Friday, December 5, 2014

Palestine: The New Emerging State in the Middle East!
Thank You England, Spain, Sweden and now France for recognizing the state of Palestine! Finally, the past insane eruptions of conflict have settled into a narrative that portends peace and legitimacy. France, a country often associated with providing refuge to political dissidents around the world has boldly and correctly recognized the state of Palestine. Although this action is non-binding, it has the symbolic import of a de jure recognition of a group of people who have been displaced from their own homeland to pieces of land—both the West Bank and Gaza—that constitute for all reasonable purposes the new state of Palestine.

France follows several other countries like Spain, England and Sweden which have understood that the pronouncement of ‘statehood’ to refugees who have been thrown out of their own lands, for whatever reason, has legitimized the dreams of millions Palestinians to correctly call themselves a nation. Most importantly, the Palestinians can begin to have a piece of paper called the ‘passport’ that is recognized all over the world as a document that designates a particular person as a citizen of a country. For the past sixty years, Palestinians have had to endure the concept of ‘statelessness’ which entailed their begging for ‘laissez-passez’, transit papers from either Israel or some other non-indigenous authority.

Equally important, this symbolic recognition of Palestine is the direct consequence of the barbarous fifty day slaughter of innocent Palestinians in the camps of Gaza.  I have always found Bibi, the nominal leader of Israel, to be basically arrogant, merciless and not very bright, despite the fact that he went to my alma mater, MIT.  I can pronounce these words because since the time that my former boss, Sec State James Baker threw this ‘shithead’ out of the State Dept for his stupid, insolence pompous manners,  I knew that Bibi would lead Israel into a path of self-destruction.  Bibi is a spoiled American child reared by a self-aggrandizing Cornell University Professor.  Bibi’s father worked alongside another Cornell University Professor, the Neo-Con Paul Wolfowitz’s ruthless mathematician father.  Funny, how much of the foundational building blocks of the neo-cons come out of Cornell.

Unlike the true military geniuses, Moshe Dayan and Sharon, Bibi never once understood that to win a battle is not to win the war. This past battle of IDF tanks, jets, and gun boats, mercilessly bombarding innocent men, women and children reawakened the conscience of the world.  People like myself, decried the IDF’s actions as Nazi-like and compared it to the devastation of both the Warsaw Ghetto and Guernica, Spain during WWII. It was obvious to me that Bibi had finally reached the apex of his strategic limits and tactical malfeasance.

Those brave Israelis intelligence operatives and combat soldiers who defied Bibi’s orders to destroy the innocent, be they Palestinians, Druze, Jews or Christians, took the first and most important steps to realigning Israel with the principles of fairness and just deeds.  Justice and Fairness are at the root of Jewish philosophy evidenced by the 15th century writings of the great Maimonides—RAMBAM [medical doctor/ writer/ advisor to Arab leaders-- my direct descendant].
Thank you France. 
Thank you England.
Thank you Spain.
And, thank you Sweden.
Now, let the other countries of the world step forward and finally declare the just truth that those who have lived in the shadows of legitimacy and self-recognition can finally have their own State- PALESTINE!!

Mazel Tov! Salem Alechem! Merci! Thank you! Gracias! Tusen Tack! 



  1. Bibi bibi... Neocons were good for youth, there was employment in those wars but that was all. America, Israel and Europe are always conducting same sinful mistakes, looking money not culture, you do not go to middle east if you do not invade North Africa, sins of crusaders was that they were not crusaders. They, were just private army rich nobility and clergy trying get one trade route toward east so they they can get silk and luxury good from china and india without having to pay money to arabs for passing their territory any more... Luxury destroyed them. Or how you would put it today, ...oil... That is why i am saying that Morocco stayed Muslim by providence of Devil. Keep going guys, go in circles like Maya calendar, i am sure you will get far far away. :))

  2. In 1940 or 1941 I think Moshe Dayan and Itzak Rabin went into Syria as commandos to fight the pro-German French. It was fighting the French that Dayan lost his eye. The fight between the Jews of Palestine and the British against the pro-Nazi governments in Syria and Iraq is little known to Americans but explains a lot about subsequent history.

    1. one nazi died few days ago who was living easily in syria

  3. Recognizing a Palestinian state is necessary, but dividing Palestine into a Jewish state of Israel and tiny remaining areas constituting an Arab state won't work. All these "two state solutions" never address the issue of the Palestinian Arabs who were not permitted to return to what became Israel and what happened to their property. Believe it or not Israel told the Palestinians that Israel was confiscating their properties in absentia because the Iraqi government took all the property of the Jews there when they left for Israel in 1949....hardly a sound argument.

    The Jews in Israel knew they were acting ruthlessly and unfairly to the Arabs, and did use terror to frighten them away...

    But understand that for the Jews the issue at steak was the existence of their country, a new country, which otherwise would not come about if the Arabs were not driven out.

    It's one of those situations where you prefer not to harm someone, but without harming them you have to forgoe something colossal in value. Under such circumstances who else would have done the "right" thing? Look at history and tell me because I think although it was wrong it's what anyone else would have done.

    1. and why should they be able to return? is that some new world standard of behaviour among nations, should Spanish go back to their Oregon or Russians to Alaska?

    2. For the same reason that the Iraqis should allow their Jews to return if they wanted.

      It's called reversing ethnic cleansing.

    3. everyone should be able to live where he wants if he is going to respect local culture and is ready to help kids in that culture to get even stronger and healthier culture... why no one is talking about those Palestinians who works and live in Israel as members of most protected working class on world.

  4. The big argument in Israel today is what's going to happen in a generation or so when Arab citizens of Israel outnumber the Jews?

    As the Israelis are framing it the choice is between continuing to be a Democracy or continuing to be a Jewish state.

    Last week Netanyahu introduced the first of what he intends to be many future laws to decrease Democracy. His plan is to gradually give second class legal status to all non-Jews. If this does not happen in a few decades non-Jews will outnumber Jews in the Kenesset and they will enact laws favoring themselves.

  5. A two-state solution will never work.

    There is one answer, and only one answer.

    That's to have only one state encompassing all of Palestine, and for it to be secular, and in which no particular ethic group is favored.

    I prefer that this state actually be Israel. I think the Palestinians who are not permitted to return should simply be brought back and their property returned to them. Then they should become Israeli citizens. Israel should encompass all of Palestine including the west bank and Gaza. Current Israeli institutions, it's Constitution, etc., should remain unchanged.

    The only difference is that all Arabs living there would be citizens and they can enjoy the favorable institutions and economy which Israel has created....better than any Arab state by far.

    If given this choice 90% of Arabs would agree. The only ones which wouldn't are the Islamists, which like the far-right Jewish supremicists should be expelled and they should be the ones never permitted back.

    Arabs and Jews can and must live together in one secular state called Israel.

    1. Melting pot works only in USA, even i think USA will get soon Central African Republic in belt from Missouri to Virginia... because USA failed with black people which were excluded from working in factories with whites (just little in auto industry of 60es at end of that industry) so they never learned how to work and live... They were included in agriculture, and we see that was enough because today crime rate among rural black is same as for whites... Or Israel could adopt Indian reservations for Arabs and sell them booze there in combination with casinos to empower their family values.

    2. Peoples mass can learn how to live only on fields or in factories... Definition of citizen is person defined by the way how he/she provide for his/her material needs. Today classes are abolished (middle class) and instead of classes we have two jungles, we have jungle of multiculturalism (which does not exist, it only exist one culture which is changed), and have jungle where instead of belonging to one class you can belong to Ron Paul youth or some of 1000 commercial subcultures. American melting pot is abolished also so USA will soon learn beauties of Mexicans (first non melting pot) americans. Soviets were little less delusional, they had just illusions that class will solve all national or religious questions... It works great in every socialist country.

