Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Cuba Opening: Obama’s Secret Diplomacy Success!
Most of you are aware that this blogger has not shied away from criticizing Obama or the CIA and other covert agencies for their past failures. However, if I am willing to criticize Caesar than I must also praise him for the fine handling of a very delicate issue like the loosening of relations with Cuba. I don’t have to go over the history of a fifty year embargo that has done nothing but made a few US mid-western farmers extremely wealthy shipping grain and other crucial goods to Cuba. 
Please remember that in every so called embargo of a country, someone tends to benefit.  More often than not, its our wealthy corporations or agribusinesses that profit the most from goods and services which find their way ‘somehow’ into the embargoed country. That was true of the embargo on South Africa when the Maritius Airlines were laden with all types of goods that were prohibited from being sold to South Africa. Or when Israel tested their non-existent atomic bomb off the coast of the African Horn.

However, this time around Obama initiated a one and a half year secret negotiations unbeknownst to me or others who were in the know. He made covert overtures to Raul Castro through an intermediary who was a ‘guarantor‘ for both the US and Cuba—The Pope. Congrats to the Pope Francis for his skillful backdoor negotiations with the Cuban leadership. Also Congrats to our Intelligence/Diplomatic Community for their persistent, quiet diplomacy which had effectively dismantled the antiquated, useless embargo. More and more, I am beginning to see that Obama is really growing in the Presidential office by initiating and completing several successful but completely unheralded accomplishments:
A few worth mentioning…..
1. One month ago a Singaporean tanker left Texas with American oil, signifying that for the first time, Americans have become a major exporter of oil to the world. At the same time, Obama has allowed the oil companies to produce over 9 million barrels of oil per day placing us in the position of being able to drive down the price of oil precipitously. Also Obama has, despite complaints from this left wing, increased the fracking that has been occurring all over the USA, even in places one would not have thought.
2. Obama vetoed the Keystone pipeline correctly claiming that the gas transported from the sands of Canada would do nothing for the American economy, but only benefit major Canadian Companies.
3. And the piece de resistance is that soon Obama will effectively conclude a trade and diplomatic treaty with the most crucial country in the Middle East: Iran. By doing so, he realigns the power base away from the useless makeshift post English colonial countries like Saudi Arabia [major thorn in our side]; UAE; Qatar; Jordan; Syria; and Israel [a strategic liability].
Please don’t forget that our economy has been growing while the rest of the world has been in an economic recession, no mean feat. It was the Obama administration and its covert operatives in the military, civilian parts of the USG who effectively taught Putin the lesson in economic theory. Don’t mess with America when it comes to money, honey! We will always win! Crony Capitalism trumps Kremlin kleptocracy.

So I must congratulate this administration for deeds well done and commend all the White House members for carrying out a very delicate act of diplomacy, a long time coming. Hail Caesar! Hail Obama!
Republicans: you are in deep, deep trouble, carrying on like children in a sand lot throwing mud at one another and the President.



  1. Congratulations, now let s Put on Obama that crown in Vatican, he is today real Defender of Faith. Putin, he can go ride gooses and finally become alcoholic. Ah imagine, Putin riding goose, drunk somewhere in Ufa on street without asphalt and full of mud outside some local inn while his republican unbelievers are cheering him to take off his shirt on -10 C. Rubio is that little boy who brings those small glasses for vodka while Boner already looks orange.

    1. "Beneficiaries of the covert Vatican accounts
      include Barack Obama, Michelle Obama . .. ..."
      Did Raul Castro receive a Vatican Bank account?


      Yes Putin sat and answered questions FOR OVER THREE HOURS from a theater full of journalists as well as taking questions from the public over internet and telephones.

      What other world leader would do this? What other world leader would need to?

      He answered hard-ball questions from critics for three hours and nothing was spared.

      Can you imagine our skinny black gay President Obama doing anything like that, or that brisket-baking housefrau Merkel? LOL

      Putin has charted out what all peoples need and want - a masculine leader.

    3. Chia cha .... What are you smoking when not jerking off? The bullshit springs around. Obama makes every possible populist attempt to win cheap and ignorant electorate. Real shame.

    4. If you really want to know, i do not not smoke, and Obama is right now on vacation so what are you talking about.

    5. I am sure that when dear president returns next year from Oahu, even Silvio will be amazed by his new tan. A pleasant, relaxed vacation combined with good choice of vines a la charte, appropriate for this part of year, surely will put up this year, yet again, as another winning combination. And for all of us it will manifest it self as solid foundation on which all our deepest and most sincere hopes and expectations about presidents vacation are going to be sustained without any need for all those always unnecessary worrisome opinions and speculations.

