Sunday, December 21, 2014

How the Mid-term Republican Victory is Quickly Turning the Staid Party into a Carnival of Self-Delusion and Grandiosity.
Self-Implosion is imminent.
Recently, President Obama pulled a Nixonian tour de force by recognizing Cuba in a well-orchestrated strategy/tactics utilizing the best of our Intelligence/ Diplomatic community. Whether you like what he did is not as relevant as trying to understand and appreciate both the bravado and deftness with which this complicated maneuver was executed by POTUS and the Pope.

So what is the response from the Republican Party which should have been in the forefront of creative diplomatic achievements a la Nixon? A cherubic pubescent gnat identified as a Cuban-American, Senator Marco Rubio uttered the most inane phrases like the baby-faced sputtering Republican saprophyte he has become:
“I know more about Cuba than the President.”
This hyphenated Cuban-American is neither Cuban nor American. He has never served one day in our military nor intelligence service. Instead, after graduating from the least impressive schools that America can offer, this not very bright, ambitious panderer, immediately went into politics serving in the corrupt Tallahassee Legislature.
Throughout his limited political career he has been known as nothing more than a globule of protoplasm that spouts out repeatedly that his family came from Cuba as ‘political prisoners’ of Fidel Castro. Of course, he was lying, like most indigenous Cubans, his family fled Cuba to make a better living in the USA. 
So what did these Cuban refugees do to improve our economy? Parts of his family became involved in the drug trade so prevalent in Miami. Rubio then distanced himself from his own distorted narrative, supported by his mentor, Jeb Bush, and rescinded his stories about his family and his own miscreant activities with American banks[foreclosures]. 
Who is Marco Rubio?

Not an American and certainly not a Cuban. He was born in America and went both to Catholic and Mormon schools to achieve nothing more than a narrative of self-aggrandizement and self-delusions. By contrast, I was born in Havana, Cuba, went on to all the Ivy League schools and universities not once mentioning the fact that I was truly Cuban. Then I went on to serve both in our military, intelligence services and State Department.  Afterward,  I left the comfort of USG to start a series of start-ups as an angel investor.  I had successes and I had failures. Some other Cubans with whom I am very close to still serve our country as well as create many new and successful companies.
None of us have created a life solely based on the place where we were born a la Rubio who became the ‘House Hispanic’ for the Republicans. As both an American and a passport carrying Cuban who fought Fidel’s and Raul’s soldiers in Panama, I am proud that Obama and Raul Castro made this incredible d├ętente worthy of Nixon.
As a life-long Republican, I am ashamed of my party for splattering a moment of history with nonsensical palaver and self-delusional statements. If the Republicans continue on this self-destructive course of attacking every constructive initiative with ad hominum statements, they will be seen as nothing more than a ‘do-nothing party’. Obstructionism is not a strategy nor will it work and frankly, its unpatriotic

In addition, the floater launched that Jeb is running for president makes me feel even worse about this Republican Organization.  Its either stupidity, desperation or ego mania or a combination that propels Jeb from sullying what’s left of Bush Sr legacy.  Forget the fact that 70% of those polled believe that 9/11 was a false flag orchestrated by Bush Jr/Cheney.  Does Jeb really want to dig up the Neil/Marvin Silverado Scandals and the lies (9/11, WMD etc) of the Jr years?  This is in addition to his own wife’s greedy indiscretions, his daughter’s drug addiction for which she served time and the whole election rigging for his brother’s presidential…..other than that?!! (oh yeah, Jeb’s questionable business associations in Miami before he became governor, etc)
I digress, back to Rubio and his ignorance. … For those who know a little about the history of Cuba and America,  the Founding Fathers could not receive the necessary money, guns and gunpowder that allowed us to win the Revolutionary War without Cuba.  Cuba is more than Desi Arnaz and BabaLu and Castro.  Yet Rubio claims he knows more about Foreign Policy than former sec of state Hillary Clinton…..I doubt it.

