Sunday, October 4, 2015

American 4Star General John Campbell Attains Historic/Hysteric Proportions
Throughout 2015, He Insisted the “Taliban Are Losing!”
Just Days Ago, Taliban Defeated Afghan/American SOF in hours!
Next, Americans airstrike a hospital in Afghanistan?
Just when I thought I had heard it all regarding American military might degrading exponentially before our eyes, some knuckle-headed, General John Campbell, decorated with more medals than a peacock, shows how truly incompetent our active combat leaders really are. Only a few months ago, Campbell reassured the world with his grandiose pronouncements that, despite intelligence to the contrary, the Taliban forces were pretty much defeated. 

Campbell, like his self-delusional precursors Westmoreland, assured the world and America in particular that it was close to impossible for the enemy to obtain a strategic position because there was no evidence of heavy military deployments by the Taliban. Remember during the Vietnam War, generals insisted to the very last days before we whisked the American Embassy officials and military personnel out of Saigon that we, Americans, were ‘defeating both the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army.

The Saigon evacuation became a pictorial landmark in American military humiliation, yet our military/civilian leaders continued to perseverate on single point: “We were winning the war!” Today, we still hear the haunting refrain from those who fought on the ground that ‘if … not for this.. or for that… we would have won..” The truth is that we never had a chance in Vietnam nor in Afghanistan nor in any other overseas deployment because our senior officers were never invested in the culture, terrain, nor in a specific strategy that should have been designed to succeed in a certain deployment.
We were and still are ‘illiterate’ when it comes to the ‘human terrain of battle’. None our officers are trained in the culture, psychology or the real nature of combat which does not involve heavy weapons or large numbers of personnel. Except for a few glaring exceptions like our different Special Forces [exception: the self-promoting SEALS], we have no capacity to engage in any other terrain other than those concocted in the minds of the Pentagon War Gamers. We are just a giant ineffectual military body capable of nothing more than consuming large amounts of money and creating whimsical narratives that end in what I will delineate as the “General Campbell Fiasco”.  Per custom, Campbell will never have to account for his intellectual malfeasance nor his incompetent performance. Generals simply fade away—as they should.
In contrast, we see the Russians move into Syria without any pronouncements of impending victory or any accompanying denigration of the enemy.They simply use their allies on the ground—Iranian Soldiers tested in the cauldron of continuous battles; as well as a five-thousand-man Hezbollah Shi’ite Lebanese force—in concert with heavy artillery and fighter jets to engage ISIS in a way that we could only dream of doing.
I am not pro or against any one institution. Yet having had the privilege of teaching at Ft McNair and having engaged our senior military staff in dialogue and critical thinking, I can honestly predict, how and when, American troops will die needlessly because we did not have the right leadership or strategy.
If war-making were a real profession and not a make-believe with hoopla of faux nationalism, then every general would have been court martialed for incompetency and stupidity. If they had been medical doctors, they would have been dismissed from the medical profession. At best, they are toy soldiers, led by Sec. Defs. Ashton Carter or Panetta or even Bob Gates; political operatives with less combat experience or strategic understanding than the American children playing simulated war games on xBox.
War is not America’s métier. We should outsource it out to the Russians, Chechens, Bulgarians, Chileans, Chinese, Central Asians and any other mercenary who is willing to fight for money and makes no pretense that they are defending our nation; or, our national security.

Contrary to the absurd pronouncements that we are a super power in the 21st century, we better reflect on our continuous defeat due to arrogance and ignorance. We are not warriors. We are not fighters.We are a country whose leaders continue to spout absurd narratives that compel our military officers to sacrifice their minds and bodies to a spasm of jingoistic self-delusion. We are a nation adrift in a heating cauldron of discontent and animosity without the slightest ideas of how to nullify or even engage the world’s discontent as it turns to us for succor.

George Clemenceau, the French Statesman said the following apt words:
“War is much too important a matter to be left to the generals.”
And I will add one more Latin proverb:
“Sweet is war to those who have never experienced it.” 



  1. ... best healing article on territory of america

    if you are not going to rebuild territory you conquer or if you are not destroy it totally, and burn it to ground to leave it... then job is not finished... cheap methods are not methods
    we all know which character is unable to finish anything he starts in Bible...

  2. One NOBEL Peace Prize Recipient bombing another Nobel Peace Prize Recipient.

  3. According to boots on the ground, the Afghan populous believes we are now creating something worse than the Taliban. I wonder how long before we lose what little support we're getting from the locals? There can be only so many opium growers over there worth depending on...

    Asscrackistan looks like a typical kick the can down the road scenario for the next potus and if he fires the new fairy promoted to secretary, he'll be considered a hate monger lol.

  4. Dr. P,

    I disagree entirely with your implication that Vietnam or Afghanistan could have been "won" if only US officers "had been invested in the local terrain, culture, etc....."

    No amount of cultural understanding would have made any difference if the goal is to bend their interests into ours.

    You assume that what we want for them can ever be what they want for themselves, that our way is the best way and that all we have to do is make them see that.....