    6. And here is new jingle from Radio Obama (FM) and Radio Vatican (AM), to mister putin. It will go only after Obama's vacation ...of course.

    7. Alex,

      I am a Nazi and a German so I don't like Russians very much....

      But I have more respect for Russians today than I do Americans.

      Americans should take some lessons from Russians about what it means to be something instead of nothing.

    8. Everything that's happened is totally the fault of the Americans.

      Knowing that Putin and Russians are very defensive and nationalistic....

      The Americans went about SURROUNDING them with NATO allies to the point of trying to pull even Ukraine into the NATO orbit....

      And no Russian leader is going to tolerate that....





      it's a no-brainer Dudes...

      Americans are so fucking stupid

    9. Mistake of every atheist is that he is coming from aspect of history, land and justice... There is no justice on this world, land rot, in history Satan lives... Vatican and our older brothers, Jews, have different concept toward this world, which is not out of this world because that can not work... Heck even Hitler was smarter that that, he was trying to get in contact with aliens with that flying bell, even one Croat female was sent and lost in quants... :)

    10. New York Police Crybaby's Weep Over Fallen Brothers!

      It's not enough that they just state the facts that two NYC police were shot to death....

      Oh no......

      They have to go on and on about what heros they were and how they were only out there to "protect the people" and blah blah blah......

      All these crybaby platitudes are disgusting.

      Of course we never hear anything like that when they report on the killing of any ordinary citizen like the people for whom they're supposed to be working.

      And the capstone to their self-pity and aggrandizement is their accusation that Mayor DiBlazio was to blame for the killings because he's not given them blind allegiance for everything they do....

    11. I am aware of your political adherences CIA. That sounds reasonable to respect Putin now especially in comparison to Obama. That is good that people of your views still exist in US. I do not like putin' s internal policy but he is so f...n good in the international scene even with all this Crimea fuck up.

  2. I think solution for EU would be to have this kind of government. Obama crowned as King David II of West in Vatican, having huge Versailles in New York on Long Island, parliament of unified EU and USA in Reykjavik, In Bruxelles you put new Senate with expanded 78 states, EU and US unified central commission in Denver, manifest of destiny proclaimed for Sahara, technodrome in Germany, from whole Paris you make Disneyland as centre for visual expression, from whole London make one huge university campus made as eastern Harvard, Yale, Princeton on steroids, In Ireland all other institutions as new Eastern Virginia, Italy eastern Hollywood, Vatican as Vatican, Spain - Cape Canaveral and Arizona, Portugal built as new Art Deco Miami, Washington command centre of one army, Eiffel tower in Philadelphia and as western set of British museum, Western Vatican library in San Francisco, Houston as centre for all religious debates, religious youth and medicine, Copy of Venice on lakes in Michigan or around Buffalo, New Jerusalem in St. Louis, new Christian version of Acropolis of Athens in Los Angeles, Miami needs one stone Colosseum of Rome, Atlanta needs Milan Cathedral, much much job is needed, and more of central planning is needed...

    1. Chia's version of "New World Order" You are giving "41" (President Bush) heartburn with that plan. : )

    2. Little Bush 41 thinks you need to be brave, bold but also wise like eagle and talk finally just little with that dragon and Satan (China) to build that new world oder, that is his irrationality... You would get NWO tomorrow if UK and US would each agreement to occupy France, hang those socialists there and give 100,000$ to every living French first year, than 20,000$ every next year. Also let them then to take whole Benelux, make some world level language cultural concession etc. And you have ti all. In economic war of 2003. France was very strong it sustained whole 5 days of economic war but USA and UK is afraid, how we can occupy our Roman Empire brother and our core, they are afraid they would look like barbarians...

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Thank you for your offer of credit Carlos! Credit is a fancy word for debt in england and so is account, well I've been in debt on account of my credit so no thanks very much! Have you tried any of the governments? They could do with a debt consolidation whilst markets correct themselves! Merry Christmas

    2. Yes, Mr. Carlos Stev. I would like the "Neal Bush" loan for $100,000,000.00 and would like to only pay back $25,000,000.00 . And with a length of term of 4 years. Would you be kind enough to arrange that for me as soon as possible please, as I am considering a White House run, and would like to buy some "ad time" beforehand. Please advise at your earliest convenience. And rest assured there will be "no new taxes" when I get elected. I promise, and double pinky swear as well.

