Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Russian Ruble is Crashing Thanks to US/EU Economic Sanctions/Warfare!
In the course of my thirty year career in national security, I have discovered that contrary to the consensus, bullets and artillery shells are not the most powerful tools of regime change. In fact, we are witnessing the strategy first implemented by Nixon, then carried out by Reagan and primarily Bush Sr/Baker of psychological warfare inducing fear through an economic system wherein the opposing regime cannot minimize the effect of an American Economic War.
I am not gloating over the fact that the Ruble; as well as, the Russian economy is literally on the brink of complete financial collapse. I am merely pursuing a narrative which I had started years ago about how powerful the American economy can be when judiciously targeted against a weaker more fragile, artificial economy, be it the Soviet Union, or the present Putin government. In the world of experts spouting geopolitical imperatives for the destiny of nations, I refute their basic constructs by pointing out that in the long term, most nations, like individuals or groups of individuals respond to FEAR. No nation is immune to the fear of an Ebola Epidemic or economic instability.

The very core of nation-state is based on the foundations of economic and political security. If one falters, then both will tumble. In both WWI and WWII what made America so powerful and lethal in combat was the fact that our economic capacity to turn out bombers, tanks, and war materials overwhelmed all the combatant nations. The fact that our crippled FDR understood that WWII was about allowing competing economic systems—both communism and national fascism –to destroy each other showed an incredible insight into the dynamics and faith he had about our unique capitalist economy.
During the Cold War, it was not weapons or missiles that won the war, but our ability to harness our economic power to over-ride any false confidence that the Politburo had about their failing, self-destructive economy and the useless weapons and goods that they manufactured. The one factor that had always impressed me about the Russians is their ability to delude themselves into believing that they were a formidable nation-state.  During this time, I helped to construct the strategy for the psychological warfare of regime change in the Soviet Union, starting with the Nixon administration sending me to Moscow to negotiate for the release of Christian dissidents [Baptists]  incarcerated in  psychiatric hospitals [ Kaschenko Psy. Hosp—GRU/KGB]  as ‘sluggish schizophrenics’ [a concocted term].  I immediately developed an economic matrix where I commoditized the value of the incarcerated Christian against the value of Wang Computers.

How did that work?
If I wanted a very important Christian dissident out of the psychiatric hospital,  I had to determine with my adversary, Stalin’s personal doctor/psychiatrist, how many Wang computers was the individual worth to the Russians. I got the Christians and Stalin’s henchman got the computers. We never talked about Human Rights or anything other than the worth of a ‘dissident’ in terms of an American asset that they wanted.

Similarly, in developing the strategy for regime change in the Soviet Union, the notion that Star Wars was not real but rather complete fiction was a way of creating fear in the Soviet Military Industrial Complex to spend whatever little remaining resources they had on a highly contrived psychological operation which finally depleted the Soviet Economy.  The rest of the regime change involved cultural manipulations of imposing religion where atheism existed; as well as, creating a youthful foment [Agitprop] with Radio Free Europe/Jazz/ Rock’n Roll. This led to an underground swelling of the ‘intelligentsia’ demanding change along the lines of the west.  Finally, all the factors combined—Financial, Cultural, and Agit Prop—defeated the existing Soviet System. This is contrary to Gorbachev’s statements that ‘Russia just collapsed in on itself’.

Next Gorbachev was chosen by the USG but he failed to make the necessary changes in both the economy and political body to sustain a viable Russia. Now, Putin, as many of you know from my past blogs, has literally fallen into the same psychological trap that the Soviets had done despite warnings from myself and others. He is NOT stupid yet his arrogance and ignorance of the world economy and the ability of America to literally vanquish any opponent economically [forget about the military] was not taken seriously. So the present Russian catastrophe of the Ruble crashing is the result of lessons not learned from the past.

If the occupation of the Ukraine was the initial precipitant, it was, at best, a false start on both sides. The real give away for me that Russia and Putin had failed miserably was the Sochi Olympics which was a bust—literally and financially. It cost Russia over 50 Billion Dollars of wasted money given to the Kleptocracy in the Kremlin. Once again, we initiate a economic war in order to teach Putin that his narcissism was completely out of control and that his weapon of choice against the EU, gas distribution on a selective basis, would never work.

