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  1. Looking forward to reading it! Meanwhile the deputy prime minister over here demands a judicial enquiry into the Blair government being complicit in the torture of detainees however stating that Britain "can not has not & will not engage in torture" will my copy arrive by flying pig Dr p?? Because after such a statement they can obviously fly!

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  2. yikes, well let me know, had to fill out a customs multi-copy interested in what condition you receive it😒


    First you have to realize that most torture isn't used for gaining information. Torture is almost always used by as a terror tactic to frighten people. Torture is punitive, and is conducted by sadists to enjoy insulting others.

    Now as for the much less frequent use of torture, which is intended to gain information.

    It's a myth that it cannot be used to gain information, HOWEVER...

    The application where it can be used to gain information is very limited...very restrictive. It can only be used in circumstances where the information provided can be verified promptly, AND the person being tortured KNOWS that if he gives a wrong answer it will be discovered as false....

    For example. If you ask someone if he stole some money he can say anything and you'll never know the difference. But if you already know that he's stolen some money you can ask him where he is keeping it. If he gives you an answer you can go to where he says and it's either there or not.

    If he's clever though he might say it's in a place where even he can't access it, and therefore even under the simplist of conditions there can be complications in which the tortured person can give deceptive answers....

    This is the reason why I don't like 'active' torture, such as applying any kind of pain to someone like sticking needles into him anyplace, which I think is the most concentrated form of pain...or electricity which almost always leaves permanent damage....

    The only kind of torture which I can contemplate using is what I call 'passive' torture.

    This involves exposure. What I find works is to merely chain the person to a tree outside and then put some food and water just out of reach.

    After a couple of days without water he's going to want the water really bad, and as time goes on and his dehydration increases the water he sees will work on him such that he's highly motivated to answer truthfully.

    It's important to never humilitate the person, and always behave in a dignified way least he view you with contempt in which case he will resist with all his might.

    But if you act like a gentlemen and treat the captive with some basic will find that the water after a few days will cause his body to work on his mind such that you are highly likely to get a accurate, verifiable answer.

    1. Perhaps MIT it was the "false confession" that they; Bush and Cheney, were after, after 9/11, to establish a link between al Qaida and Iraq? All for propaganda reasons. Re: It was Cheney who asserted that "a senior Iraqi intelligence officer had met Mohammad Atta, the leader of 9/11 hijackers, in the Czech Republic capital of Prague just months before the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon."

      The FBI and CIA found that no such meeting occurred.

      So Cheney made out links that didn't exist..

      These torture techniques and methods were used before and appear to be "modeled after Chinese Communists who used them to extract confessions from captured U.S. servicemen that they could then use for propaganda during the Korean War."

      "The White House started pushing the use of torture not when faced with a "ticking time bomb"scenario from terrorists, but when officials in 2002 were desperately casting about for ways to tie Iraq to the 9/11 attacks - in order to strengthen their public ace for invading a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 at all."

    2. CORRECTION ... in order to strengthen their public face for invading a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 at all.

  4. If you confine someone in a horrible place he will become depressed and just want to die.

    But if you leave him outdoors and he can see all the familiar things in the world he will just want the water he needs to survive.

    That clear pitcher of ice water is awesome. The body and mind cannot resist it.

  5. I trust myself to torture people because I know I'm not a sadist. I also trust myself to kill people because I know I'm intelligent enough to never kill an innocent person.

    But government is so full of stupid people who are not intelligent enough to know that they are stupid that I DON'T TRUST GOVERNMENT TO TORTURE OR KILL.

    How many people have been released from death row in the last years because of DNA evidence finally proving their innocence when the original cases against them were weak in the first place!

    None of these people were convicted on ANYTHING RESEMBLING 'PROOF BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT.'

    Law enforcement and the courts are so fucking stupid they can't figure anything out.

    That's why if I made any serious money I would provide legal services to working people because only the most expensive attornies have the skill and resources to gain favorable outcomes for the convicted. Ordinary defense lawyers are not up to the task and that's why wealthy people rarely serve time in prison why working people are everywhere in the prisons.

    1. Very thoughtful answers MIT! It makes me think are we the people are the ones chained to the tree with a bowl of water just out of reach! Certainly food for thought your findings once again!

  6. After 9-11 torture was used because the people using it were sadists looking for a pretext to do what they wanted.

    It was as simple as that, and no where in the 'protocals' was there anything about anal rape or sexual humiliation or pissing on people like the American Taliban kid from San Francisco was pissed on and tied to a board and humiliated....