    3. i need loan to be in debt, because i want to be in debt, that is my goal... i need loan to spend money so i will not have money to return debt, that is my goal also... also i want to work so i can earn enough money to not work anymore... in Yugoslav socialism in front of factory facilities you would always find workers drinking beer and sitting on small walls in front of facilities or roasting pigs and playing cards... There were also some people who were also working, that was always source of wonder and thing to comment, the most usual picture was while such one would work was to have group of people standing around him, looking, and to talking about soccer as a way of needed mental support. Ruling working class is stronger that way... And it is evil to look person by what he do, it is important are you ok as person... Until 1991. i never heard that anyone was fired from job... Also country was saying that: "You can not pay me so little how little i can work"... Then came Americans and moved factories to China :) aarhhhhh ha ha ha

  4. Wow. I did wonder what your take would be Dr P as you were born in Havana. For a moment as you were praising Obama I did wonder if you had been hacked by the same folk that brought us Sony Pictures: The Stand Down, a true life drama with Burt Reynolds as the studio chief who picks a bad day to give up smoking! But I guess credit where credit is due. However if the Prez gets out of his box too much, they will run the Bill Hicks joke, where they take him into the basement of the Whitehouse and show him JFK in Dealey Plaza from a new film angle. Now at least folks will be able to enjoy their Cigars in peace.

  5. I give Obama no credit for this. This was a no-brainer move made possible by the generational change of Cuban Americans who now will tolerate it.

    Until the last ten years the Cubans in America would have gone apeshit over this, however younger Cubans now favor it and so it's finally happened.

    The pitiful thing is how these Cuban assholes in America have hijacked policy. These assholes formed the core of the worst CIA thug force in Vietnam and other places, and also conducted the assassination program against John AND Robert Kennedy and witnesses thereof.

    These sadistic latino Cubano assholes took control of most of the banks in Florida, laundered narcotics funds by the billions, packed cocaine into American cities by the shipload, and today are using Florida pain clinics and pharmacies to create millions of heroin addicts in America.

    And their closest ally and ass-licker is JEB BUSH.

    Yes JEB announced his Presidential ambitions, and I don't think the timing with the opening to Cuba was a coincidence.

    Bush and his family of Cubano thug mafia druglord kingpins will try to steal the election again as they did in 2000.......

    1. USA needs to establish controllers, i think controllers were abolished in 2003 with abolishment of banking regulation, because after French betrayal US justly needed world to finally get that there can be only one military command... If USA would break up, tomorrow you would have all mice trying to get to that small spot on top, vacated by cat, even those who can t have even 1% of chance, yes, even Hungary, ha ha ha ha, that would be chaos plus WW3


    As I've mentioned I used to work wiith Air Force Lt. Col. David H. Strier, who was an assassin and counter-intelligence operator assigned to Cuba in 1958.

    Strier had his most challenging times on that assignment and was stabbed and shot while there, spending much time recouperating from various attempts on his life. When not layed up recovering from injuries he used to frequent after-hours clubs in Habana where he danced with professional Cuban dancers. After the clubs would close the dancers would gather at the after-hours spots and Strier was among the best dancers there at that time. This seems strange for a government assassin and general thug to be a fabulous dancer, but remember that mafia hitman who killed Jimmy Hoffa, Sheeran, was also a dancer who moonlighted as a dance instructor !!

    So as for all you un-initiated into the world of hit men and assassination you might be surprised at the qualities of these men, as Sheeran was a gentleman in all respects, Strier was not only a dancer as well but a very talented graphic artist, and Charles Harrelson was a literate and charming man his son Woody termed, "the most intelligent and well-read person I ever met..."

    But back to Strier.....

    Strier assissted Castro in his guerilla efforts. He knew Castro and Celia Sanchez very well. Strier was passionately opposed to the way the Cuban peasants were treated before the revolution, and always, continuously PRAISED CASTRO AND THE REVOLUTION.

    Even in 1991 and after when I worked with Strier he continued to praise Castro, and criticized all his CIA colleagues who worked against Castro.....

    Now I know this must be hard to understand, but this is the simple truth about CIA. It was, and probably is, an organization of such profound diversity of beliefs that it's hard to understand, but that's the way I saw it.

    1. The story of Frank Sheeran claiming to have killed Hoffa is credible, and he explains that Hoffa was cremated in a mortuary crematorium.

