Monday, December 29, 2014

“American Sniper” Movie Hits the Bulls-Eye! 
Congratulations to Director/Producer Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper, Actor/Producer for an outstanding depiction of the terrible Iraq War and it’s collateral damage.
I was pleasantly surprised by this film that depicts an accurate portrayal of the horror of war. Based on the true story of a Texan, Chris Kyle, who volunteered for four tours of duty as a SEAL sniper in Iraq [the battle of Fallujah] and was credited with close to 160 kills.  This film by the sagacious director, Clint Eastwood, neither glorifies nor deprecates the actions of this brave, but disturbed character. 

Like many of Clint’s films about war (“Letters from Iwo Jima” and the Japanese participation in WWII), Eastwood has a steady hand in directing the complicated action lines in many of the battles that occurred in Fallujah, Iraq.  He does not moralize for or against war, he simply portrays the mayhem and terror that constantly surrounds our fighting men/women. In the same vein of impressive performances, I must admit that the once pretty boy image of Bradley Cooper has morphed into a brilliant portrayal of a Texan born to snipe, fight and contemplate. Cooper has assumed a maturity as an actor that has to be commended, playing a SEAL whom everyone addresses as ’The Legend’. 
In this film, Cooper has demonstrated a wide range of emotions that belie the bravado of a first time sniper who finally comes to terms with his need for war and action at a very high cost to his own sanity and the well-being of his young family. Sienna Miller, his wife, was excellent as a bar-hopping young woman who matures into a loving, caring mother and wife.

What makes this film so exceptional is the perspective that Eastwood takes from the view of both the Iraq sniper [‘the butcher’] and the American sniper. Neither one is more moral or even better at his lethal skill of precision kills. Both are beset by circumstances that compounds their own particular problems in sighting their respective targets. However, I do caution those of you who have endured an assortment of tours through either Iraq or Afghanistan that the scenes of mayhem and death may resound beyond the borders of sensibility. I found the movie to be both emotionally moving, disturbing and excellently executed.
Clearly, as someone in my Fourth Trimester of Life [pun] I am encouraged by the fact that Clint Eastwood at the age of 84 has produced this American Masterpiece about war. I don’t know how the academy will vote on this picture because the academy is usually biased against films that portray war or even attempt to explain it; however, I would vote for Best Picture and Best Director- The American Sniper and Clint Eastwood. I would also vote Bradley Cooper as the Best Actor of 2014.  However, more often than not,  I have been wrong in my selections over the past ten years.

Congratulations to all involved in this brilliant film, “American Sniper”, depicting the horrors of war, particularly, the Iraq incursion.
I would also include those individuals who are often described as ‘below the line’ for recognition:
Best Adapted Screenplay.
Best Film Editing.
Best Cinematography
Best Production Design
Best Costume Design
Best Visual Effects
Best Sound Mixing
Best Sound Editing
Best Makeup and Hairstyling.
In other words, this film, American Sniper, is an all around winner!
Congratulations to all involved!!
P.S This film is a reminder that we really don’t need these types of wars anymore. But that is just my opinion.



  1. Rewarding, to be a mercenary of the Bankers.
    License to kill, relates to the protection of Guilds.
    "Abel Danger 12 28 2014 Indonesia AirAsia Flight QZ8501"

  2. Replies
    1. To: C_I_A_operator
      Is the Pope CIA controlled,
      to promote the Carbon Tax Extortion Racket?

    2. My second home is Italy and I have had friends in the Vatican for a long time.

      "Papa Francisco" is shaking things up but not all his zeal is welcome.

      We like his humility and tolerance, but we don't like his sanctimonious attitude "ex-communicato" for anyone associated with the mafia. By doing this he's just ex-communicated the largest institution in Italian society and government !

      Nor do we welcome his harsh statements of the last couple of weeks calling out just about anyone not as pious as himself.

      He's really turning into a sanctimonious pain in the ass.

      Furthermore he's saying that Christ wants the Italians to welcome any and all scum from Africa who washes onto their shores!

      He's a zealot.

      I don't like him.

      But he has nothing to do with the CIA.

    3. For mutual benefit, Pope is colluding with the
      City of London, to advance Global Enslavement?

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  3. Dr. P are you totally out of your mind??????

    Under oath in the depositions taken in the libel action Janos vs. Kyle.......

    Chris Kyle admitted that....


    Furthermore he was proven to have slandered Jesse Ventura FALSELY CLAIMING that Ventura said that SEALS deserve to be killed because the war is wrong, and that Kyle clobbered Ventura for saying such.


