Saturday, December 27, 2014

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  1. And our military higher ups, abandoned them to die, with what; a spectra gunship above? drones?, F-16's at a nearby base? Not an honorable thing to do.
    I propose those who gave the stand down orders, be placed in a similar situation, and left to defend themselves in the face of insurmountable odds. Just disgraceful.



      CLINT EASTWOOD, that genius of cinema who gave us EVERY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE and EVERY WHICH WAY YOU CAN...and exalted the Cimpanzee to newer filmic hights since BEDTIME FOR BONZO.....

      Now this Director par excellance with his Oscars and so forth has given America a completely distorted and totally untrue heroic portrayl of High School dropout/low IQ opportunist and fabricator Chris Kyle in...


      Yes forget that under oath Kyle admitted that most of what he claimed happened in his book NEVER ACTUALLY HAPPENED...

      Hollywood never passes an opportunity to pervert and distort the facts of history to make a buck by telling people what they want to hear...

      Now Eastwood can join the likes of Spielberg for the most distortions and untruths any American filmmaker can pack into one or more films.

      Kyle is of course now dead, killed by someone who was tightly wownd and had no motive.....

      It''s too bad because as Kyle lived so close to me and was using his phony career to operate a tactical business for law enforcement that assassin who killed him saved me the trouble of doing it myself.

  2. This article "1 Trillion Dollar Lawsuit Filed Against MSM For Staging Sandy Hook Massacre- It Was A FEMA Exercise!" should ruffle a lot of feathers!

  3. Reminds me of the film "Zulu" where a couple dozen British riflemen mow down 600 African savages charging only feet in front of them. The difference is that the British succeeded after so many of the Zulus were downed that their bodies formed a barrier the rest couldn't penetrate. The Brits had only single shot rifles and had to re-load and fire in turns. These SEALS had automatic weapons and should have killed many more than 60 rampaging native Arabs. I know I or Errol Flynn could have done better.

    1. As Caine would say 'Fire at Will'. Their incredible discipline and toughness could not be matched today, also the fierce Zulu Warriors they fought, were on a local narcotic that took away all fear and most pain.

  4. On Guadalcanal one Marine with a machine gun he held on his arm so that the barrel burned it killed what....three hundred Japanese? One Marine with a water-cooled .30-06 gun mowed down hundreds of Japanese until their bodies were stacked so high the others couldn't see above them? What was the name of that Marine because there's streets all over America named after him. He was later killed on Iwo Jima or some place. He only joined the Marines because it was the depression and he couldn't find a job and would have staved.

  5. There was another case of an Army soldier on New Guinea who alone killed over 300 Japanese with a water-cooled machine gun. In his case I think he was totally alone or maybe had one other soldier with him. I can't think of his name but he was Jewish and didn't receive a CMH until the 1980s.....

  6. If these people had only air-cooled machine guns the barrels would have over-heated with that much shooting. German machine guns like the MP-36 or the faster MP-43 had to change barrels due to heating...

  7. As for this "character building" website I think it's over-ripe.

    The character that's needed in America today is far different from the "blood and soil patriotism" championed in this site.

    What's needed in America isn't soldiers willing to die in stupid wars they never should have been sent to in the first place.

    What's needed is for prosecutors to stop covering for trigger-happy city policeman when they murder someone, or for corporate employees to refuse to follow directions leading to others being swindled or losing their homes or being killed by harmful vaccines or other products.....

    Character to me is when someone in a junior high school sees some asshole bully someone else and steps in to break the hands or cut out the eyes of the asshole doing the bullying. Or maybe when a teacher steps in to put an end to such stupid behavior, not like they give a shit about it....

    These SEALS were probably the kind of assholes who would have been doing the bullying in junior high instead of the kind of person who would have maimed the bully as a lesson.....

    In the lawsuit Jesse Ventura conducted against the lying asshole killer Chris Kyle several of Kyle's SEAL buddies were caught perjurying themselves to defend Kyle's false story.

    These SEALS were lying assholes and now Ventura isn't even safe from other SEALS seeking revenge for having exposed the truth about Kyle and his lies.....

    I don't respect the SEALS in this story. Sorry.

  8. Last time I saw this shit happen was when Seals were taking fire on the FLAT tarmac / airport hoping to stop Noriega from leaving Panama on his private airplane. There was a Spectre airship above for cover, but didn't go as planned, and did not provide cover.

    Before that, Black Hawk Down when a politician made the decision not to have backup APC's in case things turned to shit on the ground, like when in fact they did.

    Why are non military personnel involved in any of these decisions at all? Isn't that what war college is for? To train military leaders, for military engagements? I guess I didn't get the memo.

    I've come to the conclusion that inspite of the expense to train these warriors/seals, our military, doesn't seem to mind wasting them. And I hate that about our military, and our politicians, that have never served in any combat duty, but don't mind wasting our true Patriots at the drop of a hat.

    1. Panama is a perfect example of what I'm talking about.

      Do you know how many Panamanians were slaughtered by Americans there?

      And what the fuck for?

    2. I'm going to take a "stab at it", I'll guess they died to cover up the cocaine running of the Bush Sr. era, before Noriega got a chance to talk openly about it perhaps? I mean if I could think of something even more evil, I would probably write that here, but I can't really say why or wtf they were killing everyone for.

  9. I hold are military in high regard, probably because my late father, served during WWII on a little Island called Okinawa.

    I can't even imagine the hell he experienced, as I have heard that over 12,000 U.S. soldiers died on that island, and over 100,000 civilians died their as well.

    The little that my father did say about that place, was that he hated every minute of it. That you could be walking along on a search and destroy patrol, and one minute its peaceful and the next minute all hell breaks loose.

    I am sure that experience will either make or break a person. In my late father's case, it seemed to make him internally tough, and able to endure some unusual life experiences thereafter.

    I remember my father disarming a suicidal man, (ex-Vietnam vet), who used to be a customer of my father's pharmacy. One day, my father saw police cars racing up the street past his pharmacy. And since we delivered prescriptions to almost the entire neighborhood, he decided to close and lock the pharmacy during normal business hours. He told me he would be back in a little bit. I had no idea what he was going to do at the time, as he didn't spell out his intentions to anyone.

    When he came back, I asked him where he went, and when he told me what he had done, I was shocked. I had never seen my father quite do anything like that before. I frankly had mixed emotions about it. I mean sometimes suicidal people like to take people with them before they go. I wasn't sure whether he had done something irresponsible, or heroic, or both. I was a teenager at the time.

    I did get the opportunity to ask my father, " why did you do that?" (put yourself in danger is what I was thinking). And he said simply "because I understood him."

    What I don't understand, is how our leaders can leave one of their own to die? I will never understand this, yet the story repeats itself over and over again, just with; different people, places, and circumstances.

  10. typo correction: " I hold OUR military....

    1. The military of yesteryear reflected the normal values of those days...

      Today's military is like the lying SEALS covering up for the asshole Chris Kyle, raping Iraqi girls and killing their parents, raping girls in Vietnam and then killing them, making jokes while bombing and straffing ordinary people whose country you've invaded.

      Rape of cute girls in the military is commonplace, and every time an aircraft carrier comes into port there are at least one hundred girls on board who have become pregnant from fucking their commanders in exchange for favorable treatment and promotion....

      Sorry but I hold today's military is utter contempt as I do all of modern America.

    2. There was once a film called "From Here to Eternity" about a venal and inept commander on Hawaii. In the 1950s the public cared enough about morality to support a movie like that criticizing bad people in the military.

      Today that bad commander would be thought of as just another cool Dude having fun!

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