The key turning point in this economic war was not the Ukraine or anything that we, Americans did or not do. It was Angela Merkel, the leader of Germany who had understood Putin so well, because both grew up in East Germany under the rule of Stasi [Putin was trained by Stasi], and had decided that Germany could no longer work with Putin suis generis. Her assessment that Putin was out of control because of his ego and inane behavior, marked the end of the Ruble and the Russian economy. Putin should leave office for the benefit of both Russia and world peace. Nothing good will be accomplished by Putin’s remaining in power.

For those who genuinely believe that Russians can continue to suffer because of their legendary soul-searching angst, I would caution both the Americans and Russians to think again. Angst and hunger do not play too well with the 21st Century Russian youths who have never witnessed the ravages of WWII and poverty.
As we say in the French Casinos:
“Les Jeux Sont Faits!” 
The Game Is Over, Ladies and Gentlemen! No more Bets!
Adieu Putin! Good bye!


  1. I agree that fear is the most powerful motivator for public opinion, but what causes fear from one society to another is totally different, and in the case of Russia their current situation is NOT going to cause them to fear or distress NOR will it undermine Putin in the least...

    It will enhance him.

    1. For example...

      In the US one bomb in Boston and the whole country goes into a panic....whereas in Israel they live with bombings all the time and are de-sensitized.

      But to the Israelis the loss of one of their Jewish sons to capture or death causes the whole place to go apopletic...whereas in the US the loss of an American here or there is no big deal because we are heterogenous and don't give a shit about each other and have no empathy or sympathy for each other like the Jews of Israel in which every mother sees every son as their own.....

      Fear CALIBRATES totally differently from one society to another SO YOU HAVE TO KNOW YOUR SHIT TO MAKE THIS kind of theory work in practice..not easy to do like all Covert Action is VERY DIFFICULT TO MAKE WORK IN PRACTICE..... =O)

    2. "NOR will it undermine Putin in the least..."?
      Zionists will do in Putin. Czar Nicholas was killed,
      Communism was installed, Stalin supported,
      Communism was taken down. And now, Putin,
      will prevail against the $atanic bankers?

      Remember Jesus Christ, Lincoln, Kennedy, Saddam, Qdaffy and the elected president of Ukraine.

    3. Zlop, Communism was installed by muslim allies, germans, and german imperial secret service who approached Lenin in Paris. Zionists are good guys, read Bible... Soon you will also become part of Israel... And Saddam and Qdaffy were bad guys, they wanted to have bases for Chinese nuclear submarines... That is no no


      Hey for not being a powerful nation state they sure kicked our ass!

      They ran the Wehrmacht out of eastern Europe and set up a system there which we couldn't penetrate with intl or anything else!

      They recruited spies which ran circles around us.

      They won in China, Vietnam, Angola, etc..........

      They WON THE SECOND WORLD WAR and then WERE WINNING THE COLD WAR until a new generation over there decided the Marxist theory wasn't worth it anymore.


      They just gave up the fight because they didn't want to play anymore.



      THEIR MISSILES WORKED DUDE....with "Wang Computers...."

    5. Ask any American pilot during the 1980s if they'd rather fly a fragile F-15 or a Mig 29?

      Soviet aircraft were built much stronger, had stronger powerplants, could accelerate faster and carry higher loads....

      More importantly all Soviet aircraft had a large infra-red sensor system in the front which was totally lacking in all Western aircraft.

      The Soviet infra-red sensor and tracking system was tremendously effective and COULDN'T BE SPOOFED LIKE WESTERN RADAR.....

      The WARSAW PACT HAD EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE RADAR JAMMING PODS which would have rendered NATO aircraft radar tracking....

      KAPUT !!

    6. Dr.P the Russians were correct when they told you Americans are weak and only interested in "Disneyland."

      When it comes to conflict the pussy-ass mentality of weakness and decadence, the "gays" of America with Tim Cook at Apple Corporation and the negros of Barak Obama/Bill Cosby/OJ Simpson...and constantly telling us that women need to be our leaders and that we need more women as our judges and now a woman President!

      What the fuck for?

      Ever work for a woman?

      Not so good.......

    7. While Americans are sitting around in coffee shops on Craigslist looking for another man's cock to suck on the Russians are maintaining a society built on strength and virtue.

    8. "Zionists are good guys, read Bible"
      Genocide at the Battle of Jericho stands out.

      Bible Jews were wiped out by the Mohammedans
      Modern Jews are the Khazars

    9. "Bible Jews were wiped out by the Mohammedans
      Modern Jews are the Khazars" --- You are looking to much on to genetics, word of God saves, not genetics

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  2. Everything that's happening is fitting directly into his narrative that the West is bent on weakening Russia, and their public will always buy that line. They will sacrifice just as they starved themselves to death in Leningrad rather than submit. They will not compromise. This is a different situation than the Strategic Defense Initiative.