    Kyle is fucking liar.....a war lover who was a total loser in life and was first rejected by the armed forces for service but they only took him in later BECAUSE THEY HAD TO LOWER THEIR STANDARDS WHEN THEY COULDN'T MEET THEIR RECRUITMENT NUMBERS....

    Kyle was the exact opposite of what he claimed to be, and he loved the war and didn't give a shit about who he killed or why.
    His SEAL buddies were proven to have perjured themselves in their testimony in the lible action as well.

    In every war there's always some total loser like US Grant who can't succeed at anything but then finds success because war gives them to excell because the only measure of war is how many people you kill.....

    And asshole losers like Kyle and Grant are willing to slaughter when their peers are not because Kyle and Grant know the war is the ONLY OPPORTUNITY THEY WILL EVER HAVE....

    Kyle was killed under highly suspcious circumstances here in Texas RIGHT AFTER IN HIS DEPOSITIONS HE ADMITTED TO LYING ABOUT HIS LIFE AND SERVICE.....

    In my opinion he was murdered by those people in government who would have gotten a black eye for the SEALS and entire military WOULD HE HAVE BEEN ALIVE WHEN THE JUDGEMENT AGAINST HIM IN THE LIBEL ACTION CAME THROUGH...

    As it was the libel action proved he was a liar, but because he wasn't alive it wasn't Dr.P didn't notice it.

    Hollywood films are ALWAYS distorted about war and everything to do with international politics. This film is as much of a piece of garbage as "Zero Dark Thirty."

    1. I am so disgusted by this piece Dr. P that I wish you would pull it. I am from Texas too and MIT has this guy nailed down pat.

    2. fully respect your opinion. I heard CIA/MIT loud and clear. Loved the movie, never heard of the guy before that....thanks for your comment and for reading.

    3. Watch "Jesse Ventura wins $1.8 million in defamation suit" on YouTube

    4. To: C_I_A_operator;
      Similar to the faked Moon Landings, 9/11 and
      Global Warming, not believing is unpatriotic.
      Myth determines national identity.

    5. I would pan this review as well, but I haven't seen the film. From what I've seen of his directorial work, "Absolute Power" and the chair skit at the 2012 RNC, Eastwood can be subversively subtle. There is a chair in A.P. that I'll call "the voyeur's chair" which I suspect was the subtext of the chair brought on stage at the RNC, in which a hypothetical Obama was to sit during Eastwood's interrogation....

    6. In this chair, Eastwood presents Obama to himself, compelling him to reflect upon and answer for his actions as president.... Now watch the movie...

  4. Eastwood should go back to making sequels to his already established franchise, "Every Which Way But Loose" and give more roles to Chimps......

    1. To; C_I_A_operator
      Re; "give more roles to Chimps"
       Disruption of every activity, is the goal.
      Chimp promotion, would add to the confusion?

    2. Chimps are nasty mother fuckers. I wouldn't want my daughter to date one.

  5. Here in Texas we have legions of truck driving, beer drinking redneck morons like Kyle who never go to college or apply themselves because they're a lot of idiots. Here in Texas Kyle had set up a tactical training company and he was seeking to provide sniper training to law enforcement agencies. The whole point of his lying book and this stupid film was to promote his business.

    CIA Supergrade Jack Devine also has a book out about his career because he's started a private intl firm and needs clients and a legend.

    Devine says he loves Covert Action, and his career goes from overthrowing Allende and putting in Pinochet in Chile in Iran-Contra in 1986....and of course he was the Chief of the Afghan Task Force after Avrokotos was benched in 1986 and Milt Bearden took over the Station in Islamabad.....

    Those were three of the most catastrophic CA events in which horrendous damage to other nations was unecessarily brought about which lasted for decades.....with untold horrors to all the countries involved....

    Yet Jack says he believes in CA....


    Which CA projects can you point to which didn't result in mass torture, dismemberment, rape, poverty, killing, etc..??

    You say you are a religious Roman Catholic/Irishman....

    What will you say to God when he points to what you've done with your "Covert Action" to HIS children ???????

    All these people who were tortured or raped or impoverished or killed because of what YOU did are the children of God....

    I suspect God no longer thinks of you as one of his own...

    And boy will you have a surprise!

    1. To; C_I_A_operator
      Re; "catastrophic CA events in which horrendous
      damage to other nations was unnecessarily"?

      How else can the Anglo-American empire be protected,
      if the conquered do not pay attention and obey?

  6. Jack,

    Dance around it and split hairs all you like about Chile....

    But the fact is that there was only a coup because of what the Station did there, regardless of whether those actions were supported after a certain point or not.

