Tuesday, December 23, 2014

STEVE PIECZENIK LIVE on The Alex Jones Show [12-22-14]

Dr. Steve Pieczenik and Alex Jones discuss cyber warfare, North Korea, economic warfare, the Russian Ruble, kleptocracy, psyops, propaganda & more! 

CNN is compromised, Fox news is compromised, Obama was born in Kenya, oil prices will continue to drop, Palestine will be recognized as a state...

An explosive must watch interview broadcasted live worldwide on 12-22-14


  1. Wow so many attacks i sense, i can not believe that so many "anti-globalists" attack Dr. Pieczenik for liking US national interests and for saying that Russia is guilty for own failing. Try import those Russian big mouth controllers and you will see what is misery. Are people really so blind?

  2. As usual Dr P nails it to the mast. I would prefer you had a longer and more regular slot on the show, Alex is much quieter when you are around. Regarding the Sony hack, It is interesting that in the 30's the Hollywood Studios agreed not to make films that attacked the Nazis or condemned their persecution of the Jews. The Studio Heads dealt directly with the German Consul in LA to censor output. Regarding Barry being Kenyan, I saw his Granny being interviewed and like Grannies the World over she just told the truth ignoring the Spin Dr's wishes, she said he was born in Kenya. Although that particular horse has bolted. Anyway just to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and reading between the lines I hope some of you in particular who have had difficult times, Raymond, Southern Belle and Barry have better health and financial fortunes for 2015...amazing things can happen if you let them!

    1. I don't think you're right about Hollywood not criticizing the Nazis. In fact it was the opposite.

      British intelligence had a huge propaganda effort in the US, with over 3,000 agents dealing mostly in the newspapers, radio and films. Alex Korda was very active in influencing American film producers into making product that was critical of Germany and favorable to anyone opposed to the Nazis. There were many films showing Nazis as villians and showing the Republicans in Spain as heroic, and so forth. There were also many pro-Stalinist agents in Hollywood and there were many positive propaganda films such as "Comrade X" and so forth depicting Soviet life in favorable terms. There was never anything critical of communism from Hollywood in that era.....

    2. I think 'The Collaboration' by Ben Urwand covers that period. Although I was surprised that Bob Hope worked for British makes me wonder who else did that we know.

    3. "If we let them"...ouch.... But thanks for the well wishes.

      Having a roof over my type 1 diabetic head, insulin, AND a small grassfed roast to cook for tomorrow is pretty amazing in this era. Add to these things, my inexpensive phone can stream great music such as this:

      Jackie Evancho
      O' Holy Night

      to sooth my solo soul as I celebrate something I am unsure I beleeeeeve in fully any longer, but I carry on the traditions best I can. There is glory in the mundane world I now reside in that when I was more monied I would not have fully appreciated.

      I do pray the pendulum swings the other direction next year for us.

    4. That young girl on link looks so evolved, smart and refined, i am scared :) how beautiful... And you do not have to believe all time, it is just needed once to get saved, because it is for ever... Jesus was also first atheist, when he on cross asked father was he still there so no worry.

  3. anti-socialist apartheid is needed for new year, i was damed person before i got that i bow all time to socialist idols, thinking they are important (alcohol, car, money, real estates, diploma, status, other humans)... that is HELL on earth which will take you to HELL up there for ever. after i stopped to bow to idols i am getting money because i able to think about other as idiots who bows to idols and are without God who created all idols... Without God you are damned animal in jungle of material anarchy which rot all time around you. Derek Prince explain how to stop being cursed.

    1. 60% of negros polled in South Africa say their conditions were better during Apartheid than under black-controlled governments there.....

    2. of course, biggest damnation is to put pagan savage who only knows to act as slave to rule, such will starve cattle he rules with right away, there must be rules to keep such out of power, south africa was best western country to live in... blacks had job, whites had job... hight moral values were kept, no crime

    3. What was it that was once said when whites were in power? " whites controlled all the businesses and the blacks remained poor! What was said when Mandela took power? "Whites controlled all the businesses and the blacks remained poor!"

    4. When Germany attacked Kingdom of Yugoslavia in april of 1941, after some British captain made coup, Germans established "Independent" state of Croatia, with capital in Zagreb... After that, biggest savages from Bosnia were coming to capital as new soldiers of that state (Bosnia was Ottoman for 5 centuries), and results was that people could not walk on street any more to not be robbed while all shops were pillaged by them... That savage criminal anarchy was stopped only when german soldiers came and started to put guards on every street corner. Russia is same today like Bosnia and Black South Africa. There is one rule in anthropology, and that is that wild ones always replace tame, luckily USA is very easy in sending troops to fix things around world so tame will not be destroyed from outside, because of practice, but practice is needed internally also...

    5. Thank you for your lucid explaination of the STABILIZING FORCE that Germany played in the Balkans during the war as a result of the the BRITISH MACHINATIONS THERE requiring the German intervention.

      My own home country of Norway was similarly the target of British aggression, thereby requiring a German occupation to prevent Norway from becoming an English captive as Iceland became when the British invaded it on May 10, 1940 the same day that the Germans finally gave up on their peace campaign with the French and attacked France in response to the French declaration of war on Germany in 1939......

      The origins of the Second World War lie squarely with the fact the Hitler played right into the hands of the French and English war parties who wanted to destroy Germany after the First World War....

      And the First World War was the result of the German insecurity at being encircled by the French and Russians, with the Russians being the rising power which threatened to overwelm Germany if Russia had not been stopped.