    Frankly I don't think that SDI or their fear of it "brought down" the USSR. What caused the CPSU to collapse wasn't economic strain from this or that foreign pressure. It wasn't economic whatsoever and wasn't induced from anyone.

    What caused the CPSU to collapse was simple generational change such as what caused reform in China and Vietnam. The newer generation were not true believers and they were ready for a change. What accelerated everything though and brought about institutional/transformational change was the challenge from their eastern satellites.

    Unlike China, in the CPSU [Communist Party of the Soviet Union] there was enormous challenge in Poland and elsewhere which would have necessitated repeats of 1956/1968 and the new generation in Moscow wasn't prepared for that. They had no commitment to such drastic action, and therefore when their satellites rejected communism wholesale the Russians had to ask themselves why not join them?

    It was the rejection of communism in the satellites which brought about the rejection of communism in the USSR, whereas in China there wasn't that choice....the choice was to stay unreformed communists or reformed communists and they chose the latter.

    1. most time in history something just need to fell down, but stands, but you must knock on door and ask is anyone at home... eastern pagan societies goes down when people see split on top, than people split, and when people see leader dead, that is end, for instance that spanish abduction of that aztec pagan... not having functional temple which can be took by other is reason for split... ever y socialism is ahistorical and is invention of humans so it can t stand, god allowed only satanic capitalism to work... that is like you have 7 notes in music

    2. Aztec paganism is way above and more functional than socialism... for instance Yugoslav socialism was dysfunctional because Tito was totem which was barren (no successor), north Korean is more evolved they have successors... but today all 3rd world countries and socialist systems today exist because there is not unity among France, UK and in last 200 years USA... German nazis are pagans which can t understand that USA is best german product, there would be no revolution in USA if German settlers were English... so Germans got their spot in triangle... Biggest problem of USA today is they are not German enough to colonize nation, only Germans are capable of colonization, they are only only only one who are not going to support corruption on conquered territory to earn money, i agree, just look how south vietnam had 4th largest airforce on world and went down in one week, germans are good police officers, inventors in techincs, colonists, but not capable to have their own government...

  3. SDI was worrisome to the Soviet military but it was no critical issue. It was a matter to be discussed in negotiations at Iceland, etc., and by that time Reagan had vastly softened his earlier rhetoric....and this thaw was brought about by the missile crisis of 1983 in which the KGB concluded that Pershing II missiles were being deployed to decapitate the Soviet leadership in a first strike.....

    Reagan had to meet personally with US Soviet agent Gordievsky later to discuss this matter--- but it was Gordievsky who alerted CIA/MI-6 that the Kremlin was reaching alarmist conclusions and the situation had become very unstable.......after that Reagan toned down his rhetoric and took all the steps that followed as it was finally made plane to him by CIA that his course was dangerous...

    Therefore by the time Gorbachov came on Reagan was sympathetic to the Soviet perspective, and Gorbachov was seeking detente anyway....

    This was merely an activation of the Detente which Kennedy had almost concluded with Kruschov in 1963 when he killed for doing so......

    Detente could have happened decades earlier were it not for US actions, and the "take down" of the Soviet Union wasn't necessary for detente.

    1. "West is bent on weakening Russia"
      Anglo-American-Israel Empire is expanding;
      Binding protocols are being put in place,
      under the guise of Happy Carbon Tax Tyranny.

      "Abel Danger 9-11-2014 $92 Trillion Dollar Carbon
      Disclosure Project Gambling on Contrived Disaster"

  4. SDI was a boondoggle for certain labs, but it never came up with anything, and much of my own work at MIT at the time was on countermeasures to lasers, etc., which were a simple matter.

    Kenetic kill mechansims held only slightly more promise, but any boost-phase kill or mid-trajectory kill devices were too challenging, and only point defense was workable but that was worked out by 1970 and all that went into the ABM Treaty by 1972....

  5. Aside from the ease of counermeasures to SDI weapons, and their general lack of lethality...

    The Command and Control challenges of Space Defense was impossible to solve....


    And the Soviets knew that all too well.

    Take it from one who knows [me]....

    The Russians knew SDI was not workable but were just hedging their bets.....

    1. btw...

      SDI began with a theory by Danny Grahm, and that guy was a total nutball LOL...

