Thursday, October 1, 2015

Kevin McCarthy [R-Calif.] Skillfully Puts His Foot Into His Mouth.
Another Example of Why Republicans are Self-Destructing!
He stupidly admits that a special Republican Committee was set up to destroy Hillary’s chances of winning the 2016 Presidential Election.
Who really cares?
And who is surprised that politicians are not really concerned about their constituents or dead Americans in Benghazi?
California is a state which has produced avocados, grapes and fruit cakes in all shapes and sizes. Now California has Kevin McCarthy, the air-head apparent to the Speaker of the House, John Boehner. Boehner resigned his post amidst a stream of pathetic tears, having failed to accomplish anything meaningful, other than having wasted the tax payer’s money. 

What qualifies McCarthy for this elevated position of Speaker? Kevin McCarthy has many traits that would make him a perfect Surfer from Santa Monica, California. He has a handsome fa├žade with a resume that is bereft of any business or real life experiences; other than a series of political positions which have reaffirmed one basic truth –he has ridden the waves of the ineffectual performance just up until the crest of the Peter Principle –where he was appropriately placed as the replacement to another intellectual dud.
There are very few elements of politics that cannot be taught. But speaking your mind out of turn is not one of those precepts. Clearly the ‘gaffe’ that he made revealed the truth that most of us have already known. The Benghazi Committee is at best useless and meaningless. The fact that we have one more unnecessary investigation that benefit no one but a few miscreant inept Republican strategists is reprehensible.

I suggest that the Republican Party, reimburse the American Taxpayer well over $12 Million Dollars for wasting our money and their time on a special investigation that was never intended to investigate anything. Moreover, everyone on that committee [including Democrats] if they had any sense of decency, should resign. Of course, that will never happen.
Now is the time for us, Americans, to start to eliminate our federal legislatures from office.
I would even go further to reclaim our inherent right for direct and viable representation by proposing to eliminate the very offices called legislative representatives.
 For the most part, as I have repeatedly stated in the past, our Congressmen and Senators are an anachronism of a century when the representatives had to come to Washington DC on horseback. Those antiquated days are gone forever. Now the legislators have become the asses on which they once rode. Animals who have to be constantly fed hay and grains so that they can eliminate nothing but shit!
It’s time to throw out all of these surfers of ineptitude, once and for all. The internet provides a far more convenient and cheaper mode with which we, the citizens, can approve or deny any piece of legal palaver, called ‘legislation’. One never has to feed or caress the ‘delete button’.   

Let’s get rid of these bums, once and for all. A third Party is looking better everyday!


  1. Internet elections and markets should always have paper traces, in such way manipulation is stopped. You vote on internet, but you also must receive bill, and voting should not be private. Your name goes on list so you can see have you vote for it or not. And you have piece of paper which says same.

    1. I believe this might be illegal; and this (internet elections) are being used to substantiate fraudulent elections, such as, the 2012 PRESIDENTIAL GENERAL ELECTION!

      Mitt Romney actually won the 2012 PESIDENTIAL GENERAL ELECTION; however, illegitimate (C.I.A. ASSET with a C.I.A. GIVEN NAME) Obama acquired THE WHITE HOUSE by "FRAUD"!

    2. Interview of John B Alexander about US military and parapsychology...
      How to bend spoon using mind only, and how to learn it in one hour. Also opening of many other new questions.

      I did not know you really can do it. I knew that you can communicate with someone in submarine, but only if it will not benefit capitalists (is outside of their economical interest), because if it is inside then such abilities are lost. Mitt Romney had to loose election because he stopped with campaign two weeks before election day.



    5. Where were the psychics when we were looking for that stupid airliner in the Indian ocean?

      Psychics are hit and miss. They are correct when they shouldn't be and incorrect when they shouldn't be.

      Best NOT to try to use these tools for government purposes or personal enrichment.

      If you have a buddy trapped in a basement by bad guys like Col Dozier in 1982 then it can work....

      But if you're just looking for dead bodies or trying to see someone else's secret shit it can also work but not also work so leave it alone....


    1.Detente with Iran
    Negotiations should be conducted on an on-going basis with continual contact with the Iranian government. Initial negotiations should seek to obtain withdrawl of support for the Syrian government in exchange for normalization of trade and elimination of sanctions. A "carrot and stick" approach of continual dialogue should be underaken to induce desired changes by Iran in exchange for positive inducements.