  6. When the Israelis took the west bank in 1967 Israeli leaders thought they were liberating the Arabs there and that the Arabs would welcome belonging to Israel. They were surprised when the PLO, PFLP, etc. took exception and went on a rampage in Jordan....

    Then in September 1970 King Hussein in Jordan slaughtered the Palestinians in a bloodbath few people today even know happened. That's how the Fadeyeen came to be in Lebanon, and then in 1982 they were slaughtered again so more....

    If the Israelis would have granted those in refuge citizenship, and citizenship to the Arabs in Gaza and the west bank most Arabs would have gone for it....

    There would have been a struggle between most Arabs who favored integration with Israel and the Fedayeen....

    I like that term for the one-state solution....integration.

  7. Let's be honest here.....

    If Arabs living in Egypt or Syria had the chance to live in Israel as full citizens they'd MOVE TO ISRAEL IN A HEARTBEAT.

    Israel claims to be the only modern democracy and economy in the region, and no one knows the truth of that better than their penury Arab neighbors.

    1. It's not completely not unlike Mexicans moving to America.

  8. or like the lyrics from "The Jeffersons" TV sitcom show;

    Well we're movin on up,
    To the east side.
    To a deluxe apartment in the sky.
    Movin on up,
    To the east side.
    We finally got a piece of the pie.

    Fish don't fry in the kitchen;
    Beans don't burn on the grill.
    Took a whole lotta tryin',
    Just to get up that hill.
    Now we're up in the big leagues,
    Gettin' our turn at bat.
    As long as we live, it's you and me baby,
    There ain't nothin wrong with that.

    Well we're movin on up,
    To the east side.
    To a deluxe apartment in the sky.
    Movin on up,
    To the east side.
    We finally got a piece of the pie.

    Lol !

  9. Let's suppose the God of Abraham is as the Bible claims. We know David (a Jew) killed Goliath (a Philistinian) and the armies of David and Solomon (God's armies) drove out all others. The oldest living book prophesied Israel (God's people) would be returned to their lands. So it has been written so it has been done.

    Esikiel says the land would be laid a barren waste until the return of the people. That small sliver of earth was a sewer hole until it was redeveloped by the Jews. The agricultural development and it's production today is literally a miracle compared to pre-47. Go back and look at arial photos of Israel before 1947 and compare them to today.

    MIT Mike presents the best solution I have ever read and his logic of outcome is sound had that plan been implemented decades ago. In today's world of constant manipulation, it's difficult to forecast any outcome but the same old conflict.

    One thing is certain, the Jews owe nothing to the Arabs who have wished for the death of Israel since the first tribes crossed the river Jordon. And speaking of Jordon, isn't the bulk of 'Palestinian Lands' located in Jordon? How has Jordon skirted it's responsibility for ejection of the 'refugees'?

    How about Jordon repatriates the Palestinians, carves off a 'state' for them, and BINGO they can have their passports and a fresh base to build up another army that Israel can nuke without getting a sunburn.

    I suggest you all read your Bibles if you want to know how this all plays out. If you think you're smarter than God, think again!

    1. What may seem most reasonable, practical, and logical to some, seems to degenerate into " The War of the Roses" in the "real world" when efforts are made in its application. It begs the question for some, what does reasonable mean, obviously different things to different people, as evidenced by continued strife in the region. Seems to be the never ending conflict for sure, unfortunately.

    2. Or as Danny Devito in the "War of the Roses" answered when asked "Why did you divide the blueprints of the house that way? ". Answer: "More square footage" he says with a smile. Its human nature , always wanting more.

    3. Even when its unreasonable, impractical, and detrimental.

    4. The Arabs of Palestine recognized throughout the 1930s and 1940s that the Jews who were showing up there intended to take over the whole of Palestine. Everyone called the Palestinian Arabs' fears of this "exaggeration" and "conspiracy theory," but THEY WERE RIGHT.

      IT WAS the intend of the zionist leaders to take over Palestine with a Jewish state and either drive away the natives or relegate them to second class status in their own homes.....

      This is why the Mufti of Jerusalem collaborated with the Nazis, the Iraqi Golden Square, revolted against British rule in the revolt of 1936, and fought the zionists at every turn. IT WAS BECAUSE THEY WERE RIGHT.

      It's the Arabs who owe the Jews there NOTHING, not the other way around.

      But that's history. Israel is now a fact and the question is how everyone can proceed in peace...FOREVER.

      The answer is so simple and everyone can be fine as long as they adhere to modern standards of secularism in governance.

      Israel must be a pleuralistic nation and there's no reason it can't be.

      But as for the Islamists and the supremicist Jews who insist that they have their own little cantons where they can practice their religious laws or ethnic supremacy....THEY HAVE TO SHUT UP AND GO AWAY.

      Zionism was never about Jewish law before anyway! It was always a secular movement based on Jewish ethnic identity NOT religious faith...most of them were Marxist anway lol.

    5. I guarantee you Netanyahu doesn't believe in God or the Torah or Talmud or any of that LOL...

      Netanyahu when he was the UN Rep in the 1980s had a string of girls and groupie Jewish girls there in New York and they used to screw and party in apartments there....

      I remember him very well. And he always had serious bodyguards around him constantly.

    6. It as zionism which destroyed Jewish culture and life in the Middle East.

      Jews had lived in Iraq for 2,600 years with no problems at all. They dominated trade, finance, the professions and the bureaucracy. THEY WERE ALL OPPOSED TO ZIONISM AND A JEWISH STATE IN PALESTINE.

      But when the Jews in Palestine started pushing out the Arabs there Iraqis began to retaliate against Iraqi Jews. This escalated during the war as it became clear that the Jews in Palestine intended to push out the Arabs altogether. Even though the Iraqi Jews didn't want to live in Palestine and opposed zionism when Israel was declared in 1948 the Iraqi government retaliated against them by confiscating their property and taking away their citizenship. Iraqi Jews had no choice but the immigrate to Palestine although IT'S NOT WHAT THEY WANTED.

      This same pattern was repeated in every Middle Eastern country.

      Jew who had lived everywhere in the Arab world were forced to adopt the zionism and Jewish culture in all these places were ended.

      The zionists were happy with this result.

    7. no no God destroyed those Jews who were living there in muslim lands, because those Jews were Jews who did not respect 1. st order of God, do not have other Gods than me... Jews who lived in muslim lands had to listen muslim rulers as their archbishops, because on east king is also main religious authority... same how today presbiteriyan church is listening Obama about gay marriages... and promoting sin... God will destroy them, yes they will exist some time but Israel will destroy them, Israel is destroyer of all paganism. Because everything from God will be saved, and everything from humans will cease to exist. Israel is material manifestation of union between humans and God... Israel saved all greek and roman culture... Muslim tried to destroy it... they burned Alexandria library

    8. I think it was the Romans who burned the library...

    9. Those damn library fines !.... been pissin people off since Julius Ceaser's day. But did he have to torch the place? Really? ; )

    10. It is a disputed issue, and the destruction of the library is not something that occurred all at once, but much of the destruction came following the orders of the Christian Roman Emperor Theodosius to destroy all pagan temples, as part of the library was near the Serapeum...

      Yes, then, the ignorant Christians did it.

