Friday, October 16, 2015

There is an Eruption of Bad Habits around the World Today:
[1] Bibi Continues to Fight Palestinians and Vice Versa.
[2] Erdogan Keeps Killing Kurds.
[3] German Businessmen Lie on Behalf of Lufthansa and Volkswagen and Greek Bailout.
Most of us are aware of bad habits when they involve personal needs like eating too much fast-food or smoking. We can eventually die from these obsessive behaviors. In fact, there is something quite self-destructive when it comes to bad habits. Same is true for nations and transnational corporations as well.

Recently, I watched as Mark Horn, the President of Volkswagen America, act quite dismissive and very Germanic when he blatantly lied in front of a US Congressional Hearing on C-Span with regards to his colleagues attempts to deliberately lie about emission standards to the American EPA. His Germanic responses, slow, evasive and reasserting the nonsensical response that ‘we have no idea about what was happening’ clearly recalled the bold face-lies of the Lufthansa President when he assured the world that the suicidal co-pilot passed all of ‘the prescribed mental and physical tests required of pilots’. I warn that the German elite and the youth of that country have begun to show again to the world those nefarious character traits that created Two World Wars and the Holocaust.
Lying and purposefully deceiving the world, is a ‘very bad habit’ that can eventually lead to a massive boycott of German goods that would be justified because of their miscreant behavior. When will the Germans learn that lying, cheating and falsifying data on German products and services can eventually bankrupt the state [despite Merkel’s/Frankfurt countermoves]?
Next we watch as the Israelis and Palestinians start a street brawl on the very narrow lands that separate the two “West Side Gangs”.The sad story is that this sado-masochistic dual has to stop at some point in time; lest they both end up destroying each other.Their bad habits are repetitive and tiresome. In fact, the appearance of Hamas rockets and IDF jet fighters have become a predictable scenario which will lead to a worldwide weariness where no one with legitimacy to stop this nonsensical fratricide will even care. Relief will only be realized by the self-extermination of both entities by whatever means.

Don’t forget the inimitable Turkish President Erdogan, who has the nastiest habit of creating friction points, deaths, explosions as well as ISIS in order to assert what he considers to be his proper role in the Middle East. Although the American’s allowed you to attack ISIS [read PKK/Kurds] that does not mean that you are in a position to continuously kill and destroy over thirty million Kurds who want to have a ‘place in the sun’ without conflicts. Erdogan has been warned repeatedly about his ignominious, barbaric bad habits. Alas, it appears that he is quite obstinate and refuses to change his ‘behavior’ when in fact it hurts the Kurds and the Turkish people.
If one lives by violence, then one must die by that very same modality. It’s simply a question of time as to when and where an inevitable assassination will take place. Bad habits are function of several determinants—history, culture, national psychology, and motivation. Contrary to the simplistic Behavioral Theories of Skinner and Pavlov, these habits cannot be modified by carrots and sticks. More sophisticated determinants are involved in de-conditioning bad habits of any of the aforementioned people/nations which allow that entity to basically self-destruct. If lying cannot stop then lying becomes the fulcrum of the strategy that will force the Germans to destroy themselves.

Similarly, if Israel and Palestine cannot seek any accommodations then confrontation will be the inevitable end of these two insignificant entities.They can fight until they exhaust themselves or completely eradicate each state into oblivion.The world will be no worse for that end—except that Jews and Arabs will continue to fester their thousands of years of resentment until another conflict will arise to demonstrate the inutility of that hatred.
As for the Turks, they must decide what they really want to be—a major power in the Middle East representing the Sunni majorities or an asterisk in the history books alongside the “Ottoman Empire”.
So, my dear readers, bad habits have a way of erupting at strange times and places; but by their very self-destructive nature they eventually end in self-termination with the skilled interventions of other more mature countries which cannot afford to tolerate this type of behavior.
There is an old Italian proverb that goes something like this:
“After the game, the king and pawn go into the same box.”  


  1. Great call for honesty and peace Dr P!

    Side note: Donald Trump NOW BLAMES BUSH FOR 9/11 !

    Maybe the U S should stop lying about 9/11 as well.