    These things were done out of pure sadism, and even revenge was not the motive.




    It's like a football team's fans or something. Just stupid, sexually sick people.

    1. Name was John Walker Lihnd, and the CIA moron seen in videos harrassing him was soon killed in an explosion or something....Mike Spann...genuine idiot. His wife also worked for CIA and loved Rush Limbaugh.

      It takes all types.

    2. Not everyone is happy with this, Anthony Schaffer now goes to Oriley to explain how that this was not torture, and that torture is only to cut arms etc... I totally disagree with him, this was torture i am 100% against. I am only 100% for punishment by cutting off their arms, also for expanding territory of Guantanamo on to surrounding fields so they would be able to plant sugar there after. What was needed was that and classical exorcism. Point is to convert them to Christianity and than show them how everyone must pay for their mistakes. They would be allowed than to build their own church and later on settle on mid-west. I am thrilled to see how that all those muslim terrorists have some same eye look of retarded warm calf as result of their inbreeding and pedophilia combined with their slobbering position of lips. 1. Satan is in genes. 2. By culture it goes out.

    3. These stupid war advocates want to have it both ways.

      They want to claim that this conflict is a "war" but then they don't want to treat the captives as prisoners of war....

      Then they want to hide behind prior court findings of which mistreatment is or is not 'torture.'


      If it's a war then you can't mistreat them. You can't abuse them or go out of your way to cause them undue suffering.

      What's so complicated about that?

    4. i agree it does not have any sense... so i trust Dr. Pieczenik, problem is in those almost rich republicans, 1st mistake of USA was to lower taxation for such, too many of those who knows that they must sell their own mother for next billion to maybe become part of elite are very very problematic for society, so if Dr. P. says it was torture and it was bad, it was bad.

  7. This just gets better and better our anal heroes 'Jim' and 'Bruce' (should be an Australian Lager commercial) both ex-Mormans had no interrogation experience! I was thinking of setting up a 'Torture College!' myself maybe some nipple tweaking, a paper cut here and there and fingernails down a blackboard. Fifty million quid please, Kerching! How stupid are the people purchasing this nonsense and who gives them the money? What a bunch of complete tossers.

    1. Ha ha! Australian beer advert class! Interrogation techniques should go as follows "what's your favorite colour blue?" And any black widows captured " tell us your name sheila" I'd personally like all world leaders to be Australian with Sir Les Patterson as cultural attaché!!!! I know! I'm making it up but you couldn't make £50 million up could you??????

    2. Rofl Bill : ) Ouch nipple tweaking! I just don't want my torturers having orgasms while they torture me, thats all i ask damn it! I mean be professionals, thats all, and maintain the proper decorum if your going to put hummus up my wazoo, and offer me the combo plate at least.

  8. Before the next shift comes on here's 'Tip of the Week!' Rediscover Isometrics, I tried it in the 70's with a Bullworker and then forgot about it. However I came across a very mobile, very strong gentleman of 72 he said his secret was Isometrics. You must remember not to hold your breath, especially if you have high BP, but you can do it anywhere sitting on a plane pressing down with your legs, a bus or a train bracing against the bars. At the computer both arms trying to lift the chair up with you on it, pushing against walls or trees, door frames, your own body, pulling, twisting at towels try just 4 seconds rather than 7 at first. You can do fingers, toes and exercise in planes that you cannot with equipment. If you really get in to it there are vids on you tube and old Russian strong men exercises on Google. If you have a specific movement in mind like a swing or a strike you can do it at different stages of the movement. It is only really limited by your imagination. No one will ever kick sand in your face again!

    1. Speaking as a certified trainer I cannot recommend isometrics anymore than I could recommend "pilates" or "spinning" or any of these commercial fads.

      Isometrics was invented as a scam to appeal to people who thought they could develop themselves without having to stand up...

      Pilates was invented to appeal to people who didn't want to do anything by lie on their backs....

      It takes more than that!

    2. And whatever you do don't do YOGA!

      Taking fitness advice from a 90 pound Indian swami who drinks his own urin is not my idea of wisdom.

      But sexy girls love that shit, and sexy girls will believe anything that's convenient for them and involves them not having to get up off the floor.

