Tuesday, December 2, 2014

This is where our tax money goes?


  1. I have printed this off so I am ready for suitable 'phone-ins' or Daily Mail article comments in the UK. This would be a bit like Norton having a department at the back of the building building Trojans and viruses to attack PC's that their software can defend against.Yet again that name Dick Cheney the hardest working man in showbiz, hasn't he had several heart attacks, hasn't he got a family, yet still he goes on like a little demon. He must be so rich now through Haliburton, but how many chickens can he eat, I do not get it. Maybe he has an asbestos suitcase so he can take his Tax Dollars with him. Regarding ISIS many have commented on their shiny new equipment and where their resources might be coming from. Still it is an old story SAS used to train Taliban to fight the Russians, what a game. As a footnote a spectacular ceramic poppy display featuring a flower for every dead soldier in WW1 has just been removed from the Tower of London, while it was on they hosted a £250 a head dinner for arms that is irony.