Please get rid of this hyphenated nobody before its too late for the Republican Party.  Rubio does NOT represent real Americans who have served our country in the different times of need without elaborating on their Hispanic Roots, be they Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Latin Americans !!! A life-long politician is nothing more than a professional panderer who contributes nothing to our capitalist society based on risk, reward and hard work, asking nothing from anyone except the appreciation of the fruits of their respective labor. Rubio created nothing but a selfie on steroids that has become toxic element in our entrepreneurial economy. We can no longer afford the Rubios nor his mentor, Jeb Bush.


  1. Had we treated Castro's Cuba like any other country we trade with he would have disappeared decades ago. This silly economic blockage has been useless for quite some time.

    I am not surprised at the Republicans for acting like silly obstructionists. It is the tenor and tone of politics in our country. We have been engaged in a circular firing squad for decades and its only getting worse.

    The consequences of our foreign policy of the last few decades will be with us for a thousand years if we don't get some level headed people in power soon.


      The New York City Police is now claiming that Mayor DiBlasio "has blood on his hands" for allowing criticism and protest against the police.

      Oh yes, according to NYC police union officials the murder of two patrol officers sitting in their car in Brooklyn occurred because of protests against police brutality.

      The police union's position is that the Mayor and population owes them BLIND ALLIGIANCE to anything they might do, and that the right of assembly and free speech should not apply to anyone seeking to criticize them lest the public take up arms and murder them in their patrol cars!

      This of course is absurd.

      What the NYC Patrolman's Union is simply doing is CRAVENLY seeking to EXPLOIT the killing of their fellow officers to suppress any and all criticism of their misconduct.

      This kind of CRAVEN EXPLOITATION of the horrendous, violent killings of others for INSTITUTIONAL OR PERSONAL ADGENDAS is exactly what happened in New York after 9-11.....

      Let's remind ourselves that the NYC police department and it's union have been a CRIMINAL ELEMENT within the city forever.

      The never-ending scandals involving Frank Serpico, Robert Leuici, etc., blew the lid off the corruption of the ENTIRE DEPARTMENT AND ALL IT'S OFFICERS decades ago....

      ...and the outrageous killings of unarmed citizens since then have illustrated the malevolent nature of the NYC police department and all it's "officers."

      Just because they respond to emergency calls as part of their job doesn't mean they are "heros" or that they are not also criminals wearing badges and guns.

      Responding to emergency calls and solving crimes is their job, and just because they're doing their job doesn't mean that they are not also dishonest and abusive.

      Let's make these paid public sector servants do their job with little or no praise. That's what the money is for, and they are paid for their service.

    2. The function of the NYC police have always been to put away criminals rival to themselves, but to maintain themselves as the primary criminals in the city.

      This is the way most criminal elements in a community operate. They suppress the crimes of others so they can conduct their own more effectively.

  2. Horrible, horrible, horrible... Such people would hang on mid west, such creatures would not be able to reproduce... a drug dealer... i wish NWO would introduce total control of cash and informations so that such can not have money to reproduce them self...

  3. Former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush is a member of the most nortorious and "EVIL" FAMILY to ever exist on the "FACE OF THE EARTH;" and this is THE BUSH FAMILY, especially if Barbara Bush (wife to George H. W. Bush Sr. (NAZI and SENIOR SKULL AND BONES MEMBER)) is the illegitimate daughter of Aleister Crowley (possibly the greatest servant of SATAN to ever walk the face of the EARTH)! In addition, THE BUSH FAMILY has had FOUR GENERATIONS of SKULL AND BONES MEMBERS (Prescott Bush's father-in-law, Prescott Bush, George H. W. Bush Sr., and George W. Bush Jr.)!