    11. whaaaat, it was only little set on fire by pagans, caesar, coptic bishop (in oposition to pope) but finally destroyed for ever by muslims ... Ok who sponsored revival of Roman and Greek art, to get statue of David in normal non deformed non eastern proportions, well it was Catholic Church... in muslim tradition even they took 2/3 of roman empire and whole Greece there is not even one letter of memory of cultural influece from east, even satanic Byzant did not have any cultural and spiritual connection toward greece... USA is more geek and roman because of Vatican than Greece Egypt and Morocco today would ever be again.

    12. I agree that we are all better off because of MichaelAngelo, Bernini and others. I also agree that Islam is a political tract as much as a revealed religion. I think the world would be better off if all muslims woke up and realized that Mohammad has no evidence for what he claimed, and he was basically a con man like Abraham, Moses and all other such hustlers in the land of the goat hearders.

  10. Great post and great news for Palestine! Also interesting though not surprising about Bibi!!! I once again ask you and fellow commentators to look up the documentary called "the gatekeepers" these were ex leaders of shin bet and even after what they called "counter terrorism" they seemed to me anyway understand how things in that region should go forward! I would Also endorse Dr pieczenik's observation that Israel is indeed becoming less important strategically so therefore it should indeed itself recognise that great change is required! Seems to me the world is growing more and more tired about the " holy land" which is a contradiction! The documentary I mentioned is a BBC documentary so I hope people watch! As ever my mumblings are basic and simple and I leave it to the more educated to digress on what I find a fascinating subject

    1. I don't Israel ever had the "strategic importance" people assume. The US has no treaty with them, no forward deployed bases or even material.....

      As far as US military plans are concerned Israel is an empty suit. The Israelis don't want American material and training. They never train with Americans....

      Israel actually is of no strategic value and adds nothing to US military plans.

      I think the major reason why US politicians have come to love Israel in the last fifty years is purely the evangelical Christian vote. Stupid white Christians in America came to view Israel as the old Testiment Israel and that it was the fullfillment of prophecy and they were God's "chosen people"...blah blah blah.....

      It's not even so much the Jewish lobby that makes American Congressmen from Indiana and Montana and Mississippi tow the line...

      It's the stupid Christians.

    2. You are so correct here. Most Christians shun anyone that dares mention an iota of history on this topic. The remaining few's faith gets real weak, real quick....

    3. American Christians are counter-anti-semitic today, and view Jews as God's chosen people. American Christians view Judaism as their religion. They are taught the old testament in Sunday school, and the myths and legends they teach their children are all the fables and stories of the old Testament.

    4. Well "stupid Christians" in USA are only reason why Europe still talks to USA... The more i gather informations the more is see that USA is becoming lost case, because seems that prophecy of Mother Mary from Fatima was right when she said that new Christianisation will be done with Russian power, EU + Russia + Israel against US communism, only chance for USA to exist any more would be for US capitalists who now established pure communism by skipping even socialism would be to invest in African Christianity (definition of communism are bussines owned by government, while today every bussiness in USA is owned by government because every US bank had to pump in it self government money and while not even USSR dared to put government money in to banking sector) :))

    5. MIT and i would hurry up with your patent because USSR abolished patent system, and FED now wants to do the same. Why is that? , seems soon you could get one communist medal for all devotions in building up communist future.... instead of 20 M dollars... ohhh, or you should try chinese patent office, they learned very well how to not have communist economy even they are ruled by commies...

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. look this video by american communist Richard Wolff, from 1:35:00 He is saying that he can not believe what is happening, he said that he is talking same stuff for 40 years and today he feel like something is happening, and that he have for next month invitation to talk on 20 universities in USA... but in such manner, even he looked amazed what will happen

    8. but what must be done first is to kill about 30M "stupid" Christians and Jews in US concentration camps of course... And i hope it will be on CNN for me to watch in Europe, but i promise, if that smell start coming here too much than there is nice San Andreas Fault to hit with one Tzar bomb for us in Europe to get that fresh pacific air from pacific directly to atlantic...

  11. The number one reason people refuse to enter into a relationship with God is the innate knowledge of their sins and transgressions against God resulting in assumed seperation which could never possibly be repaired. God is too powerful to ever be approached by the shameful sinner.

    In walks Jesus Christ whom willingly takes the sinner's place in judgement, his resurrection validating God in the flesh. He walks amongst the people, gives his final instructions and ascends to Heaven leaving His Holy Spirit behind. He acts as the believers attorney on judgement day and if you know him you get in, for eternity. If you don't, you roast in fire and torment for eternity.

    In lieu of Darwin's unproven theory of evolution for which no evidence exists, this Jesus guy is sounding like the best deal out there. Love, forgiveness and eternal life? Might be a no brainer. After all, our calendar runs by him...

    Oh those stupid Christians; love, charity, compassion, forgiveness, loyalty and goodness. Thank God for Jesus Christ and his believers, because without them this world becomes hell pretty damn quick.

    1. Darwin's "unproven" theory of evolution, for which "no evidence" exists, is what brought you here, Roger, and will continue whether or not you decide to believe in it. You might say the reverse to me. Unlike your deity, however, evolution really doesn't give a damn.

      There is however an existential threat to evolution, or, as you would have it, to God's creation, that Darwinists and Creationists alike should unite in combating..... I explain here:

    2. Darwin's evidence was the finches, which are still (drumroll) finches. They did not evolve, they adapted. No physical evidence exists on this planet to demonstrate change of species from one to another. There is no missing link, not cat to dog, hippo to elephant, nor ape to homosapien.

      Your belief in the theory of evolution requires blind faith as there is no scientific evidence present to prove that theory. Putting your faith in man makes you a slave to man. Many scholars have set out to disprove Jesus Christ and many gave up or became believers. He was born on earth 2014 years ago and will return again. He wasn't sent for the righteous, he was sent for the sinners.

      Lives changed, hearts softened, relationships forged in agape love, what more evidence do you need?

    3. How much compassion and love did the Christian George W. Bush display when he launched two wars which destroyed whole countries in which young girls were raped by American soldiers and their parents' shot while they watched?

      Where was the Christian love of Americans when they spawned a civil war in Iraq in which each side kidnapped innocent members of the other and drilled power tools into their heads to kill them?

      I'm sorry Dude but the love of Christ has nothing to do with modern Christians.

      Today's Christians are evil assholes who use the scripture as a smokescreen for their sadistic antics.

    4. I am not a Christian, but that has nothing to do with the fact that evolution through natural selection does not exist and is not possible. Not only is their no examples of any organ or tissue "evolving" by random chance, but there is no way statistically that any of these organs or tissues could have evolved over only a few million years.....

      The human brain has infinitely vast, huge areas of billions of neurons devoted purely to the task of language aquisition and use....

      In humans language is an innate set of traits which are infinitley complex, and the structures in the brain which support it are vast and complicated beyond anything imaginable....

      And yet all this supposedly came into being by "natural selection" and "mutation" and "variation" in only 100,000 years !


      That's a fucking joke if ever there was.

      Three hundred thousand years ago primative humans couldn't speak or talk or form symbolic thoughts....

      Then by 100,000 years they were speaking and thinking and talking and forming symbols and syntax.....

      And their brains had grown all these huge areas for abstract thought.....

      In only 100,000 years!

      Dude there's no such thing as "evolution by natural selection."

      SOMETHING is designing and building all this....and it's down to the level of every virus and sea urchin crawling on the bottom of the oceans which humans haven't even discovered yet...and on every other planet in the universe.....

