Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Stalled, Expensive Benghazi Committee has become Another Misplaced Weapon in the Failed Republican Attacks on Hillary Clinton
 All that the committee will do is to show how tough Hillary Clinton really can be.
It is amazing to realize that most of our legislators, be they liberal or conservative, really have no clue whatsoever when it comes to psychological dynamics of politics. After spending millions of dollars and an incredible amount of wasted time, Chairman Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, a former prosecutor, has fallen into a classical “bear trap” of his own making. In other words, he was bush-wacked! Remember: No single politician on the present American political scene has more experience testifying in front of a grueling congressional committee than Hillary Clinton. Hillary, better than anyone on that committee, knows the complex variables that are involved in trying to rationalize past mistakes.

I am not condoning her past ineptness as Sec. State as my previous blogs have shown. Yet I do understand what she will do and has done whenever she confronts a situation where she has deliberately or unwittingly performed poorly or inexcusably. The Benghazi episode is a tragic moment in American history because it underlines the basic incompetency of most of our Secretaries of State. That one tragic episode demonstrates a very basic truth about our political elite. They are not competent to serve in the positions to which they were assigned.
Namely, Hillary had no more previous experience in diplomacy than did James Baker, John Kerry, or George Shultz. Each was chosen because they were the friend or political ally of POTUS; who, in turn was chosen for no other reason than he was popular with the electorate. For anyone of these senior officials to act professionally is simply luck and circumstance. Nothing prepares them for the Sec State position other than On-the-Job Training [OJT]. That is clearly not a way to run a business.
If clients came to me because I was popular instead of well-trained in my specific profession of medicine than both my clients and I would be in very serious trouble. So by the very fact that Hillary had not had any prior training in diplomacy or managing a several thousand person organization places her as the ‘fire in hole’. Hillary made the mistakes that a novitiate would make because there was no rational reason to have appointed her in that position in the first place. Therefore, she had to learn to become Sec State at the cost of American lives. 

If you think that is unusual, then look at the abysmal record of our Army Generals who have killed more of our soldiers and innocent civilians with their so-called ‘proper military training’ [which is clearly outdated]. Hillary did the best that she could do. No one goes into that position trying to mess up the job.
However, if the American people and their novitiate Presidents have no idea of what it takes to become an effective diplomat, then she and other Secretaries of State, are the pure expression of the will of the people— we want inexperienced political leaders and their completely untutored political associates. Blame that American system that loves professional football players; but that insist on having an “Amateur Secretary of State”.
In my career at the State Department, I do not remember one Foreign Service Officer who was appointed to become Sec State.
Pretty absurd isn’t it?
So, what Gowdy will try to show is this wasteful exercise of taxpayer’s money is the basic reason why he had been elected in the first place. Next he will try to rationalize his having spent over 6 million dollars in a process that will only highlight Hillary’s basic strengths—perseverance; excellent recall of details and facts; and the ability to counter-punch her way out of a boxing match that should never have been scheduled.  

Once again the Republican Party has shown that it is rife with arrogance and incompetency. Let’s not even mention air-head, would be speaker McCarthy’s gaff regarding these hearings. Duh, you just gave Candidate Hillary 9 hours of prime time air time for free.  The oscar goes to….the candidate who can take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’, better than any man I can remember.
The GOP leaders, wherever they are, have proven to be bereft of any political or psychological skills. They have shown an incredible amount of behavior that borders treacherously on stupidity.Witness the choice of Jeb Bush! Even his own parents did not believe he should have been POTUS that is why they preferred to anoint W. 
The Republican Party has one more chance to redeem itself. Either it chooses Donald Trump and Ben Carson for their POTUS/VP ticket ---or they might as well join the Boy Scouts of America –where they truly belong. Thanks to their gross negligence and ignorance, they have just made Hillary Clinton a more formidable adversary. The Republicans have demonstrated once again that ignorance is truly Bliss!


  1. Trump for republicans is only chance.
    US army said that they have trained 500 fighters of Syrian moderates, and that today there still 5 left fighting. Costs were 500 million. That is 100 million USD per soldier.
    Trumps hair would go up on that. All others just do not care. And that is normal, because what for me means 500M, nothing, I do not know hows that looks like, what you can do with that... For most of people that is nothing.