    EVERYONE MUST SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "Charlotte Iserbyt: Secrets Of Skull And Bones Blown Wide Open 1/4" to 4/4 posted by TheAlexJonesChannel (AUTHENTIC) on November 4, 2011! SKULL AND BONES financed the Bolshevik Revolution and Vladimir Lenin, affiliated with Joseph Stalin, helped finance Adolf Hitler (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "The Bush Family, Wall St., Eugenics, Darwinism, and Fascism (full lecture)" posted by LaRouchesupport (AUTHENTIC) on May 23, 2012), financed Chinese Chairman Moa Tse Tung (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "The Yale-China Association: 100 Years of Teaching" [Yale University has been involved with China for over 100 years with SKULL AND BONES MEMBERS!] posted by YaleChinaAssociation (AUTHENTIC) on October 5, 2010), and, through THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES in association with KNIGHTS OF MALTA), put Fidel Castro into power in Cuba! Therefore, SKULL AND BONES is connected to about 250 MILLION "MURDERS" during the 20th Century!

    EVERYONE MUST SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "Bush Family Fortunes (2003)" [Investigative Journalist Greg Palast shows hard evidence!] posted by MasterpieceConCen6 on November 2, 2012!

    1. Of course it is true, socialism is human version of capitalism, it goes directly against God because only goal of socialism is to save material existence of those damned by God to not fell down on market. Socialism does not work because it is human product, and capitalism does because it is product of Satan to which God gave power to rule here on this world... But i think you are pushing too much pagan German pagan propaganda, communism was installed by German imperial secret service in to Russia and Lenin was German agent.

    2. Raymond you are absolutely correct.

  4. Rubio should try open business on Cuba if he wants to be usable for America. In 50's middle class families were buying new car every 3 years. but because republican party is party of wanna be super rich, and as they are poor man's version of Warren Buffet or of other democratic super rich members of elite, they need communist financial deregulation, lower taxes for them self and us people to finance their dreams to one day become maybe just like elite... In 50's taxes for such were progressive and for them they were 95% so having too much of such joining elite so fast destroys system in US, rule of law and taxation. if those republicans wants to become elite, they should go abroad.

    1. But maybe not Rubio because of criminal upbringing.


    Dr. P,
    I thought of you when I read the above article. I'd love to see you and Dr. Roberts talk it through...

  6. Barak Obama has destroyed the Democratic party just as Nixon destroyed the Republican party.....

    The House has not had a Republican majority this large since 1928!

    The Senate is firmly controlled by the Republicans.

    The legions of young people who supported Obama are now old cynics, realizing they were taken in by a lying negro, and they will NEVER want ANYTHING to do with politics again!!

    Obama has DESTROYED a whole generation of young Americans actually seeking "change you can believe in."

    Obama's lies, his mandacity, his phoniness have destroyed the democratic base....

    At the same time independents ARE RUNNING FROM OBAMA LIKE HE'S A HOUSE ON FIRE !!

    Obamacare, his lies about it, his lies about "Fast and Furious," the continuing LACK OF ANY WAGES OR EMPLOYMENT IN THIS COUNTRY, AND ISIS IN IRAQ......

    Obama's record ON THINGS THAT MATTER TO AMERICANS is the WORST of any President since HERBERT HOOVER !!

    And Americans DON'T GIVE A SHIT about his success in Cuba, etc., when they have no employment and they're being forced TO PAY HIGHER INSURANCE PREMIUMS THAT THEY COULDN'T AFFORD IN THE FIRST PLACE.

    Obama has also destroyed the credibility of any other negros in national politics and he wiil be the last negro white people EVER TRUST AGAIN !!

    1. I remember in the 1970s when OJ Simpson was the "good negro." We all saw how that worked out.

      I also remember how in the 1980s Bill Cosby was the "good negro," and of course look what happened.

      Barak Obama is the same.

      Maybe now Allstate will pull Dennis Haysbert from its ads.....

      White people are fed up with being taken in by lying negros.