    2. "The Command and Control challenges of Space Defense was impossible to solve...."

      Autonomous systems, with some low bit-rate interconnections, such as submarines, possible Ionoscatter and troposcatter?

  6. Hi guys. There is no fear even in Moscow even more so in province. So far only about 15% population cares. Putin still has reserves covering sovereign and corp debt and will still survive until idiot Obama will leave and Putin will bargain with republicans. Military, public workers and retirees especially women still love him despite his outright lies. Russian population in general has more stamina and more got used to hardships and crises than in US. This devaluation is not like in early 1990 and it is too early to claim Putin demise. You should realize that 15% population of middle class which considers Russian state as evil anyway are got used to this crises already. Middle class is too weak to change the situation. Other 80% of population (except for 5% elite) are too slow to understand what is happening and Putin still has money to buy these cheap public sector employees and retirees. Military and chinovniks love Putin by default- they are the main winners of his stability and depend on Putin more than anybody

    1. You are absolutely correct.

      When the Russians look at America what they see is homosexuals parading around, Mily Cyrus and Lady Gaga displaying their vaginas for the world and are drunk and drugged all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      The United States is a moral cesspool, and Americans are in NO POSITION to lecture PUTIN or anyone anywhere on what their society should uphold or not....

      The Russian Republic has billions in surplus and in gold reserves while the United States has......

      17 TRILLION IN DEBT !!

      The Russians are primative, simple people but they have common sense that the DEGENERATE, IMMORAL PEOPLE OF AMERICA HAVE LOST...


    2. Putin is a crook but he's a man who can throw Obama across the room and beat the shit out of him.

      Obama is an even bigger crook and is a skinny, effette homosexual-promoting weirdo NEGRO JUST as much as a phony as OJ Simpson, Bill Cosby, and Dr. Jan Michaels.....

    3. nope it can t be done, Russia is patient and can be cured only by USA, and USA for all that effort must take Siberia from Russia as therapy and reward... To have modern society you must have modern people, modern people are middle class, for middle class you need to have factories,,, That train is over historically for Russia. So Russia must take longer path, it must become Catholic, and monarchy, than king must by suppress power of feudal oligarchy by creating free royal cities for crafts to emerge, free from oligarchical bureaucracy, than Pope must suppress via bishops enlighten Kings with oligarchy (nobility) so that king must create more free royal cities for crafts to emerge, than those crafts must become manufactories, there must be revolution for capitalism to emerge, in style of france or in german style of 1848, because chance for anglo style capitalism (without burger class, not class of citizens but middle class) is lost in history... For burger class you need to have in cities not members of government caste but class, caste is one who supported (teachers, soldiers...), class is supporting (angle middle class, euro burger class (working class or class of capitalists), there are not even one class in whole russia, just peasants...

    4. in american sponsored and suppressed Yugoslav socialism, socialists were giving free flats in cities for working class to emerge out of, not farmer class, but peasants caste, so when they came to cities they kept pigs in tosh, selling them to coworkers in factories, were stealing material from factories to build their houses in their villages, their material existence were not connected to burg, same is today in russia. no catholicism or protest against catholicism, no modern government, no free royal cities

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    6. Hey chia cha. How old are you my Croatian friend. The amount of versatile bullshit you are bringing to the surface in astonishing. Russia will surrender Siberia and become catholic.....go continue jerking off and have some experience before opening the mouth.

  7. And I'm going to repeat this one more time for effect because it bears repeating.....

    Once a couple of nuclear bombs have gone off in the atmosphere or space.....

    The entire Star Wars sensors upon which it relied would have blacked out and gone dead....

    And then the communications systems to these weapons would have also gone dead and not one weapon would have worked...

    And that's why Tom Clancy was DEAD WRONG when he said that "brilliant pebbles" would have worked....


  8. Ask yourself this question.....

    Who would any of us rather spend an afternoon or a day with:

    Putin or Obama ?


    That's a "no-brainer" for me!

    I wouldn't spend one minute with that skinny, lying, two-faced negro Obama and his grinning, smiling face and white teeth.....

    Would we talk about "how evil guns are and why we need more inclusion in America?"


    At least Putin and I could talk about different kinds of guns or something.

    Putin is a normal

    Obama is a pussy ass lying negro.

    1. At least Putin has made love to different women in his life while from what I've heard Obama prefers...

      blowjobs from faggots in limosines!

      Has anyone ever heard of Obama having a girlfriend before he met Michelle????????????????