    You and your buddies like my old friend Dave Phillips set the events in motion, and when the coup happened it occurred because the plan succeeded. Bringing about a coup against all odds was the plan, and success was measured by the success of the coup....

    Everyone who knows the details about Chile knows that was the case..

    So stop trying to convince people otherwise, or that CIA didn't cause the coup to happen. It would have never happened without what the station put in motion, and that was the intent.

    The coup was not unintended.

    1. When the coup finally succeeded the Station was congratulated by Langley. And the economy was wrecked by what the station did...NOT what Pinchot stop the lying.

    2. And Jack when you say that all the money you gave to Noonie Edwards was to "keep the free press alive" you imply that Allende was suppressing the press and you know that's untrue. Allende did nothing against El Mercurio or anyone else. They couldn't find newsprint because of the breakdown in the economy brought about by American highjinks and disruptions, NOT anything Allende did.

      And you and I both know that Edwards pocketed much of the money handed to him and he didn't really need that much money.

      Furthermore Edwards made all those trips to the US to lobby Kissinger and others to foster a coup BECAUSE HIS BUDDIES IN CIA TOLD HIM TO DO IT.

      The coup only came about because Edwards told Kissinger and Nixon and others in Washington that Allende WOULD ALLY HIMSELF WITH THE SOVIET UNION AS CASTRO HAD....



      PAID HIM TO DO IT just like you Jack paid him to do various things....

      The coup against Allende didn't begin in the White House....

      The White House was acting on disinformation which originated from DAVID PHILLIPS.


    3. Like so many other cases it's not the White House which formulates these CA projects. They actually begin with certain people in the DO and they find ways to get the President to do what they want him to do....

      Unless you're Jack Kennedy in which case he's murdered for it.

    4. I perused Devine's book in a bookstore, curious of what he might have to say about Brennan and his association with the Analysis Corporation (whose employee contracting at the State Dep't had compromised Obama's passport records in early '08). Though Devine himself sat on the board, he only mentioned it in passing, not even by name, and what he said about Brennan was vacuous. That's about what I expected though.

  7. While I'm at it let me say that it's not surprising that Devine's buddy was Milt Bearden, as Bearden is also a colossal liar who has always been totally full of bullshit. That guy can spin some great yarns but truth never enters into anything he says.

  8. For that matter Dave Phillips was the same kind of bullshitter and liar, and guys like Phillips, Bearden and now Devine just fucking can't stay out of the limelight. Phillips was always, continuously seeking venues to put himself out to the public and bask in glory when it was never at all necessary, and in each case he only brought more investigation into what he did and he was exposed as a liar.

    Spies are supposed to be like Shackley, NOT like Bearden or Devine or Phillips.

    SHUT UP!!

    1. Oh and another thing Jack Devine....

      Rene Schneider was killed because the Station and Langley wanted him killed. You are lying again when you claim otherwise.

      Everyone who's seen the cables and documents knows General Schneider was killed because he stood in the way..and CIA and the NSC made it happen. NEVER would have happened otherwise.

  9. Whoa, thanks for the commentary. I had no idea who this guy was, loved the movie though. I always respect my readers, thanks for the insights.

    1. Hollywood is expert at making compelling and emotionally-moving quality films that are based on the opposite of the truth.

      Hollywood and main stream media is all about telling the public what they want to hear and building emotion to sell more product to a larger audience. It's all about the competition for money, and telling people lies they want to believe is the surest way. Commerical films and new content never challenges the cherished beliefs of the audience.

    2. "Hollywood is expert at making compelling
      and emotionally-moving quality films"

      To set the stage for gunfights, between government
      and Serfs, the Sniper Hero is being promoted?
      More police are going to get assassinated, while the
      Evil Oligarchs are safe, on their planes and boats.

    3. Hollywood is also expert at "predictive programming" -I recently watched "The Siege" starring Denzel Washington and Bruce Willis. This was released three years before 9/11 but in many ways it anticipates the next 20+ regarding the war on terror. The scene of Bruce Willis declaring martial law at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge with the twin towers of the WTC looming in the background is quite eerie in hindsight to say the least. Although martial law as depicted in that film hasn't occurred (it has been a more subtle, imperceptible sort of martial law, at least until Ed Snowden spilled the beans), there are many anticipatory aspects to this film that makes one wonder, did the producers and writers intend this to be a softening up of the American public, i.e. a way of preparing them for what was coming down the pike.... Well, lo and behold, I was quite astonished to find out, as the credits rolled, that the script-writer was none other than Lawrence Wright, known more as a journalist, and one who would become the author of one of the first post-9/11 books on Al Qaeda, "The Looming Tower". If you've read this book, this is where it really gets weird: many of its themes are anticipated by The Siege: the withholding of information from CIA to FBI; the CIA allowing subjects on terrorist watch list to freely pass through US customs; even the central character of the film, played by Denzel Washington, as the FBI's counter-terrorism chief in the NYC office, would be one of the central characters in Wright's book - the real life John O'Neill...