  7. Lol, I know Dennis personally, he is a good guy, self made multi millionaire actor. Hard worker when it came to honing his craft. I knew him when his Rolex watch was fake, and his dreams for a better life were big.
    And he didn't have to drug his dates like some other actors of late. All he had to do is act in a Shakespeare play and speak "the King's English" and the lady's went crazy over that guy.

    I dont like the company policies of insurance companies however, I.e. delay, defer, and deny, but that is life.

    1. I liked him in HEAT where he was driving a town car through a line of police firing at it and his brains splattered on the windshield.

      "I did TIME for what dat guy does evyday!"

    2. "For me the action IS the juice!"

    3. "Man I could get killed for dat kinda shit!"

      "You could get killed WALKIN' YOUR DOGGIE!"

    4. "When I think of an ass, a woman's ass....something comes out of me."

    5. "She's got a GREAT ASS. And you've got your head ALL THE WAY UP IT!"

    6. You can eat my food. You can bang my wife. But you DON'T GET TO WATCH MY TELEVISION !!"

    7. Michael Mann showed with THE LAST OF THE MOCHICANS that he's a good director.

      However with all the stuff he writes himself he just writes the same story over and over and over again.

      He wrote one original script called "The Thief" about an orphan/foster-raised kid [James Caan] sent to prison for a 40 dollar theft who comes under the influence of an old con [Willie Nelson] and then when he gets out he goes on a crime spree......

      The same characters and plot are in COLLATERAL, LA TAKEDOWN, HEAT, and PUBLIC ENEMIES....

      In PUBLIC ENEMIES Willie Nelson is "Detricht" who gets killed escaping from prison.

      In HEAT the James Caan character is Robert DiNero, and when he's on the run he has this long reconsiliation outdoors at night with his girlfriend. Then watch PUBLIC ENEMIES and this time the James Caan character is Johnny Depp as John Dillinger and he has an identical scene outdoors with his girlfriend, Cotallard.

      Then watch COLLATERAL with Tom Cruise in the back of Jamie Fox's taxi rambling about being "state raised" and it's right out of THIEF....

      And what's really funny is the same words repeated in these films like "work car" and the way the characters always seem to know how to take apart their guns and how they work....

    8. But of course I liked when he did MIAMI VICE, the television series NOT the horrible film with Jamie Fox.
      For it's time it was different and there were a lot of newly cast people like Bruce Willis and John Turtturro and Julia Roberts who first appeared there.

      But the more recent LUCK was of course better. However it would have been much better if it didn't digress into the sleezy lives of those bottom-feeders living in the motel. Why it was only the one season I will never know.

    9. Dennis Haysbert was in Clint Eastwood's "Absolute Power" - a minor role, but interesting in light of the fact that he would go on to play Obama (1st black POTUS) in the 2nd and 3rd seasons of 24. I suspect that Clint had "Absolute Power" in mind when he did his little skit with the chair at the Republican National Convention in 2012.

    10. There was also an Obama character in the final season of 24 -only in this case he was the African dictator who attacked and seized the White House from the first woman POTUS, i.e. Hillary. Those script writers had some sense of humor.

    11. The technical consultant for the Gun play in 'Heat' was a British Special Forces guy, I suspect it was Andy McNab which is a pseudonym. They wanted something pro but different from American styles of weapon handling. I really liked the restaurant chat where everyone has to be what they really are...whatever the consequences.

    12. Who is that SAS guy who became a television producer in the US with all those reality TV show? He's a born-again Christian evangelical too?

      In 1989 he was here in Texas with a SpecOps training company he started here. Mark somebody? He was a real promoter around here and was into a lot of things.....


      His name is Mark Burnet.

  8. Michael Mann is a better director than he is a writer.

    And Oliver Stone is a better writer than he is a director.

    And Michael Cimino was a better director than he is a writer.

  9. QUENTIN TARANTINO is neither a good writer or a good director.

    He actually thinks his films are good, and considers himself to be an outstanding critic!

