation; because, as you say, the cop was too much of a pussy to NOT shoot him.

  3. Peaceful protest is not an answer here Barak Obama.

    The ONLY thing which will get the attention of people and let them know that we are serious about our rights is VIOLENCE.

    The founders of this Republic would be the first to take to the streets and burn down the town and kill every "police officer" of the government who could be found!

    I was in Los Angeles in 1993 when the cowardly LAPD abandoned the city while rioters roamed the streets and the city's "police officers" stayed held up in their stations because they were a bunch of cowardly wimp pussies!

    The people must act.

    Violence is the only way.

    Let's roll.


      Yes Barry you might like to think you are a real Nigga because you hang with Jay-Z and and Derek Jeter....

      But when it comes to the nut-cutting like the present you turn tail and run like the phony white ass mulatto that you are!

      You grew up in a white family in the suburbs of Hawaii going to private schools LOL...


    2. Whatever cred you may have had with negros in America you just blew IN ONLY TEN MINUTES OF BULLSHIT ABOUT FERGUSON !!

      The games up Barry!

      They know you're no more of a nigga then Quentin Tarantino LOL

    3. MITm/CIAo, as much as I disagree with you on the subject of "negros", I have to say you are on it today. I couldn't agree more. When the legal process fails, violence becomes necessary.

      In my town a few years back there was a bit of a fracas over police targeting blacks (but not just blacks), which led to violence, which in turn led to community "soul searching" and finally to the police backing off (for the most part, though there have been some glaring exceptions). I have to say that before this fracas, my opinion of "negros" was somewhat closer to yours (having been a casualty of "walking while white"). But after the uprising, I suddenly found respect for those of the "African persuasion". They weren't taking out their frustrations on lil ol' me anymore, but more closer to where it belongs: the pigs.

      While, the "pigs" are but pawns in this game, nevertheless if you neutralize the pawns, you're opening paths to strike at the rooks, bishops, knights, Queen and King, i.e. the politicians, military/industrial contractors, financiers, and finally the top oligarchs - whoever they may be, I don't think we really know, but neutralizing the pawns gets us closer to finding out who they are....

    4. If the poor store owner who was pushed around by Michael Brown had killed him I wouldn't complain.

      The problem is when police take advantage of their unique priviledge to kill citizens unnecessarily and then lie about what happened. It's dishonorable and disgraceful for anyone in law enforcement to kill anyone unnecessarily when we citizens who own this country must prove our innocence if we have to defend ourselves.

      Anyone who's seen Darren Wilson's statements can clearly see that he changed his story three times and the one he told to the Grand Jury was clearly an exaggeration....he was the same size as Michael Brown, and Wilson lied about him going for his gun.

      It's pretty clear Brown never went for the gun...Wilson pulled a gun on him when he wouldn't get out of the street, and then shot him when he defended himself by striking Wilson.

      Brown was the one defending himself it's clear.

    5. Peaceful protest doesn't force people to compromise.

      Only fear of violence works despite what anyone says.

  4. After everything that's happened in Ferguson over the years that this DA in St.Louis county would think he could get away with misleading the Grand Jury and then claiming due process is A FUCKING JOKE.

    That DA Robert McCoullah [sp] is another Scotch Irish asshole who needs to be strung up and LYNCHED.

    What a fucking liar that guys is. He recommends NO CHARGES to the Grand Jury and then falsely claims they exhausted the process.

    If you or I shot and killed someone from our car because he threw a punch at us....

    DA McCoullah would have instructed the Grand Jury to indict us for Murder in the Second Degree at minimum.

    All of us who know the law and how criminal justice works can see through this insane charade.

    We are left with no choice other than to riot and kill enough police until their fear causes them to relent and enact reforms.

    No reform or remedy will be agreed to until the streets of America are littered with the bodies of dead municipal policeman and deputees.

    Let's roll.

  5. The major reason why people seek to become policemen is because of their personal inferiority complexes and fear of others which motivates them to seek authority and domination over others...

    The simple truth is that these people are all cowards and when any altercation at all involving anything happens their first and only reaction is to start shooting.....

    And then never stop shooting until they run out of ammunition!

    They don't even know how to fucking shot a gun!

    The only way they will agree to reforms is to make them so afraid that they will relent.

    In Dallas some time ago the city police there made it a habit to shoot black men and women whenever they wanted. Then they shot one black woman on her porch one day and that set off the following events...