  2. Mark Horn "very Germanic" because he lied? Excuse me Dr.P but Germans are hardly thought of as liars, anymore than anyone else. I hope he was dismissive about his cars' test-spoofing wizardry because the emissions standards for diesels are a crime and should be circumvented. Gas powered cars cannot compete for efficiency versus the German-invented superior diesel, and that's why gas-powered manufactures bribed Congress to impose unnecessary and impossible standards for the harmless particles diesel cars produce....

    These crooked standards of course don't apply to large truck or trains, both of which are except, and Dr.P I'm sure you wouldn't want to all the trucks and trains of the world sidelined until they changed over to inefficient gasoline would you?

    VW was 100% correct in using deception to get around these criminal standards.

    1. If you are implying that the German government under the Nazis, or Hitler in particular, lied then I beg to differ.

      I've seen or listened to or read many of Herr Hitler's speeches leading up to the Polish crisis, during the Polish crisis, during the war, etc..... and during the "Czechoslovakian" crisis [Czechoslovakia in italics because it was never really a county].....

      Contrary to what the British and Americans and Russians claim Hitler's points were accurate in all these speeches I've seen.

      What surprised me was how accurate his points were. The only time he really lied was in order to pull off the deception of Stalin.

    2. Have to admit that when I read Doc P's exortation of the above characters I thought MIT is going to write some defensive crap in favor of the German liars LOL... the Fatherland!

      You didn't disappoint! Was it just a set-up for the bored Doctor of superior intellect and manipulation tactics? The bait was cast and the reel was screaming...

      Trophy fish in the boat (Doc P posing for pictures)

      The elephant in the room? C'mon!! Germany got their asses handed to them in two world wars for being overly confident, arrogant, and downright evil (In WWII) and now are importing the 'enemy within' (in droves) for WW3. 20 years from now (maybe less) Germany will no longer exist as the crescent moon is foisted upon its capitol. Only a Pig Latin Revolution can save Germany!

      Did they seriously think there would be no consequences for slaughtering innocent millions. Nevermind the argument that the allies did the same with fire bombing civilian cities, London took years of what Germany got in months.

      The point is this, read your bible. It's all in there, including the last war being fought with sticks and stones. Germany is now being paid back for the concentration camps...what comes around will go around.

    3. Totally agree Roger. Germany is at the greatest risk because of liberal stupidity of Merkel and other myopic politicians. Ismailites will convert German kids to Islam finally. Bye bye my favorite BMW...

  3. As for the Palestinian Arabs and Israeli Jews killing each other more.....

    I stated before on this site that the direction of their conflict was towards escalation and that it appeared it would only be solved through violence. That much has been clear for some time now. There's never been less concern or optumism for and peace agreement. There are solutions but the majority of Israelis won't accept them. There may have been a small glimmer twenty years ago with Rabin's efforts but that was snuffed out and many or most Israelis are glad he was murdered.

    1. The only solution is for the US to force the Israelis to allow the return of all refugees, and to return to them all their lands and then make them voting citizens.

      Israel is the best place in the Middle East for an Arab to joke.

      If all the Palestinian Arabs were made citizens this problem would dissappear.

      The problem is that most Israelis insist that Israel be a "Jewish state," although strangely Arabs and Druz were allowed citizenship as long as they were outnumbered by Jews...

      If Israel cannot accept this and it's majority insists on being an empire dominated by Jews then violence will erupt, perhaps massively. In that case all the peacenik Jews should leave and let the remaining ones be swarmed by Arabs and vanquished.

    2. I have no dog in the fight either way, but I will state facts as to why your utopian dream of reunification will fail -

      1) 70% of Israel's lands settled, conquered, or occupied (depends on your pov) had nothing there prior to 1946.
      2) 100% of all of Israel's commercial agricultural was not there prior to '46, and in fact more than 80% of that land being used was wastelands and dumps that your friends (the relatives of Goliath) used as giant shitboxes.
      3) No blood, sweat or tears of Goliath's decendents went into building those beautiful cities out.
      4) Goliath's offspring are only good for over breeding and hating anybody or anything that tries to do things in a more civilized, humane, and dare I say, democratic manner.

      Now I ask you, what on God's good green earth do you think the decendent's of David owe these parasites again?