    People I know who know him say he's nothing more than an ordinary run-of-the-mill bipolar manic-depressive who undergoes manic phases in which he has experiences delusions of grandeur and can't stop writing dialogue.....

    In the past his writing was self-conscious and amusing, but as his ego has ballooned along with his waistline.....

    His writing has become ridiculous and laughable.

    What a shame.

  10. The most over-rated director however is Scorstasse, or however his name is spelled.

    He's nothing more than a splatter hack with a little finesse attached.....

    He's really disgusting. I can tell he was a massive coke user.

  11. If self-important irrepressible egomaniac directors want to see what a commercial film-maker should be they should look to the Cohn brothers. They are clever, never take themselves seriously, and make quality films that make the public laugh and display ironic situations and characters.

    The Cohn brothers are not great film-makers but they are not malevolent people like the Tarantinos and Scorstasses of that world. They are just entertainers.

  12. When I finally get around to producing the epic I was writing for Dino DiLaurentis before he died I will have to direct all of it myself because I doubt the abilities of anyone else to pull it off.

    The problem with hiring directors is that they're extremely unreliable. They don't necessarily perform anything like what they've done before. A great cinematic director like Michael Cimino can wake up one day and completely lose his talent and motivation. Just because someone has done good work in the past doesn't mean they will do it again.

  13. Also many good directors like Sidney Lument often are incapable of getting out of their own skin when it comes to writing, and they won't direct anything they didn't re-write themselves.

    Lumet was very good at composition and characterization, but he could never understand that the audience doesn't know what he knows about the background to the story so his writing is incomprehensible to the audience....MICHAEL CLAYTON was that way. Who the hell knew what was going on that film?

  14. I am a film "purest" and I think the heart of any film is composition of what appears on the screen. That's why Stanley Kubrick was the one genius of the art. If what appears on the screen is COMPELLING than the other elements like character and plot can be lacking or make no sense at all and it's still a great film.

    The reason why Cimino was a great director was because he was an artist, and only someone with visual artistic ability can make a good film.

    Ridley Scott has artistic ability and sketches his own storyboards...but his style is that of a Comic strip, so that tells you where is mind is at and what level of work he's shooting for..... Ridley makes films for kids, and when he attempts adult material like LIES about the CIA he falls way...way short.

    Speilberg also has visual talent, but again he doesn't have an adult mind, and all his work about adult material comes off with an unreal, childish bent.... He's not capable of understanding real world issues much less making art about any of it.

  15. The problem I have with Terrance Malik isn't that he doesn't understand film because he does. My problem with him is that what he thinks is beautiful onscreen isn't my idea of beauty. He shoots with natural lighting, and nothing makes a film look LESS real than when it's shot with equipment which accurately records reality.

    To make a film look real to the mind it must look like the mind perceives and remembers reality, which is NOT what reality really looks like.

    It must look like a dream.

  16. I like films such as MISSING which mirror reality, and they don't necessarily have to have any social importance. I think PLACES IN THE HEART by Robert Benton from Austin, Texas was an authentic film about a melieu that's never been filmed well before though many have tried......

    But it lacked visual artistry, and without that no film can be considered "art."

    For film to be art is must be visually perfect in the same way that Michaelangelos's "David" is Perfect......

    It must be perfected to be art, and that's not important to commercial film-makers who have to churn out product to pay for their mortgages and California-mandated alimony LOL

  17. There was a scene in HEAVEN'S GATE in which the Cattleman's Association hitman, Nat Champion, runs across a teenager who is trying to steal someone's steer....

    Ordinarily Champion's job was to kill anyone caught stealing cows, but he doesn't kill the thief because he's not an adult...

    "I'm not gonna kill some kid who's not even old enough yet to piss in his pants" Champion says......

    Even when the kid insults Champion he still won't kill him or do anything to him.....

    This is what's called CHIVALRY or otherwise known as COMMON SENSE or HONOR......


    But today there is no such thing as sparing the youths, or not killing someone who is unarmed....