    3. Mohandis K. Ghandi had his own Ashram and a crowd of stupid followers who worshipped him as a holy man.

      To prove to them that he was very spiritual and above earthy temptation he used to have a 13 or 14 year old girl sleep with him. However it later turned out that he'd been fucking all these girls, and had been fucking pretty much all the girls in the ashram!

      So the David Koresh syndrome was of course alive and well in India, and those who knew him knew Ghandi was just another phony swami like the Bogwan Shri Rashneesh or any of these others who get into the pants of stupid girls who think they're being exhalted by being penetrated by the preacher man!

    4. Indians are very horny men, and often very aggressive.

      When I had escort agencies I learned that even Indian women will not date them, and their only outlet is to use sex workers. The only episodes I ever had with aggressive clients was with Inidans, although many Indians were not aggressive, and many were very nice.

      Some of the girls told me they preferred Indian men because they had small penises, and escorts never like clients with large members.

      One girl I worked with, who had just graduated from NYU, told me that one Indian client had screwed her and climaxed THREE TIMES IN ONE HOUR.

      She said first he screwed her on the couch, and then he regained his turgidity and put her on the dining table and screwed her again, and then he regained himeself once more and screwed her on the floor!

      I could clearly see that there was an outline of perspiration or body oil on the dinning table - kind of a silluette.

      Anyway she said it was, "a good sex day."

    5. now, that was good story (Indians)... very good for exercise was to be super jealous husband also... it was small town custom to tell to husband of one lady while he was passing near this local caffe here ---- ----: "Hey, we saw him, he just passed, he was there while you were gone, run, you will catch him!" Than he would always start running around corner for one km to beat up his wife... In socialism and even today we used to say people are always right... Also on old west when hanging was scheduled, one month before town was full of tourists, saloon was full, prostitutes were full of job, everyone was happy...

    6. Was surfing the internet and came across a funny blog, it is a spoof on 50 Shades of Grey, with an satirical Indian perspective. I find it funny and read it from time to time when I want to laugh a bit, here is an excerpt, in light of the aforementioned blog post regarding "horny Indians." Enjoy.

      51 Shades of Brown, Excerpt #10 [Chapter 45]
      Rosamaria Anarosa Esperanza Maricela Calderas-de-las-Cruces had a simple mission: use her diplomatic immunity to infiltrate the Indian political hierarchy, suckle at the teat of the nation’s covert intelligence structure, & return home with the state secrets she had been meticulously trained for years upon years to extract. But how could she resist her impulses to taste the forbidden fruit of Sri-Sheshadariprativadibayankaram? His way with words, his tender touch, his scent of curry, his warm breath, his magnificent mustache…Rules could not apply. Not here, not now. How could they? She felt as though her life until now had been a prologue leading her to this private moment alone in his art studio, where he mass-produced clay Ganesh statuettes. The pottery wheel spun hypnotically in front of her as the shirtless Sri-Sheshadariprativadibayankaram straddled their shared bench from behind her. She felt his thigh churning up & down in a rhythmic pattern to power the rotating wheel as their four hands massaged the spinning clay mound together. As the transistor radio in the corner of the room blasted “Unchained Mēlōḍī” [“Unchained Melody”], Sri-Sheshadariprativadibayankaram slowly poured coconut oil from a large basin to moisten both the clay and her hands before her own eyes. The wet sensation of the clay and coconut oil gliding between their fingers heightened her state of eroticism to a level she had never before experienced. But all she wanted was more. More from him. More coconut oil. More. She wanted him to take her higher, and she would obediently follow his every command. She was….putty in his hands.

  9. The music continued as she stood up and straddled the bench from behind him. All she craved as a token from this evening of carnal delight — all she ever dreamed of — was just one hair from his thick lustrous mustache. He had resisted initially but finally relented, allowing her to reach forward around his lips and pluck one solitary follicle to place in a small plastic sandwich bag in her nearby purse that remained positioned near their feet. She reached down into the container and scooped a heaping handful of coconut oil, and then proceeded to delicately massage the dripping lubricant into his mustache beyond the point of saturation. In a rare display of vulnerability, he closed his eyes and leaned back into her supple body as she softly smeared the coconut oil through every portion of his signature mustache. Rosamaria Anarosa Esperanza Maricela Calderas-de-las-Cruces and Sri-Sheshadariprativadibayankaram sighed in unison. Without any effort, he picked her up off the bench and tossed her onto the cot adjacent to the window, just as the radio seemed to synchronize with their movement by playing “Mērī Sānsa Lē” [“Take My Breath Away”]. He gently angled towards her on the cot from above, as the two silhouettes merged into one. But as the Brown Knight entertained his sultry guest, he had unwittingly knocked open her purse on the floor, thereby exposing her handgun, her fake identification badge, & the plastic bag with his mustache hair to plain sight…

