Monday, December 8, 2014

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  1. Here is my professor friend's take on the whole ISIS thing
    It seems that there is another pheno mena going on thanks to your blogs and similar.
    Most students see ISIS as a completely fictional virtual world created by various intelligence agencies.
    They think all the videos are photoshopped and no one really exists except a small group of IT guys and girls.
    Most students believe they are not real and are completely virtual world war game.
    The same thing happened with daytrading creating virtual capital that was arbitraged against real capital by Bush.
    He mistook the virtual for the real, but sometimes the two are now hard to disentanble.
    Thanks to your blogs and even Alex Jones and the whole Ben Laden killing farce, most students don't believe
    much of "reality" or "heads" on TV, radio, or the internet. The just discount it as another virtual game to play.
    That must me a unique psychological phenomena and also comes in with the overuse the ISIS
    gamers only have one shtick...not even 3D "beheadings".

  2. This reminds me of 'Syrian Hero Boy' on Youtube which I came across in the Daily Mail. Norwegian film Director Lars Klevberg admitted to faking footage of a supposed heroic incident in Syria. It was actually shot in Malta on the set of Gladiator and Troy! It out 'Wags the Dog' so much I thought the story was 'virtual' but of course it is real. The BBC once had cheering folk in Libya celebrating the fall of Gaddafi, only slight problem was they were waving the Indian flag in downtown Mumbai, still I suppose they were brown people so close enough! Then we have Saddam's statue being pulled down in Baghdad, the cheering throng pictured in The Evening Standard were then repeated Ad Nauseum for the crowd scene. Or CNN's fake news from the first Gulf war of the scud attack which is almost like a comedy skit it is so bad! As Karl Rove put it ...'We create our own reality'. Maybe in future all Wars will be fought on Green screens, no fuss no muss.