Monday, December 1, 2014

Japanese Prime Minster Shinzo Abe has Courageously tried to Restart the “Lost Decades of Economic Stagnation” and has Failed Miserably!
The staid Japanese Ministry of Finance and its demands for so-called “budgetary” discipline win a pyrrhic victory---leading Japan into a massive economic depression. Japan is entering in to what I call a “ZOMBIE ECONOMY”[TM].

Many of you have heard rumbles of world-wide recession, starting in China and the Far East, and spreading all the way to the European Common Market [where unemployment ranges around 25% for the youth]. Unfortunately, there is a very real chance that one country, Japan, may well be headed into depression, even after the valiant attempts of Abe to stimulate the twenty year old no growth economic malaise that is structural, often described as ‘recession’, ‘stagnation’, or ‘heading to depression’.
Why do I call it a zombie economy?
This particular term is based on the fact that the Japanese people possess some very unique national character features that are particular to that nation. This feature of the Japanese culture makes change of any sort almost impossible to effect on a mass level. The Japanese are group oriented in terms of requiring consensual agreement on any re-alignment of the status quo. Therefore, it is close to impossible for any leader, particularly a proactive, aggressive political leader with extensive experience to change the Japanese economy when he is pitted against the embedded interests of the most recalcitrant bureaucracy in Tokyo, the Ministry of Finance.
Abe had pressured the Central Banks of Tokyo to flood the economy with easy money and credit in order to increase consumer spending and, therefore, improve the GDP.  However, on April 1, 2014, April Fool’s Day, the Ministry of Finance thwarted Abe’s attempts to stimulate the GDP as the best way to increase annual revenues to pay down the bloated national debt. This Ministry of Finance decided to impose an 8% tax on an already deflationary economy primed with quantitative easing of money. The impact: consumer spending stopped abruptly, dragging down a $5 Trillion economy with 220% of GDP in debt.
Sound familiar?
In some ways, Americans had been heading toward the same problem where we needed to infuse cash into a stagnant economy. The major difference is that Americans, by proclivity and habit, are used to creating new businesses in very quick time. That is what makes America an exceptional country.  In contrast, Japan’s economy is largely based on huge vertically integrated conglomerates, called Zaibatsus—Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, et. al. which guarantee lifetime employment for their respective workers who cannot be fired, despite the shadow presence of so-called ‘fake unions’. Similarly, farmers refuse to follow the economic mandates of an energetic financially proactive leader like Abe, because they do not want to impair their century-long traditions of farming and agriculture.

It was not an accident that we, Americans, had to send in our own nuclear scientists during the Fukushima Nuclear Power plant disaster. No one in the Japanese power plant management hierarchy wanted to take any responsibility for the nuclear disaster.  At the same time, the shame that they experienced as a result of this self-induced accident, made it much harder for anyone tell the truth as to what was really happening.  Like the fall-out from nuclear disaster, the effects of a Japanese Recession will impact the rest of the world.
I am not writing to whip the Japanese people. I have a lot of respect for them and their culture. I am only warning them that if they don’t act ASAP to correct their anti-growth fiscal policies proposed by the Ministry of Finance as well as MITI [Japanese bureaucracy that rules over their corporations] Japan will sink into vortex of inescapable financial pain which might lead them to assume, once again, a nasty course of action that no one would like to see—War with China over the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea. 

I hope that this type of conflagration does not happen.  Japan has the third largest naval force in the world and the Spratly Islands (I wrote about this area 20 years ago) are still an attractive excuse for conflict with China.  The Japanese, like Americans, may resort to the tenuous rationalization that in order to make money, the political elite will inflame nationalistic feelings to extract the promise of victory by attacking a falsely manufactured enemy
This type of inexcusable behavior is often called “Wars of Opportunity” or Unnecessary Wars just like our wars in Iraq (3 times) and our war in Afghanistan (12 years).
As Henry Fielding, the writer said:
“Money is the fruit of evil as often as the root of it.” 


  1. I wasn't impressed with the Japanese I encountered. I shared an apartment at 150 Huntington Ave. with one who was so extremely messy, unkept, etc. that everyone thought he was a horder. Maybe he was but I finally had to throw away six months worth of Boston Globes which were cluttering the living room... He was a heavy drinker too when with his Foreign Ministry pals, and all the Japanese men were extremely heavy binge drinkers which is why whisky sales there are higher than any other country.

    I wasn't impressed with their intellect or other qualities. They are a hive mentality and I fear the Chinese are expected to be the same unless they are billionaires in case they are expected to be assholes.

    Say what you will but no asian country has equalled the quality of live of the Australians, and they have no industry there. The Australians have European culture of course with it's individualism, liberty, creativity, etc., and that makes all the difference for the society as a whole.

    All asian cities are drab or hiteously garrish and gawdy. Those cultures have a long way to go but they will eventually get there.

    The simple truth is that asians are more intelligent than Europeans or anyone else. Their brains are larger at birth despite their smaller stature, and the pelvis' of asian women are consequently larger to accomodate the larger head sizes of their infants at birth.

    I've known a lot of asian girls, more so than men, and I can attest to their superior intelligence. Not just Japanese or Korean or Vietnamese women but Fillipina girls. All these girls are extremely intelligent, far better at the use of language, more articulate, and just much more intelligent than the average European female. If their women are this exceptional than their men can't be that far behind.

    With time their intelligence will manifest itself and they will no longer be satisfied with the cultural restrictions which keep them down.