      This is the simple reality of life on this universe and it has nothing to do with the scriptures of this or that stupid religion written by goat herders who claim to speak with God's up in the sky....

    5. And what is the universe?

      First understand that what you were taught in school that there is "empty space" between the planets and stars is untrue.

      There is no such thing as 'empty space.'

      The distances between large objects in 'space' is a structure. Space itself is a structure, and it may or may not have material in it such as gases, but always is infused with energy of all kinds passing through it everywhere.

      'Non-locality,' or the ability of particles to 'communicate' instantly with other particles distant in the universe is an indication of the characteristics of the structure of space.

      96% of all material in the universe is 'dark mattter' which is unseen to humans....

      "Open the space pod door Hal"

      " the space pod door please....."

      And space isn't the perfect vacuum people think it is either....

      The scene in "2001: A Space Odyssey" where an astronaut has to launch himself into an air lock using the air in his space pod to fill it is actually what would have happened.

      There isn't enough real vacuum in space to have evacuated all the air from the air lock before he could have closed the door.

      The air was escaping but not so fast as to have killed him instantly.

    6. Distances in space are not that great either....

      The moon is only 250,000 miles from earth. My car has over 250,000 miles on it and I haven't gone anywhere with it.

      250,000 miles is nothing.

      Any good car accelerating from 0 to 60 in 4 seconds is accelerating at 1 G....

      If you take this modest acceleration and travel at only 1 G for less than one year YOU ARE NOT TRAVELING AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT....

      Getting to the speed of light is well within the technology of simple rockets and we could have been traveling at those speeds decades ago if we wanted.....

      There are many stars that are only 20 or 30 or 40 light years away.

      There are many peices of the planet Mars which are scattered around on the surface of the earth.

      In the past peices of Mars were thrown up into 'space' and eventually found there way to earth and landed here.

      The distances between planets are not that great.

    7. Correction...

      If you travel at only 1G for one year you ARE TRAVELLING AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT.

      The speed of light is easily attainable by traveling at only 1G for less than one year.....

    8. evolution exist for us to become extinct as such :)

    9. The problem with the Christian conception of sin is that it doesn't have anything to do with what a person does....

      It has only to do with a mythological status that all humans supposedly have condeming them to torment because their ancestor, Adam, disobeyed God.

      The whole reason for the Christ according to Christian doctrine wasn't to "teach" how to be a better person or how not to commit sin.

      The whole point was to provide a BLOOD SACRIFICE to appease God and thereby counter-act the original sin that all humans are supposedly born with because of what their ancestor did.

      This is why and how a person can commit all manner of crimes and sins and if they get absolution from a priest before they die they can still get the benefit of eternal life via the Christ.

      "Christ paid for all our sins."

      It's only about the BLOOD SACRIFICE of God's son just as he asked others in the past to sacrifice their children to appease him.

      And if anyone is a stupid to believe any of that well.....

    10. According to the Christians here in Texas anyone can have eternal life regardless of how bad they are or what they do.....

      All they have to do is magically say the words, "I accept Christ as my personal lord and savior" and they are automatically guaranteed eternal life in heaven.

      I know lawyers, bankers and dentists here who actually believe this ill-logical and non-moral stuff.

      Morality has NOTHING to do with it.

      And furthermore they beleive once saved God wants them to be happy and that means GOD WANTS THEM TO BE RICH AND MAKE LOTS OF MONEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      That's what the Christaians of the George W. Bush type of Texas evangelicals and Baptists, etc...actually believe.

      Including the Jew con man Joel Osteen in Houston who masquerades as a Christian when he's really a Jew and has a jet and a mansion because he says Jesus wants him to be rich and happy!

    11. I know a lawyer in San Antonio worth about 100 million dollars he made all himself in his law practice and he attends one of these holy-roller churches.

      Someone in his Sunday School class lost his job and was asking the attendees if they knew anyone who could hire him because he was financially tapped out and needed help bad.

      So they formed a circle and prayed together so that someone else could hire this guy...but none of them offered him a job.

    12. MIT you are right in everything you say, always... but you just seems to forget that people of faith are sinners also... atheists always are giving sacred powers to those of faith and puts us in positions as ones who should not rotten in same manner like every other member of this carbon chemistry

    13. I remember going to an Aquarium in France and a wall was covered with CD-Roms it was the genetic info required for one species! At the micro levels and macro levels there is evidence of accelerated design just the mathematical elegance of it all is like a signpost to incomprehensible intelligence. I think MITmichael is suggersting alien intervention rather than natural selection or some religions god. I must just say I am always bewildered by some religious comments from some American folk and I am sure del stead would back me up on this. In the UK even the Archbishop of Canterbury does not talk like this. Jesus this Jesus that the obsession with Armageddon, if I spoke like this in England people would assune I was being sarcastic or I was a fruit and nut case. Where does it come from, as mentioned George Bush spouting religion while bombing the living crap out of any far flung country he felt like. It does not make sense, I appreciate for some reason this a vote winner in Southern States so it might be a posture on his part, but it is still bizarre. You see athletes who are so arrogant they think the creator of the Universe has helped them score a touchdown, or others who think such a being would have a problem with you wanking or wearing particular clothes on Sunday...stop being so silly! Regarding distances in space this is just the local block beyond Proxima Centauri without some new (or old!) drive you are talking generational ships or Robots. Or as Douglas Adams put it 'Space is big. You just will not believe how vastly, hugely, mind-boggingly big it is. I mean you may think it is a long way down the road to the Chemist's shop, but that's just peanuts to space.'

    14. Do a search on both Christian Dominionism, and the Scofield bible translation and Armageddon, and you will begin to get an understanding of how American Christian's, predominantly Protestant, got led into whacko land.


    16. It does not matter, was it aliens, or Satan who was kicked out from heavens, but seems alines were conducting genetical experiments and were giving knowlege to Aztecs, Egypt, Babylon... Satan or those aliens gave ultra precise calendar to Aztecs, and they made real pagan mistake, they started to worship calendar and not creator of giver of calendar, (do not have other Gods than me), so they very soon started human sacrifices and genetical experiments on females by help of aliens so that aliens could survive on planet, that is why we have all those statues of mixing between animals and human which are to scare all human kids as a sign of sickness... Jesus said that all those who scare little one should put stone around their neck and thow them self to river to try save their soul, because that was better than to meet him in when he dies... (pedophiles), that is only time when Jesus is calling to kill someone.

    17. Yes it is true Southernbelle, i dream of Christian Saudi Arabia, that country can grows it s own population from 20 to 30M in 10 years, it have population of non citizens who do not dares to break one glass in home or in public, it have stable family surroundings, no racial issues, rules are known, no stress, full freedoms for females, best protection of human rights and all in desert, best model country on world (if we forget that their religion is toward devil and they live on expense of US christian tax payers)

    18. Aliens are involved with changing human DNA, but that's a purely materialistic and scientific program they have....

      The real phenomena of life changing from one form to another using constant changes in their DNA is something operated by the universe itself because the entire universe is a conscious mind of energy moving around in infinitely complex ways to create matter and energy...

      Look at the 'string theory'

      You don't really believe there are little strings vibrating to create a particle of energy with certain properties???

      What the scientists are witnessing is the creation of energy with certain properties arising out of a point AS IF there were a vibrating string there....

      But there is no vibrating string there....

      The energy at that point arises from that point and that's the origin of it.

      It's like consciousness in the brain of an animal...

      It has a point or an attachment which is non-material and therefore it can't be found.....