  7. As for Iran I hope Dr.P you're right that the US will finally reach a detente with Iran.

    Iran has been seeking amicable relations with the US for over twenty years, particularly right after 9-11.

    Iran will always be the most powerful country there, is ruled by rational and intelligent actors, and must be dealt with positively.

    The Salifist cabal in Saudi Arabia and their zionist secret butt-buddies in Israel are the root of all evil in the region.

    The Shi'ite-Salifist combat on-going there will only be concluded when one side loses...and that side will not the the Shi'ites.

    The US must join the winning side, form alliances with Iran, the Shi'ites in Iraq, and even those of the Arabian Penninsula AGAINST their homosexual and alcoholic, degenerate "Royals" and "Princes" of Saudi Arabia and the monarchies of the Gulf.


    I give no credit to Obama because he doesn't have any brains for planning anything. We can't ignore that the Secretary of State happens to be John Kerry. Obviously he's playing a role here and should be congratulated. Also I'm guessing Valerie Jarret is very active in these positive events.

    1. I don't think this is Kerry's doing... The word is that Obama went around his cabinet to send the secret letter to Khameni. Kerry continues to insist on regime change in Syria whereas Obama says flat-out no.

      Of course there is always the discrepancy between what these people say and what they're really up to, but Obama finally seems to be asserting himself.

      Up to recently, he's gone along with the neo-cons, including the "crypto-neo-cons" of the R2P school and their schemes. He went along with the Afghanistan surge, their "humanitarian bombs" in Libya, and he almost went along with escalating their misadventures in Syria had not Putin come in and saved the day, which left egg on Obama's face. Has he vowed "no more" after that humiliation?

      Kerry, along with McCain has been among those on the leading edge pushing for these misadventures. Hegel incidentally - so it was reported in Intelligence Online - was actually in the bomb Assad camp along with Kerry, McCain, and the rest, while Dempsy was not. This was at least part of the reason why he left.

      Obama seems... I could be wrong, but he seems to be coming to terms with his legacy, on making good on at least some of those campaign promises that had been all but abandoned in his first six years...

    2. Where are getting this?

      Obama never makes any decisions or charts out any courses. He has no motivation to improve or reform anything. He didn't come into office with any agenda.

      What Obama does is listen to what David Axelrod tells him to say during campaigns so he can get elected.

      Then once elected he does whatever those around him want him to do.

      When they want him to say "Assad must go" that's what he says. When they tell him "no Assad has to stay" then that's what he does.

      When they tell him he doesn't have the authority to grant anmesty to illegal immigrants that's what he says. Then when they tell him he actually does and that he'll gain politically then that's what he does.

      When they tell him he should close down Guantanamo he says he'll do that, then when others say he shouldn't then he doesn't.

      His pattern is so transparent that it's stupid.

      He seeks to please whichever room of people he finds himself in, and that room of people changes with time.

      He only wants to be President. Beyond that he cares for nothing and no one.

    3. Watch Obama in press conferences.....

      His speech is very halting, very inconfident, and he is ill at ease in answering questions.....

      Then he starts dropping "ings" so that he thinks he can sound more folkie.....

      And he uses the word "folks" a lot!

      He knows he doesn't have any convictions and no personal views about any topic so he's making it up on the fly.....

      It's so fucking obvious it's laughable.

      He's an intelligent person who cares about NOTHING.

      That's why he never gets angry. They call him "no drama Obama" because he cares about nothing except being President and smoking cigarettes in private.

      The ONLY time he's ever showed any emotion was when he was speaking about his initiative to help young black men.....

      That's the ONLY time he showed that he cared about anything, and that's because THOSE ARE PEOPLE THAT REMIND HIM OF HIMSELF.

      Obama is a total narcissist with no capacity for empathy or concern for anyone but himself because he was rejected and deeply traumatized as a child.

    4. Look at the way Obama interacts with the Bushes.

      I've never...NEVER...seen so much touching and persona affection between any politicians. Obama smiles and kisses and embraces Laura, puts his arm around George W. and smiles and grins at him.....

      In public such as last week Obama states how much affection he has "for the Bush family."

      DON'T YOU GET IT ????

      He feels this way about them purely because THEY ARE A FAMILY OF PRESIDENTS LIKE HIM!

      The fact that they have wreeked massive destruction on the world according to Obama's supporters MEANS NOTHING TO OBAMA BECAUSE OBAMA DOESN'T CARE WHAT ANYONE DOES OR WHAT THEY STAND FOR.