    American interests do not warrant engagement. Pakistan will always see that militants in Afghanistan continue to be armed. After the American withdrawl Pakistan will resume their support for the talibs in Afghanistan and it will eventually fall back under Talib control. To prevent this would be an unending commitment and be too costly. A resumption of Talib/Pakistani control in Afghanistan is inevitable.

    The US should promote a full partition of Kurdistan and creation of a Kurdish state in Iraq in conjunction with a comprehensive Kurdish peace agreement with Turkey.

    The US should partition Iraq in a northern Sunni area and a southern Shi'i state...two states....with the northern state holding mineral rights in some oil fields in the south as compensation.

    Iraq is broken and can never be put back together again..

    The US should employ a Special Forces led program in conjunction with the Kurds and other volunteers to destroy ISIS militarily. In addition Covert Action should be employed to destroy the ISIS leadership using a variety of methods, including retaliations against their family members living outside the area of their control. A near-limitless and fast paced effort is required.

    Covert Action should be directed against the regime to destroy it and undermine all aspects of it where it exists in power. Assassination should be considered. Removal of the regime should be the priority, even if a militant Islamic regime follows. If it does than a follow up campaign to seek to undermine that regime should be implimented. The most important thing is to dispose of the Assad regime...and other possible consequences later must be accepted. A new coalition of non-Islamists should be assembled including the Kurds, mercenaries, Saudis and Jordanians and Egyptians. The US should consider a partition of Sunni Syria from the eastern area occupied by Allowites.

    (more to follow)

    1. Military Posture

      Scale back the navy to six active duty aircraft carriers and reduce the submarine force by half.

      Reduce the number of active duty general purpose force ground divisions by one third, and keep the number of tacair assets the same.

      Reduce the number of overseas bases by at least one half.

      Keep strategic nuclear forces unchanged.

    2. Israel/Palestine

      Covert Action should be employed to weaken the Likud and promote the electoral success of it's rivals.

      A new formula should be adopted based on these points:

      1.all parties recognize Isreal
      2.all Palestinians return and their properties restored
      3.all returned Palestinians become voting citizens new laws enacted to disenfranchise non-Jews
      5.the west bank and gaza are absorbed into Israel

    3. Russia

      Ukraine to be made neutral and not absorbed into the EU or NATO. Negotiations undertaken with Moscow to reach agreements Ukraine and all other issues...negotiate...negotiate...bargain.

      The US should be prepared to consider changes in the nature of NATO itself, removal of US military bases and forces from NATO members like the Baltic states which are adjacent to Russia. The US and NATO should maintain a swath of neutral states between western Europe and Russia.

    4. China

      Resend the recent guidance planning for increased force projection directed against China. US posture in asia should remain unchanged from that which existed prior to the recent guidance.

      New legislation should be passed making continuation of current trade conditions dependent on reform regarding...

      3.narco trafficking crimes in Africa/plundering
      5.domestic human rights

      This will result not in reforms unfortunately but in a scaling back of trade and a new antagonistic relationship in which these issues are in visible contention...which is where they should be.

      Covert Action should be used to blunt Chinese criminal activity regarding plunder in Africa and elsewhere, and narco trafficking.

    5. Mexico/Central America

      Similar legislation should apply to Mexico, in which continued trade agreements are sunseted unless progress is made regarding:

      1.narco trafficking
      2.illegal immigration
      3.human rights
      4.domestic corruption/crime suppression

      Similarly there will be no reform, and therefore trade relations will be curtailed or brought back to former levels as existed prior to NAFTA, etc.

    6. Africa

      Covert Action should be used to oppose Chinese plunder and criminal enterprises.

      A highly energetic yet largely covert policy should be adopted in order to stabilize armed conflict when it appears such as in Congo, northern Nigeria, etc.
      Menus including different levels of force should be combined with alternative measures such as cooption to maintain stability throughout the continent.

      Africa should be the prime region for Covert Action, which operations underway in every location where armed conflict erupts or threatens to.

    7. Better idea. Dismantle the C.I.A., turn in the 9 officers to Italy for prosecution, hire William Blum and Mr. Steele to create a new org.

    8. Submarines are only real strategic forces, they are back bone of everything. They are also very economical because they can be used tactically also.

    9. I'm not a fan of Blum or Steele.

      Look, intl work and CA is extremely messy but it's gotta get done. All I can do is advise. I can't pick the people to do it.

