Monday, December 8, 2014

The Blowback Phenomena of ISIS Gory Propaganda!
  Nothing succeeds like success but nothing fails like too much of success. ISIS has been creating an ersatz caliphate through an effective propaganda machinery that employs Twitter, Facebook and other social media. They have been incredibly successful, as they have claimed, in recruiting new members from all over the Western and Arab world. However, ISIS never really learned the lessons of psychological warfare –that too much of a good thing can become quite a downer. Now ISIS, whomever this entity may really be, has entered the arena of propaganda warfare that is quite tricky and has to be managed very carefully.
In an excellent article (posted earlier) by Thomas Friedman, NYT, Dec.6, 2014, “How ISIS Drives Muslims From Islam”, he illustrates a number of very revealing cases of Muslims who are being turned off by the idea of a Nation-State enveloped in the artificial Islamic codes of “Sharia Law”.
Let me give you an example of what Friedman has insightfully recognized.
“.. on Twitter, a hashtag which translated as  ‘why we reject implementing Shariah’ has been used 5000 times in 24 hours. The conversation is mainly taking place in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.”

I find this particular anti-ISIS phenomena quite exciting. It illustrates that no matter how much one wants to use social media for recruitment and/or propaganda, there are internal limits to its utility. Every piece of propaganda showing the horrors that are committed by one or another side has inherent constraints which limit the utility of that particular message and media. I call that a ‘titration problem’. No matter how effective ISIS thought it was in the initial phase of its psychological warfare, it had to go in only one constant direction—more of the same.
When the saturation point of absorption occurred among knowledgeable Muslim youths all over the world, ISIS started to become a parody of horror and grotesqueness. The message of instituting Sharia Law backfired in such a way that it literally mobilized an anti-Sharia campaign in the very areas of the Middle East where Sharia Law is most prominent: Saudi Arabia. If there were any one Muslim country which least represents the true value of Islam, it is Saudi Arabia, a desert Kingdom of dysfunctional, spoiled brats who call themselves Kings, Princes and Royalty

For me, Saudi Arabia has been like a mirage in the desert, a fading image of post British Colonialism earmarked by a completely distorted/warped interpretation of Islam in the form of the parochial and dangerous Wahhabi tribal traditions which are the guarantors of the Saud/Faisal family reign. Fortunately for the enlightened world, Saudi Arabia and Wahhabism is faltering, if not moribund. The youth of Saudi Arabia are too smart for this arcane type of spiritual/political leadership. They have been trained in our schools from Montana State University to the Eastern Ivy League Universities. Saudi women will no longer wear the dark clothes of submission to assure the men that they are subjugated to a false God and makeshift misogynic laws. Saudi women are demanding their rights to drive, teach, learn as their western contemporaries have done for centuries.

When I went to Saudi Arabia years ago, the inherent hypocrisy of Sharia Law was evident in the 747 airplane that was taking off from the runway. As soon as we reached a certain altitude, all the Saudi women immediately disrobed and assumed their acquired western oriented dress codes. Believe me, these women were exceedingly beautiful.
ISIS is eventually going to implode on itself. Military excursions for and against ISIS, will have a very limited purpose. ISIS lives basically on a cash flow which propagates a myth of a caliphate that can never exist in the 21st century because the internet will deconstruct every statement, picture or utterance of fake political entity based on thousands of years of wishful thinking. Even the great Kurdish fighter, Saladin, knew that one day Judeo-Christian beliefs would have to consort in a world with Islam, Buddhism, and Atheism. He knew very well what the lesser, more pretentious, ineffective pretenders of ISIS did not realize—the Caliphates of thousands of years ago are essentially buried in the texts of the Koran, if one knows how to read the Holy Book properly.

For those of you who are thinking of joining ISIS or any other outdated, childish fantasy, think again. It could turn out that ISIS may be dangerous to your health. I want to thank and encourage all those young Muslims around the world who understand that religion and statecraft are two separate entities. Western European Renaissance was an outgrowth of the once dynamic Arab Culture that gave western civilization coffee, calculus and world-wide commerce.
Now, it is time for the youth of Saudi Arabia and other countries where so-called religious despots rule--- to overthrow their respective illegitimate regimes and become the ‘terrorists’ that the American Founding Fathers had once been called.
Good luck !
  And thank you ISIS for completely failing in your mission of conversion and nation-state building. If I did not know better, I would have presumed that most of ISIS was composed of the most dysfunctional NEOCONS, Intelligence Operatives and Bush-ites who failed to establish a stable nation after they invaded Iraq. That is just a whimsical thought..or maybe not!