    Vietnam was a feudal society where all the land was worked by people who didn't own it and had no chance for improvement. Villages where people labored hopelessly for hundreds of years declared themselves communist so that they could collectively share the benefits of the land they lived and farmed. Villages declared themselves communist with little or no encouragement from the NLF or Viet Cong or anyone. Then the corrupt, criminal government in Siagon would send it's goons and mercenaries to such villages and molest the girls, kill the hogs, destroy the crops, and then send in administrators to control the village. These administrators where then murdered, by the thousands... Gee I wonder why?????

    The fact is that communism is what ninty percent of the Vietnamese wanted, and the only people who didn't want it were the landowners, businessmen, gangsters and communists.

    I mean man don't you know that the only people the US had available to use were criminals from the country's prison system? When you can't get any local people to do any killing and the only people available to kill for you are convicts you pay do to the killing doesn't that tell you something?????

    1. Major correction here...

      "The fact is that communism is what ninty percent of the Vietnamese wanted, and the only people who didn't want it were the landowners, businessmen, gangsters and CATHOLICS.

    2. Catholics did not like "communism" because "communism" was code word for Russian national imperialism. Russian "communism" was undemocratic and barbarian. But even such russian communism is much better in 3rd world countries of stone age... Because communists would give everyone id, vaccination, sanitation, people would stop living in carton boxes, they would get free education and so on... today communism for Haiti would be gift from heaven.
      Democracy is dangerous for such systems.
      Then they need German model... that is Phase II
      democratisation inside economy.

      Germans are not idiots they took what was good from Tito... In 1978 i think.
      They were also wise to copy Kardelj (he was Slovene) but not Tito bureaucracy which was here needed instead of non-workers management from today's BMW, Mercedes, VW...

      from BMW corporate site...

      Supervisory Board.

      In accordance with the regulations contained in the German co-determination Act, BMW AG's
      Supervisory Board shall comprise ten shareholder representatives (elected by the Annual General
      Meeting) and ten employee representatives (elected by the employees):

  5. Now as for Afghanistan....

    The Pakistanis have been supporting the Talibs all along. I said this and published this since 2002 because it could have been no other way...

    It is IMPOSSIBLE for the Pakistanis to abandon the Talibs....impossible....and all the Talibs who have been killing Americans all this time were armed and aided by the Pakistanis, who are our enemies there....NOT our allies.

    The Talibs are always going to be armed by the Pakistanis....period. Therefore there is no way for the US to destroy them.

    In addition....

    In many places the majority of the people prefer that the Talibs be in power because they are the only moral force available and without them the local officials and warlords are insufferable.

    In particular sex crimes were rampant before the Talibs took power in 1994, and they ended that altogether as well as narcotics trafficking...

    Now without them sex crimes against boys and girls is once again widespread, organized and perpetrated by government officials, as is herione use and other crimes the public cannot stand....

    So there you have it. It's what the people want.

  6. Had we left the Russians alone in Afghanistan a strong secular government would be in place today. Instead we decided happily in our paranoia to arm and grow the Muslim fanatics.

    The Russians would have crushed the Islamic militants in Afghanistan had we stayed out. They are ruthless experts at doing such things. Then they would have went home. Their system was doomed to collapse.

    They truly fear Islamic radicals, we embrace, arm, and use them. Our leaders are short sighted fools driven by economics not by stability.

    They will spank ISIL and crush them handing Syria back to Iran while we fiddle as the region burns.

    Seeing Russia and China come into the Mideast like this is a game changer. They are telling the US, "your days are numbered" or a Daniel said to Belshazzer in the interpretation of his dream...

    "God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it. Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting. Thy kingdom is divided, and given to the Medes and Persians."

    1. The US and Russians both exaggerate the Islamist threat and stage false flags using them as a pretext for aggression.

  7. I think that in many arenas people often become 'rank' with rank, they start to believe they are something special and not a 'farty' like everybody else. With those levels of 'fruit salad' on your chest you would start to believe you had wisdom, insight and knew what the fuck you were doing. I do not believe the mentioned wars were necessarily meant to be won. The purpose of war is usually more war, that is why the 'War on terror', or 'war on drugs' is so perfect it cannot be won, which means a fuckton of money for someone. A British company just sold £100m of ammunition to a middle eastern country...Kerching! From another point of view endless War serves another purpose, Hitler did not want to totally destroy the Russians, he wanted decades of Guerilla attacks from them to keep the German people strong and never relaxed. Keynes believed that the US had to be a permanent War economy to thrive and I think someone took him very literally.

    1. Hitler was military genius, he as soldier of WW1 understood floods of WW1 tactics very very well. He was inventor. He also made huge unbelievable drastic mistakes, obviously someone around him was agent, some high position nazi.
      In history temple would collect food and gold as storage, then they would start giving out papers by which everyone one would know how much food he had stored in temple, then temple started issuing papers by which everyone could take from temple amount what temple would write down (meaning money)... Temple would also have slaves.