      Now, I want to know, what did Lawrence Wright know and when did he know it?

    4. Over the holidays, perusing the dvd selection at a truck stop, I found "Net Force" of 1999 - so I'll devote a careful screening of this, with eyes peeled for Dr. P's predictive programming....

    5. We had similar predictive programming with our 7/7, shows and drills eerily like the real thing. Jung might say collective unconscious, I might say script testing.


      Everyone who works as agents for writers in Hollywood and the writers themselves are aware of this simple truth.....


      NO JOKE....

      In the same way that 19th century writers would see "The Shape of Things to Come" and imagine technologies which later came about....

      Film writers are always seeing events, icons, etc., which then come to pass a few years later....

      And usually the agents will get three or more scripts from different writers and all the content is the same!

      And the writers didn't know that they were working on the same material as the others...

      This is called the Universal Subconcious, and it's natural that different people are going to be seeing the future at the same time and be motivated to write about it.

      The most glaring recent example of this is the film "Starship Troopers" which depicts the 9-11 attack and invasion of Iraq.....

      Starship Troopers depicts every aspect of what happened after 9-11, including the relationships between female and male soldiers, the ubiquity of amputation and new prothetics, and the inability of the government to win the war or bring it to an end. The war takes place on a planet which is a desert, and the extreme resistance to occupation and vulnerability of American soliders is shocking and unexpected to them.....

      It's all there.

  10. I have a Mennonite heritage, and yet when I heard this guy was gone I had to repent for the pure sigh of relief I felt.

    1. If he had not been killed and the trial found against him as it did....

      The jury finding would have been headline news and all his admissions under oath that he lied in his book would have discredited the SEALS and the entire war mightily.

      It was the same kind of killing as what happened to that football player from Arizona who turned against the war and then was killed in combat, all his papers destroyed, his effects burned......

      Pat Tillman.

      People who claim he wasn't murdered can't explain why all his effects were destroyed and why the Army and Pentagon lied about what happened.

      Only a fool would believe he wasn't murdered.

    2. Fyi,
      I didn't say that I thought he wasn't murdered. I had never felt a slight, geez, I hate to say joy here, but when I heard Kyle was gone, I shed no tears.

    3. "Live by the sword and die by the sword."

      The people who killed him justified it in their own minds not because he was caught lying about his record....

      They felt okay about killing him because he had killed so many other people and he felt no remorse.

      That's why they felt okay about killing him.

    4. What's really horrible about today's breed of Special Forces operators and others is that unlike other generations these guys are remorseless killers who think it's funny when people are blown away, and they even ghoolishly take pics with their body parts and severed heads, etc.....

      This generation of American soldiers reflect the brutality of modern America.

      For that matter Europe is no better and that's why the worst the worst of these ISIS assholes come from Europe.

    5. To; MITmichael
      As in 007, on Her Royal Majesties service
      License to kill is granted to protect trade and commerce.
      Psychopathic killers are economically efficient.

    6. Kyle was a Dallas church hero. I just can't figure out which translation these folks read.. they might as well put a missle up instead of that phallic symbol steeple.

    7. The churches here in Texas are a riot LOL...

      They're mostly about how God wants his followers to all become rich and have priviledged lives. Kyle was typical just as W. Bush is when it comes to his evangelical charades.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. People here in Boston, and I'll bet most of the people on earth, could not wrap their heads around the Dallas church scene.

      I was fortunate In my twenties and early thirties to have a stellar group of morally upright people in my church when we lived by DFW Airport. The church was not indebted with a mortgage, etc. None of the Word of Faith stuff was permitted. The members were all quite naive about geopolitical issues and bought into the messianic evangelism stuff though. We relocated into Dallas proper and attended a middle of the road United Methodist in HP. Many If the sixty year old women in this church had flawless faces and I mean FLAWLESS skin, not plastic surgeried kind of thing. I never got close enough to these oil elite women to find out what technology/products they were using, but if I was God, all the ladies would have access!

    10. Ever see "The Stepford Wives?"

      They had flawless skine becuase they were all androids.

    11. When I was a kid I thought the Mennonites were the inventors of "Mennen Aftershave"....

      "For Mennen and Womenen"

      And I also thought the "Whitman Sampler" was invented by the Univeristy of Texas Tower sniper Charlse Whitman....