      The central problem was the France was extremely anti-German, and wished for a war with Germany which would result in Germany's conquest and marginalization. But to do this France needed an alliance with Russia, and unfortunately Russia was all too enthusiastic to form such, and this was the real cause of the First World War, which would have happened sooner or later regardless of the trigger of the Austro-Hungarian issues over Serbia and so forth....

      The primary cause was the French eagerness for a war with Germany in which the new Russian army and the French would defeat Germany on the battlefield and extract concessions from Germany making Germany forever a second rate power compared to France.....

      The French motivation was two fold. First, the French were seeking to prevent Germany from ever doing what happened in their prior war with Prussia in 1870..... It's often mis-stated that the hundred years prior to 1914 were peaceful years in Europe but this is not true.

      In 1870 the Prussians engineered a war with France in which the Prussians caused the French to over-react to a small crisis and that was Prussia's pretext to clobber the French and defeat them in utter humiliation.....

      The French never wanted that to happen again, and additionally they were fearful of the dominance of German industry in the Ruhr and the Rhine Valley and that French automobiles were dependant on German parts for all their functioning....France was uncompetitive economically as the industrial revolution had unfolded.....

      The central cause of the Great War was the Franco-Prussian War of 1870.

    6. Germans lost war because of racial policies toward Ukraine, when Kiev was liberated by Germans in 1941, every German soldier was celebrated with flowers, but than those Prussian hun asiatic homosexuals who already gave 4/5 of Catholic Poland to Russians in 18th century said that Ukrainians are lower race... Than they said why we would fight for those, those are same... In WW I, when Germans were occupying countries there were no mutinies at all everything went ok.

  4. Interesting as usual! I think the stand out in the show is whilst we were all reading about Sony and the fall out with North Korea and the hacking scandals I guess we failed to see the blindingly obvious! Sony corporation is Japanese however with that "tiny" fact omitted it probably served the propagandists well and in plain fact continues to do so because we fail to see what even a blind man on a galloping horse can! Took the usual " kick in the arse" to realise! Regarding Russia we once again can't argue with the forecast on this blog even though I think Putin is a strong leader and may well yet have a hand to play only because I see the Russian public back him and there's is the gas he supplies us Europeans! China is interesting as its a system built on corruption stretching thousands of years with everyone passing a "kickback" to the man upstairs so to speak!! I'd like to echo Bill's sentiments once again and wish everybody a happy new year and all the best!

    1. i expect one nice air battle over Ukraine, than i do not recommend sending invasion force to Russia for long period, i just recommend destruction of half cities, while Moscow must be razed with 10 nukes, but leave other half, for instance Leningrad and install there some provisional government which will fight with those Russians in remaining cities... Put some dose of Anti-Mongol Anti-Islam and Anti-China Pan-Slavism, US army should only be in Siberia. If needed occupy France, and if needed Germany... Also it should be proclaimed that real Russia is Kiev Russia and that is real Orthodoxy which must be united and not under oppression of KGB socialist officer. Also Raze Turkey and give Konstantinopol to that new state called Slovenia. US army will remain in Siberia to protect from China.

    2. Or take the stance that generally speaking we all have enough on our own plates without the need to take the best dishes off everyone else's plates whilst leaving the rest of us to fight over the crumbs

    3. A great rendition of The First Noel by Jackie Evancho. She inspires me with her class act.

  5. If Sony has a conflict with a foreign government because of an outrageously stupid movie they've made that's their fucking problem. The US government has no fucking business going to bat for Sony and some fucking stupid movie they've made or whatever retaliation they face from North Korea be it a burglury into their physical offices somewhere or the penetration of their computer network.

    This is patently not an issue of artistic expression as the film in question has no artistic nature whatsoever. Nor is it an issue of free speech as libel and insult and injury is a crime and Sony is clearly guilty of insult and injury to Kim Il-Un...

    The idea of a moronic film such as this being the vehicle for any idealistic platitudes about freedom is so absurd that it make me want to VOMIT.

    In fact just thinking about SETH ROGAN and his disgustingly vapid and vacuous and idiotic and talentless bullshit MAKES ME WANT TO VOMIT.

    1. "Actor" Steve Carral says what North Korea did is "a threat to artistic expression.."


      I always knew Steve Carral was a comedian and that's the FUNNIEST thing he's ever said !!

  6. Yes there is a new cold war...

    And it's the Americans who are soley to blame for it not the Russians.

    The Americans won't tolerate neutral countries on Russia's borders, and has set about to convert all of them to anti-Russian NATO states with military alliances with the United States....

    This is insanity.

    It was the US efforts to get Georgia to join NATO which led Putin to attack it. Then the US sponsored a coup in Ukraine to get it to join the EU and that's when Russia finally acted there as well...

    There is no justification for making Latvia and Estonia NATO countries. This policy of encirclement is having the same effects on Russia that the French policy of encirclement of Germany had in the last century.

    If America wants co-existence then it should stop acting like an imperial power bent on world domination.

    After the US attacked Iraq did Russia go to the UN and seek sanctions?

    This is just stupid.

  7. What would Americans do if Russia tried to get Mexico to enter into a military alliance with Russia, and then built naval and ground bases in Mexico? What would Americans do if Russian bombers were based in Mexico?


    1. Americans would immediately ASSUME that the purpose of the Russian power in Mexico was planned for aggression.

      That's why the Russians have concluded that America is seeking to destroy Russia, and given the US invasions of nearby countries recently they have every reason to conclude this. It's not the actual US intent, but American actions are displaying such.

  8. Merry Christmas - good tidings - and a bodacious New Year to Steve and all the participants on this Blog.

  9. Happy Holidays to all ! Happy New Year ! Felix Navidad !
    etc. etc.

  10. ha auto correct ! And Feliz Navidad to Felix as well !

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