  10. Coincidently in contrast to the excerpt from the satire above, where 1 mustache hair is collected and put in a plastic bag, one of Dr P's bloggers who goes by the acronym "WXXX", in his Dec 9, 2014 blog, writes about MedInt, (medical intelligence gathering), and describes a more serious side of "how our U.S. Secret Service goes to great lengths to prevent the collection of DNA samples from our President while he travels abroad." Its an interesting read.
    Here is a link.

  11. Thanks for the plug, L.f.h., and while I'm at it, a big thanks in return to Dr. P for giving us the tip o' the hat in his new book.

    Stay tuned, I'm working on a follow-up to "The Anal Americans" that will blow your mind... Once again, Wayne Madsen's reporting provides some of the crucial material, and it would confirm what is discussed here concerning the motivations of officials who torture - it's not about getting information, and it's not entirely about fear; it's about securing a venue for taking their peculiar kinks to the next level....

    It's one thing for gov't officials to use mob connections to get a film made that was sure to flop in the box office - and for that we perhaps should thank Dick Cheney for one of the great kink classics of '70s adult cinema - but doing those sorts of things under the color of "national security" on unwilling subjects, terrorists or not, is a step far over the line.

    1. Only problem with inquisition, as Old Scratch leaves marks on hidden places, was that investigation on witch had to be done by some old bishop with shaky hands. That is why it never worked even every authority likes to control over hidden places.

  12. Just had my morning coffee by 'rectal rehydration' as Michael Hayden said it was a good idea quite refreshing. Thought it was amusing that Dick Cheney thought the report he had not read was 'full of crap'. The report said the same about him. If these gentlemen would really like to learn about torture they should visit the Tower of London, they were really good at it 500 years ago. Just look at Guy Fawkes signed confession he could barely write his own name. Slightly bizarre that in those days they used to carry on torturing you, after you were dead...very thorough. Learn from history reminded me about 50 Shades, we had Supermarkets piled high with that book by the checkout, but because it was Lady porn that was OK, funny that. Imagine the protests if it had been aimed at men. You would be up to your eyebrows in Hillary's!

  13. And as they say in the " hood" Bill...." True dat " ! : )

    Cheney should come out with a product labeled " Rectal Rehydration" and have his " friendly " sneer on the front of it, with a testimony or two from from the likes of a Colin Powell, and a Gitmo detainee. Maybe a catchy phrase or two like " I don't start my day without it". : )

    Personally, I think if the CIA had just played re-runs of Hillary and all her bullshit in a never ending TV video loop to the rendered detainees, that would have been sufficient torture in my book. Throw in her high pitched "cackle" right after her statement " What difference does it make" into a loop, hell I would confess to starting WWII if I had to watch her 24/7.

  14. And as predicted per my previous post; re: about Uber drivers....and so it begins. Here is an excerpt from LA Weekly about Uber and the L.A. District Attorney filing a lawsuit, with San Francisco close behind.
    The L.A. County District Attorney's office took Uber to court this week.

    A Superior Court civil lawsuit alleges that the ride-share company misrepresents its driver background checks and thus violates California business and professions codes. The filing also claims that Uber illegally picks up and drops off passengers at LAX while charging fees that prosecutors say are not legit.

    "We don't want the consumer to believe they do the ultimate background checks" on drivers, D.A. Jackie Lacey told us. "They don't."

    The suit is a joint filing by the district attorneys of L.A. County and San Francisco. It seeks a permanent injunction against the alleged practices by Uber.

    Leave it to Government, to come in, and do what they do.

  15. Replies
    1. in beginning of automobiles, in England cars had to have someone walking and waving flags in front of them while driving

  16. Banarjy appears to be trying to recreate the classic comedians, comedian joke 'The Aristocrats' in an Indian form by randomly hitting keys...still apparently you can generate Shakespeare that way given enough time.


    The myth that Mohammad Atta had a meeting with anyone from Iraq came from Israel, like pretty much all the 9--11 pretexts.

    This particular one is most easily traced because it's a story which actually preceeded all the other fables, and came immediately after 9-11 by a public source who loves media attention.