    2. Ever heard of Obama having sex in the White House with an intern???


      gee I wonder why???

    3. And black men are supposed to be hornier and more licentious than others....


    4. I think that Michelle would kick 7 colours of shit out of him, if he had an extra marital dalliance. Also the intern would keep her dress for later forensic analysis (as you do) and any possible impeachments that might follow. I was contacted recently by the Daily Mail who was running a story about Monica Lewinsky, apparently they had to remove my comment due to public outrage. What did I say? I suggested Monica had done a good thing and thought that at say11am each morning attractive female interns should visit World leaders with a Nuclear Arsenal and give them a BJ. My thinking being that in their now relaxed and euphoric state they would not fire any nukes...they would be too happy! Unfortunately my PC critics would rather fry!

    5. Would your suggestion include construction workers Bill?

    6. Similar to justifying the Carbon Tax extortion racket.
      His-Story is fiction written by the victor's ghost writers.

    7. No del stead, you already have a Hard hat! As you do not have a 'nuclear footbal'l or the codes to our Submarines, you just get Tea and Biscuits. If an intern should try this move on you say 'get thee to a Nunnery', to save yourself. Anyway Hilary would hate my idea, because the idea of a man enjoying himself somewhere would prove too much for her.

    8. If the interns Obama fucked were little black girls they would never do what the little Jew Lewsinsky did when she complained to that FAT UGLY BITCH LINDA TRIPP.....who BETRAYED THE TRUST OF HER FRIEND FOR POLITICAL MALICE....

      I call on all Americans to hunt down and slay Linda Tripp for being a vulgar, ugly, malicious BITCH motivated purely by hate...hate...hate.....

      Negro preachers always fuck the little black girls.....

      They love it and would never complain.

  9. Apparently six super rich Russians have this week been looking for £100m plus properties in London's Mayfair, a bolt hole I suppose should there economy collapse. The only thing is it skews our property prices and young people cannot get there first place. Polls show 80% of the people will continue supporting Putin even as Ruble falls. I think it is interesting how Sony have capitulated shows the power of Cyber Warfare. I remember Celente saying that Cyber protection and defence was a good job for the future to get into.

  10. Seems you were on the money again regarding economic warfare and who could bet against Putin standing down or even toppled?? I still think the wily old fox has a trick up his sleeve simply as I see him as a strong leader but I concede you can only be as strong as your economy! Let's hope it doesn't lead to war as you can't rule that out either! Putin still has very strong support but then again the public are fickle and when your stomach is stuck to your back you think different! My thoughts are whatever happens it won't be without consequence especially for us "Europeans" absolutely fascinating insights regarding your early work in Russia! I was astounded at the "Star Wars" ommision dear me a stroke of genius! Simple but deadly effective! I grew up watching Reagan demonstrating the "stars wars" technology!!! An actor playing a brilliant part!!! Finally I just received my copy of your book and would like to thank you for the kind message and acknowledgement in it I'm very flattered!! It shall serve its intended purpose well Dr p! Dear me the star wars programme was a revelation to say the least! Happy Xmas/ holidays to everybody and hopefully a happy new year to you all!!!

    1. You're totally wrong here....Dr.P's commentary is not accurate.

      Reagan, Danny Graham and others around that group really did believe that it would work just as Reagan believed the Reaganomics would work LOL.

      There were legions of military officers and contractors who promised success because they were all making fortunes out of the black research devoted to it.

      That's why WE AT MIT were putting the word out that none of it was workable...but guess what?

      Nobody cared what we thought LOL....

      Reagan wanted to share SDI with the Russians...he believed it would work.

      The Russians knew it wouldn't work...and they just wanted to hedge their bets lest the US come up with some miracle which could solve the unsolvable problems involved.....

      "To dream the impossible dream....."

      "To fight the unwinnable foe....."

      "To fight with your last ounce of Courage....."

      "This is my quest! To follow that star! No matter how hopeless! No matter how far! ""

      Yes this was Reagan's Star Wars wet dream!

    2. But isn't that part of the point? The Americans could throw money at the star wars program real or fake? And the Russians could not outspend America? Like you say contractors were making fortunes out of the " black research" so by definition the US government had it to throw at the first place??? Tell you what though it throws a whole new light on the "man in the moon" if you believe! Or indeed the god awful show of "life in mars" REM & Bowie's lyrics seem to make more sense than the countless billions spent to see if the moon is made of cheese or little green men in Mars when there's countless problems with infrastructure where the money could be better spent and I don't need a Cambridge/ Oxford education to make that point

  11. My comment disappeared. Must be NSA thought police.

  12. Did you sign in 1st ziop before typing your msg? if not your comment will "disapear".

    1. In Opera, I selected preview. zlop was assumed, after I selected Google. Working now.
      Could not edit preview in Google, will try to edit in seamonkey.
      Disappeared in seamonkey also. I have several other browsers to try, later.