    1. The sexiest organ in the human body is the brain, and let me tell you asian women enjoy simple sex more than anyone. They're incredible and few other females can match them...maybe a few Latinas perhaps.

    2. I'm seeing a Japanese girl presently who goes to the gun range regularly and has a collection of firearms. No one encouraged her to do this; she just thought it would be a nice hobby and got into it the way European girls take up what, obsessive texting or reading about the Kardashians or "whatever..."

      Can you even imagine an asian girl reading copies of "People Magazine" or watching soap operas like white or latina girls do? Hell no. There are no stupid asian girls anymore than there are stupid Jewish men or women...any telenovelas in Israel?

    3. Smoking is widespread in Japan and Korea but they never get cancer.

      Evidently the high vitamin D diet from seaweed and fish is what's preventing them from cancer and many other diseases.

      In Africa the Africans who still live outdoors have low rates of cancer, but once they become urbanized their cancer rates go through the roof....because in the cities they are vitamin D deficient from not being outdoors enough and Africans have to spend much, much more time in the sun to create vitamin D.

      A Europen who is naked in midday sun will create 10,000 units of vitamin D in twenty minutes, which will be stored and used in subsequent days.....

      So if the body naturally makes 10,000 units at a time how much would be an overdose of oral D3? Probably a lot would be needed to induce an "overdose."

    4. The traditional Japanese samuri sword actually was not that good. Yes it was very sharp but it was rigid and broke easily...not good in combat.

      The best sword was the sharp yet flexible Viking sword, which bent and would never break. It was made from high carbon steel ingots purchased from Persia. It was the Persians and not the Japanese who figured out how to make steel hard yet flexible and not brittle.

      In so many things the Japanese are sort of a myth...and their military prowess is a colossal myth. During the war their tactics just stank to high heaven and I don't think they thought tactics were even important. To them it was only a moral contest..boy were they wrong.

    5. Woody Allen was seduced by an asian girl who wanted him to take pornographic pictures of her. After he had her he left behind every other woman and never looked back. They're still married today.

    6. She was the adoped daughter of his then-girlfriend but hey, the asian girl seduced her mom's boyfriend. The heart is a mystery. When the Germans invaded Belgium in 1914 Kaiser Willhelm said, "Necessity knows no law!"

      To this girl having Woody was a necessity [so to speak].

    7. You are right many things Japanese are a myth, most of their arts are not ancient, but borrowed from China then simplified. The Samurai were from the highest to the lowest instituitionally gay. They ritually formed attachments with their young boy apprentices and usually buggered them. They like the Greeks were basically ultra-macho gay warriors of course it is statistically unlikely they were all gay, so maybe it was so that they were not distracted by real women.

    8. Only action done by Chinese military if there would be one is going to be invasion of Philippines by surprise in front of nose of Americans and only if something will go really wrong. Because there will be no war with Japan, Taiwan or with anyone around, for China, Japan and Taiwan are just some amount of their own sea cliffs and rocks on their own coast... You can t make war with your own rocks. All others, like Indochina, Central Asia and Russia, they will start paying tribute to Chinese emperor again, as many are today and it we be like before these short historical disturbances... Only what really needs to be taken are Philippines, because those Spanish came before us, so evidently all our historical problems started because they were never ours.

    9. I might have known the Samuri were perverts. You know it's time we see what the homosexual agenda in the world really is, whether it was the Spartans and their lambda symbol which is now used by the homosexual lobby....or the muslims and their encouragement of sex with boys....or the Samuri or whatever.....

      It's time the normal people of the world and the psychologists asserted our rejection of male homosexuality, it's predation, cruelty and sadistic roots.

      I always discriminate against homosexual men when I encounter them, and discrimination against them should be enshrined in law.

    10. I agree, in many mountain areas of world, on islands, or anywhere where is genetical negative selection (bright one are going away to better areas) percentage of people with homosexual affections is about 20%, of course culture which discriminate against such behavior makes such percentage to manifest at only of 2%... It is very good for youth in school to discriminate and laugh at such... But at every pagan culture homosexualism is not sin. It is something for fun.

  2. Henry Fielding wrote "Tom Jones" I think. I didn't think much of the film. However Kurbick's "Barry Lyndon" is a masterpiece. Like David Lean said, there hasn't yet been a genius in the media of cinema, but Kubrick was as close as we've come so far....

    1. If Fielding was referring to crime I can attest to one thing is none other.....

      Crime pays.

      Make no mistake about it.

      Crime pays.

      That's the simple truth of it.

      That's the ONLY reason people do it.

    2. Ever seen a poor pirate?

      Gimme a break....

  3. If you want to see the Japanese personality, go see their gameshow 'Endurance' on Clive James on TV (it's on Youtube) what they do for fun most people call torture. In their past their martial training was primarily about blind obedience and loyalty. Even Zen had an almost military ethos attached.The Japanese exapansion of the 30's and 40's is a bit like militant Islam now with it's alleged superiority over everyone else.In fact it sowed the seeds of their War abuses as they considered other races as inferior. I would not of thought that modern Japanese folk would have had the appetite for war as their Grandfathers, as their lives are so different and defined by technology. Also I would of thought engaging with China is not the smartest thing in the World as they to are looking for a distraction for their people.

    1. chinese empire was very known for perfectly refined and complex torture techniques and devices,They have wrong religion, they are very very good victims of dressage by their feudal corporations owners. They told them that their totem was factory - just bow and do not say anything, everything from down to top is forbidden... Any change and innovations from down are not necessary also because we will steal them from those on west, from those who reads Bible, so that we do not have to.

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