Wednesday, October 21, 2015

In case you missed it, here is Jeb! responding to Trump's tweet.  seriously...


  1. NATO expanded under Bush, he was good in that. Bush was doing orange revolutions in Central Asia before economic collapse. He is not nothing. In Eastern Europe right wing loves him. And I loves him because he would destroy capitalism. We would be back in feudalism. I support him. I think that Jesuits could also support him.

    1. People are saying that in time of Bush youth had at least jobs in military and security agencies. There were at least some government programs for people. Rich and bounds among them are foundation of society manifested in military.
      If i were some granny with few pillows filled with 100,000$, ok house and son with his wife working for government and other son exploiting someone in small business, of course I would vote for Jeb. He so gentle with dollars. Calm...
      I also think that social security should be privatised, here all those people who were went to in to mixed private/government founds have twice less premiums then those who went to government only pension system. Which shows that privatisation is good and needed. People here likes this model, especially young workers because they by law young must also give money to private people (they can choose private fund) so they will be able to have less money.

    2. Jeb is also for privatisation of public funds and people also likes private initiative because private sector is better and more economical. Goal of private funds is give you less money, therefore that it is better for your pocket, because the more you give to rich the less you have, but you support capitalism, and because capitalism is best system there is, plus private enterprise, that means that you live in best possible system. Most efficient.

    3. Trump and Sanders are most dangerous because they would just confuse people and would be unable to do anything what people would like to do. People wants private enterprise and free markets. They want to be business owners and deregulation.

  2. Notice how Jeb says George "protected us" all while he is shaking his head "no" left and right through out the interview.

  3. Look number of dislikes on this AJ video AJ attacking socialism...

    Mcadoo lie that people earns 20$ per month in Venezuela. Attacking socialist Sweden non-stop... Jeb Bush is only cure for USA. Sanders is not solution. He will block everything like Obama. You cannot cure gangrene with tea, you must cut whole leg.

    Here nice article how Venezuela wage war with dollar protecting own oil fields. And they live best on southern hemisphere, in socialism you always have chance, because you have flat, food, and everything you get by smuggling or producing is in super high demand... Getting dollars makes you king... Best time of socialism here were under super inflation...
    People were building holiday houses on credits and next month you will return nothing... End is coming when you start working for money which goes up in value, what Ron Paul wants.
    There are not hunger in Caracas or 20% of population living from trash in Mexico City.

    1. That is why you have to be self sustainable, no matter what they want to grab you with dollars which you must have to have to buy stuff from external market, so your only chance is to produce without dollars...
      Meaning country also must be self sustainable, main are food and housing...
      Problem is that then you need military to protect your self from imperialists...
      That is only problem of socialism... how to militarily protect your self from capitalists.

      Here price of one artillery grenade of 105mm was one salary of school professor, which was about todays 2000$ net., meaning you get also (free pension 75% of salary, free housing (15years wait list maximum), free workers vacation hotels, free nursing homes, free medical insurance, 1 year maternity leave, impossible to get fired, unlimited sick leave, free land to build first row to sea), so only problem was to get that material to build, those few sacks of cement... And to build in slowly, day by day.

      Problem was those 40% of state budget which went for military...
      Tito YU in 1989 had 9000$ per head and USA 21000$, but you were king because there were no rich... There were price controls protecting people.

      But for you is Jeb... You must get it...

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    1. I mean if you are in upper 35,5% of US society then do not change anything... Capitalism work for you better then socialism would...
      US capitalists are not idiot, they know what they are doing.
      Meaning if you in upper 63% of non hispanics whites then you should not consider socialism.
      Socialism is for majority on bottom, for bottom 64,.5 people...

      Capitalism still work for many in USA because USA have dollar and controls world markets...

      I should be more realistic... Revolution is not yet possible...

  5. New 911 In The Works??? Middle Eastern Men Captured Entering USA at Mexican Border - Media Blackout - THIS IS NOT A DRILL -

  6. Not the sharpest tool in the Garden shed and probably a sandwich short of a picnic.