    12. Lol...
      The Mennonites have been having their pink menno issues...the manna in the OT has been preached as the new thing God brings so if you reject GLBTQ into church leadership, you are rejecting the manna, God's new provision. I heard this preached and rainbow banners abounded in the sanctuary that day. In TEXAS this Mennonite church was located. I almost showed up in my Kalona, Iowa purchased hand sewn old order uniform, hats and all, with safety pins down the front purple dress in lieu of modern buttons.

      I am somewhere in the middle of these two extremes and bought the conservative dress for nostalgia, but it would have tested their open mindedness and ability to accept another viewpoint had I worn that outfit the following Sunday. It would have been unMennonite to stir the pot, but I sort of regret not wearing it for the old farmers spinning in their graves over the pinking of the denomination. I grin now as I think of walking into this church wearing that. They might have lost their pacifism for a few with me grinning ear to ear in that outfit.

    13. Re: Stepford Wives. No, have not seen it, but saw a preview and yes, the skin on the elite HP church women was like the women in the Stepford Wives preview. I knew relatively well one of the oil wives at the church near DFW Airport, you would know her husband for sure, and her skin was also like a babies bottom at fifty five with none of the plasticky stuff going on. I am pretty sure she was not an android...

      You are not making up the Houston Pike Jones Malta stuff just to pick on Raymond are you?

  11. Chile was a "ballistic" operation....

    When I spoke with Dave Phillips about the effort to promote a coup in Chile he referred to it as a "ballistic" operation....

    "In the same way a bullet needs no more guidance once it leaves the mussel"

    "In the same way a ballistic missile needs no more guidance once the rocket motor turns off and it still finds it's way on target..."

    "In that way a targeted group like the Chilean military needs no more guidance or encouragement once you've guided them so far..."

    "If you can guide them to a certain point then you can pull back and go 'hands off' and it provides all the deniability you could ask for because from that point on they do it all on their own..."

    That's what I remember Dave Phillips telling me.

    1. After lighting a forest fire with Non Government
      Organizations, Foundations, Hollywood, Golden Sacks,
      CIA and the Military it cannot be un-burned.

  12. When I read this post there wasn't any comments and I immediately thought "it won't be long though" I haven't seen the film and it should be noted that it is after all just that! So I hope it is indeed a great film however great films don't always portray the full truth and when I read that Chris kyle was depicted in it i awaited the backlash! We had a situation over here similar to Kyle whereas an ex SAS man was indeed economical with the facts and indeed launched a franchise of books and a film! I'm always wary of these soldiers that tell tales and especially highly trained special forces soldiers who's training surely demands "quietly effective results" with the upmost secrecy!? I personally think it would be great if a film were commissioned depicting the 9/11 false flag but that won't happen for a time yet! Or not at least till another catastrophic event super cedes it. Its fair to say though most people on this board can desperate the fact from fiction and still enjoy the movie but for the likes of Kyle , Mcnab, and the seal who "killed" bin laden! (That's how much I took that in I can't remember his name) should take the advice given to actors by Stanislavsky "love the art in yourself not yourself in the art"

    1. del stead you are dead right. When I first read Andy Mc 'Grabs' book BTZ I thought the torture scene sounded too much like Marathon man. Then an old SAS guy followed up some of the high points and found AM had been economical with the actuality. One battle with 140 Iraqi Soldiers turned out to be a War Vet Shepherd and his son! Kyle became untrustworthy when he lied about decking ex-Pro Wrestler Ventura...very likely. I think many of these yarns are exaggerated just to sell books, because everything has gone Hollywood. Regarding Kyle was not his 'accidental' shooting something to do with his training company and the Boston debacle? Anyway as I understand it the main point of Special Forces is to find the 3% that love killing rather than the 97% that shoot to miss as in WW2.I think I will watch the Sniper as a film rather than as an account, as I like Eastwoods stuff.

    2. You're right that in wars past that draftees 'shot to miss.'

      That's whey there are all-volunteer units like the American Rangers and 101st airborne divisions....

      Notice that all the Spielberg movies are about those kinds of units.

      You'll never see a film made about the realities of a draftee serving in a normal military unit.

    3. Actually there was and it was called "From Here to Eternity" and it was highly unflattering to the military. Today that kind of accurate depiction would never be made.

    4. I liked the start of 'Saving Private Ryan' the beach scene is one of the best anti-war statements ever produced. The same could not be said of 'Shaving Ryan's Private's'

    5. You're so wrong Dude...

      Spielberg loves war and thinks that it was a great way to slaughter the evildoers of the southern states who deserved to be butchered for their racist beliefs...