  2. We got the edited highlights of this on the news last night and it made Hillary look very good and strangely calm, as everyone around her asked the wrong questions. I believe the attack on the compound went on for something like seven hours, yet she 'wracked her brains' as if there was anymore she could have done. Well I do believe that the US and it's allies has the odd bit of military resource in the middle east, it is just a shot in the dark but maybe she could of used that to save the Ambassador and his bodyguards. As Sheriff J. W.Pepper might say to the hearing members, 'Whose side are you on boy?'

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  4. To me seems that company likes proposals of candidate Jeb Bush...
    We see that his brother George is now collecting money for him.
    In UK, future possible prime minister is elected democratically by all members of party in one morning on one place by all party members, while in USA future possible president is elected by delegates.
    That delegate system is total mess which benefits capitalist because they are only one able to overcome problem of costs, commercials, last minute speakers, also problems connected with overcoming problem of disconnected caucuses, disconnected by space but mostly disconnected by time. First primary goes influence other and so on.
    Only connector there can be capital, meaning money.
    Therefore Jeb Bush is future president of USA.

  5. Trey Gowdy is an angry, sanctimonious little turd. He's a clown and a joke who's antics are a disgrace. Many prosecutors are like him. He's a little child who needs to grow up and become an adult.

  6. Look at the little boy Trey Gowdy and you see the essence of the American justice system. Prosecutors and judges who mistake their positions for that of priests, angrily handing down moral judgements and punishments.

    The American justice system is one of the worst anywhere. It has to be reformed from one end to the other.


    The basis of all police misconduct is the absence of magistration, which used to exist until recently.

    After the Magna Carta it was no longer possible for a law officer or citizen to put anyone in jail or prison without a hearing before a judge. Since that time until recently no peace officer could take someone to jail and "lock them up" as police today commonly do, and threaten to do, as their power of citizens.

    In the past a peace officer had to take any "prisoner" first to a magistrate, and only that judge would be able to determine if the prisoner would be put into any jail to be held over for trial or if there would be bail or bond.... In that hearing the officer would have to verbally explain the evidence and the accused could address the evidence. Only then would the prison face being placed into jail until bond was met.

    But today there is no right to see a judge of any kind. Today police have the authority to merely make an accusation and throw anyone into a jail or prison with no hearing or process whatsoever, all based merely on the whim of the arresting officer. This happens every second in America, and it's what happened to that black woman in Texas who recently killed herself after having been locked up in a prison for days with no magistration or hearing by anyone, purely on the whim of a malicious police officer.

    When this arbitrary authority by police is once again removed and this basic right restored 99% of police misconduct will disappear because they will no longer be able to threaten and intimidate the public with arbitrary jailings.


    Another major source of corruption and misconduct is the monopoly that public prosecutors now have to bring criminal charges in Grand Juries and elsewhere.

    In the past a major check on public corruption was the option that private citizens had to take witnesses and evidence before Grand Juries to obtain criminal indictments against accused persons.

    Early in the 20th century legislatures quietly revoked this authority and placed the only option for any prosecution in the hands of public prosecutors. This was done to facilitate corruption by prosecutors, who were commonly bribed by criminals to end investigations or avoid prosecution.

    1. What do you think, who will be president in 2016... Let s all have super early bet...
      I say Bush!
      So anyone for Rubio or Clinton? Rubio is pooling little above Jeb but Jeb is to overtake him. Bush/Rubio will be ticket against Clinton/Sanders and Bush/Rubio wins because Sanders is old communist or Sanders runs as independent.

    2. Oh no...

      We all know that Barak Obama is going to declare Marshall Law and not permit any elections.....

      And anyone who objects will be thrown into FEMA camps.

    3. I would really like that company can be represented by Trump and Sanders, but imagine you hope and hope and then nothing, and we all know who is Hope, Hope is whore.

    4. Obama 3rd term would be my dream, I would swim Ocean right away, on Long Island you would only see one Tito pioneer hat protruding among waves, getting closer.
      I would not have time even to say Hi, because from beach I would be gone in heartbeat, right to local commesariat of newly established political police for needed advisory, instructions and 5-years action plan.