    3. Because those "parasites" will slaughter you like the Germans slaughtered you if you don't.

      Your Jewish supremacist views are why we Germans and Latvians and Ukrainians and Lithuanians and Russians and Romanians and Bylorussians rounded you up and slaughtered you.

      You made my case perfectly.

    4. And the good Jews like Dr.P were also slaughtered because good Jews like him never do a damn thing to get rid of the rotten ones like yourself.

    5. Newsflash Himler - I'm no Jew. And B, Everything I wrote about Israel is a fact. They owe nothing to your allies in dirty nightshirts. In fact, Israel ought to atom bomb the lot of them so they can hurry up and meet their 72 sturgeons.

      Lastly, as much as I've always admired the technical brilliance of German engineering and educational excellence, Germany has traitors within pushing a suicide agenda. Oh those poor refugees from the deserts who refuse to integrate anywhere they go. It's only a matter of time. One need only look at their breeding habits to see the outcome. Conservative estimates are 10 to 30,000 being force 'resettled' right now. That'll make a fine army in 15 to 20 years. We all know the numbers will be higher.

      France and Belgium are toast. Only the soccer thugs can save England, and only a Pig Latin Revolution will save Germany. We already know what the 'Sleeping Giant' will do if it's ever woken up, so there's no point in worrying about that until it's showtime baby!!!

    6. Why the big hard on for Jews? I keep like to keep things real simple,

      Mathew 12:30 -

      Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.

    7. Wow Roger. Really feel respect towards the way you slapped the ass of our darling Nazi))). The only correction is that overbreeding insects are the decendants of Ismail, who was created as a God's punishment for Abraham and Sarah for their not obeying to God's will. Nation of rogues, aggressive and bold when they fill no resistance, who are becoming cowards confronting the force. But anyway I applaud.

  4. We have 4 new emperors back, Germany - Merkel, Hungary - Orban, Turkey - Erdogan and Russia - Putin, while Putin towers them all indiscriminately.
    All those empires have old economy and old structure. Same economy of 1914, before Europe went in to bloody WW1 to save their unsustainable positions.
    Ruling class of those countries will try to keep their positions again even today, and even they are fading away as uneconomical to world and to own people they rule, fading in to history books.
    Of course that they are trying to stop that process on expense of own people and that is not nice of them. You cannot cut own people from their own interest again.

    1. The Germans need to break off from NATO and join with the Hungarians, Romanians and Bulgarians, Austrians and Italians to form their own alliance.

      It's disgusting that after the war the Germans were forced to ally themselves with the peoples who bombed them, and likewise that the Hungarians, Bulgarians and Romanians were forced to ally themselves with their persecutors.

      Once this new central alliance is formed they can bring in Ukraine under an anti-Russian government, and break off relations with England and France and Belgium. As well they need to surround the "Czech Republic" and "Slovakia" and make them pay for their genocide against the Germans.

      Until this is done everything in Europe is a charade.

    2. Russia can take in Serbia as part of Russia, and then we will all know where each of us stands.

    3. I'm shocked there is no mention of the forced settlement of Allah's 'children' in the Fatherland!

      Have none of you read the recent stories of German towns being told to house and feed thousands of moo-ham-Mads faithful? The fine folks in Germany's parliament have virtually made it illegal to protest the cattle cars of imported peace loving 'refugees'. You know, the ones chanting 'death to the infidel God is great!', yeah, those guys...

      What the hell are you talking about with Volkswagen? Really?

    4. Roger . Our Texas Nazi haven't seen any single Arab in his cozy Austin life. He believs that if he has not seen a thing - it doesn't exist. But he likes to do the geopolitics sitting in the toilet and listening the CNN stories.

  5. Live by the sword and die by the sword. Truly there is nothing new under the sun.

    I do believe there is much utility for the Arabs and Persians in using the Palestinians for cannon fodder. They are going to be the fulcrum used for all nations to gather against the Israel for the final final solution.

    It something that has been tried over and over again for millennia, and is doomed for failure. The next event failure will be spectacular.

  6. "Relief will only be realized by the self-extermination of both entities by whatever means."

    I feel sorry for you Dr. Pieczenik. I feel sorry for all self-loathing Jews. If I have mistaken you for a Jew please forgive me.