      He thinks war is a wonderful way to exterminate evil Germans.

      He loves it. That's whey he shows it off so much.


      I always heard rumours that he enjoys un-natural practices with black men.

      I think he adopted some young black boys too...

    6. Which reminds me of another Jew who enjoyed getting pounded by negro men.....

      When I worked for a Medical Device Manufacturer in Texas...okay I'll say it's name....Sulzer Orthopaedics..aka Intermedics Orthopedics....

      Our Chief salesman was named Ira Sweringen...

      Anway he went to Ohio and I can't remember if it was Cincinatti or Cleveland...

      But when he got there he went straight to some male sex venue like a place where men watch porn together and suck each other off or some shit which should be illegal....

      And he hooked up with these two black Dudes and asked them to go to his hotel with him and take turns fucking him in the ass!

      Well these two black Dudes instead killed him and took his debit card and made plenty of withdrawls and their faces were seen on the cameras and they were like almost instantly caught....

      Pretty fucked up. Typical for what when on at that evil company.

  13. Beware of the torrent download that asks you to install a
    special video codec to watch. It was flagged as ransom-ware.
    If it does not play in the generic VLC player, forget it.

  14. Kudos to the Patriotic Americans who SHOOT AT THEIR LOCAL POLICE BUT INJURE NO ONE !

    In the last week there's been a spate of rifle shots fired near policemen but no one was hit.

    This is not poor's accurate fire.

    Shooting at the windows and fenders of police cars to send them a message about their vulnerability and to remind them not to become criminals is a long cherished tradition in America.

    In Dallas some years ago the local police were killing random negros and always getting away with it. Then one murderous Dallas policeman killed a black woman sitting on her porch harming no one. The killer cop claimed the woman's broomstick looked like a gun.

    When the city and DA refused to act the citizens took up rifles and began a program of shooting into the windows of Dallas police cars, scaring the living shit out of the bullyboy pussy-wimp crybaby police....

    Well what do you think happened?

    After weeks of these shots and plenty of shattered, bullet-ridden Dallas police cars the city and Dallas police announced.....

    That they had changed their mind and would take stop killing random blacks in the city.

    With that announcement no more random negros were murdered by Dallas police.

    Sorry but in this world only fear and accountability works when you're dealing with evil local law enforcement.

    Go to Youtube and see the scores of videos of innocent Americans being murdered by local police who get away with it.

    The Americans who are taking these well-aimed shots at the windows and fenders of police cars are not zealots or lunatics. They are patriots in the mold of Jefferson, Adams and Madison.

  15. The really wierd thing about David Phillips is that he would make these crazy admissions.....

    In the 1970s when he was debating Mark Lane on the JFK assassination he admitted that Oswald was never really in Mexico City....why the fuck did he admit that?

    Just before that he told the House Assassinations investigators that there were no audio tapes of Oswald when he was supposedly in Mexico City...but when he was confronted with a memo confirming the tapes existed he grabbed the paper and stuffed it in his pocket and fled the interview LOL ! I think he was indicted for contempt because of that, but it was that event which led CIA to pull out the stops to cut off the funding for the investigation.

    In the 1980s just before he died he confirmed to his own brother that he killed President Kennedy.

    After that his brother refused to ever speak with him again.

    That's actually not unusual for those characters.

    I know several guys like Phillips who have children who won't even speak to them because they are as deceitful and venal in their personal lives as in the other work..

    1. Dave Phillips was actually the founder of the "Associaton of Former Intelligence Officers."

      He was all about image and cover-up and fucking with everyone's head.

    2. I believe I read a similar account about the daughter of Ruth Paine.

    3. I hadn't heard that one. Sounds interesting.

  16. The whole Kyle Ventura thing sounded fishy. Ventura won his defamation suit and that was and had to be the truth since those cases are pretty tough to win.

    It was a high legal bar to jump over. He was even awarded with an unjust enrichment award. This was all tied to the publicity of this book.

    We need to get off the war hero crap. It was the wrong war at the wrong place at the wrong time. We were suckered into it. I was suckered into the bullshit. Their art of BS is the best.

    We are headed for the 1000 year war. We are run by a team of megalomaniacs for the parties. It has desperation written all over it. We gotta quit showing up to these damm foolish wars.

    I don't want to degrade a dead man but I wont make him a hero either.