      Goal of storing value in temple was to accumulate enough of capital (gold and slaves) to be able to invest in to imperial military campaign to gain more gold and slaves then you invested in to campaign... From those time only real profits are made by war and pillage, that is only economical category in capitalism (lets not forget that communism, fascism, nazism are all products of capitalism), capitalism is monetisation of slavery (owner of capital, slaves decide what to do with profits slaves, workers create)... Everything else other then wars are not real profits.
      We need feudal absolute monarchical communist christian caliphate (caliphate to survive to be able to put females checked)

    2. Bill you will like this video, Soviet special forces training. It goes good with psycho active drugs.

    3. Hitler was painted as a military idiot after the War, but as well as serving in the trenches he had read c3000 books on military strategy and arts of War. I read a book once something like 'Hitlers Bookcase' and you could see how his philosophical and military thinking might have been influenced. Although I am surprised he did not learn from Napolean's experiences of the Russian Winter. I think if he had started the War 18 months later he could have won due to superior tech such as jet fighters, long range bombers and nukes.

    4. I think this guy was also important, he recognised Hitler spiritually. Look that real photo, not that humanised drawing.
      And i think that shooting was when he tried putsch staged also, Hitler was protected and controlled. He was not among those 16 killed.

      Someone said this guy is great, lets invest money.

    5. Hitler and the entire Wehrmacht miscalculated Barbarossa because they were mistaken told the Soviets had few tanks, and because most of their officers had been murdered, and their performance in the Finnish war was laughable.....

      They failed to take into account that it was because of the Finnish war that they re-organized themselves, and they had an inexhaustable of disposible and badly made tanks which were hard to destroy because of their brutish armour. The Germans like the T-34 so much that they worked hard to capture them and used them themselves painted with the German cross.

  8. In Vietnam CIA came up with a Grievance Reporting process so villagers could complain about the depradations of Saigon's administrators.....

    The Saigon government hated that.

    CIA also did a number of things to arm villagers and tribesmen on the assumption that they were being coerced by the communists...

    The Saigon government hated that even more....

    There was plenty of understanding of the local terrain in Vietnam. By 1965 the US had trained hundreds of Americans there in the Vietnamese language. I'd say pretty much the "counter-insurgency" philosophy of the early 1960s was very much focused on cultural factors...

    1. Can anyone shed any light on the reports that individual soldiers were fined to pay for damaged rubber trees in Vietnam?

      It appears there was a policy to reimburse Michelin for damaged trees.

      Plenty of Americans died in plantation fighting, did this play any role?

  9. Most or much of the arms and training given to villagers on the assumption that they were being coerced by communists was used by the villagers who were actually communists.....

    It was a myth that this or that village was a "VC" village.

    They were all VC villages because that's what they wanted.

  10. There had to "someone important" at the hospital in Afghanistan! These "EVIL ASSHOLES" (NAZI's ASSOCIATED WITH THE BUSH FAMILY) do NOT CARE about the collateral destruction!


    1. Do not worry Raymond... Look this wonderful article, this shows that elite does not have to worry much about externalities. They can start to rock and roll.

    2. I despise the Bush family but the one thing I'd never blame them for is working for the Germans/Nazis along with the Harriman's and George Herbert Walker.

      The Walkers and the Harrimans were intelligent people but one of Walker's daughters married a dumbass tire salesman named Prescott Bush and to find him work they brought him into their bank and that's how all this mess started. Prescott Bush was a climber, a grasper, and belonged in some novel by William Faulkner or Scott Fitzgerald or something. We've been living with the detritus of that evil asshole INTERLOPER.

    3. Aye, the World would have been a more peaceful place if young Prescott had shot his load on his wife's Tits...several times.

    4. Choice words Bill and Mit. Made me laugh till the pain from a broken clavicle kicked in- motor article accident.

    5. Lady rear ends me doing 65mph, claims she didnt see me turning left in front of her, was stopped at intersection, then WHAMO!

    6. Lucky to be here. Seat belt kept me from being ejected but broke my collor bone

  11. More communism... from USA
    Model of typical american city with no people to test new technologies...

    1. Built in New Mexico, near that testing site i guess...

  12. Dr Steve, You dead set couldn't make this shit up!! "#PissForEquality: Feminists Fall For 4Chan Troll Campaign by Peeing Themselves"
    "Lesbian Swedish Bishop Wants Christian Crosses Removed From Church to Please Muslims"

  13. Great article Steve. It is refreshing to see America finally dissecting the causes and failures of modern our military regime. I have two references to show how the US military has lost its sense of honor and ability to correct an oppressive governing faction.
    This book details the erosion of military ranks since the start of Vietnam and exactly why. I encountered some of this serving peacetime under Reagan when the military had nothing to do but pad its stature thru a topheavy model. As privates we were in a distinct class compared to NCO's and the low level brass had little say in matters.
    Breach of Trust by Andrew Bacevich.

    And a lengthy youtube interview with General Joy's wife who experienced the sordid activities of our higher echelon and how it is our government allows rape & murder of civilians all the while portraying a noble cause. She speaks about Tailhook and the unspeakable practices of certain Marine and SEAL contingents. Our ranks need to be cleaned and our elected officials need to be removed.
    Illuminati Wife Tells All - Part 1 of 4