      Obama only cares about their STATUS.

      Obama is possessed of the same primal motivator which explains the motives of all nergo men....


    5. I start to like Obama, because he is now real professional politician. And seems now that he works only with secret services and without zoo. Best politician for country is one who never worked anything else in his life. One who never had one day of real work in real life. Also he looks like perfect super lazy person even seems he is not lazy at all somehow? I do not get that at all? You are right, status and acceptance, he cares about that but in some indirect way, can not find some example to say: "There it is, see..."

    6. Fine, he's a narcissist. His whole life he's had people feeding his narcissist self with "someday you'll be president - just DO AS WE SAY".... "soon you'll be the first black president - just DO AS WE SAY"... Then he became president and these voices insisted he "DO AS WE SAY... or else" Or else what? They - I'm thinking of Brennan for one - that they are holding over him, birth certificate related perhaps, but sexual things as well" And so he's been doing as they say... for the most part.

      Now however there are some things he's doing that go against what they want. This is perhaps in part due to the fact that his reason is being put in service to his narcissism - he is realizing that his legacy will suffer greatly if he continues to do as they say.

      Moreover, whatever they are holding against him is not as threatening as it was, perhaps because they are pre-occupied with other things, e.g. Brennan and his CIA problems, Jaime Dimon and the noose that is tightening around his neck. Perhaps Obama found things that he can use against them, enabling him to be more assertive of not his will, but the will of the people in his final two years. Since the adoration of the people is what his narcissist self most craves, that is what he will do....

      Yes, I'm not entirely believing my own argument here, but a little wishful thinking can't hurt.

    7. That very awkward sentence should read:

      They - I'm thinking of Brennan for one - are holding certain things over him, birth certificate related perhaps, but sexual things as well...

    8. You're totally wrong about this.

      First, no one ever told him he'd be President. The establishment was backing Hillary if you remember when he burst on the scene. The Democratic base gravitated toward him because Hillary had voted for the Iraq war.

      Second, no one needs to threaten or blackmail him to get him to do what they want. Frankly that's laughable.

      I just got through saying he doesn't have any convictions or empathy for anyone. He doesn't care what happens to anybody. He's a con man who only cares about himself, and one of his strategies is to please everyone around him..

      When he's around a bunch of people who tell him he can't declare amnesty for illegals that's what he says. Then when those people go away and a different group of people are around him and they tell him it's what he should do then he does it....

      When he's around a bunch of people who tell him Guantanamo must go he says he'll do that...then later he's with other people who tell him not to do it and so he changes his mind...but his mind was never really made up because he has no opinions or covictions....

      He just does what the people around him want him to do because he's only interested in making people like him.


    Thought of you MIT when I saw the above article. You seem like a red ice kinda guy.

    1. Red Ice Radio - Joaquin Flores is an American expat living in Belgrade. He is a full-time analyst at the Center for Syncretic Studies, a public geostrategic think-tank, where his work centers on Eastern European, Eurasian, and Middle East affairs. Flores is particularly adept at analyzing the psychology of the propaganda wars and cutting through the noise of 'information overload.' He also serves as the Europe-wide coordinator for New Resistance, a US based revolutionary movement. In the first hour, Joaquin explains the impetus for the founding of the Center for Syncretic Studies, formed in 2013 as platform from which to view the various social and ideological movements that exist today with a broad lens. We discuss the commonality between the radical and progressive left and the radical and paleo-conservative right, which hold the same values and also see the same things wrong with society. Then, Joaquin breaks down the divide and conquer tactics of our leaders, the dictatorship that exists within the US, and the importance of waking up to the delusion that there will be a government reform. In the second hour we consider what it is that can be done by the people in the USA to overcome the dilemmas of Government. Joaquin gives some insight into commonly held criticisms of the Powers That Be, the US’s misinterpretation of revolutions around the globe, and the importance of getting past the idea that the mainstream view is the majority. Then, we examine the propaganda surrounding multiculturalism and the deracination that is occurring within European cultures. Later, Joaquin talks about the media war that is occurring within the Ukraine and Russia, Operation: Gladio, and the New Inter Nationalists. Further, we deliberate the Ukrainian Civil War, US involvement with Pravy Sektor Coup, the push for a Ukrainian failed state, and the role of Islam in this artificially created social movement. In conclusion, Joaquin describes how The New Media is the primary weapon in 4th generation warfare.