  17. Now for a sniper joke:

    There were three buddies playing golf in the local golf course when a stranger approached them and asked if he can join them. He explained how he just moved to the area and wants to make new friends. So the friends introduced themselves and let him join. As they start playing golf one of the friends (Kaboose) asked the new guy what he does for a living and the new guy replied "I'm a professional sniper." Kaboose didn't believe him and they all laughed at him. The sniper calmly reached into his golf bag and pulled out a sniper rifle from between his golf clubs. Everyone went silent. Kaboose asked if he can have a look at the rifle and the sniper let him. Kaboose looked through the scope and spotted his house. He zoomed in through the window and he saw his wife naked with some other man. He put the gun down and looked at the sniper,
    Kaboose: How much do you charge to kill someone?
    Sniper: I charge $1000 every time I pull the trigger
    Kaboose: I'll give you $2000, I want you to shoot my wife in the mouth for being a total bitch and yelling at me all the time, and for banging my wife I want you to shoot the guy in his dick.
    The sniper agreed and begins to take aim. A few minutes pass by and the sniper still didn't do anything yet.
    Kaboose: What are you doing?
    Sniper: Hold on....I'm about to save you $1000

    1. Excellent! Learn From History, I am officially adopting this joke as my own. I like the Sniper, like more bang for my buck! I must say I have difficulty remembering jokes again and again, a sort of amnesia with deja vu!

  18. And here is the real deal: Blackwater engaging Insurgents in Iraq (one bad ass sniper sniping on the rooftop after helicopters deliver more ammo) Baghdad Iraq. You tube link.

  19. The C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES in association with KNIGHTS OF MALTA) had a "FILE" on Chris Kyle; therefore, Chris Kyle was "FORCED" to take-down former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura! The reason: Jesse Ventura was exposing the "PLANS" of the NEW WORLD ORDER (CITY OF LONDON, England that reports to JESUIT ORDER (A.K.A.: The Society of Jesus) and George H. W. Bush Sr. (NAZI and SENIOR SKULL AND BONES MEMBER) SPEECHES 1991) through TruTV's "Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura"!

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    1. During the reign of Elizabeth and the terror against Roman Catholics in England Alex Jones' great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather Cedric Byron Jones WAS TORTURED TO DEATH AND DRAWN AND QUARTERED in the square of the TOWER OF LONDON for conspiring with the Pope to overthrow Elizabeth and install the Catholic Mary of Scottland as the new Monarch of the Realm!

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      Watch Stanley Kubrick/Arthur Clarke's 1968 Epic "2001: A Space Odyssee" and notice that HAL THE COMPUTER is under his breath repeating the HOLY ROSERY OF ST. CECILIA......

    2. Which reminds me I must put some Peyote among my new year resolutions!

    3. Alex Jones might be secretly involved with the Catholic Church, that was infiltrated and taken-over by THE JESUIT ORDER (A.K.A.: The Society of Jesus); and Alex Jones might be part of OPERATION "MOCKING BIRD" produced by THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES in association KNIGHTS OF MALTA)! However, Alex Jones in one of the few alternative media outlets that discusses the essential issues related to actual reality, such as, the exposing of THE NEW WORLD ORDER (CITY OF LONDON, England that reports to JESUIT ORDER (A.K.A.: The Society of Jesus) and George H. W. Bush Sr. (NAZI and SENIOR SKULL AND BONES MEMBER) SPEECHES 1991)! Alex Jones is at least 80% truth and 20% disinformation, where the mass-media is mostly propaganda B.S. being produced by THE STATE!

    4. [MINOR CORRECTION] ..... However, Alex Jones [correction] is one of the few alternative media outlets that discusses the essential issues related to actual reality, such as, the exposing of THE NEW WORLD ORDER (CITY OF LONDON, England that reports to JESUIT ORDER (A.K.A.: The Society of Jesus) and George H. W. Bush Sr. (NAZI and SENIOR SKULL AND BONES MEMBER) SPEECHES 1991)! Alex Jones is at least 80% truth and 20% disinformation, where the mass-media is mostly propaganda B.S. being produced by THE STATE!

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  20. Now this following post is not for the faint of heart, it shows a loooooong, and I mean loooooong distance, 50 cal shot in afghanistan mountain range. And it was not a missed shot, so those who don't like the site of the "hell that is war", be advised, this is reality, so you may want to turn on The Family Guy or something instead. Anyway, 50cal, a devastating round. It has velocity, and mass = big ouwie !

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  22. Have a great New Year All, as I drink my Victory Gin in Airstrip One!

  23. Glad you liked the joke Bill, and Happy New Year to Dr P, and all the Steve Pieczenik Bloggers !!!

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  26. Here is an interesting excerpt from NDIA (National Defense Industry Association) about "Blackwater founder Erik Prince and what he is up to these days."