    Today people have NO SENSE OF HONOR and just go around killing or pushing around weaker people in society just because they can.....

    It used to be that an honorable man only took on other MEN....and not children or weaker people or UNARMD PEOPLE....

    In the past if a law officer shot an unarmed person he would be LYNCHED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Tell me that today we are more moral than in the past....


  18. When the Earp brothers in the OK Corral shootout shot and killed and wounded several men WHO ALSO HAD GUNS.....

    The Earps were hauled before a Judge and had to EXPLAIN AND DEFEND THEMSELVES given what had happened.

    It wasn't enough that the other party was armed and held their weapons, etc., WHICH TODAY WOULD BE AN AUTOMATIC PASS FOR POLICE TO KILL ANYONE.......

    And there was GUN CONTROL in that town LOL and it was illegal for anyone other than law enforcement to possess firearms in the city!

    And yet the code of the past was that police were NOT to shoot anyone unless that person had pointed his weapon at the officer and actually shot off a round to PROVE that he was intending to kill or wound the policeman....

    Today the police just shoot at any movement and don't need to show the killed person even had a weapon much less was intending to use it LOL....

  19. Police used to be iron men with wooden sticks and today they are wooden men and women and faggots with iron sticks......

    They are panicy, frightened little pussies....

  20. I would have to say, I am not very impressed as well with their " shoot first, ask questions later" approach. Have seen way more than the ordinary number of these instances lately. Very disappointing behavior indeed. Life is cheap in the big city I guess. Actually Soylent green comes to mind. Fucking pitiful.

    1. problem is that us government does not have any kind of control in mega cities

    2. Go to Youtube and see Houston police execute CIA agent Roland Carnaby.....

      He clearly has no weapon and had his back turned to the policeman who reached around the car door to shoot Carnaby....

      The simple truth is that police enjoy killing people who annoy them, and they know they are not accountable.

      Unfortunately because prosecutors and statutes allow the police to murder the public now has no choice but to retaliate against the police with violence.

      The two NY police killed were murdered by a suicidal idiot who also shot his girlfriend that day so I don't think his motive was really reform or idealism.....

      However I think more honest citizens are going to be retaliating against police in all kinds of situations from now on, and that alone will finally force prosecutors to enforce the law against the police.

      Only violence works...

  21. I'm curious as to what Dr. P. and others here think of this proposed solution to the two state problem...

  22. "70% of those polled believe that 9/11 was a
    false flag orchestrated by Bush Jr/Cheney"

    Cheney was an outcropping of the international,
    intergenerational, shadow, criminal One World Order.

    As for Bush, he was hijacked, baffled, distressed,
    holding the 'Pet Goat' story book upside down.
    Hillary handled Bush after 9/11. (what did Hillary know?)

    1. Cheney is an android with a pig's heart valve and a chip in his brain implanted by reptilian aliens.

    2. Bank of North Dakota

    3. Frankly the way Cheney has behaved throughout his life he may as well be a Lizard, he is cetainly using the reptilian part of his brain. The part where Georgie boy is reading 'My Pet Goat' is so revealing, he is thinking shit Dick has actually done it...think nice thoughts, think nice thoughts. Anyway the Secret Service should have whisked him away to safety which is another clue.

    4. @Bill UK "The part where Georgie boy is
      reading 'My Pet Goat' is so revealing"

      Supposedly, Bush got a call from Maggie,
      encouraging to rise up to the occasion.
      Had Bush not gone along to get along,
      he would have been killed?

      Rumor is that, the death of Obola will be faked.
      False (Fake) Flag to increase control?

  23. Got my laugh for the night. Thanks for the info on Cheney Mit. I just hope he ain't making none of them thar lizard babies that the National Enquirer (the other medical journal) has warned us about!

  24. Replies
    1. To concentrate wealth, the Evil Oligarchs,
      support and promote, totalitarian governments.
      Hence, federalization, North American Union . .. ...

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