  18. That source is of course the notorious Mossad agent Laurie Mylroie.

    Now this takes me to 1985 and one of my first little

    In 1983 I had written an article with Jack Levy of Rutgers called "The Causes of the Iran-Iraq War." In this article, later published by the National Strategy Information Center, I explained that Saddam Hussein's attack of Iran on October 22, 1980 was DEFENSIVE, and NOT the aggressive act of a regional madman as the western press had reported.

    I pointed out that the Iranian revolution was a demonstration effect and inspiration for the Shi'ites of Iraq, and that the Iraqi strategy was to bargan with the Iranians for their oil facilities in Khuzistan and to humiliate the Iranian revolution....

    At the time most non-experts on Iraq [as I was an expert] said I was full of shit, and that the Shi'ite-Sunni problem in Iraq was a myth, and that no Iraqi government would ever be so concerned with the Shi'ites being dissaffected and wish to split off....

    And of course like all my statements over the years time has proven me to be 100% correct.

    But whatever. At Harvard there was an ugly Israeli who was tenured in the Political Science Department, and his name was Nadav Safran. Now "Nadav" was not his real name. His real name was Clement, and he was a Jew borne in Egypt and was an Egyptian. However he decided to become a radical zionist, and in the war of 1948 served in the Israeli forces as a commando. His family in Egypt was aghast, but whatever, Clement changed his name to "Nadav" and become this other Israel Mossad agent dedicated to psychological warfare and lying to the American public about the Arab-Israeli conflict.

  19. Nadav published a huge book of lies titled, "Israel; The Embattled Ally".....and of course Israel is NOT an ally of the United States and never has been.

    But I was back at MIT and therefore I was asked to take a course with Safran, which I did, and I put forward a paper on Iraq and it's relations with Saudi Arabia, and of course this perturbed Nadav, who was pushing the Israeli Mossad line that Iraq was the focus of all evil in the world, and that the Saudis feared nothing from the Iranians...that there was no conflict between Sunni Salifist Saudi Arabia and Shi'ite Iran..LOL

    I mean this guy was one fucking lying Israeli Mossad asshole!!

    This jackass was preaching that there was no conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia, and that the Shi'ites of Iraq were totally loyal to the government of Sunni Saddam Hussein...and every other thing which was totally completley the opposite of the truth...but it was the Israeli line because Israel wanted for Iran to WIN THE WAR, DESTROY THE BA'ATH PARTY, AND fragment Iraq into three different countries...


    Anyway I met Ms. Laurie Mylroie because she was Nadav's favorite buddy and was being mentored by Nadav to be the next Israeli/Mossad agent at Harvard spewing all this garbage.....

    And Nadav always smoke this VILE AND NASTY pipe with the most disgusting tobacco....

    And once while in our seminar Ms. Mylroie also pulls out a giant pipe, lites up, and starts pulling drags and puffing on this pipe with the same vile tobacco as Nadav is using !

    What a fucking joke!... Ms. Mylroie, the nasty, unkept and smelly troll now is smoking a vile pipe...

  20. Nadav's purpose in aping what Mossad wanted him to was to put out the line that Saddam Hussein was a monster and had to be disposed of...and Laurie Mylroie continued that mission on behalf of her Mossad masters BUT WITH A LITTLE LESS DEFT than her mentor Nadav....

    Ms. Mylroie wrote a book around 9-11 claiming all kinds of wild things connecting Saddam Hussein to Osama Bin-Laden and on and on...not a word of it had any evidence whatsoever...

    And she actually claimed that Saddam Hussein was behind the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center with the Rider Truck bomb in the basement LOL !!

    I mean this bitch pulled out all the stops and thought because she taught at Harvard that people would swallow these absurd accustions...

    Anyway it was her..and her alone...who cooked up the phony story that Mohammad Atta had met with someone from Iraq somewhere in the Czech Republic or wherever...

    It never happened just as the Niger yellowcake never happened and that came from Mossad to Burlesconi who gave it to Nicolo Polari and then planted it for the CIA to use......

    All these stupid accussations came directly from Mossad and are tracible to their known agents such as Mylroie and Sylvio Burlesconi...the Robert Maxwell of Italy!

  21. Nadav was thrown out of Harvard in 1986 or so when the Harvard Crimson published that he had taken large amounts of money from CIA....