    2. I believe the basic problem with America is that it's abandoned it's populist roots.

      American media and politics is controlled by finance interests, and the prior ability of Americans to organize against this is lacking.

      What's needed is for a worker's party to emerge and organize the masses AGAINST the agenda of the "job creators."

      The public thought they were getting that with Obama, but he was a phony....just another lying negro like Jessie Jackson or TD Jakes or any other negro con man.

      What's needed is a vital labor movement and Democratic party leaders who are radical, and angry about the American working man....


      The Democratic party needs to get away from providing benefits to illegal aliens and the poor and be about INCREASING WAGES AND EDUCATION FOR WORKING AMERICANS.

      What's needed is a PARTY FOR WORKERS...

      A NATIONALIST party which puts AMERICANS first and not immigrants, or the Chinese, etc....

      And focuses on improving conditions in America and not intervening here and there or encircling other countries like Russia or China....

      Let's let the Russians and Chinese have the countries around them and we will control the countries around us like Mexico....

      We need a plan to take over Mexico and have regime change there overtly or covertly.

      Let's let the Russians have Ukraine...okay.

    3. I know a lot of workers and I know why they're apathetic.

      For one thing they're able to just get by if both spouses are working over fourty hours a week. As long as they can just get by they are not angry.

      Their kids are apathetic because they don't care if they are poor as long as they have lots of sex and drugs.....

      The sexualization of youth, with everyone from Britney Spears to Mily Cyrus staying drunk and drugged and being fucked all the time....

      This is the opiate of the masses......

      The poor today are spending all their time having sex and taking drugs.

      This is the sole reason why American workers are apathetic.

      It's what they want. Hedonism is their cure.

    4. Working people today think all they need is enough money somehow to keep a roof over their head and enough ground meat and cheetos around to eat....

      With their basic needs met they go online and hook up with random partners for hot sex, and take as much drugs as they can afford.....

      In the past this was not possible, and that's why workers today don't give a shit.

    5. What's that fat lady on television, "June" or somebody, who has all these kids....and some of her boyfriends are registered child molesters?

      That's what I'm talking about.

      Or the "teen moms" you see there, or those reality shows where all these young people are trapped in a house somewhere and they sneak away to fuck each other!

      This is why working people don't give a shit that their incomes have dropped....

      They can do all these things instead!

    6. "The best things in life are free, or almost free."

    7. Personally I've met a lot of young girls who just want to fuck and take drugs all the time and they tell me the same thing.....

      "I don't need money to be happy."

    8. And now that we have legal marijuana LOL

      Get used to it Dudes.....

      Stoners have no ambition!

      The American underclass is more than happy to stay on the brink of poverty as long as they have.....

      Sour Deisel !

      Hydro !

      Trainwreck !

      And other high THC varieties to choose from!


    9. for all that you need factories, Brzezinski said while he was talking about Afghanistan and nation build up: "Oh they say we can not do nation build up, yes we can enact draft and get 2M for Afghanistan, than there can be nation build up, second line was that you can not build up US again without factories, because only factories can vacuum up that bulk of people which needs guidance"

  9. $atanic One World Order, is unifying, to standardize North
    America. Even the Pope has been ordered to get involved.
    Paying little attention, to massacres in Mohammedan countries,
    What do they have on the Pope?

  10. Maybe what I need is a Ukrainian wife.

  11. Be sure to get a prenup upfront there Mit. As for me, I'm looking to rent, not buy, I've had it with traditional marriage. My 1st and last one cost me a fortune. So I'm going with "variety is the spice of life", theme here, and will try one from each country please.

  12. I think I am going to try some "Chinese diplomacy", next.

  13. Online dating scene is crazy. Lots of women who could pass for models out there, but you need more than good looks to keep me in the game.

    1. I think the secret is to become leader of Cuba. In a list I saw Fidel trumped Hef and Elvis combined having 'romanced' c 35,000 ladies, which works out at 3 per day for 31 years. Frankly I am surprised he can still walk! That plus having survived exploding bowls of fruit and cigars, Fidel has had an amazing life and outlived just about everyone. Learn from history you have reminded me of a quote from the late Felix Dennis he said 'you should always rent anything that flies, floats or fornicates' to retain your fortune.

    2. nope you do not need it... do not forget that we guys have advantage, there are less of us, we die younger, those who live are nonfunctional because of drugs, and booze, many are unemployed, lives with parents, many prefer boys, you should look it from bright side

    3. Well Bill I'll let you know when I start fornicating.

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    11.Monthly Income…………..

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