  13. Yes you must log in before pressing publish button, luckily USA and google are not in socialism so there are no fear for freedoms... USA skipped that losers socialism, and entered in to full style communist economy in 2007. and i as Catholic do not mind because i like corporations, they have same structure as Vatican:) ...simply it must go that way... Marx had everything explained to him directly by Satan, Satan knows capitalism so he told him all he knew, of course that is why Marxist solution can not work more than one very badly built house can stand but description are scientific and 100% true.

  14. Russia needed Crimea to be able to resist the constriction.
    After Russia is occupied by the Rothschild Puppets,
    Iran and then China, are next.

    One World Order is the goal. It was stated, that the
    World wars were motivated by the goal to occupy palestine.
    Similarly, a weak Russia enhances Israel's security.

    1. Zlop may i ask your personally why do you support Russia, China and Iran and not USA and Israel?

    2. I can answer that!

      I support Russia in this matter because they are a moral society based on Jesus and the Church!

      America is a degenerate, immoral society which has turned away from God and human decency in every way!

      I oppose Israel because the Jews killed Jesus and DENY THE CHIRST.

      Chia Cha,

      If you are truely a Christian you must admit that ONLY RUSSIA IS ON THE SIDE OF CHRIST AT THIS POINT...and that America and Israel are AGAINST CHRIST.

    3. : ) I love it ! ROFL ! Great Answer Mit ! I got my laugh for the day. Thank you.

    4. Saw a bumper sticker today, it said: "Nuke the Gay Whales for Jesus". : /

    5. Back in the city state days, if mistreated, a Serf
      had a small chance to escape to another kingdom.

      Centralization advancing, Oligarchs co-operating,
      nowhere to hide from the Georgia Guide Stones?

    6. oh but i see more of Jesus work in USA, in Russia i see only Mongols and their slaves bowing to their idols, cars, booze which they can t genetically stand and bureaucracy...

  15. PUTIN today is like Ceasar Augustus after the death of Julius Ceasar.

    When Augustus finally won control of the Empire he lived by example and set a moral standard of personal virtue.

    Under Augustus there was a brief moral resurgence of virtue and venality and immorality were suppressed.

    It doesn't matter that Putin does business with cronies and crooks if his moral and personal examples are that of decency and virtue.

    Putin is a man...a simple man.

    And that's better than the west and it's Merkel in Germany wearing a man's

    Or the skinny cock-sucker Obama who goes into his bathroom at night to sneak smokes of Camel cigarettes....LOL

    Putin will win because he's not a pussy ass like the faggots of the West!!

    1. You miss the tendency towards centralization.
      Anglo-American-Israeli Empire is expanding, genociding,
      similar to the Biblical days, of the massacre at Jericho.

      Countries, that do not worship the Rothschild currencies, are turned into rubble, to be debt enslaved.
      Happy One World Order Tyranny.

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  17. The price of oil has gone down but the amount of rubles Russia gets for the dollar swap has gone up making it a wash. So they have to live with a few less Western luxuries and equipment. It hurts both sides.

    How does the corruption in the Kremlin differ from the corruption in our houses of power? I would guess not much.

    Russian are tough hardy people, they will feel the pain and survive. Economic war with the West has to hurt them and it will not end anytime soon, no matter how Putin maneuvers.

    The Western effeminate class wants what Russia has and will not give up until either they get it or they implode. It is going to be a long dirty spectacle.

    Russia, if they survive in their current form of government, will eventually have to fight for what they want to keep. That is clear. It will come down to NATO v. Russia over who controls that sphere of influence.

    1. "How does the corruption in the Kremlin differ
      from the corruption in our houses of power?"

      Unlike the City of London Bankers and the U$,
      Russian Oligarchs have, not only a stake in,
      but also, an attachment to Russia.

  18. Putnik is supported by Oligarchs, who would be
    inconvenienced, to join the Rothschild Puppets in exile.

    Many have relatives in Israel. So, Israel would not be attacked. The heart of the beast is in the City of London, not as safe in nuclear war.

    The Sauds might be vapourized, without all out nuclear war?

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