  1. Because of the time difference most of you are slumbering in your beds, so I get first crack at this. Ha! From day one I have been suspicious of IS or ISIS because it all seemed a little to pat. Al-Qaeda were losing traction in the 'scary' stakes in the west when up pops ISIS. Acronym's are very rare in Arabic and this one is in English the hated language of the infidel...yup that makes sense. Then our soundbite becomes shortened to IS much easier for our Newscaster to drop into the conversation. Moving onto our Ninja robes and Weapons all shiny and new, their long lines of lovely Special Forces Texas made Toyoto Trucks. Then their PR section bursts into life with Facebook and Twitter Accounts which cannot be stopped by those companies (yet a picture of a Women Breast feeding can be removed in an instant due to unsuitable content, funny that!) Onto the 'beheadings' which may or may not be real, I am surprised they did not use crucifixations for real bang for their buck. It worked it got the coverage and was conveniently discovered in Washington, before release! Onto the internet. What intrigues me is the media and public being so horrified by beheadings, Saudi do about 50 a month normally as part of their justice system, but as 'friends' they are OK. What do folk think bombs do, your parts are scattered to the winds, why is this more socially acceptable? The IRA once blew up a Bandstand in a London Park there were literally men and Horse bodies hanging fron the trees...but at least there were no beheadings. I think these forces are created, trained and funded to be the next scary 'beardie bogie man'. When I was in Florida in August I went to a great Rodeo and at the start of the show the host said he wanted to thank any military in the audience for protecting them from 'Snipers and Suicide bombers' WTF we could barely find this place with a Satnav in the swamps and he was worried about Arabs, it is a slightly bizarre narrative if it starts to go vanilla on them, no doubt someones Subway or Shopping Malls will be hit. For me the playbook is 1984 (Obamas favourite book, apparently) with made up contrived enemies, phoney wars, phoney attacks, Victory Gin, Porn, gambling,Sport and Celebrity culture for the 'proles'. No doubt there are some back up 'Terrrrur!' Acronyms waiting in the wings for a few years hence.

    1. Great comment as always! Thanks Bill. Sent out your Xmas book today.

    2. People accept any propaganda if they can say after it: "Wow, smart, what show that was, so funny, we were all fooled, and i was not victim, obviously our rulers are smart and witty, and look how their action defined our temporal times today". ...everything is fine, my government really comes from God... (even every governments always do comes from God:))

  2. Had my Chihuahua not awakened me from my slumber, and a strawberry pop tart had not been calling my name, I would have missed this opportunity altogether Bill. Interesting take on the healthcare issue.

    Right now, I think the only thing that "got hit by a train", is our healthcare system, however, only time will tell. I just worry about a system that had to use exemption, to induce the very people who passed it, to vote it into existence. Lol !

    1. You are correct. The below are useful links. First one very important.

  3. Glorious article, what we need more...

    1. just look those jihadi twitters :)) ...

  4. I think its fair to assume that ultra Sharia law & Islam can only in the end be defeated or indeed defeat itself! And as Dr p correctly states all these Arabs can't wait to de-robe and partake in the excesses in life do you can't have system sorry a successful system where you say "do as I say not do as I do" sooner or later you ask for trouble in my opinion! Same in Israel where if it were the case that it were totally Orthodox you'd have a huge commotion or indeed if you lived in a country that enforced hard line Christianity it would be rejected! I'd use Libya as a case in point where conditions were reasonable under Gaddafi and now what do you have? Syria doesn't want hard line Islam either. I think its safe to say that all isn't well in Saudi Arabia and the the "Glittering" metropolis of Dubai, Qatar, Abu Dhabi are not as financially strong as being made out and the "Prince's" of that region are spending the money we are loaning them and we know we ain't getting it back do it could just be the west are giving these Prince's enough rope as to hang themselves so to speak! One thing is for sure you are always going to get a minority who preach brimstone and fire or whatever but it can't succeed! I'd put it this way if I were to describe it...the amount of pain felt is determined by the amount of attention you give it!

  5. In 1989 King Hussein of Jordan had to cancel the outcome of his first free and fair elections when the winners were all Islamists.

    In Egypt the military had to take back the country from insane Muslim Brothers who won elections there.

    Probably 60% of Arabs want a Califate and Sharia, just as 90% of Vietnamese wanted a communist government.

    There's a modernizing element in Arab societies of course who are about a third of public opinion. I hope they will be growing but it's a long hard slog and without any relief from poverty and unhappiness Islam will remain strong for the common people. Young men in particular are pissed off because they can't get married without a job, and without marriage there's no sex. Arab men are not exactly the romantic types...just horny as hell.

    The outlet for young men in Egypt as well as everywhere else in Islam is clandestine homosexuality, and in Egypt last week a bathhouse full of 'gays' and other weirdos was busted by authorities and those paraded out naked were charged.

    In Egypt 90% of all women have had their clits sliced off so they won't be able to enjoy sex......

    Yes the Arab world is really fucked up and I have no hope for it except for the Palestinians, the only modern force over there.

    1. Excellent points MIT! Especially the female circumcision and what's the age old remark regarding the men?..... men for pleasure females for babies!!! But I always smile when I see the Islamic extremists sporting Nike Air Jordan's whilst demanding middle age rules and laws!

  6. As in Africa you really have to live with these people to understand them.

    The levels of corruption are beyond comprehension. There is nothing but indifference by the elites for the welfare of everyone. Crimes against woman are everywhere all the time, and girls who have been raped are murdered by their own parents....