      But it's obviously there and it's not just a machine or a neuron....a neuron or a machine cannot experience anything. Only an idea can experience anything...and an idea is not material.

    19. An idea can be a symbol, and a symbol can be a 'word,' and that's why ancients used to say that a God created a 'word'..............

    20. When savants see numbers or ideas of specific things they see them as shapes or symbols for them because the subconscious mind doesn't have a language and must improvise symbols to communicate ideas to the conscious mind....

    21. Anyone with an active dream life knows that they are seeing things which represent certain things, but the things they are seeing don't look actually like what they are representing....

      Everything which is an idea is distorted in some way because it's an idea of something....

      The only thing that appears undistorted in dreams are PEOPLE because people exist in the universe as actually what they are...

      When you are dreaming you see someone you know in your house and he looks exactly like he does in material life, but the house is distorted....

      In reality people actually exist but houses don't actually exist....

      Houses are non-conscious material/energy constructs which don't really exist and therefore the subconscious mind has to find a symbol for it...

    22. The house you see will be distorted in ways which represent the emotional meaning of the house to you. If it's larger than reality or darker or lighter or whatever that's because these traits are what the house means to you.....

      The behavior of your friend in the house will be what he means to you...but he will look like you perceive him in the material world.

    23. Pets like cats and dogs appear in dreams like they actually appear in the material world.

    24. The human body is a material construct reflecting the actual consciousness of the individual, and that's why aggressive people look aggressive, gentile people appear so, and you can see all the characteristics of anyone's personality by just looking at their faces and bodies.....

      Material science has no explaination for this but it's obvious and everyone knows it.

    25. "The problem with the Christian conception of sin is that it doesn't have anything to do with what a person does...."

      If you have time, you might enjoy a youtube link to an instructor of mine, who taught Biomedical Ethics, Dr. Jack Provonsha from Loma Linda University. He touches upon this very subject of his dislike of the idea of "original sin", for the very reason you state, and compares and contrasts theological ideas of various well known theologians just about better than anyone I have heard speak on the topic. Give it a whirl if you have time, you might enjoy his analysis if you will.

      He is not one of those "prosperity preachers"... lol like you alluded to earlier.

      Dr. Provonsha was an Adventist, physician, theologian, medical ethicist, and psychologist holding a doctorate degree in 3 of the aforementioned specialties. I loved listening to him lecture. I took his biomedical ethics class to better understand the decisions that would be made when my mother was dying, while in college years ago.

      Hope you get a chance to listen to it sometime. Dr Provonsha appears in the video to have suffered from a mild stroke before the video was made. I believe he was well into his 80's by the year 2011 or so. He was a bright individual, who inspired me while in school.

      Enjoy ! : )

    26. yes yes yes, i agree with every word, we are shadow of higher dimension, but we can use mathematics and count in those higher dimensions because symbols- numbers are pure artificiality, and this about dreams is so true, fantastic... so by looking those fact about dreas seems that natural world does not exist, only what exist is what is artificial, and thing is more artificial which is more of it but less of it in relation to our chance to survive... cabriolet is more artificial than van, because in van you have bigger chances to survive in nature... also it depend by subject, some farmer would look at mona lisa as good wood to light in winter but someone else would see art in that... nature is natural, artificiality is of artist, we humans are artificially modeled natural beings, put one brain on animal brain... but again someone had to create those aliens so we are again on beginning... we are homo duplex ... death is pure natural thing, but for me it is the most non realistic thing on this world, it is in total opposition to artificiality

  12. They all greeted September 11th and proclaiming the demise of the state of Israel as their ultimate goal. May be it is plausible to call Palestinians fascists on this ground? These Palestinians are profilersting like insects and consider everybody except for Muslims as kafirs. Their brothers from IS are cutting heads of Americans and Europeans. These liberal whimper from Sweden and others are useful idiots for Islamists. YOU are the target Dr. P and you are greeting the rise and strengthening of your killers. State of Israel deserves only respect for its right to survive in the circle of Islamic enemies. Myopic homosexual liberal fascists from France and Sweden are waiting when their heads will be cut by Palestinian Islamists in their own countries. Go visit Marseille to see the future of the Europe.

    1. If you blame Palestinian Arabs for what ISIS is doing because they are both muslim you are committing the same lunacy the Iraqis did when they blamed the Jews among them for what zionist Jews were doing in Palestine in 1948.....

      The Jews of Iraq in 1948 were totally opposed to what other Jews were doing in Palestine and the Palestinian Arabs are totally opposed to what ISIS is doing in Syria and Iraq....

      Use your head and try to see the facts which really exist.

    2. There are more stupid white kids from England and France joining ISIS than Palestinian Arabs joining ISIS.....

      The Arabs of Palestine are there and grew up in that world and they have no need for the idiocy of that ideology which stupid kids in Europe find so compelling...

    3. Listen Mike have you been somewhere in the world except for Texas? From my frequent travels to Israel there are some facts I ve seen my eyes. First everywhere on Arab territories you can feel it by your skin the sense of danger and aggression towards to non Arabs and non Muslims. I am no a Jew but on West Bank it is dirt and sewage on the street while the grass and piece of civilization on the Israeli territories. Several times a year one of these Palestinian freedom fighters is crushing the bus stop with women and children with the shout "Allah Akbar". And every Palestinian faithfully believes the the whole world owes him everything, they live on welfare and terrorism is considered the best and reputable way of making money especially in Gaza Strip. again don't be ignorant, come and see the situation your own eyes, feel it by your skin before teaching the world like Obama does.


    Doesn't exist. It's completely a myth.

    There is in fact NO intelligence sharing of any kind with Israel.

    When Israel declared independence in 1948 the US recognized it along with the Soviet Union, but when the Arabs attacked it to destroy it the US sent no aid whatsoever, and fully hoped that the Arabs would win and that Israel would be destroyed.

    It was Stalin that saved Israel by sending huge amount of arms and ammunition during the war.

    The Israelis never forgot this.

    In 1952 the Israelis conducted 'operation Suzanna' in Egypt, which was a false flag program of Egyptian Jews working for Israel dressing up like Arabs and seeking to bomb American facilities and kill American diplomats.....

    During the 1950s all interactions between Israel and the CIA had to pass through one office - the CIA office of Counterintelligence so that they could assess the vulnerability of each and every interaction or 'sharing' because it was assumed that sharing anything with Israel was the same as handing intl over to the Russians.

    Israel has always operating its own spies in the US government, and from time to time they have been caught, including Jonathan Pollard, who in the 1980s handed over to the Israelis more valuable intl than any other spy...and then the Israelis sold this data to the Soviet Union....

    The US has NO defense treaties or any joint training or exercises with Israel...but the US DOES have joint training and exercises with Egypt.

    The US forward bases and stores and plans with Egypt and other Arab states....NOT Israel.

    If you listen to American politicians and pundits you would think everything is the opposite of this.....

    The Israelis do not trust the US and continue to think of the US as an adversary nation.

  14. MIT,
    Hearings here re: Uber. It's been in the Globe, front page of the local Metro even.
    Posted onto fb earlier today from someone.
    Uber, the car-share service company, announced yesterday it got more money from venture capitalists this year than any other company, putting its value at around $40 billion -- higher than American Airlines. Yet Uber employs only 1,500 people directly. The rest of its “employees” – the drivers who use their own cars -- take on almost all the cost and risk. In fact (as the New York Times revealed yesterday), Uber demands drivers handle any and all damage claims themselves through their own personal car insurance, even though those insurance companies don’t cover commercial activity. Which means Uber drivers aren’t insured to drive others for money. Which means Uber riders won't collect if there's an accident. So is Uber a $40 billion success story or a dangerous scam?