    Following the shooting of the unarmed black housewife on her porch for no reason someone in Dallas starting shooting rifle rounds thought the windows of police cars as they were patroling around...

    No policeman was hurt because the shots were well aimed but they made every officer in Dallas totally terrorized to go to work!

    When this happened the Police Chief came around and set into effect a new policy...NO MORE SHOOTING INNOCENT BLACKS FOR NO REASON.

    So the killings of blacks by police STOPPED overnight.

    That's the only way to make these asshole do the right thing.

    People like them only the the right thing when they are forced to.

    1. One detective was telling me how he does not like to punish poor people for breaking some rules which they broke because of their misery, i do not remember what was issue but i remember that if everyone would brake that rule, that it would not be good... And when i told him that he does not punish them to punish, but to show to others that for such behavior they are going to be punished than he said... really... yes, yes you are right... woowwww. A detective!

    2. The police of England are gentlemen.

      The police in cities and the countryside of America are kids who were never intelligent or talented when they were growing up in school.

      They are not intelligent enough to go to college, nor are they talented enough to get athletic scholarships or anything else...

      They grow up with inferiority complexes and the police departments are the only employment they can find other than working in a garage repairing cars....

      They seek out the power and authority of the police to compensate for their inherent inferiority.

      They are without virtue, talent or value of any kind.

      They are scum.

    3. When police departments of cities first came into being police were nothing more than bouncers in bars today.........

      They were just stupid low paid idiots you hired to break up disturbances....

      But since then they've been given all kinds of authority and power and responsibilities to enforce all kinds of laws like traffic, prohibitions on narcotics, and all kinds of things that low paid stupid people cannot do.....

      That's how we got into this.

      We have to either return their role to that of a security guard/peace officer and continue accepting low IQ idiots....

      Or else require a college degree and hire only professionals like the FBI was set up to do in the 1930s............

    4. Police need to be more like firemen: respond only when called upon.

      So some kids were walking down the street... was any one complaining? Leave them be, OK?... But no, this is the age of the predatory pig. They are just looking for trouble, and if they can't find it, they'll make it.

    5. You are correct. They used to keep the peace but now all they do is disturb it.

  6. Like I was saying in most American cities, particularly in the east and the midwest, people carried firearms all the time because of crime.

    In the south it was uncommon to go around carrying weapons because there was little if any crime, but in the north crime was rampant and men and women both carried firearms...

    In 1903 John Browning introduced his "model 1903 pocket hammerless" or the ".32 automatic" which was a real game changer...

    It was small and hammerless and very concealable. You'll see this little gun in a lot of films like "Night after Night" with George Raft.

    But then in 1910 Browning came up with an even smaller gun, the model 1910 which was a .25 and was a tiny little gun you could put in your trousers even in summer. It was a tiny round but better than having nothing. Many of these were sold and like the model 1903 it was made in Belgium by Fabric National and imported to the US. This .32 round is 7.62mm or basically "30 caliber" and many of these little mouseguns were sold and made all over Spain and italy in huge numbers.

    But my favorite is the Savage model 1910. In 1910 Savage introduced this little model in .32 and it was a favorite of many, particuarly John Dillinger later on for concealed carry...he didn't carry it on the night he was killed regretably.

    But Remington was also successful later with the model 51, which had many unique features for a small, all-steel semi-auto, which at the time was called "automatic."

    The Remington 51 was just re-designed and re-introduced as a 9mm in the form of the Remington R51.....

    But the original Remington 51 is the better choice.

  7. Today the list of concealable guns is so long it's ridiculous and millions of Americans are licensed to carry concealed.

    It's funny though but even when these Americans produce their guns and have to draw down on someone they NEVER FIRE THE GUN.

    Over and over again in emergency situations the concealed carry user will frighten the assailant but never actually has to fire the weapon....

    But with the police it's the exact opposite.

    The citizen is frightened to shoot because of the legal consequences to him of killing anyone, even in self defense, so they never actually pull the trigger...

    But the police know they can get away with anything so they shoot first and ask questions later.

    The police shoot in any situation where...


    And everyone KNOWS this!

    1. Interestingly in a Self-Defense class that I teach we did an experiment in trying to draw and aim a gun versus a guy with a knife, up to about 18 feet the knife won everytime although he was running in at speed! That was from the waist, we did not think to try the gun from the ankle.

    2. Lots of myths about knifes. It's possible to close within twenty feet with a knife BUT in real life it never happens. Furthermore it's not that difficult to defend against someone with a knife even if he's right on top of you.