  3. EVERYONE MUST SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "US And Russia Back On The Brink Of War" posted by The Alex Jones Channel (AUTHENTIC) on October 1, 2015; and "What Obama Does Not Want You To Know About ISIS In Syria" [Geopolitical expert Joel Skousen explains what can plausibly happen next in Syria and why everyone should be paying attention.] posted by The Alex Jones Channel (AUTHENTIC) on October 1, 2015!

    As long as Russia does NOT BOMB ANY SYRIAN CITZENS, IT IS FINE; and furthermore, THIS IS MORALLY CORRECT! Because, the "entire" "so-called" "CIVIL WAR" amounts to an "illegal regime change" conducted by THE WESTERN INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY (primarily THE C.I.A. and BRITISH INTELLIGENCE) controlled out of THE CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE)! In addition, as said in other comments, this said illegal "CIVIL WAR" is being done through various "INTELLIGENCE MERCENARIES" (includes Al Qaeda (intelligence mercenaries), ISIS (intelligence mercenaries), ISIL (intelligence mercenaries)) "CONTROLLED" by THE WESTERN INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY (primarily THE C.I.A. and BRITISH INTELLIGENCE)! Moreover, as stated in other comments, the "illegal invasions" of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and now Syria were all "planned" before September 11, 2001 (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "General Wesley Clark speaks to Democracy Now! (March 2, 2007)" [This is a copy of the "entire" interview by Democracy Now of former UNITED STATES GENERAL (FOUR STAR) and N.A.T.O. COMMANDER Wesley Clark discussing "PLANS" to invade seven (7) Countries in five (5) years; and this list included Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria!] posted by Dustin Edward on September 19, 2014); and Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria had absolutely "NOTHING" to do with the "ATTACKS" on September 11, 2001 ("MAJOR" FALSE FLAG and STAND-DOWN OPERATION involving, but NOT limited to, THE C.I.A., BRITISH INTELLIGENCE, and MOSSAD (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura S02E08 The 911 Pentagon Conspiracy" [This is a copy of "Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura: 9/11 - The Pentagon [Season 2, Episode 8] (FULL LENGTH)"!] posted by Fowen Baken on July 3, 2015))!

    EVERYONE MUST SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "New combat cam footage shows Russian anti-ISIS night-op" posted by RT (Russia Today/AUTHENTIC) on October 1, 2015!

    Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D. you should go on THE ALEX JONES SHOW to discuss Syria and "EVERYONE" involved!

  4. Boehner Replacement Carrying on Long Running Affair - Multiple sources within Bakersfield, North Carolina, & on Capitol Hill tell that Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Renee Ellmers (R-NC) have been carrying on a long-running affair since 2011. Read Full Article

  5. Now can it be that the headlines I read in that "other news journal" The National Enquirer, is just bait, to see if Bill Cosby will sue for defamation in regard to their publishing a story of him being "responsible for killing his son Ennis" ( prevent his son from exposing his father Bill's sexcapades?)

    I wonder if Gloria Allred is plotting something against Bill here,
    to expose Bill to further discovery in regards to the rape allegations?

    Reminds me of the case of Carol Burnett VS National Enquirer defamation case, where they knowingly published the false story of Carol being drunk and out of control?

    Also reminds me of Michael Jackson's millions of dollars in payments to his alleged sex victims.

    1. As unlikely as it seems that Cosby would "arrange a hit on his son Ennis" in my mind, as as flagrantly defamatory as this National Enquirer article appears to me, I bet Cosby WILL NOT SUE THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER! For the aforementioned reasons, that is my geopolitical prediction. : ). Only time will tell for sure.

  6. MIT I'm surprised your geopolitical analysis didn't include Hollywood Land. Should we invade, or leave them to their own devices? ; /

    1. As you might know there are few happy people living there. Their kids are fucked up, they're careening from one bad marriage to another, they're in rehab or whatever.....

      They're screwed already.

  7. How did John McCain get so bright in one lifetime. Now the Russians, Chinese and Saudis are wading into the Syria quagmire, he wants to give the 'Free Syrian Army' missiles to bring down Russian planes. He is one weapons grade Wanker!

    1. Why not give the FSA some missiles? We gave them to the mujdaheen in Afghanistan to shoot Russian aircraft.....

      I say let them have some as long as we can disable them if they fall into the wrong hands.

    2. That would certainly up the ante Mit,.

    3. That would certainly up the ante Mit,.

  8. Sounds exciting Bill. McCain is good at blowing shit up.