Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Just watched a great documentary last night on Whitey Bulger, Boston has been the hub of FBI, police, DOJ corruption for a long time.


  1. LOL because of Ferguson everyone in the media, to a man, is taking their turn at lecturing the public on how heroic American police and law enforcement is. According to the media all police are heros, never use use eccessive force, and should always be trusted. America's prosecutors are always fair, impartial, and have no motive other than to see justice done and protect the public from the bad guys.

    This country is totally fucked for one reason alone - the commercial media which has only one motive - to avoid controversy and gain the largest audience it can by telling the public that all the sources of power and authority around them are wonderful! According to the media Enron was the company of the future, Worldcom was the best company in the universe and Iraq was on the verge of building an atom bomb!

    I propose a civil statute permitting classes of the public to sue news media outlets when they can be shown to have been grossly negligent in publishing what they purport to be factual when they havn't performed any research or diligence to verify their claims.

    Media outlets should be allowed to print whatever they like in their editorial or opinion sections, but in their news sections they should have a statutory responsiblity to not mislead the public. If they do and members of the public are harmed those individuals should jointly or as a class sue for damages.


    1. very logical proposal but than how would government lie?

  2. What the public naively doesn't understand is that bad people seek to become policemen in the same way that pedophiles seek to become camp counselors LOL!

    The vast majority of police and prosecutors are near-sociopaths if not outright sociopaths. Anyone who understands human nature would expect that to be the case given what they are permitted to do.

  3. Prosecutors and politicians are afraid to criticize police or hold them accountable because they are worried about their morale LOL...

    What a fucking joke!

    Police have no education or degrees of any kind. There's no other job they can hold!

    No one should give a shit about their fucking 'feelings.'

    Like any job they should be expected to perform their job when told to and if they don't then fire them and find someone else who will.

    What a bunch of crybabies.