    Blackwater Worldwide founder Eric D. Prince once made handsome profits as a private security contractor to the U.S. government. He no longer sees a future in that industry, though, and has shifted gears to the economic development business, mostly in Africa.

    It was an abrupt change of direction for Prince, a former Navy SEAL who became the poster boy for private security excesses at the height of the Iraq war. He sold Blackwater — now called Academi — in 2010 to private investors following years of lawsuits, congressional investigations and criminal complaints against the company.

    "Prince is currently managing director of Frontier Resource Group, a small private equity fund, and also chairman of Frontier Services Group, a Hong Kong-based public company that specializes in construction, road building, trucking, barging and air transport services mostly to companies that want to operate in Africa".

    The article goes on to say;The shift from war contractor to peacetime developer was a straightforward business decision, Prince told National Defense in a recent interview. There are huge opportunities in Africa for investors who are willing to take a risk, he said. "I started investing in Africa and I saw the amount of opportunities there were to build roads, mines, infrastructure, oil fields ... and the large amounts of money that would be needed to do that."

    Asian investors, especially the Chinese, are fueling much of the growth and have poured billions of dollars into Africa. They see the continent both as a fountain of natural resources and as an increasingly important trade partner.

    "Asian investors have the appetite to take on that level of risk," Prince said. But others, too, see a future in Africa. "Whether it’s a Western mining company or a European oil company or a Chinese firm, they all have similar needs and requirements to operate there."

    While everyone recognizes Africa's potential, the operating environment is challenging, with a weak and undependable infrastructure. Travel and transportation in many areas are difficult and expensive, and many countries in Africa create legal and regulatory risks for businesses. Prince's company, he said, is all about making it easier for corporations to do business in Africa. "We have built strong relationships with trusted local partners across the continent."

    "In a blog post on his company's website, Prince champions the idea that economic development is the key to peace, stability and security. "Fragile countries in Africa have been historically trapped in a vicious cycle of instability and poverty," he said. Development over time can help end the continent's brutal wars. "Even the most basic forms of infrastructure delivered in a quality and reliable manner greatly improve people’s lives. And people who see a path forward for economic development and a future for their families are less likely to fight."

    Investors are bullish on Africa despite the tough environment, said Prince. "Africa comes with a higher risk, they expect quicker returns in the projects they invest in. ... Investors are in it to make money. There is not enough charity in the world to develop Africa."
    Prince still believes that four Blackwater guards who were convicted in September of killing 17 Iraqi civilians eventually will be exonerated. The guards in 2007 opened fire on a crowd of unarmed people.

  27. continuing; "" He continues to insist that private security employees working for the U.S. government in warzones should be tried under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, instead of the civilian criminal justice system. "It’s quite different for a jury that is 7,000 miles away from the warzone, looking at a split-second decision made seven years earlier in a warzone, minutes after a large car bomb goes off." Prince said he hopes the guards' convictions can be successfully appealed. "The last chapter is not written yet."

  28. and finally; "Although he quit the business, Prince still sees a future for the private security business. "The world is a much more dangerous place, there is more radicalism, more countries that are melting down or approaching that state." At the same time, the Pentagon is under growing pressure to cut spending and the cost of the all-volunteer force keeps rising, Prince said. "The U.S. military has mastered the most expensive way to wage war, with a heavy expensive footprint." Over the long run, the military might have to rely more on contractors, as it will become tougher to recruit service members. Prince cited recent statistics that 70 percent of the eligible population of prospective troops is unsuitable to serve in the military for various reasons such as obesity, lack of a high school education, drug use, criminal records or even excessive tattoos. In some cases, Prince said, it might make more sense to hire contractors."

  29. Hey Buddy,

    In Houston alone there are over a hundred companies which are owed money by the government of Ghana, which always....always...renegs on any and all agreements with western companies.....

    If this jackass Prince is in Africa it's because he's either seeking to do Covert Action on behalf of private companies...or it's because he's seeking to bribe and killl his way to a fortune there unavailable to ordinary businessmen like my friends in Houston who always get the "cucumber up the ass" by these African niggers who smile and smile while they're trying to fuck you.....

    Prince is a sociopath and I think he'll be perfect for mass corruption and torture and slaughter on A NEW SCALE as I saw it myself in my wonderful African tours!

    Yes Mr. Prince maybe I will join you there and I can give you a tour of my former stomping grounds in Sierra Leone and such places where rape and slaughter is right up your evangelical Christian Satan-worshipping lifestyle!

    Go for it!

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