  9. I realize HRC couldn't, nor should it be expected of her, to answer questions outside her realm of authority, but two questions didn't really get the attention they deserved: 1. Do you realize that the altering of gov records keeping laws were broken when you white paper copied the originals emails for our review? And 2. (Which was lightly touched on) How could any reasonable person think it was too late to send help if they didn't know how long the assault would last?

    Frankly, as a Conservative, I am embarrassed that for all the "legal minds" on this committee, not one earned their pay for what became a "pissing in the wind" affair. At this point I'm just hoping their are militarily backed patriots who will (in accordance with the Constitution and pertinent laws) do what is necessary to bring this very shameful and obviously illegal takeover of this country to it's proper conclusion.....come what may!

    1. There is plenty to investigate about what happened, and Hillary has appeared already before Committees and answered questions, and because she has she's had ample time to fine tune her replies.....

      But the idea of hauling her in and make accusations and fish around for something is stupid.

      The Republicans in the House are a bunch of dumbasses.

  10. Well it looks like the next President is going to be Ben Carson or perhaps Donald Trump....

    The only way Hillary can win would be if she spends and organizes and gets out her supporters in the manner that Obama did in 2012.

    If Hillary runs a strong technical campaign and the Republicans drop the ball the way they did in 2012 then Hillary can still win...

    Then her frail and emaciated husband Bill will be back in the White House where he will continue to weaken and waste away until he's in a wheelchair like Geo. HW Bush.....


  11. It would be wonderful if the next President would investigate Obama for homicide in the killings of hundreds of innocent people in the drone program, but that's never gonna happen.

  12. Contrary to what Dr.P claims no new President, Trump or whoever, will find any person self interest in investigating 9-11 or the drone program or the war on terror and bring anyone to justice.

    There's no personal payoff for that.

    They will move on and go to parties and entertain the President of Micronesia or whatever.....

  13. Part I:
    Operation “Zero Footprint”:

    We know the White House appears to have followed “The Intelligence Oversight Act of 1980” in informing the congressional “Gang of Eight” of Zero Footprint. The Intelligence Oversight Act of 1980 mandates that the CIA “fully and currently [inform]” Congressional oversight committees of their activities including “any significant anticipated intelligence activity.” It requires notifying only members of the Senate and House Intelligence Committees.

    The 2014 Rogers/Ruppersberger Report is specifically designed, by wording, to provide political cover to both parties – Republicans and Democrats within the Gang of Eight particularly included, and protected...the authors of this report hold a motive to undercut Gowdy’s investigation into missing oversight that would normally be part of Rogers/Ruppersberger’s responsibility.

    Why was Speaker Boehner reluctant to establish a Select Committee on Benghazi ?

    Simple, again he is one of the Gang of Eight – and he was briefed on both operations. How is he going to call for a select committee when he knows the substance of the committee investigation is classified under national security. Such a committee would not, because it could not, deliver what the public was requesting, sunlight.

    All of the congressional leadership is consequentially attached to the Libyan operation..

    Their lack of oversight reflected a willful blindness to the operation...

    Both Democrats and Republican leadership bear responsibility for the outcome. Neither party are willing to expose themselves, and neither Hillary Clinton, nor the White House will allow themselves to be scapegoated.

    The only reason Trey Gowdy was finally assigned the task of a Select Committee, was simply because the public lies of the White House and administration were contradicting themselves.

    The White House “talking points“, which was/is a ridiculous squirrel hunt, were created to reconcile the problem faced when unable to discuss a covert operation.

    The Trey Gowdy select committee will find there is no venue to discuss intelligence operations with public sunlight. While both Zero Footprint in 2011, and the Unnamed CIA operation in 2012 were flawed policy – they were not necessarily illegal.

    There is a matter of an unidentified State Dept $6 billion contractor fund missing from Hillary’s term as Secretary of State; that might bear investigation. However, beyond those smaller questions there is little if anything to gain.