    1. It's the underground economy. It's freedom. It's living dangerously.

      It's called making money!


    2. If I were an unemployed person frozen out by the new economy I'd drive for Uber in a heartbeat.

      The BEST kinds of jobs are the ones skirting the law.

      The most satisfaction I had at any business was the years I owned escort agencies. I did that for eight years and I never once had even one policeman turn up even though they "investigated" me several times. They never bothered me because I knew the laws and they understood they'd be wasting their time when there were so many low hanging fruit for them to target.

      The escort thing was cash paid daily, and the girls would show up needing cash right away and in a day or two they had at least a thousand dollars in their hands. They made about 10k a month working in total safety.

      When I fly into NY I usually take one of the mafia-operated non-licensed "cabs" just because I like the idea of spending my time and money with the people who drive for them and like to keep their business non-legitimate.

      Unless you've been a part of the underground economy you've never lived. It's the best liberation to have cash in your hand the day you made it.

    3. I grew up in Sunday School and am a mom. I would have to become someone I am not to work illegally.

      I do "hear" you though.

      I am a single female and alone up here and deeply enmeshed with the medical system. To cut away ftom that as a type 1 diabetic since aged two years, almost fifty years, is easier said than done. My income must be reported or one phone call from one of these ugly townie bullh women up here who are all related to the judges...this is fact, not speculation. Nepotistic New England.

      What city could I go to and drive Uber and make enough tonpay for the car and save some money until I ran out of insulin and got sick and had to see a doctor? I used to own a 1999 Cab Yellow VW GTI in Dallas. I would pick people up waiting for cabs and drive them for no charge sometimes. That was so cool to do. I used to joke about taking the drunken doctors from Deep Ellum clubs back to their apartments near UTSW....

      Dallas medical tragic, but I do know the roads...

      Any other cities come to you?

    4. Take some inspiration from this. In 1935 and 1936 the highest paid person in America was a woman: Mae West. If I were a feminist I'd forget all the drivile from mal-adjusted 'women's studies' writers and watch the characters Mae West wrote and played in her films...she wrote all her own films.

      Those were girls who knew how to hustle.

    5. I do know a bit about Ms. West. She knew how to maintain her youth.

      I will read up on her business skills.

  15. It wouldn't surprise me in light of the aforementioned if some law is passed in the very near future, making Uber drivers, employees of Uber, for the aforementioned liability reasons, and or probable worker's comp issues.

    I would be surprised if Uber riders "couldn't collect" FROM THE DRIVER. I believe the riders will try to collect, maybe not from the insurance carrier (fraud will vitiate the insurance contract probably), if a driver induced the carrier to insure them by fraud, by claiming that the vehicle was for personal use only.
    I also believe that if you are considered a "common carrier", like planes, trains, and buses, then there is probably strict liability in carrying paying passengers, so you better check with an attorney in your area on these important issues, if I say so myself SouthernBelle.

    But good luck in your business venture, it sounds exciting.

    1. I don't believe in insurance and I don't have it. I don't have health insurance and I only have car insurance because my banks require it.

      Thomas Jefferson and John Adams got along fine without it and so do I.

    2. As a type one diabetic, it would be nearly suicidal to not have access to paying almost impossible for me; insulin meds here ten times the cost as in Canada, Sweden, or England. This is fact. I have price checked in person.

      I left Boston for just over a year due to same type problems, went to Dallas. Root canal failed and NO ENT or oral surgeon would see me on my crap insurance, hence I had to return here after Dallas didn't do the right thing, committed a serious iatrogenic error that took three surgeries here to try to repair. My hair is cut to cover this war wound.

      I cannot stay here on North Shore though. I could write a trilogy in this building.

  16. George Bush could not serve two masters simultaneously. As you stated earlier Mit, Bush was serving his fellow illuminati - skull and bones clan. I think that distinction is important to the discussion, for what it is worth. It is a mistake to follow people in this matter and context, they will only let you down, as you have noted.

    1. I don't think it was the illuminati or skull and bones which engineered the Iraq war. I think it was Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Louis Libby and Don Rumsfeld.

      None of those people are part of the illuminti or skull and bones.

    2. Hey Mike, when GWB, Slick Willy and Obummer say God Bless America, they are paying tribute to Lucifer, their god. Never have you, or will you, ever hear them or their ilk speak of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. You assume too much about Christians Michael (named from the archangel). Jesus said, many will come in my name and you will know them by their fruits. Wolves in sheep's clothing abound.

      The gang who run this show (planet earth) are anti-Christ. Their god Lucifer, Rah, Satan, et all; is the angel of light cast out of Heaven with 1/3 the angels. Illuminati means enlightened, and they are very enlightened by all that Lucifer provides in knowledge and power. The same knowedge he offered Eve and Adam. Remember when Lucifer offered Jesus the power to preside over all the kingdoms? He still has that power today as is evident by the state of global commerce and politics. None that we talk about is said in positive terms is it?

      The apostle Paul talked about not being led astray from a relationship in Jesus based on the sins you see other 'believers' commit. The relationship is a personal one from a personal choice to allow the Holy Spirit access into ones self. That small voice in your head commonly referred to as your conscience gets louder. It has nothing to do with what the people in the building called a church are doing. It has to do with changed hearts through repentance of sins.

      Last fact - the only time Jesus ever lost his cool and snapped was in the temple on the money changers/bankers. I know you have enough sense to process the significance of that act given todays monotheistic form of global fiat currency. Don't be fooled Mike, those people you mention are not serving Christ, he's not allowed in their meetings.

      God's Bless

    3. Roger Dat,

      You are actually correct about which God people like George W. Bush, Clinton and Obama believe in.

      I don't think they are aware of it, and they don't actually pray to lucifer or attend illuminati rituals like Alex Jones falsely claims...

      But the idea they pursue and love is the idea of destruction of everything valuable and innocent because their personalities are fractured from their pathological souls coupled with childhood rejections and traumas...

      Everything they do, every act, even when they think they are doing something positive like helping AIDS patents in Africa...

      Everything they do results in innocent people suffering and bringing misery to the earth.

    4. Each person who comes to this planet has to play a role, like in a film or a play. "You will be the bad guy..and I will be the good guy..."

      "You will be the one who rapes my wife and then I will catch up with you later and cut off your balls..."

      And so on and so forth....

      It's the real drama of life on planet earth and if the aliens who know about all this told humans what's really going on it would spoil the whole thing because humans think they are randoming or 'chosing' their behaviors...

      They are following the plan they agreed to before they came here.

    5. Each person's fate is decided before they are born. It's what they agreed to do.

      Subconsciously each person knows what's going to happen to them and that's why some people are always optumistic and others are always pessimistic.

      I don't blame anyone for being what they are, but you have to realize that everyone is accountable for what they do, and if someone is of a malevolent nature then their fate on this planet is not a happy one.

    6. This is yet another reason why psychology can never produce any real results with humans...

      You can attribute boldness or the lack of it, or optumism or pessimism, and other such traits to assumptions of chromosomes or environment....

      But ultimately even twins with the same genes and environments are totally different....

      The real personality doesn't reside in any material brain or anything as silly as that...

    7. All humans and perhaps all animals are subconscously aware of everything, and can access all information in the universe....can play the piano perfectly, can know the answer to any math problem, can tell you which atom or element can do this or that.....

      But translating this awareness into the physical brain is a different story.

