Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Its started, as if we didn't know.


  1. When I clicked on the above link I received a security warning and then a url appeared that read, www.mobpartners...


    The below of a two year old singing the blues made me laugh aloud a bit ago. Guess I will watch it again now.


    MIT, Can you figure out where the above originated? Dr. P? I have seen it appear a handful of times in the past.

    1. It's malware in your computer.

    2. I only have my phone online at home. Will a factory reset do it?

  3. Dr. P what should I do?

    I just received approval from the Patent office for my DATA FERRY trademark request, and I have the patent filing received from them.

    This device prevents all unwanted code from penetrating any computer. There's no need to connect any computer to the internet with this device. This device allows a computer which isn't connected to any network to export files by transferring files to an intermediary "browser computer"which is connected to the internet. The DATA FERRY connects to the computer [which is not connected to any network] and is loaded with the requested files. Then the DATA FERRY disconnects from the computer and connects to a second computer which is connected to the internet. This second computer is only a browser and contains no valued files. When the second computer becomes corrupted all it's memory is wiped clean with no loss of anything.

    By this means a computer can remain un-connected to any network and still export data files to others on the internet.

    In the future all governments and corporations and individual professionals will use this system.

    The computer and it's "browser computer" connected via the DATA FERRY are both in the same case and share the same keypad and screen.

    Dr.P what should I do next?

    I'm a terrible businessman.

    I'm a good intl operator but I'm totally lost at business.

    1. #1 Congrats on receiving patent, idea is impressive
      #2 Patent is an invitation to steal, have a specialized law firm ready (intellectual property) that can defend the rights for your idea
      #3 ANGEL investor is who you are looking for: a person that will invest up to 7 figures to build a team and your will be CEO
      #4 While producing your BETA, ensure your barrier of entry is high and the life span of your product is several years
      #5 Second phase of funding should be in 20M, second traunch will be an "angel fund"
      #6 Your former boss "inqu-tel" can also supply funding, long history of success.
      Hope it gets you started, be happy to help.

    2. Maybe it is worth writing a blog to help you and others. Thank you for commenting (as always). I like the idea, certainly will be a need in the future.

    3. Mit, I don't often give this kind of advice, but for what its worth, make sure that you "remember", that you did NOT invent this in any course of employment, in case there is some employment clause that gives an employer some legal rights to any of your inventions produced in any company lab on company time.
      And best of luck Mit, I hope you make a mint ! : )

    4. Sounds like a really good idea, I wonder if that John Mc Fee fella could help with the funding he is very into privacy and has the contacts. You will know when you have made it cos you will have a new hoodie and be married to an Asian lady and your company will have free vending machines.

    5. Thank you Dr.P I shall seek to proceed. After this last matter with Sony I think people are finally waking up to the need to disconnect their systems from the internet.

      It's simple enough to end all penetration concerns by never connecting your work computer to the net, and then when you want to share work product files just load them onto a flash and then plug it into a second computer you use for internet only. That way you keep the work computer pristine.

      All I've done is make the flash between the two systems internal so that the two systems can share the same keypad and screen.

      Once this catches on the entire industry of hacking and security, the spy vs. spy "white hat vs. black hat" and measure-countermeasure will be history.

      It's very simple. The Russians have found a simple answer to the issue of email insecurity - they've gone back to using manual typewriters.

    6. Mit have you considered taking your idea to the TV Program called " Shark Tank " ? I'd love to see you explain and demo it to them, they'd go nuts over it I bet.

    7. get unified european patent also, soon to be ratified

  4. I am sure MIT and McFee will be quite the team. Cocked and loaded and drinking hard whiskey.

    1. I take that as a good omen because I happen to know his team.

  5. If I were a billionaire philanthropist things I would do:

    1.Provide legal services for working people accused of crimes.
    2.Provide legal services for convicted people facing draconian punishments.
    3.Pay for the tuition of a lot of working people attending college.
    4.Advocate for the restoration of Constitutional rights which have been lost due to unfortunate Court rulings.
    5.Advocate for accountability of law enforcement when suspected of criminal activities
    6.Conduct investigations into the lack of safety and effectiveness of FDA-approved products.

    7.Subsidize the expansion of sustainable agricultural practices including urban composting
    8.Advocate for the preservation of water resources
    9.Advocate for the preservation of ocean ecologies
    10.Subsidize the development of alternative energy sources

    I would NOT purchase a sports team.


    1. i would invest in to anti-alcohol commercials on tv channels with pictures of alcoholics brain holes... i would organise CPS and foster family watch agency so that drug addicts can t adopt kids and i would organise my own Christian town and it s economy with 500 people... where i would be king.

    2. than such model of town i would transfer to africa

    3. I tried singing 'If I were a Billionaire Philanthropist', to the tune of 'If I were a Rich Man' it didn't work!

  6. I would open a sperm bank where genetically gifted high IQ people could make " donations " to recipients with similar attributes. However, I think the idea has been done before, so I would continue to fund it, to carry on its mission. And then I would buy and island and a chaise lounge, and sip umbrella, while I stare at the horizon where the azure blue sea, meets the sky for a while.