    It's a hell on earth.

    It's because of this all-pervasive pure evil that Islam came into being as a remedy and still finds it's adherants.

    Islam as terrible as it is was and is found to be a RELIEF.

    The Afghans embraced the Taliban because until their rule the warlords were raping, pillaging and murdering.

    The Talibs were a relief.

    1. Wasn't it the Afghan Taliban whom had a penchant for the "dancing boys" for recreational purposes shall we say?

    2. in islamic tradition child strippers are nice way to relax, in thailand, they have trannies... while girls are bah bah, in india they abort so many girls that they have ratio of boy babies to girl babies around 63 to 37, in china if you bribe doctor he will smile if he see that you have boy on ultrasound (it is illegal to know gender) ...there is one joke: why in asia girls with small feets are respected, because they maneuver more easily between sink and oven

  7. OT: Hey, I just found out today that the CIA tortures people! I had no idea! What information was the CIA seeking--who would confess to the 2001 anthrax that came from the U.S. government? Did they want someone from Afghanistan to confess to wiring WTC Building Seven for demolition explosives? Torture, and for what??

    1. maybe that is why bushy mum is changing her mind about Jeb running for president

  8. Yes Barry you are right. All the British press lead with the CIA torture story today. It would have saved them a lot of reputation and about £130m if they had just popped round to the Saudis with their 14/19 Hi-Jackers and funding (although Pakistan's ISI wired Atta with 100k as well) or just meandered around to Cheney's office and looked at the file in his top draw. The point is CIA are supposed to be the 'good' guys and I am sure most of them are, however everyone knows torture never works. The Chinese in the 50's and the North Koreans worked out building a bond with your captive and getting that first 'Yes' lead to televised confessions of whatever. One of my RAF relatives was hunted down with thermal cameras by the SAS then put in stress positions and assaulted as part of his Pilot training, apparently it was not very nice. ( Although the sleep deprivation and electronic noises is a bit like having young children!) The point is the Gestapo are gone we do not need a new one, you get more bees with honey than with vinegar.


    Yes George Tenant is putting on his black leather chaps, Cofer Black is wearing his black leather policeman's cap, and Jose Rodriquez is getting out his black silcon dill-does and breaking out his Village People albums !!

    These three perverts of the CIA were the weirdos who GAVE A MACHO PERFORMANCE when in 1992 they all said,

    "Yes, President Bush we'd love to hire two retired Army psychologists and pay them 83 million dollars to give us a new torture program so we can stick rubber hoses of up the asses of some Arabs!"

    Nevermind that these two 'psycholgists' had no experience in interrogation and were only contracted because they told Cheney and Bush what they wanted to hear....and that to them it was nothing more than a way to scam 83 million dollars in 'contractor fees'....


    Because chaining men to the floor in their own piss and shit is what floats their boat!

    What could be more enteraining than stripping men naked and slapping them around and punching them from time to time...

    ...or making them wear diapers!

    Yes those diaper-wearing captives are REAL SLAVES for the Mexican/Cuban/Puerto Rican latino pervert BANANA REPUBLIC TORTURER....

    Jose Rodriquez, the GS-17 supergrade CIA officer with the horny latino accent!

    Yes Jose you are a macho man!

    Senior Rodriquez you are a Spanish-speaking sex torturer of the best of them like your cousins in Chile, Argentina and such other Macho places!

    Let's see the Chorizo!

    1. OOoops..I meant to say they said that in 2002, not 1992.

  10. The sad part is that the Torture Program only involved a hundred or so high value CAPTIVES....

    The real fun was had with the thousands who were RENDERED to even more fun and games in places like Morocco, Libya, Jordan, and other places where they enjoy slicing penies with shards of glass, bending naked men over tables and lashing their bare asses with whips!

    Now that's a party Cofer Black had in mind when he said,

    "This means the gloves come off !!"

    And what sexy gloves he has too! And leather caps and jock straps!

    Former OSS Officer and CIA career agent Clay Shaw would have been proud to know his dungeon of GIANT BLACK DILL-DOES, handcuffs and whips photographed by the New Orleans police is now adopted a the newer generation of CIA GAY LOVERS!

    Too bad Clay Shaw couldn't live in a time of MARRIAGE EQUALITY!

  11. Dr. P predicted this move by Feinstein, in a previous post. I don't know what to say, just when you think you've heard and seen it all, gotta have some GS-17's getting their jollies superseding the Geneva convention.
    Feel like Gomer Pyle..... Gahhhhhhly Sgt. Carter ! What a mess.

  12. I think they were from the 'Department of Anal Infusion' they have their own graduate training program and logo.

  13. Just heard the Spanish accented Jose Rodriquez say that current leadership doesn't have the "fortitude" to interrogate like he did...


    It's just like these latin banana republic torturers to consider rape and electric shocks as something requiring 'fortitude.'

    WTF is America doing have a foreigner from Puerto Rico or Cuba or wherever as a senior officer LOL

  14. Just looked it up.

    Rodriquez is from Puerto Rico!

    Banana Republic all over.