      But enough of this awareness about at least what's going to happen to the individual in the future bleeds into the subconscious mind and effects behavior so that people are heavily influeneced by it....

      People do know if and when they are going to die, or have such huge life events, and they act on this whether they are aware of it or not....

      I believe that people who commit suicide are often acting on what they see....

      People are borne and die every day and everyone dies. Each life has a different purpose and a different path.

      It's difficult when a child or young person dies, but I believe it was what was supposed to happen. It was their choice for whatever reason and now they're doing whatever else they are seeking to do.

  17. People have attributed all manner of evil acts to God's will. Even the insurance carrier's that Southern Belle would have to deal with would do the same probably, if a tree fell on her Uber car on a windy day. The insurance carrier use the 3 D's to; delay, defer, and or outright deny her claim, and they would probably call it "an act of god". Lol !

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. I can't do Uber. I don't own my own car and I cannot sleep well where I live. I need to stabilize my housing and then go back to work. I am listening to Townie drunks screaming for hours today in my building with a common hallway. No one does anything. If you complain, hell to pay later. I would have to pay $1200 to $1500 a month to escape this type housing up here w/o a miracle which I am hoping comes soon. Leaving Boston high risk due to cost of health care. Safety nets here exist for low and middle income workers. I am barely treading water now. I am no bum, but put type 1 diabetes in your budget and it will leave almost anyone hurting. I am going to ethically hustle up something as MIT suggested in an earlier post. I have to. (I added ethically.)

    1. I'd rather be in Texas with no safety net than be in bleak and dreary New England as a worker. Boston is the worst place to live without money. It's so bleak there.

    2. I cannot qualify for my own apartment with the triple the income limit. Not now anyhow. I have to have a safe place to land. Looking at a couple of homeless shelters in East Texas, my parents are buried there and I finished high school in Longview. Both of these are private and one I could save my check and get my own place eventually, but my Joslin social worker is NOT happy with this plan as Texas medical so scarce, but Tyler/Longview easier to find a doctor on Medicare than Dallas.

      But I am a city girl. Ugh.

    3. In America towns until 100 000 people are what is keeping America... Move there... In those mega cities there are no control nor you can keep up with costs, i was working in London and it was impossible to live there, even with 80 pounds per day if you do not own your real estate you will live like unhappy college student who is building everything on sand.

    4. The whole idea of Obamacare was to force everyone to apply for coverage and then those who can't afford it would be for the first time compelled to go into the Medicaid system.

      If I were you I'd find a state that has Medicaid and sign up for Obamacare and then go into the Medicaid system.

      I don't know if Texas would work for that but I'd get the hell out of Boston. That place is so depressing and the locals who live there their whole lives are soooo miserable because of it.

    5. I am on the superior Medicare after the sesamoid resuture. I could barely find a doctor in Dallas three years ago that woulx accept a new patient on Medicare. Forget Medicaid. A Dallas plastics doctor told me two years ago to stay here and sleep in a cardboard box If I had to before I went back to Texas as with Ocare the covert rationing would become overt.

      I am screwed.

    6. no you are not screwed... you can import this to usa from London and become rich, they are very well designed, you do not even have to buy them a lot, just offer them, this is my gift to you, Jesus told me to send you this; and this


      Dr. P,
      I love this Stan Brock and his organization, or is it

      I would love to get trained on Electro-Acuscope Myopulse and work for the little people like myself to heal things quickly. Electro Acuscope is a miracle machine. I have used it three times in my life and most recently in NYC with Herbert Berger. He released in two treatments what five complete PT rounds couldn't do, a stubborn diabetic pseudoscleroderma frozen shoulder. has a decent summary of it on their web page.


    9. "before the covert rationing becomes overt..."

      That's bullshit.

      There is no covert rationing and there will be no overt rationing.

      That sounds like the kind of idiotic Republican crap I'd expect to hear from someone in Texas.

      I hate to say this but I think you're seeking a pity party here.

      There's nothing wrong with Medicaid, and Obamacare with all it's problems is tailor made for people like yourself.

      I think you have options here but instead you're looking for sympathy.

    10. You seem to always have a reason why this or that solution won't work for you.

      I hate to say it but I think that's how you got where you are.

      The world is full of people who succeed and people who fail.

      In a place like the United States with all the opportunities that exist here whenever I see someone who's just stuck year after year when I look closely I can see the problem is in that person's lack of motivation, or a sense of entitlement or some other personal issue.....

  20. I worked FT for over a year with a broken foot, bubba. I still have a roof over my head, no addictions, and just trying to move judiciously to not screw up.

    1. How many hours do you spend each week looking for a job that you can do given your disabilities?

  21. Not enough to get you off my case I am certain. And I have an MIT Sloan graduate troubleshooting with me and he understands how complex this situation is. I regret sharing it here. I am in a Catch 22 and doing best I can in a bad situation.

    1. When I worked in factories making medical devices and electronics we had quality control inspectors who came to us from Goodwill Industries. Have you tried Goodwill? I don't know if you can have a 40 hour a week job, but if you did then Obamacare would cover your medical costs.

  22. Tomorrow the Senate Report on CIA Torture after 9-11 will reveal to the world that.....


    Yes boys and girls the evil of America and it's hip-hop generation of Mily Cyrus perversion was alive and well among the 'brave American warriors' who were pulling the pants down in Abu Gahrab and twenty other such sites to get their jollies!

    Did this go on in the Second World War ???

    Hell no!


    I saw this personally when I worked with the Afghan Task Force and the Task Force members used to laugh whenever they'd hear about a young Russian who'd been kidnapped and raped by our heros the Afghan fighters who Ronald Reagan loved!

    Yes our Afghan friends would always rape the Russian captives before killing them...and now they are doing the same thing to young boys in Afghanistan, usually taking them at 9 or 10 years of age and then raping them for months before killing them!

    And that's not the Talibs doing this's the police chiefs and bureaucrats in Rural Afghanistan which we are supporting!

    Remember it was a kidnapping and rape of a village girl which Mullah Omar revenged by attacking the warlord's fortress and killing him which made him a legend in Afghanistan....

    Well America is now a moral cesspool.

    All this slicing of penises and ramming vegetables up the asses of our captives held in Libya, Poland and Djabuti wasn't really about gaining any information or 'actionable intl'.....

    It was just about what Americans today want to do.

    1. So if I understand this correctly, let me just paraphrase, you are saying that Djabuti, was about the J' bootay and not about the J'booti.

      I don't get the attraction, but I'm not willing to spend my life worrying about someone who likes to "putt from the ruff"as they say.

  23. You know I can't help but think that all the public acceptance of male homosexuality is what's led to this....

    The advocates of gay rights and gay marriage don't admit it...but this perversion is what's led to sadistic sex crimes of men against other men....

    See the pics the New Orleans police took of inside the home of Clay Shaw and tell me homosexuality isn't about torture and rape....

    All male homosexuality is about sadism.

  24. I am sleep deprived from drunks in my building. Looking at a room in another suburb on Thursday. I am almost done with PT and should be cleared to work on Monday next week to return to work. I am kept awake for hours by screaming tenants. When you put complaints in writing, you get pushback as you learn to live with it here. I pray I get the room, as sleep important. Forget body fluid stained mattresses and head maintenance man screaming at me angrily for graciously asking him to stop bellering loudly at 7:30 am in the common hallway. I wrote him up, now he screams at me on the street in town, twice. The janitor runs from him and is afraid of this guy. I come in and windows wide open I videotaped closed upon my departure. Then I fell in Cambridge on my face on the cobblestone Thursday night and my knee is totally swollen. Icing it now. Then you lectured me. I showed the PT what you wrote today and I had a tear in my eye. I am alone here and pay 70% of my income for the studio here. Ocare is not what people think it is. Trudy Lieberman wrote me up in 2010. Last thing she told me ststernly was, "It's going to get worse, alot worse."