    In March 2011 when Hillary Clinton (State Dept) and Leon Panetta (CIA) constructed “Operation Zero Footprint” President Obama approved the covert action and then informed the Gang of Eight of the weapons transfer operation.

    1. Part II:
      March 2011 through Pre 9/11/12 attack: Who knew of Operation “Zero Footprint”

      President Obama and Vice President Biden (both Dems)
      Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Dem)
      CIA Director Leon Panetta (March 2011 – June 2011)
      *CIA Director General David Petraeus (?) (Sept 2011 – Nov 2012)
      NATO Commander, James G Stavridis
      White House National Security Advisor Tom Donilon (Dem)
      White House National Security Spox Tommy Vietor (Donilon aide)
      White House National Security Advisor John Brennan (Dem)
      Speaker of the House John Boehner (Rep)
      Minority Leader – Nancy Pelosi (Dem)
      House Permanent Select Committee on Intel Chairman – Mike Rogers (Rep)
      Minority House Intel Committee – Charles Ruppersberger (Dem)
      Senate Minority Leader – Mitch McConnell (Rep)
      Senate Majority Leader – Harry Reid (Dem)
      Senate Intel Chair – Diane Feinstein (Dem)
      Minority Senate Intel Committee – Saxby Chambliss (Rep)
      [State Dept] U.S. Libyan Ambassador – Chris Stevens
      [State Dept] U.S. Asst Secretary of State – Andrew Shapiro
      [State Dept] Senior Head of U.S. Weapons Office – Mark Adams

    2. Part III:
      Who knew about “Operation Zero Footprint” post Benghazi 9/11/12 attack:

      CIA Director General David Petraeus
      Adjunct, and Interim, CIA Director – Mike Morrel
      U.S. Attorney General – Eric Holder
      President Obama Advisor and now Chief of Staff – Denis McDonough
      President Obama Advisor and now Treasury Sec – Jack Lew
      President Obama Advisor and now National Security Advisor – Tony Blinkin
      Former UN Ambassador and now Senior Nat Sec Advisor – Susan Rice
      Chief White House Communications Director – Ben Rhodes

      How could President Obama dispatch help to the Benghazi team, when DoD was not even aware of it’s existence? Sending help would have compromised OpSec, Operational Security.

      The primary reason for outlining this brief is to deliver a greater understanding of why things happened the way they did in the post 9/11/12 attack media frenzy.

      If you understand what took place from March 2011 through the night of the attack itself all of the contradictions reconcile, and most of the questions become answered....

      Ultimately the leadership within the State Department, The CIA, and the White House are responsible for the outcomes of policy.


    3. Part IV:

      "If one wants context on how to judge Hillary Clinton’s testimony before the Benghazi Select Committee, it helps to know history. And Hillary Clinton has a history of lying under oath. Earlier this week, we filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) in the U.S. District Court for District of Columbia seeking access to draft indictments of Hillary Clinton of the Whitewater scandal. The National Archives confirmed that draft indictments of Mrs. Clinton exist but refused to release the records, evidently in order to protect Mrs. Clinton’s alleged privacy in these law enforcement records. I suspect you agree with us that Hillary Clinton’s “privacy” trumps your right to know....

      It is our understanding that the Hillary Clinton indictment records include an evolving set of draft indictments, written between 1996 and 1998. The draft indictments reportedly arose out of the Office of Independent Counsel investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s involvement in an allegedly fraudulent transaction, Castle Grande, involving the assets of Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan.

      Mrs. Clinton was alleged to have drafted an option agreement that concealed from federal bank examiners a fraudulent $300,000 cross-loan to the Castle Grande project. Mrs. Clinton’s grand jury testimony – and her alleged concealment of her role in this fraudulent transaction, including the hiding of her Rose Law Firm billing records concerning her legal work for Madison – reportedly became the subject of an obstruction of justice and perjury investigation.

      In March 1999, Ewing testified that three years prior he had drafted and circulated but abandoned an indictment of Mrs. Clinton. The New York Post reported:

      Ewing said he “had problems” with some of her statements to investigators in April 1995 and drafted an indictment shortly after September 1996. He said he showed it to other prosecutors in Starr’s office but went no further..."