Wednesday, October 21, 2015

vintage pieczenik from 2011


  1. A Classic that will stand the test of time and scrutiny.

    1. Maybe yes and maybe no.

      Dr.P's latest appearance on the Alex Jones show contained predictions which were fanciful to put it mildly.

      His contention that a future Administration will investigate 9-11 and bring the wrongdoers to justice is impossible.

      There will be no arrests or convictions of Cheney or Rumsfeld or Libby or Wolfowitz or anyone else anymore than there were arrests of anyone involved in murdering John Kennedy.

      Dr.P is like all of us is very frustrated with his, and ours, lack of ability or powerlessness to remedy these evils.

      However wishing that the bad guys will be vanquished by some non-existent power that we, the good guys, have is unrealistic.

      We all have to continue to live in our powerlessness. We can research and chat and so forth, but none of us including the good Dr.P will ever see the Justice Department investigate 9-11 or see Grand Juries empaneled or anything required to deal with such an issue.

      It can never happen so live with it.

    2. If you wanna try to do something then find a foreign government and try to get them to bring actions against the US or it's leaders like Bush or Obama in the ICJ or somewhere, even the UN, for aggressive war and assassination and war crimes.

      It looks like the Hospital that was hit in Afghanistan was hit deliberately, and the "Intercept" and Wikileaks publications about the drone program deliberately killing hundreds of innocent people are sanctionable under international law.

    3. What Dr.P needs to understand is that in every society there are things which are unspeakable.

      We can talk about them here, and the mass of public has their grumblings, but when it comes down to the nut cutting the public will not tolerate real actions which go into the unspeakable truths of America.

    4. All of American history is based on horrendous crimes, whether it was the nuclear attacks on Japan, or the terror bombings during the war, or the genocide against the native Americans, or the massive corruption everywhere in the criminal justice system which sees innocent people convicted every day and some executed while wealthy people buy there way out.....

      America stinks...totally, and it can never be reformed because it's flaws are unspeakable to the public because of their patriotism.

      That's why Fox News is number one by far and always will be and Dr.P is totally wrong when it dreams otherwise.

    5. I'm gonna start calling Dr.P "the man from la mancha" because of his tilting at windmills.....

    6. Yes patriotism and flag are best shared values exploited by private people for private reasons. They are flag of economic model. Genocide over Indians were done because of incompatible economic models of Indians and whites. Economic class structure of whites needed buffalos as source of furs for Europe, while Indians needed buffalos as only source of their food. Indians could not understand why whites are leaving meat of buffalos to rot because using buffalos for food was not economical for whites.
      Class structure inside economical model is the most important thing for any ruling capitalistic class, it just needs to be replicated. Even they know that is much better to live on Cuba then on Haiti or other central American countries. Same with Romania compared to Belarus or Kazakhstan. You have same economic model around world as example to own people, because greatest profit is made by pillaging own people, because you do not have to pay soldiers, secret agents, propaganda experts going abroad, because such actions abroad are always more expensive. Because you do not want to pay enemy on enemy territory to feed your soldiers. Even Cheney wanted that. Putin is doing that job for USA. He is in same game.
      Now he is doing job for global capitalism in Syria.
      Rome fell when they started to pay german barbarians to be soldiers for them. Outsourcing.
      When it become for US capitalists more profitable to pillage other and not own people then, for even one dollar more, then people living on US territory are past tense as such.

  2. I will have to stop, that is it, I tested ground, from now I am for business venture capitalism, free markets and free enterprise... Private property, and money from central banks. I am starting to blah blah too much I could loose head. Fascism is fascism, private money is private money, respect it like it yours even it is not, and praise cheap shit you will get for super high price.
    Basta - self censorship... Enjoy show and just keep mouth shout... Acomodate... Damn it is fascism... buy gay version... damn damn damn...
    Everything is going to be better.
    Bastion of this system is propaganda about private entrepreneurship, everyone wants one, even they are not bosses, nor they will be ever boss, but everyone wants it. And that is it.
    It is physically getting very dangerous to have anything against it. And all government institution supports them savagely.
    They are real party members.

  3. Barack Hussein Obama - The One Dollar Bet - Trading Places (1983) -

  4. This is indeed a classic interview, Dr. P! I discovered the interview in late 2012. I'm pretty sure I've watched it over 30 times. I can recite several portions of it from memory.

  5. I must learn how to shut up and behave. I promise i will learn. Also I could try say some things just how people on west do.
    Now here is hilarious true video of Corbyn talking to Cameron about pig event.

  6. I propose a Constitutional Amendment legalizing infanticide and declaring that all infants until the age of nine months are the property of their mothers.

  7. If a bar serves alcohol to a girl of any age or a drug dealer sells illegal drugs to a female the penalty shall be 5 years manditory sentence.

    The sentence for selling illegal drugs to a male should be one year, and it is not a crime to sell alcohol to any male aged 18 or over.