    1. Why exactly are saying all this if not for sympathy? This forum is not for people to come on and list all the things that trouble them in their personal lives.

      I'm not scolding you.

      I'm just pointing out that you have options you're not pursuing. I mention Uber and you write back about how irresponsible it is. Guess what? Irresponsible or illegal or not THEY ARE MAKING MONEY.

      You say that's what you

      You claim that Obamacare won't work. I don't believe that either.

      I think Obamacare would work just fine for you.

      I think you are playing games.

    2. I've been to Africa and Pakistan and India and Mexico and El Salvador and to places where there is no Goodwill Industries or Obamacare and PEOPLE THERE DON'T HAVE ANY OPTIONS.

      Anyone here, even if disabled, can put one foot in front of the other or wheel their wheelchair to a place where they can find better conditions you are describing.

    3. I have been to Haiti, Mexico...seen what you have seen AND THAT IS WHY I SURVIVED AND DIDN'T CRYBABY UNTIL THE OSTEONECROSIS SET INTO THE BONE and I could not walk to the subway one night after work. I was on crutches on ice alone in beantown. You have lived here and Texas and I falsely assumed you knew more about Ocare than you do. I have lived it and with a medical anthropologist and read every version.

      I am only stuck in this housing temporarily and am not permanently disabled.

      You of all people to lecture about me posting about this is laughable. I guess I should have thrown in some porn or hate speech. My MIT men here, Korean and Turkish are nothing like you are. You sound like a libertard Texan the way you have posted to me.


      Insulin should not cost $187 for one vial of Humalog. If you boys cannot find anyone else to bitch at than me right now, you must be in a worse spot than I.

  25. Well, it could be worse Southern Belle, you could have what I have "Squeaky Ball Joints", well not me but my car thank goodness. But there is a few grand, for naught. And do you think that the car manufacturer places a port to lubricate the "balls"? Nope, just gotta replace them. I guess they don't want customers with greasy balls, but it sure would have been a whole lot less expensive.

    I want Obama to come out with " auto-care", where you stand in line forever waiting for new balls. Never mind the ones you've got are worn out and dragging, nope, gotta wait for replacements when they get around to it.

    I mean if we have mandatory auto insurance, then why not go ALL the way and make auto repair insurance mandatory as well?

    We can have a one party, centralized biller, standardization of care for the rich and poor, old and young alike, and a vacuous complaint department, much like the VA system, that served our military so well in their time of need.

    We will fine people who don't get mandatory "Auto-Care" insurance, and that way, we will de-incentivize, "squeaky balls".

    We will hire 1000's of IRS agents to collect these fee's, but won't increase the number of doctors, I mean mechanics to service these clients with "squeaky balls", all while millions of customers join the "auto-care" insurance plan.

    And we will be lectured by the Camel smoking Obama, and the sun tan addict Mr. Boehner, on its benefits. Puff Puff.

    Dr. P can you tell we are ready for a new post? ; )

    I sound like Oliver Twist.... " I want more sir " lol !

  26. When I read about the US healthcare system I am not a little confused. Despite what Alex has said about our Socialist healthcare system on this subject he is misinformed. If I see a Dr or a Psychiatrist or any medical pro, it is free, accident and emergency is free. My Dad was once hit by a Train and was in Hospital for 6 months followed by convalescence you guessed it If I have a prescription for any drug it costs £8 (about $12), if you have a baby you are seen mainly by a Midwife (because it is supposed to be natural not a Dr Fest) it is free.It is so good we have 'health tourists' who fly in just to have their baby, then go home! As you have one of the richest countries in the World it cannot be beyond the wit of your leaders to come up with something better, rather than if you have a credit card or not. In the UK not matter if you were a Billionaire or a Hobo if you were run over you would get taken to the same Hospital. In fact some state Hospitals are better than the expensive private ones. I am very grateful to the State and the NHS as one of my sons has Special needs and frankly they could not be more helpful financially, medically and psychologically to him and me. As an outsider my friends, I think you are all being Royally shafted!

    1. Alex and his type tremble with fear once I get hold of them for my verbal reality check with my near fatal medical woes in their fair state. I grew up elsewhere.

      The iatrogenic error due to covert rationing in Dallas, while I was lucky enough to have insurance was due to covert rationing. Two of their own staff admitted it straight up as they felt guilty.

      I had part of my face eaten off by actinomycosis after a root canal tooth failed in Dallas. The first emergency clinic oral surgeon said a CT was needed and that I needed to be admitted. That decision was trumped by her waspy, projectile bellied baby boomer male superior who cancelled the CT and let some resident muck around with the severe infection. I am lucky I didn't die from their neglect and they made a scar of scars. I used to very pretty. I camoflouge it best I can. I wish I could go to Paris and see if they could make it aesthetically better, lol. French women tell me to go there as they don't leave scars like we do here.

      And as crappy as my insurance was I had insurance there! At follow up some uppity white frat boy who had likely never broken a sweat outside of a tennis game tell me In the midst of the trauma, that "if I didn't like the healthcare in this country, to leave the country!!!" I told him they don't take immigrants like we do!

      Once here we ordered the medical records and they were very altered and dishonest. Winning a med mal almost impossible, especially for this type of rare thing. I was being treated here for the entire two years that Texas requires you sue by.

      I have talents and hope I can move forward from here. I didn't need validation from you here, but I did appreciate your post.


      This Remote Area Medical brief video is worth a watch as it explains the gaps in Ocare.

  27. Sorry you're having a rough time out there Southern Belle, I lost a wonderful mentor from diabetes and osteomyelitis, also when I was in college many years ago. Monitor your blood sugars religiously, and try your best to keep your sugar levels in check. Also when you feel better, try to make walking part of your regular exercise protocol, (with your doctors blessings), it will most likely significantly improve your chances of avoiding a heart attack.

    My friend Bert, was a great inspiration as an african american physician, (graduating medical school in the South in the 1950's if you can imagine), and as a civil rights leader of the 1960's.

    Over his desk ( he had an ob/gyn practice in Pasadena, Ca.), was a fantastic picture of him and Martin Luther King.

    However what made Bert bigger than life to me was his magnanimous personality. He was charitable to his alma mater and always tried to help the next generation of up and coming doctors while they were just "starving students".

    Keep fighting the good fight there Southern Belle, and don't give up.

    1. I have a very high arched ballet pointe foot that stress fractured a sesamoid once I moved to Boston (where the access to healthcare for working people is not impossible to afford on a modest income).

      I pounded the concrete and stood on my feet, with Dansko clogs, custom made orthotics in them, and taping my feet like a marathon runner.

      My break had nada to do with the type 1. I take t3 and my feet are pink and I feel every toe. Never had a need for laser in my retinas and perfect kidney function. MGH and Mass Eye and Ear retinologist call my health "a miracle".

      My nemesis is the cost of healthcare in the US, with or without insurance, and povery wages. I was denied access to healthcare for graduate school due to pre-existing condition exclusion of care.

      Poverty wages leave me walking when my high arch demands driving.

      Medical Nemesis: The Expropriation of Health by Ivan Illich is a good read. It is free on

      Thanks for your encouragement.