    Gee I wonder who gave them that information?

    Could it have been someone working with CIA?

    Could it have been someone who didn't like that he was taking CIA money but was publishing AGAINST what CIA was doing----that Iraq was not the bad guy in the Iraq - Iran conflict and it was CIA that was working hard to support Iraq against Iran while Nadav was doing the fucking opposite and seeking for the Iranians to overrun Iraq and install a Shiite government there....

    1. I mean Nadav was one of the most ARROGANT Isreali assholes I ever came across, and he really thought he could get away with taking money from CIA and then publishing not what CIA wanted but what Mossad wanted, which was the EXACT OPPOSITE of what CIA was working overtime to promote......

      What an asshole!

      One little leak to the Crimson and Nadav's career was discredited forever....

      The bigger they come the harder they fall.

    2. He was so fucking greedy he thought he could get away with it.

      CIA only paid him that money to moderate what he was saying. And he didn't moderate one ounce.

      What a douchbag.

  22. I heard later that after Nadav was thrown out of Harvard that he died a slow painful death of cancer, and it reminded me that so many of the mafia people always die of cancer and Nadav was so much like them. Guys like that usually die of cancer before they are even 70.....

    Ms.Mylroie is still around somewhere but I think her stock can't be very high as her shrill and absurd accussations against Saddam Hussein have destroyed whatever credibility she may have once enjoyed.

    I'm sure she still has her pipe however, and like Nadav is probably Vitamin D deficient and the constant tobacco carcinogins will cause her to croak from a long lingering slow painful bout of cancer....

    But at least they will not be killed by their Mossad masters like Robert Maxwell was. And Burlesconi now is a convict and serving a sentence including pubic service at an old folks home.....

    In the end they all get what they deserve..

    And I'm enjoying my steak lunches on the riverwalk in San Antonio.

    1. "The best revenge is outliving all your enemies"

      -- David Strier

    2. One theory with Maxwell was that divers from Mossad took him for a swim off the end of his luxury boat. I think everyone knew it was not a suicide, but a lot of people wanted to buy a drink for whoever did it because he was not a nice fella. He stole Mirror Groups pension fund as reflected in their Christmas card with him as Santa riding off with it. He used to keep a supply of Krugerands on his person to purchase blowjobs off gold hungey female staff. There was a nod to his demise in 'Tomorrow never Dies' with the 'official' death of Eliot Carver. Which reminds me how much I hate having my 'Chakra's' tortured

    3. Fantastic insights MIT you keep on enjoying those steaks!

  23. The read on the Blood Diamonds, was interesting btw. Enlightening.

  24. Yes MIT the best revenge is Success. Enjoy !

  25. On Saturday night I had one of my friends over and he casually remarked he had seen Rudolf Hess! What? I said. He used to watch the Russians exercising him in the grounds of Spandau. It was like 4 degrees of separation from Adolf! This same Gentleman was interesting, as he brought about the trial of many MP'S over here who had been 'fiddling' their expenses. He had seen an article about it in The Daily Telegraph, found out nobody was pressing charges. So he contacted a Senior Police Chief and began proceedings. It was a great example of people power and good journalism.

    1. The story is that Hess was murdered by strangulation. Like all the top Nazi leaders he did everything he could to seek a negotiated end of hostilities with England and the west. Before the Germans invaded France they tried over and over again to negotiate but the French and English wouldn't cooperate. When the Wehrmacht finally attacke on May 10, 1940 they'd been mobilized 22 previous times but then called off....

      Hess had a lot to say but he never got the chance.

    2. When Hermann Goering and the others at Neuremburg were tested for Intelligence Goering's test was off the chart, measuring above 160.....

      His performance in examination by allied prosecutors was so effective observers thought he would be aquitted.

      However the British prosecutors confronted him with fabricated evidence now admitted as obtained under torture and he was convicted.

      Somehow he managed to smuggle a cyanide capsule into his confinement and took it before he could be hung.

      People in the west think of him as a fat, disgusting junkie...

      The truth is that he was a genius.

    3. wife of Goering wanted him to become hollywood actor, i do not understand, was she thinking before or after nazi invade USA?

    4. Before the civil war in Spain Francisco Franco acted in movies. He was an effette, homosexual sort of chap.... But he was the only one ready to put to death the communists. A real macho man.