      Private citizens with concealed carry licenses never pull the trigger in the same situations where police always do...and the reason is because the police are allowed to kill.

      In Israel for example they are trained to fire a warning shot first, then shoot for the legs, then shot for the body as a last resort.

      We could adopt that training here if anyone cared.

  8. The exact numbers of citizens killed by police in America is unknown because most states purposefully refuse to collect the data.....

    Think about it.

    But they all collect the data on how many police are shot and killed.

    Most police killed at work are killed in auto accidents caused by their bad driving>>>>

  9. Here in Austin a couple of years ago a city policeman ran a red light while on duty and hit an EMS ambulance responding to an emergency call LOL...

    Now that's fucking stupid.

  10. So anyway by coincidence my father worked the same geographic territory that Charles Harrelson and Mike Carmody worked....from I-10 and San Antonio south the Mexican border.

    My father worked from several casualty insurance companies and he would travel to every county and town in this large area.
    Beginning when I was 9 years old he'd take me along because these were the places where his friends owned land where we used to hunt..mostly doves...

    In each of these towns the local insurance agency was owned by one of the handful of Jeffe families of that country who was able to write all the insurance for the school district and city and country properties.....

    So it was a cool racket for the families down in those interesting counties and they always also owned ranches and banks in addition to the insurance agency rackets...

    And the names of the little towns down there were so funny with names like..

    Falfurias, Catula, Beeville, Floresville, Rio Grande City, Edinburg, Crystal City, Poteet, and on and on.....

    My favorite city was in Starr county, which the Department of Human Services labeled as the poorest county in America.

    The main town there was Roma Los Sains, and it had only one paved street in those days and you had to eat at the hospital cafeteria or go across the bridge to Mexico to eat there in Miquel Aleman, which had paved streets everywhere!

    My Dad's clients in that county owed huge amounts of land there and almost all the land on the river across from Mexico so we would hunt right on the river and there was no border patrol, no police or law enforcement of any kind anywhere and still isn't despite what you might hear...

    All the land on the river in owned by private individuals and there's no supervision of anything on that river when your any distance from the towns or cities...

    It's pretty cool.

  11. Worth the time:

  12. Thanks MIT. I live 20 miles south of Beeville on a ranch. Interested in all stories about this part of the country.

    1. Things there were definitely not like the "No Country for Old Men" story which was made into a film.

      I should write about the stupid aspects of that story that bear no relation to the way things really were at that time.

    2. In the film Woody Harrelson played a character not unlike his own father, but his father wasn't a dumbass like Woody played in the film.

      The idea of anyone in Texas at that time hiring a hitman from eastern Europe or wherever that "Sugur" character came from is LAUGHABLE.

      And of course this "Sugur" kills the people who hire him because he's a maniac, but why would anyone hire someone like him who goes around killing randomly and his own employers????? duh......

      In the real world of hitmen and such the only people you hire are KNOWN QUANTITIES.....

      You don't go around hiring maniacs and dumbasses to do this most dangerous and important work.

      In the real world it's hard enough to find anyone reliable enough to repair your roof or file your lawsuit on time.....

      In the real world everyone knows that your lucky if your lawyer doesn't forget to file your papers before the time limit expires...or your banker moves your money from one account to the next without forgetting to do it....


      When your dealing with hitmen and people who smuggle drugs, etc....



      The South Texas melieu at that time was NOT a place of random criminals going around killing people and peace officers for no reason.....

      Crime in South Texas was ORGANIZED and it was OPERATED BY GENTLEMEN.

      Any maniacs or dumbasses who thought they could get away with anything were quickly DISPOSED OF.

      Law enforcement in those counties were NOT AFRAID of random violence of maniac criminals like in the film.

      Law enforcement in those counties were old fashioned peace officers who were very efficient and worked at the pleasure of the local Jeffes and political powers that be...and that included the drug smugglers, money-launders and bankers who loaned money to themselves with no security lol....

      That's how America was banks who loaned money to their owners and buddies with no collateral.

      My millionaire grandfather in Waco could never have started any of his buinessess and become successful if it were not for the fact that his best friend socially was the President of the Bank, and loaned him whatever he needed with no collateral.

      And maybe my Grandfather paid for the banker's vacations and built him a house for free but that's what made the money flow and today it doesn't flow.......


    Published on Nov 26, 2014
    This is an excerpt from the Hagmann and Hagmann report that aired on 11/26/2014. On this show they had Dave Hodges as a guest. Hodges is the voice you hear in this clip.