Saturday, October 3, 2015

Take the 12 minutes to watch, its worth it.  From THRIVE.


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    1. Not to change the subject, but this story goes to the army boxing blog and somewhat correlates to the recent promotion of the openly homosexual secretary of the army:

      The article touches on all points relevant to the challenges facing our young volunteer warriors who have been put once again in a no win situation. It seems as though our values and laws do not apply to the pigs we are propping up.

      How much is all that opium really worth? Ask your local pharmaceutical giant and the turncoat spineless bureaucratic demons pushing their garbage onto the masses via prescriptions.

    2. Please don't call our soldiers, sailors and airmen "warriors." Warriors are primative, savage killers like native Americans or negro tribes......

      The recent adoption of that term is because of the atavistic trend in western society of celebrating barbarism in all it's symbols and forms such as in body modification, hip hop brutalities, police brutalities, and on and on....

  2. Having a Russian presence in Syria is not the end of the world. They were their before and we survived it nicely. However keeping Assad in power is discouraging to everyone. It's not a good idea to have the Russians ride to the rescue of someone like him and we do nothing about it. We've done horrific and evil things in the region since 2001. When Obama came into power people were hoping for a positive change but that never happened. NATO rescued the resistance in Libya and that was something, though very ambiguous. Obama will never act, as he never does. It's a crying shame. This reminds me of the mess in Yougoslavia twenty years ago. It just went on and on until finally things got so bad no one could stand to even watch it go on anymore. The same happened in Sierra Leone of all places. This is a slow burn, a drip..drip..drip of carnage and destruction with no plan to bring it to an end. Now the Russians are in, and what they're doing will help continue things go on, but will not bring any decisive outcome. They just want to be players in this blood-soaked game. We have no policy towards Iran, or Iraq, or Afghanistan. The US just killed a bunch of western Medical Doctors there and everyone is upset about it, but the same kind of collateral killing has been going on by the US all the time, only the victims were Europeans......

    Where is John Kerry in all this mess? He spent a career in foreign affairs and now doesn't he have any ideas? There's nothing but ideas to be put forward but people on the Left are hopelessly without them. The problem with the Left is that they are hand-wringers and sob sisters. They don't like action. They don't like planning. They don't like results. They are well-wishing weaklings. They are the same in domestic affairs and in their personal lives.....they are meek, they are weak. They are pathetic.

    1. On the Right in America there is only misconceptions of where our interests lie, who we should oppose and who we should support, and who is right and who is wrong. There is willingness to act but no brains as to where and when to do it. The Right is fixed into false narratives about every issue in the region. They stay this way because they never read any history and don't know anything about the topics. They merely echo and parrot each others' myths.

    2. George Mitchell was active in foreign affairs but he liked baseball too. He couldn't make up his mind whether he wanted to run a foreign affairs thinktank tasked with understanding bloody conflict so it could be managed.....

      ....or whether he would be Comissioner of Baseball !

      Well Baseball didn't want him so he half-heartedly started the International Crisis Group. Why not?

      So what the fuck are they doing? Where's all their brainpower when they are needed? Where's Mr.Mitchell's passion for ending bloody conflict now?

    3. Where's the Carter Center in all this mess? What the fuck are they doing?

      I guess there isn't a river-borne pathogen to be fought in all this, nor is there an election to play monitor around....

      These kinds of good works are feeble...just feeble.

      I would like to see Jimmy Carter on a shooting range like Dick Cheney. I'd like to see him handle a gun.

      No I'm sure the Carter household has no guns. I'm sure they're too meek for that.

    4. Not that the Carters don't rely on guns for their safety. Their government body guards always have them. But the Carters themselves would never touch one because they just don't like them. They like swinging hammers though to build trashy houses for the poor. Maybe there is too much preoccupation with the Christian message here.

    5. Speaking of guns it's time to consider removing them from policemans' uniforms.

      When a policeman carries a loaded gun it's very dangerous because it can be taken away from him and used against him, and this causes the policeman to use his weapon merely to avoid fights with unarmed citizens.

      And of course the police are prone to shoot at unarmed citizens in all kinds of situations when it's not necessary....

      Do police really need guns to defend themselves? How many times do they really use them in situations where it was necessary to do so?

      I can see having guns locked in their cars, but I don't think they require them on their uniforms.

    6. I am a gun person and I like guns. I'm not a hunter though because I don't like killing animals. When I see a benign animal I am rooting for it and am on it's side. I want to see it be happy. The last thing I'd want to do is shoot it. Why the fuck would I want to do that?

      Certain animals I have contempt for however, such as coyotes, crocodiles and hyeinas. Now those animals I have no problem in shooting. Same thing with pit bulls too. Sorry you pit bull lovers but when I see one I just want to kill it. Sorry.

      When I think about Dick Cheney putting on a bunch of spanking new hunting gear and using the most expensive shotgun to go quayle hunting in south Texas I think how stupid he is. Why the fuck would he want to wander around in the south Texas brush and shoot quayle? Why would he want to shoot any animal? His type of Texan, or Wyoming person or whoever, is a hunter. I have no problem with that but why? Why do this?

      I was told that Dez Fitzgerald from CIA in the 1950s was invited to shoot shotguns with a bunch of other officers. He showed up wearing his typical expensive clothes and the most expensive kind of shotgun....but he never used it and didn't know how.

      These rich wanna-bees are just assholes.

    7. So the killing of Drs without borders is I believe one Nobel Peace Prize recipient, killed by Obama, another Nobel Prize recipient?

      Gotta love that peace. It is pitiful.

      NATO probably didn't want the Drs helping there anyway.

      And it's more difficult if a target isn't lazed I'm guessing, since no "boots on the ground".

      Expect more fun and games to come.

  3. I could give passing mark for this gentleman and his site, and his sister wife, but he is way to hypnotic, i almost throw up even i am useing f.lux program all the time to remove blue colour from screens which can be cancerous if you look blue shade especially in dark surroundings... Use this program...

    1. But as always, i do not see labour questions and answers based on class structure, only some lunatic propositions about respecting other peoples property??? our problems are those who are one class above, not super rich... they also respect rights on life of individual... that is stupid, you must kill every member of petit bourgeois, only economical rights are rights. western democracy is shit, talking about rights of individuals on life, but not talking about economical rights, even we all know that if you take aways everything from human economically human will die...
      Lies, lies, lies...

    2. They only talk how to spend money, not how to share profits.

    3. this is fake like hell, free market does not exist, there is not even definition of free markets, what is free market, and what does it means...
      It means by reading schoolbooks that it is situation when number of buyers and sellers is big enough so that non of them can influence the markets in any way other by what they buy and what they sell... And no one outside, meaning, some non economic force is in position to shape market outcomes.

      This is almost stupid as protestant way of thinking about Bible by which person cannot be influenced by anything else then Bible only...

      They both are forgeting that both agents (of free market, and Bible readers) ARE HUMANS with their own brains which are going to read Bible as they see it, or will be influenced on markets by commercials, movies...
      This is so stupid and fake, and it is scary to be in company with such flood lunatics.

    4. Here is Richard Wolff debunking whole this CIA consumer do nothing movement... Short interview with that free market definition.