    5. A lot of stupid Americans, including American communists, fought in Spain on the "Republican" side.
      They formed the "Abraham Lincoln" Brigade LOL, which is fitting given that Lincoln was the exact opposite in purpose and action than what these idiots were taught in school......

      The Americans who weren't communists showed up to fight for "democracy" and had a rude awaking when they discovered that it was the Soviet Union which ran the "Lincoln Brigade."

    6. Spain civil war was war in which USA won WW first, first US victory, as soon in 1938, Versailles was over there first, thanking to Catholic church... Hitler was socialist anti Judeo-Christian pagan, and Mussolini idiot who thought Britain betrayed him so he went to Germany... What a bunch of Idiots, same with Croats, none thought about statue of liberty over ocean... Ship of Idiots... after Hitler took Prague, if he were not going to Poland no one would touch Germans, they had to use Jews, invest in industrial electronics and become super nation...But german paganism prevailed, asia is still there in germans, hun genes... Christianisation is not done with Germans yet...

  26. Just to let you know Dr P I received a copy of your book this morning, that was very quick! Also thanks for the dedication in the front and the mention in the book.

  27. Holy Cow! I just saw the postage on the book from USA, would you like me to buy another, that you do not have to send, so you are not out of pocket Dr P.

  28. If you google Laurie Mylroie today you'll find a good piece by Peter Bergen called, "Armchair Provocateur: The Neo-Cons Favorite Conspiracy Theorist" about her role in cooking up false accusations against Saddam Hussein.

    1. Interesting about this Laurie mylroie! In bed with Iraq then kicked them out the other side! Secret flights to Jerusalem as well! Neocons must of loved the smell of a good pipe! Same neocons who ally themselves with Israel BTW! Great posts by MIT again

  29. At that time it was our mission to support Iraq and counter the Iranian/Shi'ite threat to Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

    The Israelis were countering us every way they knew how, and the little battle was on.

    However today I have to say that we lost, and therefore we have to reverse and change course for the sake of stability and to prevent further bloodshed.

    Today we must realize our national interests are in joining with the winning side, and that involves supporting Iran, the Shi'ites, and opposing Saudi Arabia and Israel, as Israel changed sides after the Iran-Iraq war didn't bring down Iraq.

    Today the Saudis have CRASHED THE GLOBAL PRICE OF OIL in an effort to destroy the American oil industry.




  30. Can't wait for 29 cents a gallon gasoline with full service. And please check the oil, tire pressure, and clean the windows ! Bring back 1958!

    1. and 8 000 cm3 1956 Cadillacs with 420 hp, that is America, everything else is fraud

    2. Apparently when the AA in GB used to come out to fix your car, they used to salute the Driver before and after their service. I remember an article in Vanity Fair that said youngsters could work in Safeway for a few hours then spend the rest of the day at the beach because gasoline and burghers were so cheap, they were seeing what became of the 'Gidget' generation. I must say they had weathered very well. The complaint here is if fuel goes down or utilities like gas, the downward swing is rarely passed onto the consumer. The posturing with Putin is a bit silly as he can just reach across and turn off most of the Gas in Europe. (I bet he has got a Gas Tap on his desk!)

  31. Latest facial expression of Putin looking like he has encountered a messy toddler's diaper, at least in the most recent internet pictures I've viewed. He doesn't look happy with the new reality of the crashing ruble and 17% interest rates in Russia.

  32. The Russians are the simplest people to understand. They are about nationalism, pride, fear of foreign powers while feeling inferior to them....

    It's so terribly easy to deal with them. You always know what they are going to do next, and there is no variability among them.

    Why it is that Americans can't seem to understand them speaks to how inept and stupid Americans are.

    This whole matter was brought about by surrounding them with NATO puppets and then finally striking into Ukraine.

    All the west had to do was keep these countries NEUTRAL, but .....


    Just as the Americans couldn't handle a non-aligned Indonesia, Brazil or India in the cold war, today Americans can't handle a Poland or Bulgaria or even Ukraine that's not against the Russians.....

    Americans are so fucking paranoid that they think they have to surround and overpower anyone else of any strength, and we're seeing this same shit in the Pacific with the US trying to surround the Chinese....

    All this is going to do is make the Chinese more aggressive, not less.....

    This is what happened with Japan because the US wouldn't give up the Phillipines, and look what that led to....

  33. Americans can never understand the idea of "spheres of influence" and that the only way to stability is to let them alone over there and they will leave us alone over here....

    Americans insist on having it our way everywhere.